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Polling Booth in Madanapalle Assembly Constituency

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AAP Delhi Election Results AAP Maintains Lead in Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020

Vote counting is underway for Delhi Election Result 2020. The tension is heightened up for the real outcome of the election. As per the latest updates, Aam Aadmi Party is Read More…

Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

Delhi Exit Poll Highlights Exit Polls Predict Third Term for Kejriwal Government

With an overall voter turnout of 57%, polling for the Delhi Assembly Election 2020 has concluded. Many polling agencies have started publishing the Delhi Exit Poll 2020. All of them Read More…

Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 - Yogi Adityanath Rallies Yogi Adityanath Dives Into Political Warfare of Delhi To Promotes Shaheen Bagh Trump Card

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hard Hindutva face Yogi Adityanath has joined the fiery campaign for Delhi Election 2020. Now that the tone has been set for the campaign, Yogi is walking Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Madanapalle

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Adusupalli Ho Nimmanapalli176M.P.P.School,Adusupalle
Agraharam180M.P.U.P School,Agaraharam
181M.P.E.School,New Bulding,Agraharam
Ankisetty Palle11M.P.U.P School, Ankisetty Palle,Ankisetty Palle
Arikela196M.P.P School,Arikela
Avulapalle21M.P.U.P. School, Avulapalle,Avulapalle
Babu Nagar5M.U.P.School East Wing, Babunagar,Babunagar Colony
Babunagar3M.U.P.School East Wing, Babunagar,Kollabailu
4Mpup School North East Room Babunagar,Babu Nagar,Katlapalli
6Mandal Upper Primery School Urdu Class Room,Venkateswarapuram
Balinayanipalli Ho Vengamvaripalli185M.P.E School,Balanayuni Palle,Balanayuni Palle
Bandakinda Palle26M.P.P.School, Bandakindapalle,Bandakinda Palle
Bandlapalli167Madal Parishat Upper Primery School,Bandlapalli
Basini Konda60M.P.P.School New Building East Wing Southern Room,Basinikonda
Basinikonda58M.P.P School East Wing,Basinikonda
59Gramapanchayat Office,Basinikonda
61Mp.School New Building Eastwing Northern Side Room,Basinikonda
Bommanacheru25M.P U.P.School, Bommanacheruvu,Bommanacheruvu
Bommanacheruvu24M.P.U.P.School West Wing, Bommanacheruvu,Bommanacheruvu
Cheekala Bailu17M.P.Up.School, East Wing, Cheekalabailu,Cheekalabailu
18M.P.U.P.School, West Wing, Cheekalabailu,Cheekalabailu
Chinnapalle194M.P.P School,Chinnappalle
Chinnathippa Samudhram50M.P. U P.School West Wing L Angle Room,Chinnathippasamudram
Chinnathippa Samudram49M.P.U.P.School North Wing, C.T.M Cross Road,Chinnathippasamudram
Chinnathippasamudra46Z.P.H.School New Building Norht Wing Room,Chinnathippasamudram
Chinnathippasamudram45Z.P.H.School New Building South Wing Room,Chinnathippasamudram
47Gramapanchayat Office,Chinnathippasamudram
48M.P.U P School East Wing East Wing Ctm Cross Road,Chinnathippa Samudram
Chippili12M.P.P.School Chippili,Chippili
Chokkandla Palle214M.P.U.P School,Chokkavandlapalle
Dddasarla Palle205M.P.P. School,Dasarla Palli
Diguvamachireddygaripalli166M.P E.P School,Diguvamachireddy Garipalle
Dubbigani Palle41M.P.P.School,Dubbiganipalle
Dubbiganipalle42Mandalaparishat Primery School,Dubbiganipalle
Eguvabhom Palle204M.P.P. School,Eguva Bompalli
Eswaramma Colony29M.P.U.P. School, Room No1 Eswaramma Colony,Eswaramma Colony
