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Polling Booth in Machilipatnam Assembly Constituency

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AAP Delhi Election Results AAP Maintains Lead in Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020

Vote counting is underway for Delhi Election Result 2020. The tension is heightened up for the real outcome of the election. As per the latest updates, Aam Aadmi Party is Read More…

Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

Delhi Exit Poll Highlights Exit Polls Predict Third Term for Kejriwal Government

With an overall voter turnout of 57%, polling for the Delhi Assembly Election 2020 has concluded. Many polling agencies have started publishing the Delhi Exit Poll 2020. All of them Read More…

Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 - Yogi Adityanath Rallies Yogi Adityanath Dives Into Political Warfare of Delhi To Promotes Shaheen Bagh Trump Card

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hard Hindutva face Yogi Adityanath has joined the fiery campaign for Delhi Election 2020. Now that the tone has been set for the campaign, Yogi is walking Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Machilipatnam

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Arisepalligantalammapalem30M.P.E.School Arisepalli,Arisepalli
Bairagipalem H/O. Arise Palli27M.P.E.School Bhairagipalem,Bhairagipalem
Bandar Town 20152Mtm Town Ward No.4,M P Up School Rekula Shed Middle Room
Bandar Town Ward No 1573S.P.H.Mahila.C.Main O.R,Edepalli,Ward-15,Edepalli
Bandar Town Ward No 2157Mpl Hs, R.No.5, New Building, Nside, Desaipet,Ward 2, Desaipet
158Mpl High School, Main Building, Desaipet,Ward 2, Desaipet
Bandar Town Ward No 28107Spl.Mpl.Ele.School.Room3.Circle Pet,Ward-28,Circle Pet
109Spl.Mpl.Ele.School.Room1,Circle Pet,Ward-28,Circle Pet
Bandar Townward No 28108Spl.Mpl.Ele.School.Room2,Circle Pet,Ward-28,Circle Pet
Bhogireddypalli178M Parishad Up S, S.Room,Building, Bhogireddypalli,Bhogireddy Palli
179Mpup S, Middle Building, S.Side,Bhogireddypalli,Bhogireddypalli
Borrapothupalem14M.P.U.P.School Borra Potupalem,Borra Potupalem
Buddalapalemsingarayapalem13Zilla Parishad High School Buddalapalem,Buddalapalem
China Yadara H/O Peda Yadara180Mp.Ele School, New Pucca Building,China Yadara H/O Pedayadara
Chinna Karagraharam36M.P.U.P.School, China Karagraharam,China Karagraharam
Chinnapuram172Zph School, , Room No.2, Chinnapuram,Chinnapuram
173Zph School, Roomno.5, Chinnapuram,Chinnapuram
174Mandal Parishad Ele School, W Side, Chinnapuram,Chinnapuram
175Mandal Parishad Ele School, E.Side, Chinnapuram,Chinnapuram
Chiruvellapalemmanginapudi15M.P.U.P.School Chiruvella Palem,Chiruvellapalem
Chittipalem29M.P.U.P.School, New Bulding, Chitipalem,Chitipalem
Garaladibba167Mandal Parishad Ele School, Garaladibba,Garaladibba
Gokavaram12M.P.E.School Gokavaram,Gokavaram
Gopuvani Palem20M.P.U.P School Gopuvanipalem,Gopuvanipalem
Gundupalem170Alapati Dhanalaxmi Memorial Zp Hs, Nside,Gundupalm,Gundupalem
171Alapati Dhanalaxmi Memo Zphs,S.Side Room Gudupalem,Gundupalem
