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Polling Booth in Madakasira Assembly Constituency

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Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

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List of Polling Stations in Madakasira

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
A.R. Roppam H/O Amidalagondi155Z P H School,A.R. Roppam
Agali145Z.P.H.S., Room No.8,Agali
146Z.P.H.S., 8Th Class Room,Agali
147Z.P.H.S., 10Th Class A/S,Agali
148Z.P.H.S., 10Th Class B/S,Agali
Agraharam H/O B.G.Halli Majra105M.P.P.School,Agraharam , B.G.Halli Majara
Aldapalli H/O Basavanapalli47Mpups,Aldapalli, Basavanapalli
Aludi H/O Ravudi128Mpups 6Th Class Room,Aludi H/O Ravudi
Aludi Ravudi Majra127Mpups 7Th Class Room,Aludi
Alupana Halli Rathn Giri Majar118Zphs Room No.2,Alupana Palli
Amarapuram13Z P H School Room No.1,Amarapuram
14Z.P.H.School, Room No.2,Amarapuram
15Zph School,Amarapuram
16Z P H School Room No 10,Amarapuram
17Mpp School South Room, South Gollahatti,Amarapuram
18G.J.C.East Room,Amarapuram
19G.J.C.West Room,Amarapuram
Amidalagondi156Z.P.H.S 6Th Class Room,Amidalagondi
Aronahalli H/O Basavanahalli49Mpps Aronahalli,Basavanahali
B.Rayapuram H/O Bullasamudram172M.P.U.P., School, B.Rayapuram,3Rd Ward B.Rayapuram
Balathimmana Palli H/O Morubagual78Mpp School,,6Th Ward Madigubba, 9Th Ward N.R.Roppam
Basavana Halli48Mpp School North Wing,Basvana Halli
Begarla Palli H/O Madakasira190Mpups, Begarlapalli,Begarlapalli H/O Madakasira
Bhaktar Halli H/O Hare Samudram Majar211Mandala Parishat Prathamik Pathashala,Bhaktara Halli
Bommagondanahalli102Mpps West Wing,Bomma Gondanhalli
Bullasamudram170Zphs., Bullasamudram,Bullasamudram
171Z.P.High School,,Bullasamudram
C.Kodige Palli220Mpps , C.Kodigepalli,C. Kodigepalli
Chandakacherla162Z P H School,Chandakacherla
163Z P H School,Chandakacherla
Cheepuleti H/O Madakasira173Mpups., Eastern Side Wing,Cheepuleti H/Omadakasira
Chiga Turpi73Mpups West Wing,Chigturpi
Chinna Choragiri H/O Mandala Palli Majra87Mpps Old Building,Chinna Choragiri H/O Mandalapalli
Chinna Choragiri H/O Mandalapalli88Mpps New Building,Chinna Choragiri H/O Mandalapalli
Chitnaduku Halukuru Majra28M.P.P.S. South Wing,Chitnaduku, Halukuru Majra
29Mpp School ,North Wing,Chitnaduku
Daasapppa Palem Ratnagiri Majra115Mpups New Building,Dasappa Pazhyam Ratnagiri Majra
Dasaripalli H/O Karikera54Mpps, Dasarapalli,Dasarapalli H/O Karikera
Dasegowdana Halli H/O Kodihalli150Mpps.,,Dasegowdana Halli H/O Kodihalli
Devagani Palli H/O Thammidey Halli10Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Devaganapalli
Devaragatti H/O Gudibanda70Mpp School, Devarahatti,Devarahatti H/O Gudibanda
Diguva Achampalli161M P P School,Diguva Achampalli
Diguva Echaladdi H/O Chathram169Mpups.,,Diguva Echaladdi H/O Chathram
Dinnamidapalyam H/O Govinda Puram Majar203Mandala Parishat Prathamik Pathashala New Building,Dinnamida Palyam
Doddderi123Mpp School,Dodderi
Dokkla Palli Inagaluru Majra133Mpups North East Wing,Dokkala Palli
Eguvaramagiri H/O Amidalagondi159Mpps, E.Ramagiri,E. Ramagiri H/O Amidalagondi
Elloti Kallumarri Majar216Z P H School,Yelloti
Golla Maranahalli H/O Hemavathi39Mpps 3Rd & 5Th Classes West Side,Gollamaranahalli, Hemavathi Majra
Gollapalli H/O Sivaram42Mpp School, Gollapalli,Gollapalli H/O Sivaram
Goudana Kunda H/O Thammide Palli12Mpp School, Gowdanakunta North West Wing,Gowdanakunta
