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Polling Booth in Darsi Assembly Constituency

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AAP Delhi Election Results AAP Maintains Lead in Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020

Vote counting is underway for Delhi Election Result 2020. The tension is heightened up for the real outcome of the election. As per the latest updates, Aam Aadmi Party is Read More…

Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

Delhi Exit Poll Highlights Exit Polls Predict Third Term for Kejriwal Government

With an overall voter turnout of 57%, polling for the Delhi Assembly Election 2020 has concluded. Many polling agencies have started publishing the Delhi Exit Poll 2020. All of them Read More…

Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 - Yogi Adityanath Rallies Yogi Adityanath Dives Into Political Warfare of Delhi To Promotes Shaheen Bagh Trump Card

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hard Hindutva face Yogi Adityanath has joined the fiery campaign for Delhi Election 2020. Now that the tone has been set for the campaign, Yogi is walking Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Darsi

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Abbayapalem123Mpp School,Abbaipalem
Agnipuri Colony89Mpps Agnipuri Colony,Agnipuricolony
Alavalapadu69Mpp School, Sc Colony,Alavalapadu 1, 2 Blocks
Ananthavaram28Mpp School,Ananthavaram 1St Block
Aravallipadu Harijanawada37Mpp School,Aravallipadu, 1 To 3 Blocks
Avulamanda47Mpps, Sc Shool, Eastern School, Room No.1,Avulamanda 1 To 5 Blocks
48Mpp School, Sc Western Side Room No.2,Avulamanda 1 To 5 Blocks
Badapuram14Mpp Schoo,12, 13 Blocks
Bandi Veligandla86Mpup School, Eastern Side,Bandiveligandla, 1,2 B, Gpaelm 3Rd B
Basavapuram160Mpp School,Basavapuram, Kokkerakondayapalem
Basireddypalli84Mpp School,Basireddipalli 8, 9 Blocks
Basireddypallii H/O Kocherlakota22Mpp School,1St Block
Battuvaripalli80Mpp School,Battuvaripalli 5Th Block
Bayyavaram75Mpp School,Bayyavaram
Bellam Konda Vari Palem203Mpp School, Southern Side Building,B.Palem St B, D.Padu, G.V.Puram Ist B, T.V.Palem2B
204Mpeps School,Govardhanapuram,B.Palem, 1St B, D.Padu,G.V.Puram Ist B,T.V.Palme2B
Bhimavaram180Mpp School,Bheemavaram 1,2 Blocks
Bhumanapalli23Mpp School,M P P School Kotha Palli
Bodanamapadu70Mpup School,Bodhanampadu 1St Block, 2Nd Block Part 2 -1To 2-75
Bodanampadu71Mpup School, New Dpep Building,Bodhanampadu 2 B And D3Rd Block(2-76 To 2-189A)
Boddikurapadu236Zp High School, Corner Room Between East And South,Boddikurapadu 1 To 4 Blocks
237Zp High School, Eastern Side 3Rd Room,Boddikurapadu 1 To 4 Blocks
238Mpp School,Bkpadu 5Th B, Surayapalem, S Kn Puram (Dp)
Boppudivaripalem H/O Edara176Mpup School, Eastern Side,Kommavaram 1St Blcok, Boppudivaripalem, 4,5 Blocks
177Mpup School, Western Side,Kommavaram 1St Block, Boppudivaripalem, 4,5 Blocks