30M.P.U.P. School, Room No2, Eswaramma Colony,Eswaramma Colony
31M.P.U.P. School, Room No3,Eswaramma Colony,Eswaramma Colony
Gajulavari Palle51M.P.U.P School South Wing,Gajulavaripalle
Gangannagari Palle63M.P.P. School South Wing Eastern Side Room,Gangannagaripalle
Gangannagaripalli64M.P.P School North Wing New Building,Gangannagaripalle
Gramapanchayat Office Potha Polu54Gramapanchayat Office,Pothabolu
Gudisivaripalle43M.P.P.School,Gudusuvari Palle
44M.P.P.School West Wing,Gudusuvaripalle
Isukanoothi Palli57M.P U.P.School South Side,Isukanuthana Palle
Kaap Palle191M.P.P School,Kappalle
192M.P.P School,Kappalle
Kaapp Palli193Gramapanchayati Office,Kappalle
Kamatam Palle202M.P.P School,R Kamatam Palle
Kolla Bailu2M.P.U.P School Kollabailu,Kollabailu
Kommireddygaipalli173M.P.U.P School,Kommireddy Garipalle
Kondaiah Gar Ipalli179M.P.P School,Kondaiah Gari Palle
Kondamaripalle62Gramapanchayath Office, Kondamaripalle,Gangannagaripalle
Kotavaripalle27M.P.U.P School, New Building Kotavari Palle,Kotavaripalle
Kothapalle28M.P.P.School, West Wing Kotha Palle,Kotthapalli
Kothavari Palle52M.P.U.P.School,Kothavaripalle
53M.P.U.P School,Kothavaripalle
Kuduruchimlapalle219Z.P.H.School,Kuduru Chimanapalli
Kuravanka7Mpp School (Telugu),Kuruvanka
8Urdu M.P.P.School, Eguvakuruvanka,Kuruvanka
Kuravapalle56Mandal Parishat Primery School,Kuravapalle
Kurijala213M.P.U.P School,Kurijala
Madanapalle69Grt.High School Northblock To Westwing Arundal Hal,Madanpalle
70Grt High School Bindu Rao Memorial Block Room No-2,Padmavathi Colony,Giri Rao Veedhi,Kumarrao Puram
71Deputy Excutive Engineer, Irrigation And Cade Depa,Madanapalle
72Nehru M Pup School South Wing New Bulding,Madanapalle
73Bindur Rao Memorial Block, Room No-1, Madanapalle,Madanapalle
74Municipal Primery School, Kumarapuram,Madanpalle
75B.T.College Room No106,Madanapalle
76B.T.College Room No111 South Wing,Madanapalle
78B.T.College Trilokekar, Ptj Block Room No145,Madanapalle
80Bt College Thrilokikar Ptj Block Room No-149,Ramireddi Layout,Municipalward 2-2-1-0A To 2-7-5-0
83B.T College Computer Block Room No143,Kuravavanka,Co-Oparetivecolony
84B.T.College Computer Block Room No117,Madanapalle
85B.T College Computer Block Room No-118,Nirugattivaripalli,Vijayanagarcolony,Ringroad
87B.T.Collge Room Office Room,Madanapalle
88Vijaya Bharathi High School 10Th Class 'C' Section,Madanapalle
89Vijaya Bharathi High School East Wing Room Ukg Cla,Madanapalle
90Agriculture Market Yard Soil Testing Centre,Madanapalle
91Vivekananda High Shool Middle Room,Madanapalle
92Vivekananda Municipal High School Office Room,Madanapalle
93Vivekananda Municipal High School Office Room,Madanapalle
95Vivekananda Municipal Primery School,Madanapalle
96Vivekananda M.P Shcool Northern Middle Room,Madanapalle
97Vivekananda High School East Wingroom,Madanapalle
99Vivekananda P School Old Building Easter Side Room,Madanapalle
100Vivekanada Municipal Primery School,Madanapalle
102Mmc Primer School Ammacheruvu Mitta,Madanapalle
104Mmc Primery Shcool East Wing Room Chandra Colony,Madanapalle
105Agriculture Formers Guest House Room No-2, Madana,Madanapalle
106Agriculture Market Yard Formers Guest House,Madanapalle
108Vivekananda Municipal High School West Wing,Madanapalle
109Bapuji Municipal High School Ramarao Colony,Madanapalle
112Bapuji Primery School South Wing Eastern Side Room,Madanapalle
113Bapuji Municipal H School Office Room R Rao Colony,Madanapalle
115Agriculture Culture Market Yard Office Room,Madanapalle
