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Polling Booth in Penukonda Assembly Constituency

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Delhi Election 2020 - Sadar Bazar Assembly Constituency Delhi Election 2020: Sadar Bazar Constituency

Sadar Bazar is a Vidhan Sabha Constituency in Delhi. There are 70 Assembly Constituencies in the state of Delhi. Sadar Bazar is a part of Chandni Chowk Lok Sabha constituency. Read More…

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BJP President - JP Nadda Jagat Prakash Nadda Becomes the President of BJP: Past Performance and Future Perspective

Jagat Prakash Nadda has become the president of India’s dominant political party- The Bharatiya Janata Party. He has replaced aggressive and powerful Amit Shah, whereas JP Nadda himself is soft-spoken and media-shy. Read More…

BJP INC Candidate List BJP and INC release Next lists of Candidates

The Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) and Indian National Congress (INC) have released their next list of candidates in light of the imminent Delhi Assembly Elections in the dead of the Read More…

BJP Candidate List Latest Delhi Election 2020: BJP may give up most of the remaining seats to its allies

BJP Candidate List announced on 17 January has named 57 candidates out of the 70 constituencies of Delhi. No decision has yet been made for the remaining 13 seats of Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Penukonda

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Aadaadaakulapally139M P P School 1St Room,Addakulapalli
Adadakulapalli140M.P.U.P School, New Building,Adadakula Palli
Ananda Puram Brahmasamudram Majaraa105M.P.P School,Anandhapuram Brahmasamudram Majra
Anandapalyam71M.P.P.School West Side,Anandapalayam
Ba Svan Palli84M.P.P North Side Room,Basvnpalli
Beechigaani Palli91Z. P. H.School, Room - 1,Bichigani Palli
Beechigani Palli92Z P H School, Room - 2,Bichinganipalli
Bellalacheruvu Pala Samudram Majra183M P U P School,Belalala Cheruvu, H/O Palasamudram
Boksampally13M.P.P.School , New Building,Boksam Palli
Boyalapalli Vadigepalli Majara186M.P. P. School,Boyala Palli
Brahma Samudra Mu106M P P School,Bramhasamudramu
Brahmana Pally111M.P.U.P.School, Southern Side Room,Brahmanapalli
112M.P.U.P.School, North Side,Bramhanapalli
Buche Palli Mandala Palli Majra207M P P School,Buchepalli
Budhili195M.P.P.School, Ole Building.,Budili
Budidagaddapalli Buudhili Majra196M.P. P.School,Budidagadda Palli, Budili Majra
Buucharla7M.P.U.P.School.New Building,Bucherla
Cha Lakuru100M.P.P. School West Side,Chalakuru
Chakala Palli Somandepalli Majra115M P P School,Chakarla Palli
Chalakuru101M.P.P.School, South Room,Chalkuru
Chalamaiah Gari Palli Gaw Ni Vari Palli Majra230M. P.P School,Chalamaiahgaripalli, Gawnivari Palli Majra
231M P P School,Chelimaiah Gari Palli
Challa Palli113M.P.Pschool East Side,Challapalli
Chandra Giri Dhuddhe Banda Majra165M. P. P. School,Chandragiri Dudde Banda Majar
Cherlopalli Moda Majara72M.P.U.P. School,Cherlopalli
Cherukuru42M.P.P. School ,1St Room,Cherukuru
43Anganwadi Building,Cherukuru
Chinna Manthuru31M.P.U.P. School,Chinna Manturu
Chinna Pa Reddy Pally Munimadu Gu Majaraa173M. P. P. School,Chinnapa Reddy Palli
Chinnapareddypalli174M.P.P School,,Ammavarupalli
Cholemarri32M.P.P.School, South Side,Cholemarri
Cholemarry33M.P.P.School, Northen Side,Cholemarri
Chunduru Vandla Palli212M P P School,Chonduru Vandla Palli
Conapuram Moda Majra74M.P.U.P.School,Konapuram
Dhanapuram51Z.P.H.School,North Side New Building,Dhanapuram, Shirekolam Majra
