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Polling Booth in Markapuram Assembly Constituency

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Delhi Election 2020 Narela Assembly Constituency Delhi Elections 2020: All About Narela Constituency

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BJP President - JP Nadda Jagat Prakash Nadda Becomes the President of BJP: Past Performance and Future Perspective

Jagat Prakash Nadda has become the president of India’s dominant political party- The Bharatiya Janata Party. He has replaced aggressive and powerful Amit Shah, whereas JP Nadda himself is soft-spoken and media-shy. Read More…

BJP INC Candidate List BJP and INC release Next lists of Candidates

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BJP Candidate List Latest Delhi Election 2020: BJP may give up most of the remaining seats to its allies

BJP Candidate List announced on 17 January has named 57 candidates out of the 70 constituencies of Delhi. No decision has yet been made for the remaining 13 seats of Read More…

AAPs' Gurantee Card for Delhi Election 2020 AAP’s Guarantee Card for Delhi Assembly Election

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) supremo and Delhi’s incumbent Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal presented a ‘guarantee card’ that lists 10 ‘guarantees’ or promises that the AAP government will fulfil in the Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Markapuram

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Abm High School 10Th Class Room33Abm High School 10Th Class Room,Markapuram
Abm High School Staff Room34Abm High School Staff Room,Markapuram
Ajad Memorial Aided Primary School East Side Room38Azad Memorial Aided Primary School East Side Room,Markapuram,
39Azad Memorial Aided Primary School West Side Room,Markapuram,
Akkacheruvu173Govt.Junior Collage Commarrce Room,Podili
Amudalapalli207Z.P.H School,Room No.2,Thummala Cheruvu
Annavaram209D.P.E.P School,Garladinne,Garla Dinne
Bachalakurapadu158M.P.E.School,Bacchalakura Padu
Baptistu Palem205M.P.P School,Room No.1,Thippaya Palem
Bhoopathipalli85M.P.P.School , East Side Room,Bhupathi Palli
Bhupathipalli86M.P..P.School Middile Room,Bhupathipalli
Birudulanaruva H/O. Thipppayapalem81M.P.P. School,Birudulanarava
Bodapadu19M.P.P School, New Building,,Bodapadu
Bondalapadu87M.P.P School, New Building,Bondala Padu
Butchannapalem206M.P.U.P School,New Building ,Room No.2,Ganuga Penta
Chennareddipalli116Z.P.H.S Meeting Hall, New Building Room.4,,Chennareddy Palli
117Z.P.H.S Room.3,Chennareddy Palli
Chinarikatla159M.P.E School (Ssa Bulding),Chinnarikatla
160M.P.E. School (Ssa Bulding Room.2),Chinnarikatla
Chinmanagundam151M.P.E.School (Aa),Chinamanagundam
Chinthagunta134M.P.E.School (Hindu),Chinthagunta
Chinthakunta79M.P.U.P School West Room,Chinta Kunta
80M.P.U.P School East Room,Chinta Kunta
Darimadugu7Z.P H.S School,9Th Class Room,Darimadugu
Darimadugu H/O. Idupuru6Z.P.H School,10 Th Class Room,Darimadugu
Dasalla Palli177M.P.P School, New Building ,Dasalla Palli,Dasalla Palli
Divisinol Forest Office Accountant Room51Divisinol Forest Office ,Markapur,Markapuram,
Divisinol Forest Office Clarks Room44Divisional Forest Office,Markapuram,
Divisinol Forest Office Range Officer Room52Divisional Forest Office Range Officer Room,Markapuram,
Divisinol Panchayith Office37Divisional Panchayithi Office,Markapuram,
Dondleru179M.P.P. School (Near Rws) V.N.Puram,Podili
Edurallapadu140M.P.E.School Genral(Old),Yedduralla Padu
Egalapadu164M.P.U.P School,East Side Room-1,New Building,Obulakka Palli