Hussainpalem28R.C.M.Primary School Hussainpalem,Hussainpalem
Kanuru3M.P. Elementary School Dhakshina Bhagam Kanuru,.Kanuru
4M.P.E. School, North Block Kanuru,Kanuru
Kona Sivaru Pateru.188Mandal Parishad Elementary School, Pateru,Pateru
Kona.187Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, Kona,Kona
Kothapalli Thummalapalem192Mp U P School, K P T Palem,K P T Palem
Kothapudi17Cyclone Shelter Kothapudi,Kothapudi
Machilipatnam Town Ward . 6139Jorge Cornation Hs .10 Class Rooom C, Javvarpet,Ward 6, Javvarpet
Machilipatnam Town Ward .1162Rcm Ele School R.No.2, Sarada Nagar,Ward 1, Sarada Nagar
166Rcm Ele School, R.No. 4, Sarda Nagar,Ward 1, Sarada Nagar
Machilipatnam Town Ward .2159Mpl H S, New Building, R.No.2, 7Thclass Desaipet,Ward 2, Desaipet
160Mpl H S, New Building, R.No.3,Ward 2 Desaipeta
Machilipatnam Town Ward .3154Mpl Urdu School, R.No.4, Nuruddin Pet,Ward 3, Nuruddinpet
156Mpl Muslim Girls Ele School, Wside Inagudurupet,Ward 3, Inagudurpet
Machilipatnam Town Ward .4144Mpl Ele School, Rajupet,Ward 4, Rajupet
148Spl Mpl Up School, N.Building, Ab Sheed Ns Rajupet,Ward 4, Rajupet
Machilipatnam Town Ward .5143Mpl Urdu Ele School, North Side, Nuruddinpet,Ward 5, Nuruddinpet
Machilipatnam Town Ward .8135Mpl Ele School R.No.1, Sankar Matam, Godugupet,Ward 8, Godugupet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 1161Rcm Ele School, R.No.1, Sarada Nagar,Ward 1, Sarada Nagar
163Spl Muncipal Ele School, North Side Kalekhanpet,Ward 1, Kalekhanpet
164Spl Mp Ele School, N.Side, N.Bilding, Kalekahnpet,Ward 1, Kalekhanpet
165Rcm Elementary School, R.No.3, Sarada Nagar,Ward 1, Sarada Nagar
Machilipatnam Town Ward 1092Spl.Mpl.Ele.School,W.S,Chammanagiripet,Ward-10,Chammanagiripeta
93Spl.Mpl.Ele.S.East.S,Chammanagiri Pet,Ward-10,Chammanagiri Peta
Machilipatnam Town Ward 1190Mpl.Office.Main.Blg.North.S,R.Peta,Ward-11,R Peta
91Mpl.Office.Main.Blg.South.S,R.Peta,Ward-11,R Peta West
Machilipatnam Town Ward 1288M P H.S (Girls) Main Blg.E.S.Rustumbada,Ward-12, Rustumbada
89Mp H.S.Main Blg, (Girls) Rustumbada,Ward-12,Rustumbada
Machilipatnam Town Ward 1386Mpl.Ele.School.Room1,Rustumbada,Ward-13,Rustumbada
87Mpl.Ele.School.New Blg.E.S,Rustumbada,Ward-13,Rustumbada
Machilipatnam Town Ward 1482Mpl Ele .School.Room.2,Edepalli,Ward-14,Edepalli
84Savitri Aided.U.P.School.N.S,Edepalli,Ward-14,Edepalli
85Savitri Aided.U.P.School.S.S,Edepalli,Ward-14,Edepalli
Machilipatnam Town Ward 1942Pandu Ranga Mplh S East 1St Room Chilakalapudi,19.W.Chilakalapudi
43Mp Ele .School 1St Room, Saakara Thota,19.W.
Machilipatnam Town Ward 2294H.C.U.P.School.W.S,Rama Naidu Pet,Ward-22,Rama Naidu Pet
95H.C.U.P.S.Room2,Rama Naidu Pet,Ward-22,Rama Naidu Pet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 2396Hindu College.S.J.Hall.R.5,Batchu Pet,Ward-23,Batchu Peta
97Hindu College S.J.Hall6Th Room,Batchu Pet,Ward-23,Batchu Pet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 2499Hindu College.U.P.S.Room5,Rama Naidu Pet,Ward-24,Rama Naidu Pet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 24Ramanaidupeta98G.F.I.And L.H.A.Office Opp.Kalyani.P,Ramanaidu Pet,Ward-24,Rama Naidu Pet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 25100V.M.Town Hall,West.S,Buttai Pet,Ward-25,Buttai Pet