52Z.P.H.School,Dhana Puram Shirekolam Majra
Dhudhe Banda164M.P.U.P. School,Duddebanda
Diguvagangam Palli Thanda Gangampalli Majra237M.P.P.School, New Building,Diguva Gangampallitanda, Gangampalli Majra
Dodagatta27M.P.P. School,Dodgatta
Gangam Palli235M P U P School,E . Gangam Palli
Gangampalli236M P U P School, Southern Side,E Gangampalli
Gawnivari Palli245M.P.U.P School,Gownivaripalli
Golla Palli94M P P School,Golla Palli
Gollapalli93M P U P School,Golla Palli
193M. P. P. School, Room - 1,Gollapalli
Gollapalli Buudhili Majra192M. P. P. School,Kaganapalli
Goni Mekala Pally24M.P.P.School,Room 2,Gonimeklpalli
Gonipeta182M P P School, North Room,Gonipeta
Gorantl216Mpp Padamati School, Dpep Building Southernside,Gorantla
Gorantla213M P P Western School, Eastern Room,Gorantla
214M.P.P.Western School,,Gorantla
215M.P.P Western.School, Dpep Building Northen Side,Gorantla
217Mpp Westernside School Dpep Building East Side,Gorantla
218Mpp Western School, Dpep Western Room,Gorantla
219Z.P.Boys High School, Room - 1,Gorantla
220Z. P. Boys H. School South Block No.2,Gorantla
221Z P Boys High School, Room - 12,Gorantla
222Z.P. Boys High School, Room - 13,Gorantla
223M.P.P.Urdu School, East Room,Gorantla
224M P P Urdu School, Western Room,Gorantla
225M.P.P.School Old Market Room - 1,Gorantla
226M P P School, Near Old Market, Room - 3,Gorantla
227M.P.P. School,Near Old Market South Room - 2,Gorantla
228Z.P.Boys High School, New Building.,Gorantla
229Gramapanchayat Office,Gorantla
Goravana Halli68M P P School, Room - 2,Goravana Halli
Goravanahalli Moda Majara67M.P..P.School 1St Room,Goravnhalli Moda Majra
Gowraju Pally Mulakala Cheruvu Majaraa4M P U P School,Gourajupalli
Gummaiah Gari Palli Gorantla Majra203M P P School, Room - 1,Gummaiah Gari Palli
Gummaiahgaripalli204M P P School, Room - 2,Gummaiahgari Palli
Gunti Palli Vanavolu Majra239M P Pschool,Gunthapalli
Gutturu168Z.P.H. School New Building,Gutturu
169Z.P.H.S New School New Building,Gutthuru
Guttuu Ru170Z.P.H.S New School New Building,Gutturu
Honnam Palli53M.P.P.School,Honnampalli,Sirekolam Majra
Islaa Puram160M P P School,Islaapuram , Penukonda Majar
Jula Kunta102M P P School,Julakunta
K.Maruvapalli41M.P.P School Southren Side Room,K.Maruvapalli
Kaligera206M.P.P.School, Room - 2,Kaligera
Kaligera Mallaa Palli Majra205M P P School, Room - 1,Kaligera
Kalipi39M.P.P.School, Room -1,Kalipi
40M.P.P. School Class Room Having North Side,Kalipi
Kallukunta30M.P.U.P.School, Room - 2,Nalluru
Kaluva Palli62M.P.P School,2Nd Room,Kaluvapalli
Kaluvapalli Kodiginahallli Majra61M.P..P.School, 1St ,Room.,Kaluvapalli
Kambala Pally9M.P.U.P.School,Westren Side 1St Room New Building,Kambalapalli
Kambalapalli10M.P.U.P. School , Room - 2,Kambalapalli
Kamma Lavandla Palli Gaw Ni Vari Palli Majra232M.P.P.School,Kammalavandla Palli
Kammavaripalle247M P U.P. School, New Building,Kammwaripalli
Kammavaripalli248M.P.U.P.School, Old Room,Kammavari Palli
Karaavula Palli Thaanda Mandala Palli Majra234M P P School,Karaolpalli Tanda, Mandala Palli Majra
Keti Gaani Cheruvu98M P P.School,Ketgani Cheruvu
Kodigena Halli78M.P.P. School Room - 2,Kodigenahalli
Kodigin Halli77M. P.P.School,Kodiginhalli
Kodiginahallli79Z P H School, Sevamandir,Kodigenahalli
80Z .P.H.School, Sevamandir,Kodigana Halli
12Z.P.H.School, Room -2,Kogira
Kolimi Palli110M P P School,Kolimipalli
Kona Puram Penugonda Majaraa163M.P.P.School,Kona Puram , Penukonda Majar
Konda Puram Gaw Ni Vari Palli Majra246M P U P School,Kondapuram