Botlapalem132Mpp School, Southern Side, 1St Room,Botlapalem
133Mpps, Southern Side, 2Nd Room,Botlapalem
134Mpps, North Side 2Nd Room, Botlapalem,Botlapalem
Chandaluru81Zp High School, Northern Side Room,Chandalur, 1,2,3, Blocks
82Mpp School, Christianpalem,Chri Palem 4Th Blcok, L.Palem 7Th Block
Chandavaram1M.P.E. School,Chandavaram,Chandravaram
2M.P.E. School,Chandavaram,Chandravaram
3Chandavaram,,Chandavaram, Mandala Parishad Elimentary School
Cheruvukommupalem135Mpp School,Cheruvkommupalem, 8Th Block
Chilakalapalli24Mpp School,Chilakalapalli
Chinna Gudipadu39Mpp School, Room No.1,Peddannapalem 1St B, Chinna Gudipadu 2Nd Block
40Mpp School, Room No.2,Nn Palem, 3Rd Block
Chinna Uyyalawada153Mpp School,China Vuyyalawada
Chinthalapalem H/O Darsi116Mpp School, New Building.,Darsi 14Th B Part 14-425 To 14 Last
Daram Vari Palem206Mpup School,Daramavaripalem, 3,4 Blocks
Darsi95Govt.Jr. College, Room No.24,Darsi7,8,9B2N P2-1To2-51,2-312To426,6-1134-6-1368
96Govt.Jr.College, Room No.25,Darsi7,8,9B,2-1To 2-51,2-312 - 2-426,6-1134-61368
97Govt. Jr. College, Room No.20,Darsi 11,13B,1-597To1-650,12-1To12-89
98Mpp School, East Dpep Blg.,Darsi, 2Nd B 2-33 To Last
99Zp High School, Abhyudaya, Northern Side 1St Room,Darsi 4Th B, Part, 4-165 To 4-523
100Abhyudaya Zphs, 1St Room From Southern Side,Darsi
101P.R. (M) Division Office, Nap Drawing Branch,Darsi 4Th B P 4-559To4-664, 4-1271To4-1307
102Zp Hs, Abhyudaya, Northern Side 2Nd Room,Darsi 5Th Block Part 5-1 To 5-590
103Pr (M) Divn Off.Nap Conference Hall,Dars 4,5,B P,5-372-5-700,4-807-4-902,4-1120-4-1299
104Pr (M) Divn.Off.Nap Dee Room,Darsi 4,5B P 5-372-5-700,4-807-4-902,4-1120-4-1299
105Mandal Parishad Office, Conference Hall,Darsi 5Th Block Part 5-191 To 5-1362
106Mandal Parishad Staff Room,Darsi 5Th Block Part5-191 To 5-1362
107Mpup School, Padamara Chettu Krinda,Darsi 10,12, B P 10-4To 10 Last, 12-46 To 12-119
108Mpp School,Kothareddipalem
109Mpup School,Sivaraj Nagar 6-1To6-313 Santhinagar, Sai Nagar
110Agrl.Market Committee Office Room,Sivaraja Nagar,6-260To6-278,6-314To6-889
112Mpp School, East Room No.1,Darsi 14Th Block, Part 14-1 To 14-559
113Mpps, Room No. 2, Darsi,Darsi
114Govt. Jr. College Middle Blg. Room No.19,Darsi 5,6,14B,P5-1263-L,6-863-6-1145,14-404-14-548
115Government Junior College, Middle Bldg. Room No.16,Darsi
117Mandala Resource Center, Mandal Parishad Complex,Darsi 1St Block, 1-1 To 1 Last
118Mpp School, Abhyudaya,Darsi 3-1 To 3 Last, 4-1 To 4-354
119Ttc, Mpp Office Complex,Darsi 1St Block, 1-1 To 1 Last
120Mpps, Abhyudaya, Northern Side Room No.3,Darsi, 3-1 To 3 Last, 4-1 To 4-354
Dekanakonda76Mpp School,Dekanakonda 1, 2 Blocks Except Sc And St
77Mpp School, Sc Colony,Dekanakonda 1,2Nd Block Sc And Sts
Devavaram126Mpp School,Devavaram, Christianpalem
Dhaaramvaripalem207Mpp School, Sc Colony,Daramvaripalem 5Th Block