101V.M.Town Hall.East.Side,Buttai Pet,Ward-25,Buttai Pet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 26102Grece S.Nursing.Main.Blg, Room No.1 Buttai Pet -1,Ward-26, Buttai Pet
103Grece.School.Nursing.L.Room.Shed,Buttaipet,Ward-26, Buttai Peta
Machilipatnam Town Ward 27104Mpl.Ele.S.Room.1.Dola Center.Pata Ramanna Pet,Ward-27,Pata Ramanna Peta
105Mpl.Ele.School.R.2.Dola Center Pata Ramanna Pet,Ward-27,Pata Ramanna Peta
106Mtm.Mahila.Seva Mandali.Office,Mblg ,Khojjilli Pet,Ward-27,Khojjilli Pet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 28110.Sri Saraswati.Aided,U.P.S,5Throomward,Circlepet,Ward-28,Circlepet
111Sri Saraswati Aided Ups .2Nd Room, Circle Pet,Circle Pet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 29113Jaihind Hi School, Gg Block Room 6 Inagudurupet,Ward-29, Inagudurupet
115Jaihind Hi School, D L N B Room No. 12,Ward 29, Inagudurupet
116Jai Hind Hi School Gg Block R.No.12, Inagudurupet,Ward No. 29, Inagudurupet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 3153Mpl Urdu School,R.No.1 Nuruddin Pet,Ward 3, Nuruddinpet
155Mpl Muslim Girls Ele School E.Side , Inagudurupet,Ward 3, Inagudurupet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 30117Ramji Govt.Hs, Left Side., R-10, Musthkhanpet,Ward 30, Mustakhanpet
118Ramji Govt. Hs. L.S.R.No.10B, Mustakhanpet,Ward 30, Musthakhanpet
119Municipal Ele School Eastran Wing,Ward 30, Malakapatnam
120Municipal Elementari School, Westeran Wing,Ward 30, Malakapatnam
121Ramji Govt H School, Room No. 3, Mustakhanpet,Ward 30, Mustakhanpet
122Ramji Govt H.School, Room No. 5 Mustakhanpet,Ward 30, Mustakhanpet
123Mpl Ele School, Ullingipalem,Ward 30, Ullingipalem
Machilipatnam Town Ward 3132124Mpl Ele School, N.Side, Bandar Kota,Ward 31,32, Bandarkota
125Mpl Ele School,S.Side, Bandar Kota,Ward 31,32, Bandarkota
126Mpl Up.School, W.Side, Gilakaladindi,Ward 31,32, Gilakaladindi
127Mpl Up School West Side, Room No.3 Gilakaladindi,Ward 31,32 Gilakaladindi
Machilipatnam Town Ward 32128Mpl Up School New Building, Gilakaladindi,Ward 32, Gilakaladindi
Machilipatnam Town Ward 4145Mpl Ele School, Rajupet,Ward 4, Rajupet
146Andhra Jayatiyya College, C.G. Building, Rajuepet,Ward 4, Rajupet
147Andhar Jatiyya College, Old Building Hall, Rajupet,Ward 4, Rajupet
149S Mpl Up School, New Building, Ab Sheed, Rajuepet,Ward 4, Rajupet
151S Mpl Up School, Main Building, S.Side Rajupet,,Ward 4, Rajupet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 5141Mpl Ele School, Eside, Inagudurupet,Ward 5, Inagudurupet
142Mpl Ele School, West Side, Inagudurpet,Ward 5, Inagudurpet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 6140Jorge Cornation Hs, Ele Sec 1Stclass, Javvarpet,Ward 6, Javvarpet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 7137Smpl Ele S, Mehar Baba Park, W Si.De Godugupet,Ward 7, Godugupet
