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Polling Booth in Gannavaram Sc Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Gannavaram_sc

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Ajjampudi126Grama Panchayat,Ajjampudi
Allapuram115M P El. S Southside Building,Allapuram
116M P El. S Westside Building,Allapuram
Ambapuram16C S I Elementary School,Ambhapuram
17Grama Panchayat Office South Side Room,Ambapuram
Ampapuram133M P U P School,Ampapuram
Amudalapalli235M P U P School,Amudalapally
Aps Seeds Devp Corp Eastside Buld West Midroom37Aps Seeds Devp Corp Eastside Buld Westside Midroom,Prasadampadu
Arugolanu193Grama Sachivalayam,Arugolanu
194M.P.Elementary School, South Side New Building,Arugolunu
195M P E S, 3Va Vardu,Aarugolanu
Athkuru209A C R Z P H S, Main Building, Eastside 1St Room,Atkooru
210M.P.P.School, Old Building,Athkuru
211Anne Sita,Athkuru
212M P E School,Athkuru
B.B. Goodem86M P U P Northside Room,B B Gudem
B.B.Gudem87M P U P S Southside Building,B B Gudem
Bandaru Gudem131M P E School New Bulding,Rayanapalem
132Anganvadi Building,Rayanpalem
Bapulapadu165M P E School, Eastside Railway Station,Bapulapadu
166M P E S School, West Block,Bapulapadu
167Naganvadi Center,Mpes Area,Bapulapadu,Bapulapadu
168M P E Patashala, North Block,Bapulapadu
169M P E Patashala, South Block,Bapulapadu
170Grama Panchayat Office Executive Engineer,Bapulapadu
171I C M J H School, Middle Building,Bapulapadu
172I C M J H School , East Block,Bapulapadu
173Icm Jubilee High School Office Room Eastern Side,Bapulapadu
174M P Ups New Building Western Side Indira Nagar,Indira Nagar - Bapulapadu
175M P Ups New Building Eastern Side Indira Nagar,Indira Nagar - Bapulapadu
Billanapalli159M P E School Old Building,Billana Pally
Bokinala241M P U P School,Bokinala
Bommuluru176M P U P Patashala,Bommaluru
177Grama Panchayati Karyalamu,Bommaluru
Bommuluru Kandrika178M P E Patashala New Building,Bommaluru Kandrika
128M P E School,Buddavaram
Buthumilli Padu130R.C.M.P.Ele School, Buthimillipadu,Bhuthimillipadu
Chagantipadu240M P U School,Chagantipadu
Chanupalli Vari Gudem75M P Ele School, Eastside Building,Chanupallivarigudem
Chikkavaram83M P E S Westside Building,Chikkavaram
Chikkavaram Kandrika84M P E S Southside Building,Chikkavaram
Chinna Avutapalli94M P U P School,China Avutupally
Chinta Seethaiah Jr College Sumangali H Junc Build184Chinta Seethaiah Jr College Sumangali H Junc Build,Perikedu Bridge H/O Kanumolu
Chiriwada201M P U P School, Southside Building,Chiriwada
Dantaguntla189M P E School New Building,Dantaguntla
Davajigudem111M J R Z P P H S, Main Building Northside,Davajigudem
112M J R Z P P H S , Main Building Southside,Davajigudem
114M J R Zp H S, Eastside 2Nd Room,Davajigudem
Davojigudem113M J R Z P P H S Westside 2Nd Room,Davajigudem
Enikepadu43M P Elementary School, West Building Southside,Enikepadu
44M P Elementary School, Southside Building, East R,Enikepadu
45M P Ele School, Westside Building North Room,Enikepadu
46Sri Kodanda Rama Swamy Vari Kalyana Mandapamu,Enikepadu
48Sri Kodanda Ramaswamy Vari Kalyana Mandapam,Enikepadu
49Library Bhavanam, Southside Room,Enikepadu
50Library Bhavanam, Northside Room,Enikepadu
Firyadinaina Varam14M P U Ps Northern Side New Building,P Naina Varam
15M P U P S South Side New Building,Nunna
Gannavaram95Z P H S Main Building 1St Room Eastside,Gannavaram
96Z P H S, Main Building To Eastside 3Rd Room,Gannavaram
97Z P H School Main Building Eastside 4Th Room,Gannavaram
98Z P H S New Main Building 1St Room,Gannavaram