116Govt Womens Degree College B.T Block Room No-1,Madanapalle
117Zillaparishath High Schoolramsa Buildin Room No-1,Madanapalle
118Zilla Parishat H School Ramsa Building Room No-2,Madanapalle
119Zillaparishat High Schoolramsa Building Room No-3,Madanapalle
120Zillaparishat High School Rvm Bulding Room No-1,Madanapalle
121Zillaparishat High School R V M Bulding Room No-3,Madanapalle
123Govt Womens Degree College S Block Romm No-2,Madanapalle
124Govt Womens Degree College B.Nanda Block Room No-2,Madanapalle
126S V Municipal Primery School North Wing Room,Madanapalle
128Municipal Urdu High School Room No-1,Madanapalle
130Hope High Shool South Wing 6Th Class Room,Madanapalle
131Hope High Shool Main Building North Wing Norht Sid,Madanapalle
133Pancharatna Municipal Primary School Main Hall,Madanapalle
134Pancharatna Mp School New Building Meeting Hall,Madanapalle
135Sri Krishna Mup Shcool Thyagaraja Street,Madanapalle
136Ravindranath Tagore Municipal Up School North Wing,Madanapalle
137Ravindra Nath Tagore Up School Upstair Rooom,Madanapalle
138Ravindra Tagore Up School,Madanapalle
139Forest Rang Office, Madanapalle,Madanapalle
140Municipal Office Mainhall,Madanapalle
141Hmh School Ip Nikethan West Wing North Side Room,Madanapalle
142Hmh School I.P Nikethan Eastwing 1St Room,Madanapalle
143Thrilokikar Bala Mandir Babu Welcome Home Compound,Madanapalle
144Ramarao Mp School 7Th Class B Section,Madanapalle
145Md Development Officer Meeting Hallea Stern Side,Madanapalle
146E.E Housing Office Withinthe Premeses Of Mpdo Offi,Madanapalle
148Bhavitha Building In The Premises Of M.P.D.O.Offic,Madanapalle
150Mandal Development Officer Mpp Room,Madanapalle
151Madanapalle Executive Engineer R.W.S Staff Room,Madanapalli
152Executive Engineer R.W.S Waiting Room,Madanapalle
153A.A.M.Primary School North Block West Wing Room,Madanapalle
154A.A.M.Primary School North Block West Wing Room -3,Madanapalle
155A.A.M.Primary School North Block West Wing Room -1,Madanapalle
156C.S.I Girls High School Main Hall East Wing,Madanapalle
157C.S.I Girls High School Stage Room,Madanapalle
159Executive Engineer Panchayat Raj Office Room,Madanapalle
161Executive Engineer Panchayat Raj Office Room,Madanapalle
162Govt Girls High School East Wing Room No-4,Madanapalle
Madanapalli77B.T.Collge Room No112 South Wing,Madanpalle
79B.T.College Trilokekar, Ptj Block Room No146,Madanapalle
81B.T.College Trilokekar, Ptj Block Room No144,Madanapalle
82B.T.College Trilokekar, Ptj Block Room No147,Madanapalle
86B.T.Collge Room No122,Madanapalli
94Mpl Soil Testing Room South Wing,Madanapalle
98Vivekananda Municipal Primery School Office Room,Madanapalle
101Vivekanada Municipal Primery School,Madanapalle
103Bapuji Municipalhigh School Ramarao Colony,Madanapalle
110Bapuji Primery School North Wing Western Side Room,Madanapalle
111Bapuji Primery School North Wing Eastern Side Room,Madanapalle
114Bapuji Primerysouth Wing Western Side Room,Madanapalle
122Zillaparishat High School Room No-18,South Block ,,Madanapalle
129Municipal Urdu High School Room No-2,Madanapalle
132Hope High School Staff Room,Nadanapalli
147M.R.C Building M.P.D.O Office,Madanapalle
149Madanapalle Forest Range Office Staff Room,Madanapalle
158C.S.I Girls High School Staff Room,Madanapalle
160R.W.S.Sd Office Section Offcers Room Pr Office,Mdanapalle
163Deputyexe Engineer Panchayatraj Subdivision Office,Madanapalle
