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Polling Booth in Palacole Assembly Constituency

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AAP Delhi Election Results AAP Maintains Lead in Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020

Vote counting is underway for Delhi Election Result 2020. The tension is heightened up for the real outcome of the election. As per the latest updates, Aam Aadmi Party is Read More…

Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

Delhi Exit Poll Highlights Exit Polls Predict Third Term for Kejriwal Government

With an overall voter turnout of 57%, polling for the Delhi Assembly Election 2020 has concluded. Many polling agencies have started publishing the Delhi Exit Poll 2020. All of them Read More…

Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 - Yogi Adityanath Rallies Yogi Adityanath Dives Into Political Warfare of Delhi To Promotes Shaheen Bagh Trump Card

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hard Hindutva face Yogi Adityanath has joined the fiery campaign for Delhi Election 2020. Now that the tone has been set for the campaign, Yogi is walking Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Palacole

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Abbirajupalem H/O Doddipatla41M P Up School,Eastern Side Room,Abbirajupalem H/O Doddipatla
42M P Up School,Western Side Room,Abbirajupalem H/O Doddipatla
Adavipalem H/O Kontheru60M.P Up School,Northern Part,Adavipalem
61M.P Up Schoolsouthern Part,Adavipalem H/O Kontheru
Agarru150Mp Up School,Rno.1,Agarru
Agartipalem H/O Agarru148M P P School, 2, Kaputuru,Agarthipalem H/O Agarru
149M P P School 1,Agarthipalem H/O Agarru
Appicheruvu H/O Penumadam22M P E School,Ssa Building,Appicheruvu H/O Penumadam
Aratlakatta1M P U P School Northernside Room,,Aratlakatta
2M P U P School Southernside Rcc Bhavan Main Hall,Aratlakatta
Aryapeta H/O Yalamanchili162Mp Up School Western Side,Aryapeta H/O Yalamanchil
163Mp Up School,Eastern Side,Aryapeta H/O Yalamanchili
Badava H/O Yenuguvani Lanka176M.P Up School,East Side,Yenuguvanilanka,Badava H/O Yenuguvani Lanka
177M.P Up School,West Side,Badava H/O Yenuguvani Lanka
Baggeswaram H/O Poolapalli129Mpp School,Rno.1, Eastern Side Building, Northern,Baggeswaram
130Mpp School Sourthern Side Building,Baggeswaram
Ballipadu141Mpp Ele School,R 1,Eastern Side Building,Ballipadu
Burugupalli33M P U P School, Eastern Part,Burugupalli
34M P U P School, Western Part,Burugupalli
Chandaparru151Mp Ele School,Chandaparru
Chinchinada169Z.P H School,New Buildingm,9Th Class,Chinchinada
170Z.P H School,New Bfuilding,10Th Class,Chinchinada
171Gram Panchayat Office,South Side,Chinchinada
Chintadibba H/O Gumparru31M P P School,Chintadibba H/O Gumparru
Chintaparru124Zp Ph School,Southern Side Building Eastern Room,Chintaparru