Goudana Kunta H/O Thammide Halli11M P P School North Wing,Goudnkunta Tammidehazhzhi Majra
Gowdanahalli165M.P.P.S., Old Building,Gowdanahalli
166Mpps., New Building,Gowdanahalli
Guddadahalli Gudibanda Majara71Mpup School , Guddadhahalli,Guddadhahalli H/O Gudibanda
Gudddu Guriki Ratnagiri Majra113Mpups East Wing,Guddugurki
114Mpups South West Wing,Guddugurki
Gudibanda67Zph School 8Th Class Room,Gudibanda
68Zph School 6Th Class Room,Gudibanda
Gune Halli Hemavathi Majra40Mpp School (1 & 2 Classes) North Side, Gunehalli,Gune Halzhi Hemavathi Majra
Gune Morubagal80Mpps Old Building,Gune Morubagal
81M P P School,Balepalli, H/O Gune Morubagal
Gurrapu Konda Melavoi Majar192M.Pi.Pi.S. Padmti Bhagmukothabhavnmu,Gurrapukonda
H.R. Palyam H/O Amidalagondi158Mpps, H.R.Palyam,H.R. Palyam H/O Amidalagondi
Ha Lukuru25Mpp School B .C. Colony,Halukuru
Hallikera Inagaluru Majar129Anganwadi School West Wing,Hallikera
Halukuru30Mpp School ( Main ), Halukur
Hanumanthanahalli H/O Basavanahalli50Mpps, Hanumanthanapalli,Hanumanthanahalli
Hare Samudram208Mandala Parishat Prathamik Pathashala No.1,Hare Samudram
209Mpp School, Room No.2, Haresamudram,Hare Samudram
210Zphs New Building, Haresamudram,Haresamudram
Hemavathi36Mpp School South Wing (3&4 Class Rooks), Hemavathi,Hemavathi
37Mpp School New Bulding North Wing, Hemavathi,Hemavathi
Hire Turpi H/O Karikera55Mpups Room No.1,Hire Turpi
Hirethurpi H/O Karikera56Mpups Room No.2,Hirethurpi, Karikera Majra
Hotte Betta H/O Rolla106Zph School Staff Room,Hotate Betta
Hotte Thimmanaa Halli B.G.Halli Majra99Zph School North Wing,Hotate Timmana Halli
Huduguru H/O Halukuru27Mpp School,Huduguru
Hullikera H.D.Halli Majar139M.P.P. School,Hullikera
Hunisekunta H/O M.Rayapuram98Mpp School, Hunisekunta H/O M.Rayapuram
Inagaluru130Zph School 6Th Class Room,Ingluru 8 Th Ward
131Z.P.H.School New Building 7Th Class Room No. 6,Inagaluru
Irige Palli Agali Majar143Z.P.H.S. New Building Eastwing,Irigepalli H/O Agali
Irrigepalli H/O Agali144Zphs.West Wng New Building,Irigepalli H/Oagali
Jakke Palli Melavoy Majra196Mandala Parishat Prathamik Pathashala Kotha Bhavnm,Jekkepalli
Jakkepalli H/O Melavoy197Mpps Old Building,Jakke Pall
Jambulabanda H/O Kekathi58Zphs Room No.1,Jambulabanda H/O Ke
Jammanipalli H/O Gowdanahalli164Mpups.,,Jammanipalli H/O Gowdanahalli
Jammula Banda Kekathi Majra57Mpp School Room No.1,Jambulbanda
Jeerigepalli H/O B.G.Halli100Mpp School, Jeerigepalli,Jeerigepalli H/O Hottethimmanahalli
Jilledukunta H/O Y.B.Halli207Mpups Room No.2,Jilledukunta
K.Byadagera Kaki Majra120Mpps (Kannada) Old Building,K. Byadigera
K.Byadigera H/O Kaki121Mpps Kannada New Building,K.Byadigera
Kachikunta H/O Halulkuru26M.P.P.S.,Kachikunta
Kadire Palli Melavol Majar191Mpups, New Building,Kadirepalli H/O Melavoy
Kaki119Mpups South Wing,Kaki
Kallumarri218Zphs, Southern Side East Room,Kallumarri
219Z P H School,Kallumarri
Kanakahalli H/O Basavanahalli46Mpp School, Kanakanapalli,8Th Ward
Karidasana Halli Ravudi Majar125Mpps East Wing,Karidasana Halli
Karidasanapalli H/O Ravudi126Mpps West Wing,Karidasanapalli H/O Ravudi
Karikera53Mpps New Building East Wing,Karikera
Kattakinda Palya Muthukuru Majra84Zphs South New Building,Kattakindapalyam H/O Muthukur
Kattakinda Palyam H/O Muthukur85Zphs Uttaram New Building,Kattakindapalyam H/O Muthukur
Kenkera H/O Hemavathi35Mpups South Wing,Kenkera, Hemavathi Majara