Eluru214M.P.P School, New Building ,Dasalla Palli,Dasalla Palli
Engineer Office (Panchayithi Raj) North Side58Engineer Office (Pr) South Side Clerks Room,Markapuram,
Engineering Office (Panchayith Raj) North Side Roo59Engineer Office (Pr) North Side Room,North Portion,Markapuram,
Gajjalakonda12M.P.E.S.,Old Building, North Side Room,Gajjalakond,Gajjalakonda, Thurpupalli, Malapati Palli
13M.P.E.School,Turpu Palli
Ganuga Penta102M.P.U.P School,New Building ,Room No.2,Ganuga Penta
Ganugapenta101M.P.U.P. School North Face New Building ,Room-1,Ganuga Penta
Garladinne137D.P.E.P School,Garladinne,Garla Dinne
Goginenivaripalem212M.P.U.P School, Ramapuram,Ramapuram
Goguladinne92Mpp School,Goguladinne
Gollapalli121M.P.U.P School,Gollapalli
165M.P.U.P. School,Madalavaripalem
Gorugunthalapadu96M.P.E.S ,Goruguntalapadu,Goraguntala Padu
Gotlagattu153Z.P.H.S (Npegl Bulding),Gotlagattu
154Z.P.H.S Lab Room.1,Gotlagattu
Gottipadia77M.P.P.School New Bulding,Room No.1,Gottipadiya
Gottipadiya78M.P.P School ,Room No.2,Gottipadiya
Gurralamadugu139M.P.E.School,Gurrala Madugu
Gurugupadu172M.P.P.School Central Room (Urdu Zphs),Podili
Idupuru8M.P.E.School, East Side Room, Idupur,Idupur
Jammanapalli1M.P.U.P School,Jammana Palli
Juvvaleru174Govt.Jr.College,Staff Room,Podili
Kalujuvalapadu106Z.P.H.S South Side Room.1,Kalujuvvalapadu
Kalujuvvalapadu105Z.P.H.S West Side First Room,Kalujuvvalapadu
Kambalapadu185M.P.U.P School ,Southren Bulding,Kambhalapadu
186M.P.U.P School Northren Bulding,Kambhalapadu
Karumanu Palli120M.P.U.P. School,Karumani Palli
Katragunta148M.P.E.School Main,Katragunta
Katurivaripalem203Engineer Office(Pr),North Side Room South Portion,Markapur
204M.P.P School ,Room No.2,Gottipadiya
100M.P.E.School ,Buddapalli,Ketagudipi
Kolabhimunipadu76M.P.P School,Kolabhimunipadu
Konakonamitta143Z.P.H.S South Side,Konakana Mitla
144Z.P.H.S South Side Room.2,Konakana Mitla
Kondareddipalli107M.E.School,Kondareddy Palli
Kondayapalem178M.P.D.O Office ,M.R.C Building,Podili
Kondepalli89M.P.U.P. North Side Room,Kondepalli
Kondepalli H/O. Chinthakunta90M.P.U.P.School South Side Bulding,Kondepalli
Kottalapalli H/O. Vemulakota75M.P.P School 1St Class Room(Southern Side Room),Kottalapalli
Kunchepalli167M.P.P School (Aa),Pothavaram
M.P. School (Vivekananda) Vadde Bazar50M.P.School Vivekananda Vadde Bazar,Markapuram,
M.P. School West Side Bulding South Side Room42Munu.P.S.West Side Bulding South Room,Ekalavya Col,Markapuram,
M.P.School East Side Room Near Tank Bund40M.P.S School West Side Room Near Tank Bund,Markapuram,
41M.P.School East Side Room Near Tank Bund,Markapuram,
M.P.School West Side Bulding North Side Room43Mun.U.P.S West Side,North Side Room Eklavya Col.,Markapuram,
M.P.School (Abm Lower) Sc .Palem56M.P.S (Abm Loyar Sc Palem),Markapuram,
M.P.School (Bala Saraswathi) East Room Radham Baz54M.P.S. Balasaraswathi East Side Room,Markapuram,
M.P.School (Bala Saraswathi) West Side Room53M.P.School (Bala Saraswathi West Side Room ),Markapuram,
M.P.School (Lutharan) North Side Room55M.P.School (Luthren North Side Room),Markapuram,
M.P.U.P School 4Th Class Employees Colony35Muncipal Elemintary School,4Th Class Colony,Markapuram,
M.P.U.P School East Side Block South Side Room36Muncipal.E.School East Side Block South Side Room,Markapuram,
M.P.U.P School Old Bulding Room.232M.Up School Old Bulding Room-2 Scbc Colony,Markapuram
M.P.U.P School Old Bulding Room.330M.P.U.P.S Old Bulding Room No-3 Scbc Colony,Markapuram
M.P.U.P School West Side Block North Side Room70M.U.P.S West Side Block North Side Room Sr Colony,Kolabheemunipadu, K.Kothapalli