99Z P H S New Main Building 2Nd Room,Gannavaram
100Z P P S New Main Building 3Rd Room,Gannavaram
101M P.E.School West Side New Building Ground Floor S,Gannavaram
102M P E S 1St Room Westside,Gannavaram
103M P E S 2Nd Class Westside,Raya Nagar
104M P E S 3Rd Class Eastside,Raya Nagar
106M P E S, Eastside Building,Chintala Peta
107Z P P S New Building 4Th Room,Gannavaram
108Csies Eastern Side Room,Christianpet.,Gannavaram
109Csi.El.S.Northern Side Room,Christianpet,Gannavaram
Garapadu224M P U P School,Garapadu
Gollanapalli81M P Ele School Eastside Room,Gollanapally
82M P E S , West Side New Building,Gollanapalli
Gopavarapu Gudem80M P U P School Old Building Northside Room,Gopuvari Gudem
Gudavalli59M P U P School New Building Eastside,Gudavally
60M P U P School, New Building Westside,Gudavally
Indupalli242Z P H S New Building Southside 1St Room,Indupally
243Z.P.H.School, New Building North Side 1St Room,Indupally
244M P E School, Westside,Indupally
245Kamunity Haal,Madhirapadu - Indupally
Jakkulanekkalam61Grama Panchayati Office,Jakkulanekkalam
Kakulapadu190M P U P S Uttara Vaaipu Gadi,Kakulapadu
191M.P.U.P School West Side Building, Kakulapadu,Kakulapadu
187Z P H School, Rekula Shed,Kanumolu
Kattubadipalem / Kondapapuluru79M P Ele School, Northside Building,Mudirajupalem
Kesarapalli1172Nd Block From The Side Of M P U P S,,Kesaravapally
118M P U P S Westside Room,Kesarapally
119R C M U P S, Eastside 2Nd Room,Kesarapally
120R C M U P S, Westside Room,Kesarapally
121Grama Panchayati Office,Kesarapally
123M P E S Southside Building,Durgapuram
124M P E S Northside Building,Durgapuram
125Jasti Gopala Krishnaiah Panchati Librabry,Kesarapally
Kodurupadu134R C M E School,Kodurupadu
135R C M R School Dakshinam,Kodurupadu
Kondapavuluru78R C M U P School, Eastside Room,Konda Pavuluru
Kotha Remmali153Z P H School,Kotha Remalle
Kothagudem85M P P S Southside Building,Kotha Gudem
Kothapalli160Mp Elementry School, Eastern Side Room,Kothapally
161M.P.Ele. School, Western Side Room,Kothapally
Kotta Malapalli H/O Mallavalli158M P Elementary School, Rcc Building K.Mallavalli,Kothamallavalli
Koyyagurapadu236M P U P School,Koyyagurapadu
Koyyuru179M P E Patashala,Koyyuru
Lankapalli Agraharam233M P U P School, Westside Building,Lankapally Agraharam
M.P.P.School22Mp.Elementary School, South Sidebuilding,Nunna
Madala Vari Gudem74M P Ele School, Eastside Building,Madalavarigudem
Madicherla162M P U P School New B,Madicharla
163Gramapancheity Office,Madicharla
164Mpup School Central,New Uilding,Madi Charla
Mallavalli154M P U P School,Mallavally
156M P U P S Madhya Gadi,Mallavally
Mallavalli B.C Colony157M P Elementary School, New Building, Mallavalli,Mallavally
Manikonda248M P E School,,Manukonda
250R C M Elementary School,Manikonda
251Grama Panchayati Office,Manikonda
252Rcm Elementary School,Manikonda
Marlapalem (16Th Ward Gannavaram)110M P E S, New Building,Marlapalem
Metlapalli88M P E School North Side Room,Metlapalli
Mpes Dalithavada Building Northern Side Room47Mpes Dalitavada Building ,Northern Side Room,Enikepadu
Mpes New Building 2Nd Room From Eastren Side12Mpes New Building 2Nd Room From Eastren Side,Pathapadu
Mpes New Building Behind Gpoffice Westernside Room54Mpes New Building Behind Gpoffice Westernside Room,Nidamanuru
Mpes North Side First Room(North Harijanawada)150Mpes North Side First Room (North Harijanawada),Veleru
Mpes Psr Colony North Side Building Ground Floor29Mpes. Psr Colony North Side Building Ground Floor,Ramavarapadu