125Zp Ph School,Western Building Northern Side Room,Chintaparru
Daggulu138M P Pp School No 1, School Southern Side Building,Dagguluru
140M P P Primary School No2,Dagguluru
Dagguluru139M P P Primary School No2 School,Dagguluru
Digamarru156Z.P H School,R No.4,7Thclass Room,Digamarru
Doddipatla37Z.P H School,Southern Side Building,Doddipatla
38Z.P H School,Western Side Building,Doddipatla
39Grama Panchayat Office,Doddipatla
40Z.P H School,Doddipatla
Gangadapalem H/O Ilapakurru51Mpup School Gangadaplem,Gangadapalem H/O Ilapakuru
Gavarapeta H/O Daggulur137Mpp Up School,Eastern Building ,2 3 Class,Gavarapeta
Gorintada152Mp Ele School,Gorintada
Gumparru28Z.P.High School,Eastern Side,Gumparru
29Z P H School,New Building,Gumparru
Ilapakurru44M.P E School(Main),Eastern Part,Ilapakurru
45M.P P E School(Main),Western Part,Ilapakurru
Jinnuru10M P P Ele School,Main Kotha Bhavanmu,Jinnuru
11M P P E School,D.No.1 25,R.C.C Room,,Jinnuru
12A.S.N.R Z.P H School,S.S.A Bavan,T.V Room,Jinnuru
13A.S.N.R Z.P H School,R.No.11 Northern Side,,Jinnuru
14Asnr.Zph School,R.No.14, Southern Side Building,Jinnuru
Jinnurupalem H/O Jinnurupalem15Mpup School,Sarva Sikha Abhiyan Building,Jinnuru H/O Jinnurupalem
Kalagampudi172Mp Up School,East Side,Kalagampudi
Kambhotlapalem H/O Gumparru30M P E School,Kambotlapalem H/O Gumparru
Kanakayalanka H/O Doddipatla35M P U P School,Eastern Part,Kanakayalanka H/O Doddipatla
36M P U P School,Western Part,Kanakayalanka H/O Doddipatla
Kanchustambhampalem H/O Doddipatla32M P P School, Asbestos Shed,Kanchusthambhampalem H/O Doddipatla
Kapavaram121Mppup School,Turpu Bagam,Kapavaram
122Mpp Up School,Padamara Bagam,Kapavaram
Kattupalem H/O Ilapakurru48M P U P School,Asbestas Building,Kattupalem H/O Ilapakurru
Kaza East159Z.P Oriental H School,Rno.3,Kaja East
Kaza West160Mp Ele School(,S.W),Kaja West
Kommuchikkala3M P P School, Turpubhagam,Kommuchikkala
4M P P Ele School ,Padamara Bhagam,Kommuchikkala
5M P P Ele School,R.C.C Bhavanam,Kommuchikkala
Kontheru62M.P P School,Eastern Side,Konteru
63M.P P School,Western Side,Konteru
64Z.P.H School,Northern Side,Konteru
Kottapeta H/O Digamarru155Mp Ele School,Kothapeta H/O Digamarru
Kottapeta H/O Digammarru154Grampanchayati Office,Kothapeta
Lankalakoderu131Mp P School,No.1 School Western Side Building,Lankalakoderu
132Mpp Ele School,No1 Eastern Side Building,Lankalakoderu
133Zpph School,North Eastern Room No4,Lankalakoderu
Laxmipalem H/O Ilapakurru50M.P E School,Lakshmipalem H/O Ilapakurru
Lions Nagarpalacole Rural65M.P E School,Lions Nagar,,Palakol(Rural)
Matlapalemh/Oilapakurru49Sri P Subbaraju Zph School,South Side,Matlapalem H/O Ilapakurru
Mattaparru16Mpup School,Old Building Western Side,Mattaparru
17Mp P School,Ssa Building,Mattaparru
Medapadu57M.P E School,Northern Side,Medapadu
58M.P E School,Southern Side,Medapadu
59Z.P.H School,Medapadu