138Smpl Ele School, Mehar Babapark Eside, Godugupet,Ward 7, Godugupet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 8136Mpl Ele School, R.No.3, Sankarmatam, Godugupet,Ward 8, Godugupet
Machilipatnam Town Ward 9129Gandhi Vid.Em Sh, Ak. Block, R.No.1, Balaramunipet,Ward 9, Balaramunipet
130Gandhi Vidyalayam Ems.H. A.B, Rno2, Balaramunipet,Ward 9, Balaramunipet
131Gandhi Vidhyalayam Em, Ablock Rno.1,Balaramunipet,Ward 9, Balaramunipet
132Casa Community Hall J. Nagar E.Side, Balaramunipet,Ward 9, Balaramunipet
133Casa Community Hall, J.Nagar, Wside, Balaramunipet,Ward 9, Balaramunipet
134Mpl Ele.School, Balaramunipet,Ward 9, Balaramunipet
Machilipatnam Town14Th Ward79Mpl.Ele.School.Room1,Edepalli,Ward-14,Edepalli
Machilipatnam Townward 1568Anibesent.Sisu Vidya.Mandir.H.S.Room 1 Edepalli,Ward-15 Edepalli
69Anibisent.Sisu Vidya.Mandir.H.S. Staff Room,Ward 15 Edepalli
70S.P.H.Mahila College,12Th Room, N.S ,Edepalli,Ward-15 Edepalli
71S.P.H.Mahila College.G.M.S.P,12Th Room,Edepalli,Ward-15,Edepalli
74S.P.H.Mahila.College Ro.10.W.R.S.S,Edepalli,Ward-15,Edepalli
Machilipatnam Townward 1662S.M.A.A.M.M.E.S.S.S.1St Room,Machavaram,Ward-16 Machavaram
63S.M.A.A.M.M.E.S.S.S.2Nd Room,Machavaram,Ward-16,Machavaram
64S.M.A.A.M.M.H.S.N.S.1St Room,Machavaram,Ward-16,Machavaram
65Mpl.Ele.School.E.S.Room2,Valanda Palem,Ward-16,Valanda Palem
67Mpl.Ele.School.W.S.Room3 Valandapalem,Ward-16,Valanda Palem
Machilipatnam Townward 17777Th Day.E.M.H.S.2Nd Room.N.S,Edepalli,Ward-17,Edepalli
78S.D.A.(E.M).H.S.3 Room,S.S,Edepalli,Ward-17,Edepalli
Machilipatnam Townward 1860Ladies.R.Club.N.S,English Palem,Ward-18 English Palem
61Ladies.R.Club.S.S,English Palem,Ward-18 English Palem
Machilipatnam Townward 1941Pandu Ranga.Mplhs East 3R Room Chilakalapudi,19.W Chilakala.Pudi
44Mp. Ele School 2Nd Room, Saakara Thota,19.W. Machilipatnam Town
Machilipatnam Townward 2045Hyny H.S.W.S.2Nd Room Machavaram,Machavaram
46Hyny H.S.L.S.2Nd Room Machavaram,20.Ward.Machavaram
47Hyny.H.Sh.W.S.5Th.Room.Machavaram,20.Ward Machavaram
48St.F.H.School,E.S,10Th(A).T.M,Frenchi Peta,20-Ward Frenchi Peta
49St.F.H.S.E.S.10Th.(B).T.M ,Frenchi Peta,20-Ward Frenchi Peta
50St.F.H.S.W.S.E.M.5(B).Class,E.M., Frenchpet,20-Ward Frenchi Pet
51St.F.H.S.E.M.W.S.R.N.5(A),Frenchi Peta,20-Ward Frenchi Peta
52St.F.H.S.E.M.W.S.R.N.2(B) Staff Room,Frenchi Peta,Frech Peta
Machilipatnam Townward 2153Nirmal.H.S Room 4(B),Frenchi Peta,Ward-21 Frenchi Peta
54Nirmala Hs Room 5,Frenchi Peta,21-Ward Frenchi Peta
55Nirmala Hs Room 5(B),Frenchi Peta,21-Ward Frenchi Peta
56R.C.M.U.P.S.W.S.P.L,10Th Room,F. Peta,Ward-21 Frenchi Peta
57R.C.M.U.P.S.M.R.8Th R.P.L.F.Peta,Ward-21Parasa Peta
58R.C.M.H.S.S.L.Venchurian B.R.P.L.F.Peta,Ward-21 Parasa Peta
59R.C.M.H.S.Venchurian.B.N.S.F.Peta,Ward-21-Parasa Peta
Machilipatnam Ward 1480Ratnam.U.P.S.R.N.1.East.S,Narayanapuram,Ward-14,Narayanapuram
Manginapudi16M.P.E.School, Manginapudi,Manginapudi
Mekavani Palem21M.P.E.School Mekavanipalem,Mekavanipalem
Mekvani Palem75Mtm Town Ward No.4,M P Up School Rekula Shed Middle Room
Mp Urudu Ele Schoolold Buidingpeddakaragraharam39Mpurudu Ele School,Old Building ,Peddakaragraharam,Peddakaragraharam