Kenkera H/O P.Byadigra137Mpp School, Kenkera,Kenkera H/O P.Byadigra
Kenkera Hemavathi Majra34Mpups 6Th Class Room,Kenkera Hemavathi Majra
Kethepalli H/O C.Kodigepalli221Mpps , Kethepalli,Kethepalli H/O C.Kodigepalli
Kodihalli151M.P.P.S., West Wing,Kodihalli
152Mpps., East Wing,Kodihalli
Konkallu91Mpup School,Konkallu
Korrevu Hemavathi Majra38Mpp School East Wing,Korrevu
Kotha Gundumalla Melavoy Majra199Zphs Room No.5,Koth A Gundumala H/O
Kotha Palyam H/O Rolla107Mpp School,Kotha Palyam
Kullumarri217Zphs, Northern Side East Room,Kallumarri
Kulluroppam H/O Rallapalli60Mpup School,Kalluroppam ,
Kumbara Nagepalli52Mpp School Room No.1,Kumbarnagepalli
Kurubara Halli Muthukuru Majra86Mpp School,Karubara Halli
M Rangapuram Manuru Majar214Mpp Scholl, M.Rangapuram,M.Rangapuram H/O Manur
M.Rayapuram95Zph School West Wing,M. Rayapuram
96Zph School,Yam.Rayapuram
97Zph School East Wing,Yam. Rayapuram
Madakasira176Mpps, (Mr School) Madakasira,Madakasira
177Mpps, Penukonda Road, Madakasira,Madakasira
178Zpghs., New Building Room No.2,Madakasira
179Zphs New Building Room No.2,Madakasira
180Mpps 8Thward North Building Room No.1,Madakasira
181Mpps (8Th Ward) South Wing,Madakashira
182Mpps, Kp School, Arepeta, Madakasira,Madkshira
183Mpps, (Mr School) , Madakasira,Madkshira
184Mpps, (Mr School), Madakasira,Madkshira
185Zpghs, Madakasira,Madakasira
186Zpghs, Madakasira,Madkshira
187Govt High School, , Room No.12 Madakasira,Begarla Palli H/O Madakasira
188Govt.High School Room.No.13,Madakasira
Maddanakundta23Mpup School,Maddanakunta (10-151 To 10-326)
Maddankunta Amarapuram Majra22Mpups North Wing,Maddankunta Amarapuram Majra (10-1 To 10-150-1)
24Mpup School South Wing,Maddankunta Amarapuram Majra
Madhudi134Z.P.H.S.,1St Room,Madhudi
135Z.P.H.S., Room No.2,Madhudi
136Z.P.H.S., Room No.5,Madhudi
Male Roppam H/Omadakasira189Mpps, Maleroppam,Maleroppam H/O Madakasira
Mallasamudram H/O B.G.Halli103Mpps,Mallasamudram H/O B.G.Halli
Mallina Mudugu H/O B.G.Halli Majra101Mpp School,Mallinmdugu
Mallinayakanapalli H/O Madakasira175Mpps,Mallinayakanahalli H/O Madakasira
Mandalpalli89Zphs East Wing,Mandalpalli
Mandapalli90Zphs West Wing,Mandalpalli
Manur213Mpps West Wing,Manur
Manuru212Mpps East Wing,Manur
Melavoy195Mandala Parishat Prathamikonnata Pathashala,Melavai
Mopurugundu69M.P.P.School, Mopurugundu,4Th Ward Mopurugundu
Morubagual77Zphs School, Morubagal,Morubagal
Mukkadampalli H/O Kodihalli149Mpups., New Building Room No.1,Mukkadampalli H/O Kodihalli
Muthepalli Inagaluru Majra132Mpps, Muthepalli,Muthepalli H/O Inagalur
Muthukur83Mpupsroom No.2,Muthukur
Mutukuru82Mpupsroom No.1,Mutukuru
Mynaganipalli H/O Rallapalli61Mpup School, Mynaganipalli,Mynaganipalli H/O Rallapalli
N.R.Roppam H/O Rallapalli62Mpp School,,6Th Ward Madigubba, 9Th Ward N.R.Roppam
Nachepalli76Mpup School Old Building,Nache Palli
Nagavanahalli H/O Thammadepalli9M P P School,Nagavanahalli
Narasambudi140Mpups., 7Th Class Room,Narasambudhi
141Mpups., 5Th Class Room,Narasambudhi
Neelakandapuram Govindapuram Majar200Mpps Room No. 2, Neelakantapuram,Neelkanthapuram
Neelakantha Puram Govinda Puram Majar202Jilla Parishat Unnata Patashala 4Va Gadi,Neelkantha Puram
Neelakanthapuram Govinda Puram Majar201Zphs Room No.7,Neelakantapuram
Nidra Gatta32M.P.U.P.S. 6Th Class Room,Nidragatta
Nidragatta31Mpup School Old Building,Nidragatta
P.Bayadigera138Z.P.H.S., West Room,P. Byadigera