Kondam Pally178M P P School,Kondam Palli
Korevandla Palli Gworiganipalli Majra233M P U P School,Korivendlapalli
Kurubavaandla Palli175M.P.U.P. School,Kurubvandlapalli
M. Kothapalli Mulakala Cheruvu Majaraa1M.P.U.P.School,M Kottapalli Mulakala Cheruvu Majara
Mallapalli201M.P.P.School, West Side,Mallapalli
202M P P School,Mallapalli
Mandala Palli210M.P.U.P School, Eastern Room,Mandla Palli
211M.P.U.P.School, New Building,Mandla Palli
Mandly103M.P.P School,Mandli
104Z.P.High School,Mandli
Mangapuram Penugonda Majaraa159M P P School,Mangapuram
Marava Pally179M P P School,Maruva Palli
Mavaturu137Z.P.H.School, New Building,Mavaturu
Mavturu138Z.P.H.S New Building,Mavaturu
Moda69Z.P.H.School East Side Room,Moda
70Z.P.H.School West Side Room,Moda
Mullamothukapalli Parigi Majara66M P P School,Mullumotukpalli Parigi Majra
Munimadugu171M.P.U.P. School North Side Room,Munimadugu
172M.P.U. P School Room - 2,Munimadugu
Mutharaya Ni Tanda Vanavolu Majra238M P P School,Muttarayuni Tanda
Nadimpally96M P P School, Room - 1,Nadimi Palli
Naga Nayuni Tanda Naga Nayuni Cheruvu Majara134M P P School,Nagenayuni Cheruvu Tanda,Naginayani Cheruvu Majra
Nagaluru135M P U P School,Nagaluru
136M.P.U.P School, Room - 2,Nagaluru
Nagi Nayani Cheruvu133M P P School,N .N.Cheruvu
Nagireddy Pally3M. P.U.P. School,Nagireddypalli
Nalluru29M.P.U.P.School Room - 1,Nalluru
Naranage Pally5M P P School,Naranagepalli
Netula Palli Yarragunta Majra83M P P School,Nethula Palli
P.Narasapuram50Z.P.H.School,North Side Room,P.Narasapuram
P.Narsapuram49M.P.U.P School West Side Room,P.Narsapuram
Paideti47Z P H School, Room - 1,Paideti
Pall Samudram184Z.P.H.School, 7Th Class Room,Pall Samudramu
185Z.P.H.School, 8Th Class Room,Pallsamudramu
Pandi Pa Rty117M P P School South Side,Pandiparti
Papi Reddy Pally132M.P.P. School,Paapireddypallli Somandepalli Majra
Parigi55Z.P.H.School, West Side Room,Parigi
56Z.P.H.School, Eastern Side Room,Parigi
57Z.P.H.School, North Side Room,Parigi
58Z P. H School,Parigi
59Grampanchayth Office,Parigi
60M.P.P. School,Parigi
Patarla Pally Roddam Majara45M P U P School,Patarla Palli
Pathi Kunta Pally109M P U P School,Pathikunta Palli
Patraganipalli95M.P.P.School Patraganipalli,Patraganipalli
Pedda Guvvalapally Roddam Majara23M P P School,Peddaguvala Palli
Pedda Kodi Pally Roddam Majara16M.P.P.School,Peddakodipalli Roddam Majara
Pedda Reddipalli Kodiginahalli Majra76M P P School,Peddareddipalli
Pedda Reddipalli Kodiginahallli Majra75M P P School,Peddireddy Palli
Peddamanthuru35Z. P. H. School, Room - 2,Peddamanthuru
36Z.P.H.School, Room -3,Peddamanthuru
Peddipalli46M.P.P.School Dpep Southren Side Room,Peddipalli
Penukonda141M.P.Pschool,Gic Colony
142M.P.Pschool,Gic Colony
143M P P School,H.M.T. Colony
144M P P School,H.M.T. Colony
145Govt. Jr. College, Staff Room,Penukonda
146Govt. Jr. College, West Side Room -3,Penukonda
147Abhyadaya Pathashala South 1St Room,Penukonda
148Abhyudaya Pathashala North Side Room - 2,Penukonda
149M.P.P.School,Urudu. Dargapeta Room No1,Penukonda
150M.P.P Schoolu Urudu. Dargapeta Room No3,Penukonda
151M. P. P. Girls School,Penukonda
152Gram Sachiva Yamu Meeting Hall,Penukonda
153M.P.P. Cantral School, West Side Room - 3,Penukonda
154M.P.P.Central School, Room - 4,Penukonda
156Z.P.H.Girls.School, Room - 2,Penukonda
157Z.P.H.School,Girls East Side Room,Penukonda
158Z.P.H.School,North Side,2Nd Room From East,Penukonda
Perumalla Palli Puleru Majra199M.P.P.School,Perumallapalli Puleru Majra
Perumallapalli200M. P. P School,,Perumalla Palli
Polle Palli97M P P School , Room - 2,Nadimipalli