M.P.U.P School Westside Block69M.U.P S West Side Block South Side Room,Kottalapalli H/Ovemulakota
M.P.U.P. School Main Bulding Room No.329M.P.S. East Side Room Slate Workers Colony,Markapuram
Madalavaripalem182Govt. Boys High School Room.4,Podili
Mallavaram175Govt.High School (Boys) Room.1,Podili
Malyavanthunipadu88M.P.U.P. School,Malyavanthuni Padu
Mangalakunta118M.P.U.P School,Mangalakunta
Mangapuram132M.P.U.P School Western Side New Building,Mangapuram
Markapur27M.P.P School ,Room No.1,Podili
31Mun.U.P School,New Building ,East Face Room,Markapur
60Engineer Office(Pr),North Side Room South Portion,Markapur
Markapuram20A.B.M.High School, South Side, East Room, Markapur,Markapuram
21A.B.M.High School,North Side East Room, Markapur,Markapuram,
22Muncipal U.P,School Oldbulding Room.No-1,Markapuram
23Muncipal U.P,School Newbulding Room.No-1,,Markapur
Marripalem138M.P.P School, North Side Room,Marri Palem
Mittameedipalli H/O. Thippayapalem84M.P.U.P.School, Southern Building, Konde Palli,Mittameedi Palli
Mugachinthala180M.P.D.O Office Conference Hall,Podili
Mun.U.P S Northside New Building S.R Colony68Mun.U.P.S Eastern Block,North Side New Building,Markapur
Munagapadu129M.P.P School,Munaga Padu
130M.P.E. School(Hindu)New Bulding),Munaga Padu
Muncipal Office Clarks Room57Muncipal Office Lark Room,Markapuram,
Muncipal Office Muncipal Council Hall45Municipal Office,Municipal Council Hall,Markapuram,
Muncipal Primary School (Lutharan)67M.P.P. School Luthren,Vemulakota
Nagampalli155M.P.E.School Main Hall,Nagam Palli
Nagandlamudupu123M.P U.P School,Nagendla Mudupu
Nagarajukunta133M.P.U.P School Middle Bulding,Nagaraju Kunata
Nagella Mudupu124M.P.U.P School,Room No.2,Nagella Mudupu
Nagireddipalli136M.P.E.School,Nagireddy Palli
Naidu Pali18M.P.P School New Building Naidu Palli,Naidupalli
Naidupalli H/O. Pedda Yachavaram17M.P.E.School, Naidupalli,Naidupalli, Mannemvaripalli
Naidupet152M.P.E.School New Bulding,Naidu Peta
Nandipalem183M.P.P School Prakash Nagar,Podili
Nikarampalli2M.P.U.P .Room No.1,Nikaram Palli
3M.P.U.P ,Room.No.2,Nikaram Palli
Nimmavaram208M.P.U.P School,Room No.2,Nagella Mudupu
Obayapalli108M.P.E. School,Obaya Palli
Obulakkapalli181Mpdo Office Conference Hall,Podili
Padamatipalli H/O. Gajjalakonda10M.P.E.School, (Western Side Room),Padamati Palli
Pamulapadu166M.P.P School (Aa),Pothavaram
Patapadu156M.P.E.School,Patha Padu
Peda Yachavaram15M.P.U.P School New Building Room No.1,Peddayachavaram
Pedarikatla161Z.P.H.S (Ssa Bulding ),Peddarikatla
162Z.P.H.S Complex,Peddarikatla
163Z.P.H.S Middle Bulding,Peddarikatla
Pedda Nagulavaram4M.P.U.P School, North Side Building(Dpep), P.Nagul,Pedda Nagulavaram
5M.P.U.P School, South Building,Peddanagulavaram,Pedda Nagulavaram
Pedda Yachavaram14M.P.U.P.S, North Side Building,Pedda Yachavaram,Pedda Yachavaram, Moddulapalli
16M.P.U.P.S, South Side Building, Peddayachavaram,Pedda Yachavaram
Perareddipalli147M.P.E.School (Ssa Bulding Room.2,Perareddy Palli
Pitchiguntlapally H/O. Gajjalakonda11M.P.E.School, West Side Room,Pitchiguntla Palli, Nagireddy Palli
Podili187M.P.U.P School , Parvathipuram Room.2,Podili
188M.P.P. School,Baptistpalem,Main Road,Podili,Podili
189M.P.P School Westren Bulding,Podili
190M.P.P School,Amudala Palli
191M.P.P. School,Annavaram
193M.P.P School (Aa New),Talamalla
194M.P.P School Sc Palem,Gogineni Vari Palem
195M.P.P School Room.1,Uppala Padu
196M.P.U.P School Room.1,Eluru
197M.P.P School,New Building,T.Sallur,Eluru
198Z.P H.S School,9Th Class Room,Darimadugu