Papasanipalli Melavoi Majar193M.Pi.Pi.S Turpu Bhagam Kotha Bhavnmu,Papsani Palli
Patha Gundumalla Melavoy Majra198Mpps, West Side New Building,P.Gundumala H/O Melvoy
Pattikunta H/O Yarrabommana Halli205M.P.P.School,Pattikunta,Pattikunta H/O Y.B.Halli
Pelubanda H/O Shivaram43Mpp School,Pelubanda H/O Shivaram
Phalaram H/O Gudibanda72Mpp School , Phalaram,Phalaram H/O Gudibanda
Pilligundlu Doddderi Majra124M.P.U.P.S. New Building North Wing,Pilligundlu
Pulikunta Amarapuram Majra20Mpp School,Pullikunta Amarapuram Majra
R. Ananthapuram167Mpups., R.Anantapuram,R. Ananthapuram
Raamana Halli Narsambudi Majar142Mpps., New Building, H.T. Halli,Ramanahalli H/O Narasambudhi
Ragelinganahalli H/O Kodihalli153Zphs., 8Th Class Room,Ragelinganahalli H/O Kodihalli
154Zphs., 6Th Class Room,Ragelinganahalli H/O Kodihalli
Rallapalli63Zph School Eatst Wing,Rallapalli
Ramaiahnahatti H/O Kekathi Majra59Mpps, Ramaiahnahatti,Ramaiahnahatti H/O Kekathi
Rangana Halli Doddderi Majra122Mpps New Building North East Wing,Rangana Halli
Ratnagiri116Zph School Eastern Side East Wing,Ratnagiri
117Zphs Eastern Side West Wing,Ratnagiri
Rekulakunta H/O R. Ananthapuram168Zphs, Rekulakunta,Rekulakunta H/O R. Ananthapuram
Rolla108Z.P.High School, Rolla,Rolla
109Zph School, Rolla,Rolla
110Zph School South West Wing,Rolla
111Zph School,Rolla
112Mpps (North -West Wing) Rolla,Rolla
S Rayapuram94Mpp School,S.Rayapuram
Sankaragallu H/O Rallapalli Majra64Mpups North Wing,Shankargallu
Shankaragallu H/O Ralla Palli Majra65Mpupschool East New Building,Shankargallu
Shivaram41Zph School,Shivaram
45Zphs School. Room No-6,3Rd Ward
Singepalli H/O Gudibanda Majra66Mpupschool,Singepalli
Sivaram44Zphs School,Room No-5,1St Ward
Somasenagundlu H/O Konkallu93Mpps Old Building,Somsengundlu ,
Somsengundlu H/O Konkallu Majra92Mpps Old Building,Somsengundlu ,
T.D Palli H/O Amidala Gondi157Mpups, New Building,T.D.Palli H/O Amidalagondi
Talikera H/O Morubagal Majra74Mpups Room No.1,Thallikera H/O Morubagah
Tammidepalli8M P P School,Thammidepalli (1-125 To 1-295)
Thalikera H/O Morubagal75Mpups Room No.2,Thallikera H/O Morubagal
Thammadepalli7M.P.P.School, East Wing,Tamidehalli (1-1 To 1-124B)
Thimmalapuram H/O Morubagal79Mpps New Building,Thimmalapuram H/O Morubagal
Thirumaladevarahalli H/O B.G.Halli Majra104Mpup School (West Wing), T.D. Halli,Thirumala Devar Hazhzhi
Upparlapalli H/O Basavanapalli51Mpp School,Upparlapalli H/O Basavanapalli
Uppidi Palli Manuru Majar215Mpups, Uppidipalli,Uppidipalli H/O Manur
V. Agraharam H/O Valasa6M P P School,V. Agraharamu H/O Valasa (6-178 To 6-320)
V.Agraharam H/O Valasa4Mpp School South Wing,V.Agraharam
5M.P.P.School North Wing,V.Agraharam (6-1 To 6-176)
Vadrapalyam H/O Madakasira174Mpps., Main Building,Vadrapalyam
Valasa1Z.P.H.S. North Wing (9Th Class Room) Valasa,Valasa
2Z.P.H.S. North Wing ( 8Th Class Room) Valasa,Valasa
Veerapuram H/O Amarapuram21Mpp School, Veerapuram, Veerapuram
Virupa Samudram H/O Valasa3M.P.P.School,Virupsmudram
Yarrabommana Halli204Mandala Parishat Prathamik Pathashala Uthara Bhag,Y.B.Halli
Yarraguntapalli H/O Nidragatta33Mpp School,Yarraguntapalli
Yeguva Achampalli H/O Chandakacherla160Mpps., West Wing,Yeguva Achampalli H/O Chandakacherla
Zilledu Kunta V.Bi Halli Majar206Mpup School, Room No. 1,Zilladagunta, Zilladagunta H/O Y.B.Halli

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