Puleru197M.P.P School, Old Room,Puleru
198M.P.P.School, New Building,Puleru
Puttagundla Palli Mandala Palli Majra208M P P School, Northern Side,Putta Gundla Palli
Puttagundlapalli209M.P.P.School, South Side,Puttagundlapalli
Puttagurlapallimoda Majara73M.P.P.School,Puttakurlapalli
Pydeti48Z .P.H.Schoo,1St Room.,Paideti
R Locharla14M P U P School, Room - 1,R.Locharla
R Locherla15M.P.U.P. School, Room - 2,R.Locharla
R.Marava Pally Roddam Majara25M P P School,R Maruvapalli Roddam Majra
Rachuru Jakkala Cheruvu Majar6M P P School New Building,Rachuru Jakkalacheruvu Majar
Ragimekalapalli8M.P.U.P School 7Th Class Room,Ragimekalapalli
Ram Puram177Z Ph School,Rompuram
Rangepa Llly108M P.U. P School,Rangepalli
Reddy Pally26M.P.P. School New Building,Reddipalli
Reddycheruvu Palli Buudili Majra187M.P.U.P.School,Areddycheruvu Palli, Budili Majra
Roddam17M.P.P.School, 1St Room,Roddam
18Z.P.H.School, Room No 3,Roddam
19M P P School,Room -3,Roddam
20M.P.P.School, Room - 4,Roddam
21Z.P.H.School, Room - 2,Roddam
22Z.P.H.School,South Side Room -1,Roddam
Saani Pally34M.P.U.P.School, New Building,Sanipalli
Seegipalli90M.P.P.School,Ganapathi Palli
Seenappapalli Gownivaripalli Majara244M.P.P. School,Seenappapalli Gounivaripali Majara
Seshaa Puram Kalipi Majaraa44M.P.U.P.Schol, 2Nd Room.,Sheshapuram
Shaa Sa Nakota81Z.P.High School, East Side Room,Shasnkota
Shasana Kota82Z.P.High School West Side Room,Sasanakota
Shetti Palli180M.P.U.P.School,Settipalli
181M.P.U.P.School, South Room,Settypalli
Shigi Palli89M.P.U.P School,Seegipalli
Somande Palli127M.P.Ep School, 1St Class Room,Somnadepalli
Somandepalli123Z.P.H.School, Room - 4,Somandepalli
125M.P.P..School,Somande Palli
Somandepally120Z.P.H.S New West Side Room No 2 New Building,Somandepalli
121Z.P.H.School,West Side,10Th Class Room,Somandepalli
122Z.P.H.School,New Building Room - 3,Somandepalli
124Z.P.H.S New School West Side Room No3 New Building,Somandepalli
130M.P.P. School, South Side Building,Somandepalli
131Z.P.H.School West Side Room No 5 New Building,Somandepalli
Sree Ranga Rajula Palli65M.P.P.School, New Building,Shrirangaraju Palli
Sreerangarajupalli63M.P.P School, 1St Room,Srirangarajupalli
64M.P.P School, 2Nd Room,Srirangarajupalli Parigi Majra
Suddakuntapalli99M.P.P.School,Suddakunta Palli
Tadagipalli2M.P.P. School,Thadangipalli
Tungodu116M.P.P.School, Old Building,Thungodu
Turakalapatanam37Z.P.H.School, Room 5 Waranda 3,Turakalapatnam
Turakalapatnam38Z.P.H. School Room 8 Waranda 4,Turklapatnam
Utukuru85Z.P.H.Schoo North Room,Utukuru
86Z P H School, South Side Room,Utukur
Vadige Palli188M .P. U. P. School,Vadigepalli
Vadigepalli189M.P.U.P.School, Harijana Street School,Vadigepalli
Vanavolu240Z.P.H.School, 8Th Class Room,Vanvolu
241Z.P.H.School, 7Th Class Room,Vanvolu
242Z.P.H.School, 6Th Class Room,Vanvolu
Vannam Palli54M.P.P. School, Western Side Room,Honnam Palli
Venkata Giri Paa Lya Mu Guttuu Rumjaraa166M.P.P. Schoolu West Side Room,Venkatagiri Palyam Gutturu Majar
Venkata Reddy Pally Penugonda Majaraa161M.P.U.P. School West Room,Venkata Reddy Palli , Penukonda Majar
162M.P.U.P. School East Room,Venkatareddy Palli, Penukonda Majara
Venkatagiri Palyam167Z.P.H.School, New Building,Venkatagiripalyam
Venkatapuram Thanda155Mandal Parishad Primary School,Venkatapuram
Vitthaa Palli88M.P.P.School,Vittapalli
Yarr Palli Buudili Majra190M.P.P School, Old Building Room,Yarrapalli Budili Majra
191M.P.P.School, New Building,Yarrapalli Budili Majra

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