Mpes Sathenapalem H/O Tallapalem8Mp Elementry School Sathenapalem H/O Tallapalem,Sathenapalem H/O Tallapalem
Mpes School Jonnalavarimodi H/O Tallapalem10Mpes Jonnalavarimodi H/O Tallapalem,Jonnalavarimodi H/O Tallapalem
Mpes School Naveen Mittal Colony Mekavanipalem22Mpes Naveen Mittal Colony ,Mekavanipalem,Mekavanipalem
Nelakurru176Mandal Parishad Ele School, E.Side, Nelakurru,Nelakurru
177Mandal Parishad Ele School, N.Gollapalem,N. Gollapalem
P.T Palem191Cyclone Shelter, P.T.Palem,P.T.Palem
Pada Karagrahram112Mtm Town Ward No.4,M P Up School Rekula Shed Middle Room
Peda Karagraharam38M P Urdhu Ele School Old Building , Baba Nagar,P.Karagraharam
Pedapatnam1Mtm Town Ward No.4,M P Up School Rekula Shed Middle Room
2M.P.Elementary School, Pedapatnam,Kotturu,Pedapatnam
Pedayaadara181Mpup School, Pacca Building, E.Side, Pedayadara,Pedayadara
182Mpup School, Pakka Building, W.Side, Pedayadara,Pedayadara
Pedda Karagraharam37M P Urdhu Ele.School New Building,P.Karagraharam
Polatitippa189Mp Elementary School, S.Side, Building,Polatitippa,Polatitippa
190Mp Ele School, N.Side Building Polatitippa,Polati Tippa
Pothepalli25M.P.U.P School Room.No.1 Pothepalli,Pothepalli
Pothireddipalem H/O. Pothepalli24M.P.E.School Pothireddipalem,Pothireddipalem
Potlapalem18M.P.E.School Potlapalem,Potlapalem
R Gollapalem H/O. Rudravaram169Mandal Parishad Elementary School, R. Gollapalem,R. Gollapalem
Ratnam Ups Eastern Side Wingnorthern Room81Ratnam Ups Eastern Side Wing,Northern Room,Narayanapuram
Rudravaram168Mandal Parishad Elementary School, Rudravaram,Rudravaram
S N Gollapalem34M.P.U.P.School N.B S.N.Gollapalem,S.N.Gollapalem
S.N.Gollapalem33M.P.U.P.School N.B S.N.Gollapalem,S.N.Gollapalem
Satyanarayanapuram H/O Pedayadara183Anganwadi Center,,Satyanarayana Puram
Seeta Rama Puram H/O.S.N.Gollapalem35M.P.U.P.School N.B East Sitaramapuram,Sitarama Puram
Spl Mpl Ups Western Side Northern Room Rajupeta150Spl Mpl Ups,Western Side Northern Room,Rajupeta,Rajupeta
Srinivasa Nagar H/O Pothepalli23M.P.E.School Srinivasanagar,Srinivasanagar
Sultha Nagaram31M.P.U.P.School, Add.R, Sultanagaram,Sultanagaram
32M.P.U.P.School, N.B, Sultanagram,Sultanagram
Tallapalem5M.P.U.P School Palli Palem,Palli Tallapalem
6M.P.E. School Tallapalem,Tallapalem
7M.P.E. School Satyana Palem,Tallapalem
9M.P.E.School, Jonnalavari Modi,Tallapalem
66Mtm Town Ward No.4,M P Up School Rekula Shed Middle Room
Tavisapudi19M.P.E.School Tavisipudi,Tavisipudi
Thaalla Palem11M.P.E.School, Jonnalavari Palem,Tallapalem
Thummalacheruvu H/O. Kona185Mp Ele School, , Tummalacheruvu,Tummalacheruvu
Ullipalem H/O. Pothepalli26M.P.E.School, Ullipalem,Ullipalem
Vaadapalem H/O Pedayadara184M.P.Ele.School, Pucca Building,Vadapalem H/O Pedayadara
Vadagoyya H/O. Nelakurru186Mandal Parishad Elementary School, Vadagoyya,Vadagoyya
Vard No. 19 Bandar Town114Mtm Town Ward No.4,M P Up School Rekula Shed Middle Room
Ward 19 Machilipatnam Town40Pandu Ranga Mplhs East 3R Room Chilakalapudi,19.W,Chilakalapudi

Last Updated on August 22, 2014