Mpes Ramnagar Western Side Buiding North Side Room52Mpes Ramnagar Western Side Building Northside Room,Nidamanuru
Mpes Second Room K Seetharampuram182Mpes Second Room K Seetharampuram,K Seetharampuram H/O Kanumolu
Mpes South Side New Building Rayanagar105Mpes South Side New Building Rayanagar,Gannavaram
Mpes Southern Side Building Middle Room26Mpes Southern Side Building Middle Room,Ramavarapadu
Mpup School East Side Room122Mpup School East Side Room,Kesarapalli
Mpup School Tiled Roof Room Mallavalli155Mpup School Tiled Roof Room Mallavalli,Mallavalli
Mukkapadu234M P U P School,Mukkapadu
Mustabad67Z P P H School South Eastside Room,Mustabada
Mustabad / Vedurupavuluru64Grama Panchayati Office,Mustabad
Mustabad/ Vedurupavuluru65Community Haal Mustabad,Mustabad
Mustabadha68Z P P H Schook, South Westside Room,Mustabada
Mustabadha/Vedurupavuluru66M P Ele School Eastside Building,Mustabada
Nagavarappadu229M. P. E. School Old Bulding,Nagavarappadu
Nandamuru247M P U P School,,Nandamuru
Nidamanuru51M P Ele School Northside Room,Nidamanuru
53M P Ele School Southside East Room,Nidamanurru
55Z P P H School, North To 1St Room,Nidamanuuru
56Z P P H School South To 1St Room,Nidamanurru
57Z P P H School North To 2Nd Room,Nidamanuru
58Z P H H School Eastside New Building,Nidamanuru
Nunna1Mp.Elementary School, South Sidebuilding,Nunna
2Zpph,South Side Building,West Side Room2,Nunna
4Illage Panchayat Bldg East 1,Nunna
5Village Panchayat Bldg South Side 1 Room From West,Nunna
6M P Elementary School North Side Room,Nunna
7M P Elementary School East Side Room,Nunna
8M P Elementary School Second Room From East Side,11Th Block, Harijanawada
9Z P P H S South Side Bldg 1St Room From East,Nunna
10Z P P H S, South Side Building 2Nd Room From East,Nunna
Ogirala196M P E School Northside Room,Ogirala
197M P School, Opp. Main Building Southside,Ogirala
Patha Padu11M P E S New Building, 1St Room From East,Patha Padu
Peda Avutapalli204M P Elementary School, Old Building Peda Avutapall,Peda Avutupalli
205Z.P.H.School, North Side,Peda Avutapally
206Saint Jarge.Girls High.School,Peda Avutapally
207S G G H School, Southside 1St Room,Peda Avutapally
208Saint,Peda Avutapally
Perikedu Bridge / Kanumolu183Chinta Sitaiah Junior College Building Westside,Kanumolu
Perikedu Bridge /Kanumolu185Chinta Sitaiah Ju College Bhavanam,Kanumolu
Ponukumadu225M P U School,Panukumadu
Pottipadu/Narayya Apparao Peta214M P U P School, Uttara Vaipu,Pottipadu
Pottipadu/Narayya Apparaopeta213M P U P School, Old Building Eastside Room,Pottipadu
Prasadam Padu33M P Ele School, Karmika Nagar North Room,Prasadampadu
34A P State Seeds Develop Coor,Prasadampadu
35A P State Seeds Develop, Coorp Production Room,Prasadampadu
36A P State Seeds Develop Corp. Eastside North 1St R,Prasadampadu
39Grampanchat Office,Block No 7, 8-1 To 8-78(Saibaba Temple Street)
42Angan Wadi Kendram,New Building Westside Room,Prasadampadu
Prasadampadu38M P Elementary Schol Southside Block,Prasadampadu
40M P Ele School, Northside Block,Prasadampadu
41Angan Wadi Kendram, New Building Eastside Block,Prasadampadu
Purushothapattanam77M P E. School, Westside Room,Purushotapatnam
Purushottapatnam76M P E School, Eastside Room,Purushothapatnam
Rajiv Nagar H/O Buddavaram129M P E School,Rajeev Nagar
Ramannagudem192Z P H School, 6B Class Room,Ramannagudem
Ramavarappadu18Z.P.P.H.School ,Southbuilding, Eastside 1St Room,Z.P.P.High School,Ramavarappadu
19Z.P.P.Highschool,South Building Eastside 2Nd Room,Z.P.P.High School,Ramvarappadu