Nagaraju Petapalakol Rural69Municipal Ele School,31Ward,Vadalivanipeta,Palakol
Narinameraka H/O Ilapakurru46Sri Nakka Satyanarayana M Mpp School,Narinameraka H/O Ilapakurru
Neredumilli56M.P E School,Nothern Side,Neredumilli
Palacole72Dr.D.N.R Mpl Upschool,R No.5 Sambunipeta,Palakol
73M.M.K.N.M H School ,Rno2,Palakol
74M.M.K.N Municipal High School,Rno5,Palakol
80B V R M Municipal Girls H School,Room No.2,Palakollu
82Ch.R.Mp E School,Rno.2,Achagatlapalem,Palakol
85P.L.K.High School,Rno.1 Velamagudem,Palakol.
87B.V.R.G Mpl Open Air Theatre,Rno.2,Palakol
89K P Mpl.Ele.School,Bangaruvari Cheruvugattu,Palakol
95Avm.Mpele School,S.S.A Bavan,R-2Jetti Tank,Palakol
96Bharatiya Vidhya Bhavans,R-9,Sri Ramapeta,Palakol
100Sri.S.R.K.S Oriental Sansskrit College,R-1,Palakol
102Sri.G.V.S.And V.R Ele School,Room No 1,Palakol
103G.V.S And V.R.Ele .School, 3Rd Classroom,Palacole
107B.R.M.V.M.H School,New Building Rno.2,Palakol
108Brmv Municipal High School, Oldbuilding H M Room,Palacole
109B.R.M.V.Mpl H School,Rno.7,Palakol
110B.R.M.V.Mpl.H School,Rno 9,Palakol
111Maddala Vari Garuvu Mpl Ele School,Rno.1,Palakol
112Maddala Vari Garuvu Mpl Ele School,Rno.2,Palakol
113Sri.Venkateswara Mp Ele School,R 1Hb Colony,Palakol
114Sri.Venkateswara Mpl Ele School,R 2,Hb Colony,Palakol
116Subashchandra Bose H School,Rno.2,Hbcolony,Palakol
Palacollu84S.S.S.Se School,Rno2,New State Bank Colony,Palakol
Palakkollu94A.V.M.Mp Ele School,Jettitank,Room No.2,Palakol
Palakollu70Dr.D.N.R.Mpl Up School,R.No.1,Sambuni Peta,Palakol
71Dr.D.N.R Mpl Up School, R No.2 Sambunipeta,Palakol
75M.M.K.N.Municipal High School,Rno-4,Palakollu
76Coconut Merchants G Womensjr.College,R.1Yadlabazar,Palacole
77Coconut Merchant.G Womensjr.College,Yadlabazar,Palakollu
78D.N.R.Degree Womens College,Room No-5,Palakol
79B V R M Municipal Girls H School, Room No.1,Palakollu
81(Ch.R) Mp E School,Rno.1,Achugatlapalem,Palakol
83S.S.S.S.Eschool,R.No1New State Bank Colony,Palakol
86P.L.K.High School,Rno.2,Velamagudem,Palakol.
88B.V.R.G.Mpl Open Air Theatre,Rno.1,Palakol
90K P And Tvr Mpl High School,Bangaruvaricheruvugatt,Palakollu
91Urdu Mpe School,Room-1,Ganji Kendram,Palakol
92Urdu Mpl Ele School,Room -2,Ganji Kendram,Palakol
93A.V.M.Mp Ele School,Jetti Tank,Room No.1,Palakol
97Sri.Singodian Mp P School,Brodipeta,Palakol
98Sr.A.V.S.Mp High School,Bradipeta,Palakol
99Sri.A.V.S.Mp H School,Brodipeta,Palakol
104Kothapeta Mpl Ele School,R 1,B.R.M.V.H.School,Palakol
105Kothapeta Mpl Ele School,R-2,B.R.M.V.H School,Palakol
106B.R.M.V.M.H School,New Building,Rno.1,Palakol
115Subashchandrabose H School,Rno.1,Hb Colony,Palakol
Palamuru136Mpp Ele School,Main Building,Palamuru
Pedalanka H/O Doddipatla43M P P E School,Pedalanka H/O Doddipatla
Pedamamidipalli157Mp Ele School,Pedamamidipalli
Penumadam18Mp E School,Ssa Building(Updhyaya Kendram),Penumadam
19Mp E School(Old Zph School),Western Part,Penumadam