199M.P.U.P School New Building Room No.1,Peddayachavaram
200M.P.P School New Building Naidu Palli,Naidupalli
201M.P.P School ,Room No.1,Podili
202Mun.U.P School,New Building ,East Face Room,Markapur
Pothalapadu103M.P.U.P School,Potalapadu
Pothavaram184M.P.P School Room.1 (Govt.High School),Podili
Ragasamudram104M.P.U.P School,Ragasamudram
Rajupalem H/O Idupuru9M.P.P School, New Building,Rajupalem
Ramachandrapuram H/O. Vemulakota91Mpp School South Side,Ramachandrapuram
Ramapuram170Z.P.H.School (Ssa),Podili
Ramulaveedu176M.P.P School (Near Rws),V.N.Puram,Podili
Rayavaram93Mpp School (Genral),Rayavaram
94M.P.E. School,Rayavaram(Rs)
95M.E. School, Sc Palem,Rayavaram
Reddy Womens Collage Room.161Reddy Womens Collage Room-1,Markapuram,
Reddy Womens College Room.262Reddy Womens Collage Room-2,Markapuram,
Regadapalli127M.P.U.P School,Regada Palli
S. C. B.C. Colony Markapuram26Muncipal Up School, Room No.2,P.S Colony,Markapuram
S.C.B.C. Colony Markapur24M.U.P.S, Old Building,Room No.4,S.C.B.C.Cly, Mrkp,Markapuram
28Mpup School Main Bulding Room No-3 P.S.Colony,Markapur
Sc Bc Colony25Muncipal U.P School Southside Bulding P.S Colony,Markapuram.
Seethanagulavaram97M.P.U.P School,Seeta Nagula Varam
Siddavaram145M.P.P School(Another Western Side Room),Siddavaram
146M.P.P. School (Aa),Newbuilding Southern Side Room,Siddavaram
Sudanagunta169M.P.U.P School Northren Bulding,Kambhalapadu
Surepalli98M.P.E.School,Sure Palli
T.Salluru216M.P.P School, Room No.2,Yeluru,Yeluru
Tarlupadu112Z.P.H.S Room.1( Play Ground),Tarlupadu
113Z.P.H.S Main Bulding Room.2,Tarlupadu
114Z.P.H.S New Bulding (Additional) Room No-4,Tarlupadu
115Z.P.H.S Main Bulding Room.4,Tarlupadu
Thalamalla210M.P.U.P School,Room No.2,Thuvva Padu
Thallamalla211M.P.P School, Pamulapadu,Pamulapadu
Thippaya Palem83M.P.P School,Room No.1,Thippaya Palem
Thummala Cheruvu111Z.P.H School,Room No.2,Thummala Cheruvu
Thummalachervu110Z,P.H..School,Tummala Cheruvu
Thuvvapaad141M.P.U.P School,Tuvva Padu
Thuvvapadu142M.P.U.P School,Room No.2,Thuvva Padu
Tummagunta171M.P.P School, Central Room(Zphs),Podili
Unna Guravayapalem168M.P.U.P School ,Southren Bulding,Kambhalapadu
Uppalapadu213M.P.P School,New Building Gurugupadu,Gururgupadu
Vaddimadugu135M.P.U.P. School (Ssa Bulding),Vaddi Madugu
Vagemadugu128M.P.P.School (Ssa Bulding),Vagemadugu
Veligandla131M.P.U.P. School Eastern Side Room,Veligandla
Vemulakota73Z.P.H.School 8Th Class Room-9(T.M),Vemula Kota
74Z.P.H.School 7Th Class(T.M) Room-10,Vemula Kota
Vijaya Aided School North Side Room72Vijaya Aided School North Side Room( Office Room),Chinthakunta
Vijaya Aided School South Side Room71Vijaya Aided School South Side Room,Gottipadiya,Akkacheruvu
Yeluru215M.P.P School, Nimmavaram,Nimmavaram
Z.P. Girls High School West Side 6Th Room46Z.P.G.H.School West Side 6Th Room,Markapuram,
Z.P.Girls High School West Side Room.349Z.P.G.H.School West Side 10Th Class Room-3,Markapuram,
Z.P.Girls High School East Side 10Th Class Room48A.P.G.H.School East Side 10Th Class Room-2,Markapuram,
Z.P.Girls High School West Side 1St Room47Z.P.G.H.School West Side 1St Room,Markapuram,
Z.P.H.S (Boys) North Side Block Room.566Z.P.H.S(Boys)North Side Block,Ground Floor Room-2,Markapuram,
Z.P.H.School (Boys) North Side Block Room.363Z.P.H.S (Boys) North Side Block West Side Room-3,Markapuram,
Z.P.H.School (Boys) North Side Room164Z.P.H.S (Boys) North Side Block West Side Room-1,Markapuram,
Z.P.H.School(Boys) North Side Block Room.465Z.P.H.S (Boys) North Side Block West Side Room-5,Markapuram,

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