20Z.P.P.Highschool,South Building Westside 1St Room,Z.P.P.High School,Ramvarappadu
21Z.P.P.Highschool,South Building, Westside 2Nd Room,Z.P.P.High School,Ramavarappadu
23M.P.E.School, West Building North Room,M.P.Elimentaray School,Ramavarappadu
25Mpes West Buil. South Gadi,Ramavarappadu
27Gramapanchayati Bldg,Ramavarappadu
28Mpes Psr Colony,West,Ramavarappadu
30Mpes Psr Coly. West Side Complex,Ramavarappadu
31Mpes Psr Coly. Eastbuil. East2Nd Room,Ramavarappadu
32M P Elemantary School, 1St Room From East,Ramavarappadu
Ranganna Gudem145M P U P School Old Building,Rangannagudem
Rangannagudem144M P U P School,Rangannagudem
Remalle151M P Ele School Main Building Westside,Remalle
Remalli152M P E School, Eastside,Remalle
Savarugudem62M P U P School Building Middle Room,Saavaragudem
Serinarasannapalem180M P U P Patashala,,Serinarasannapalem
Singanna Gudem146M P E School,Singannagudem
Sirivada200M P U P School Northside New Building,Siriwada
Sita Ramapuram/Ampapuram203M P P School South Block,Sita Ramapuram / Ampapuram
Sitarampuram /Ampapuram202M P P School, North Block,Sitaramapuram
Sitarampuram Kanumolu181M P E School Modati Gadi,K Sitaramapuram
Sobhanadri Puram138C S I F School,Shobhanadripuram
Surampalli69M P U P School Southside Tiled House,Surampally
70M P U P School, Northside New Building,Surampally
71M P U P School Central Building,Surampally
72M P U P School, South Westside Building,Surampally
73M P Ele School, Southside Building,Rama Chandra Puram
Tarigoppala237M P E School, Northside Building,Tarigoppalaa
238M P Ele School,Tarigoppala
216Rcm Elementary School North Side,Telaprolu Harijanawada
217M P E School Old Bulding East Side,Pasana Peta / Telaporlu
218Grama Panchayati Meeting Haal,Telaprolu
219Z P H School, S S A Bhavanam,Telaprolu
220M E S , Turpu Vaaipu Gadi,Parsan Peta / Telaprolu
221Z P H School Main Building,Telaprolu
222M P E School, Old Building Eastside Room,Telaprolu
223M P E School, New Building Westside Room,Telaprolu
Tempalli91M.P.El. School, Eastside Building,Tempalli
92M.P.El. School Westside Building,Tempalli
Tippannagunta198M P Pradhamika School, Southside Building,Tippanagunta
U.M.Puram H/O Kodurupadu136M P E School,Old Building,Kodurupadu
Umamaheswara Puram H/O Kodurupadu137M P E School, New Building,Kodurupadu Sivaru Umamaheswara Puram
Unguturu230Z P H School, Main Building,Unguturu
231Z P H School,Unguturu
232Grama Sachivalayamu,Velukapadu
Veduru Pavuluru63M P Ele School New Building,Vedurupavuluru
Veerapaneni Gudem90M P P School Main Building 2Nd Room Northside,Veerapanenigudem
Veerapanenigudem89M P P School Main Building 1St Room Northside,Veeranapanenigudem
Veeravalli139N B J P H School,Veera Vali
140N V Z H H S Main Building 3Rd Room,Veera Valli
141Main Building Middle Room,Veera Valli
142Mpes, Northern Side,Veeravalli
143Mpes,Western Side Building,Veeravalli
Veleru147M P E Patashala, South Block,Veleru
148M P E School Northside,Veleru
149Mp Elementary School New Building.,Veleru
Velthipadu228Z P H School, Pakka Bhavanam,Veldipadu
Vemanda246M P U P School,,Vemanda
Vempadu239M U P School,Venupadu
Venkata Puram H/O Patha Padu13M.P.E.S Patha Padu Sivaru,Venkatapuram
Venkatrajugudem199Angan Vaadi School,Venkata Rajugudem
Vennuthala227Grama Panchayati Office,Tuttagunta
Vennutula226M P E School,Vennutala
Z.P.H.S Girls Schoolramavarappadu24Z.P.H.S Girls School,Ramavarappadu,Ramavarappadu
Zphs New Buildingsarvashiksha Abhiyan3Zphs New Building,Sarvashiksha Abhiyan,Nunna

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