20Z.P.H.School, New Building. Northern Side,3Rd Room, Penumadam.
21Z.P.High School,New Building Room No1,Penumadam
Penumadam H/O Appannacheruvu24Mp E School,Appannacheruvu H/O Penumadam
Penumarru54M P Up School,Eastern Part,Penumarru
55M.P Up School,Western Side,Penumarru
Polavaram H.O Yenuguvani Lanka175Mp Ele School,Ssa Building,Polavaram H/O Y V Lanka
Poolapalli126Sri Gowtami Jr College,Western Side Building,Poolapalli
127Mpp School,Rno.1 Center Room,Poolapalli
128Mpp School,Rno.2 Eastern Side Room,Poolapalli
Ravipadu25M P P Ele School,Ravipadu
Sabbevani Petapalacole Rural68M.P E.School,Southern Side Building,Sabbevani Peta,Palakol(Rural)
Sagam Cheruvu H/O Gorintada153Mp Ele School,Sagamcheruvu
Siragalapalli52Mp Primary School,New Building Westren Part,Siragalapalli
53M Pe School,New Building,Westernpart,Siragalapalli
Sivadevuni Chikkala142Mp Pele School, Eastern Side Room,Sivadevuni Chikkala
143Mpp Ele School,Centeral Room No2,Sivadevuni Chikkala
Sreeramachandrarao Peta Penumadam Sivarau23Mp E School,Sri Ramachandra Raopeta H/O Penumadam
Tillapudi144Mpp Up School,Main Building,Tillapudi
Tillapudi Palem H/O Tillapudi145Mpp Ele School,Tillapudipalem H/O Tillapudi
Ullamparru117M P U P School,R-1,Ullamparru
119Mandal Parishat Up School,S.S.Y Bavan,Ullamparru
Ullaparru118M P U P School,R-2,Ullamparru
Utada161Mp Ele School,,Utada
Vaddilanka H/O Ilapakurru47M P U P School,Vaddilanka H/O Ilapakurru
Vaddiparru26M P P School, Room No 2, Eastern Side,Vaddiparru
Vaddiparru H/O Chintalagaruvu27Z.P.High School,Eastern Side,Gumparru
Vadlavanipalem H/O Ullamparru120M P P School,Vadlavanipalem,Vadlavanipalem H/O Ullamparru
Valamarru H/O Kapavaram123M P P School, Valamarru,Valamarru H/O Kapavaram
Varidhanam158Mp Eleschool,Varidhanam
Vedangi6Z P H School ,Uttarabhagam,Vedangi
7Z P H School,Dakshina Bagam,Vedangi
9M P U P School, Main New Building, Vedangi H/O Vedangi Palem
Vedangi H/O Vedangi8M P U P School Padamarabagam,Vedangi Palem
Vedullapalem H/O Lankalakoderu134Mpp Ele School,Vedullapalem H/O Lankalakoderu
Velevela146Grama Panchayat Office,Rno.1,Velivala
Velivela147Grama Panchayat Office,Rno.2,Velivala
Venkatapuram H/O Lankalakoderu135Mpp Ele School,Venkatapuram H/O ,Lankalakoderu
Yalamachili Kaspa165Grama Panchayat Main Hall,Yelamanchali Kaspa
Yalamanchilikaspa166Z.P H School,Room No.4,Yelamanchali Kaspa
167Z.P H School,Rno.7,Yelamanchili Kaspa
Yallavani Garuvupalakol Rural67St.Mary S Em H School,R.No.2,Yallavanigaruvu,Palakol(Rural)
Yallavanigaruvupalakollu Rural66St.Mary S Em H School,R.No.1,Yallavanigaruvu,Palakol(Rural)
Yelamanchili Lanka H/O Yalamanchili168M.P Ele School,Yelamanchili Lanka
Yelamanchilikaspa164Mp Ele School,No.1,Western Side,Yelamanchali Kaspa
Yenuguvanilanka173Mp Ele School/Main/ East Side,Yenuguvanilanka
174M.P Ele School,/Main/West Side,Yenuguvani Lanka

Last Updated on August 22, 2014