Madanaplle125S.V.M.U.P School Room No-1 Apparao Thota,Madanapalle
Madanpalle107Vivekananda M.P School North Wing East Room,Madanapalle
127Municipal Urdu High School Room No-3,Madanapalle
Malenatham197M.P.U.P School South Side Room,Malenatham
198Mandal Parishat Upper Primery School, Malenatham, Parishathmalenatham
Malepadu19M.P.U.P.School West Wing, Malepadu,Malepadu
20M.P.U.P.School, East Wing, Malepadu,Malepadu
Mandemavaripalli Ho Vengamvaripalli184M.P.P.School,Mandemvari Palle
Manevaripalli195M.P.P School,Manevaripalle
Matlavaripalli200Z.P.H. Schol,Matlavaripalli
Mekalavandla Palle1Mandal Parishat Primery Schol Mekalavandla Palle,Mekalavandla Palle
Musturu171M.P.E. School North Wing,Mushtur
172M.P.E School South Wing,Mushturu
Naarigaani Palli187Gramapanchayati Office,Nariganipalli
Nariganipalle186M.P.P School,Nariganipalle
Nimmanapalli177Gramapanchayat Office,Nimmanapalle
178Mrc Building,Nimmanapalle,Nimmanapalle
Pappi Reddy Gari Palle10Municipal U.P School, Pappireddygaipalle,Pappireddygaripalle
Penchupadu22Zillaparishat High School, North Wing, Penchupadu,Penchupadu
23Z.P. High School, South Wing, New Building,Penchupadu
Ponnuti Palem9M.P.U.P Shcool, Ponnetipalem,Ponnetipalem
Pothapolu55M.P.Urdu School,Pothabolu
Pottavandla Gadda15M.P.P.School, North Wing, Pottavandlagadda,Pottavandlagadda
16M.P.P.School South Wing, Pottavandlagadda,Pottavandlagadda
Punganooruvandla Palle37M.P.Pschool West Wing, Northen Side Room,Punganuruvandlapalle
Punganooruvandla Palli36M.P.P.School East Wing Western Side Old Building,Punganuruvandla Palle
Punganuruvandalapalli38M.P.P.School West Wing Southern Side Room,Punganurvandla Palle
Puravandla Palle215M.P.P School,Poorandla Palli
R.Nadimpalli203M.P.U.P School,R Nadimpalle
Rachavetivaripalli165M.U.P School Additional Building,Rachavetivaripalle
Rachevetivaripalli164M.P.U.P Schol,New Bulding,Rachavetivari Palle
Ragimakula Palle199M.P.P School,Ragimakula Palle
Ramasamudram206M.P.P.School 5Th Class Room,Ramasamudram
207M.P.P School North Wing,Ramasamudram
209Z P High School East Wing Room No-12,Ramasamudram
210Z.P.P.H School Room No-10,Ramasamudram
211Z.P.H.School New Room,Ramasamudram
212Z P H School East Wing Room No-13,Ramasamudram
Ranga Reddi Colony Kothaindlu34Mpup School K.Indlu,R.R Colony.Westwing South Room,Rangareddy Colony
Ranga Reddy Colony Kothaindlu35Mpup School K.Indlu,R.R Colony.Westwing North Room,Ranareddy Colony
Rangareddi Colony Kothaindlu33M.P.U.P.Schoo, Middle Room, Kotaindlu, R.R Colony,Rangareddy Colony
Rangareddy Colony Kothapalle32M.P.U.Pschool, Kothaindlu, R.R.Colony, East Wing,Randareddy Colony
Reddyvarilpalli169Z.P.H School ,6Th Class Room,Reddyvaripalle
Reddyvaripalli168Mandal Parishath Upper Primery Schook,Reddyvaripalle
170M P U P School,Pittavandlapalle,Pittavandlapalle
Sanitorium39U.M.T.S High School Science Block,Sanitorium
Sanitorum Pothapolu40U.M.T.S High School 10Th Class Room,Sanitorium
Thavalam174Gramapanchayati Office,Tavalam
175M.P.U.P School,Tavalam
Valasapalle65Gramapanchayati Office,Valasapalle
66M.P.U.P.School Old Building Southern Side Room,Valasapalle
Valasapalli67M.P.U.P.School Old Building North Side Room,Valasapalle
Valashapalli68M.P.U.P.School New Building West Side,Valasapalle
Vempalle13M.P.U.P School, Vempalli,Vempalli
14M.P.U.P School North New Building, Vempalle,Vempalle
Vengamvaripalli183M.P.E School,Vengamvaripalle,Vengamvaripalle
Voolapadu216M.P.U.P School,Voolapadu

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