Donakonda R.S.8Zp High Scool, Southern Side, 3Rd Room,Donakonda
10Z.P.H.School,New Building,Donakonda Donakonda
11Mpp School,Donakonda Donakonda
East Kambhampadu196Mpup School,East Kambhampadu 1,2 3, Blocks, Battupali Ist Blco
Edara178Zp High School, Southern Side, New Bldg. 2Nd Room,Eedara 1,2, Blocks
179Zp High School, Western Side New Blg.4Th Room,Eedara 3Rd Block
Ganeswarapuram90Mpp School Western Side Room,Ganeshwarapuram 1St Block
Ganga Devipalli42Mpp School,Gangadevipalli 3,4 Blocks, 2Nd Block Part
Ganga Donakonda66Mpp School,Gangadonakonda 1 To 5 Blocks
Gangapalem87Mpps, Gangapalem,Gangapalem
Gudipadu41Mpp School,Pedda Gudipadu 1St B, 2Nd B ,Part, Dondapadu 5Th B
Indlacheruvu29Mpup School, Room No.1,Indlacheruvu1 To 5,Rk.Palli 6Th ,Pochamakkapall(Dp
30Mpup School, Room No.3,Indlacheruvu 1 To 5, Rkpalli 6Th P.Palli(Dp)
Jammalamadaka195Mppschoool , Easternside Room , Jammalamadaka,Jammalamadaka
Jamukuladinne146Mpp School,Jamukuladinne
Kalavalapalli H/O Oddipadu33Mpp School,Kalavalapalli, 2Nd Block
Kalluru45Zp High School,Kallur 1St And 2Nd Blocks
Kammavaripalem H/O Vemula173Mpp School,Kammavaripalem 4Th Block
Kaseepuram H/O Kallur44Mpp School,West Kasipuram 1St Block, Jagannadhapuram (Dp)
Katamvaripalem59Mpp School,Katamvaripalem, Perambotlavaripalem
Katta Singanapalem85Mpp School, Sourthern Side Room,Kattasinganapalem, 4Th Block
Kattubadivaripalem127Mpp School,Kattubadivaripalem, Seshamvaripalem
Kellampalli155Mpup School, Roo M No.1,Kellampalli 1, 2 Blocks, Lambadi Tanda
156Mpup School, Southern Side, Kellampalli,,Kellampalli, Lambadi Tanda
157Mpup School, Room No.2,Kellampalli Jagath Nagar,Srinivasa Nagar,V.R Nagar
Kocherlakota20Mpup School,Mpup School
21Mpup School, New Building,Mpup School, New Ba
Kocherlakota Harijanapalem19Mpp School,Mpp School
Korlamadugu150Mpp School,Korlamadugu
Korrapativaripalem219Mpp School,Tallur, 10, 11 Blocks
Kotha Nancharipuram52Anganawadi Building, Kothanancharipuram,Patha Nancharipuram, 6Th B, Ramanjaneya Cny,K.Npur
Kothapalem218Mpp School, New Building,Kothapalem, 8,9 Blocks
Kothapalli148Zp High School, Eastern Side Building, Room No.2,Kothapalli, Laxminarayanapuram
149Zp High School, Eastern Side Building, Room No.3,Kothapalli, Laxminarayanapuram
Kurichedu54Zp High School (Girls), Kurichedu,Kdurichedi 2-1To 2-64 Blocks
55Z.P.High School,(Girls),Kurichedu,Kurichedu 2-65 To 3 Rd Blocks
56Y.R.Z.P. High School,Old Building,1St Room,Kurichedu 4 And 5 Blocks
57Yrzph.S,Westren Side New Building2Ndroom,Northside,6 To 7 Block , Kurichedu
58Yrzphs, West Side Newbuilding,4Th Room ,Fromn N.S,Kurichedu 8-68 To 12-133 And 12 Block
Lakkavaram233Mpup School, Eastern Side Ist Room,Lakkavaram 1 To 5 Blocks
234Mpup School, Eastern Side 2Nd Room,Lakkavaram 1 To 5 Blocks
Lamkojanapalli93Mpup School, Northern Side Building, Room No.2,Lankojanapalli 1St Block
Madhavaram220Mpup School, Eastern Side,Madhavaram 1 To 4 Bloks
221Mpup School, Western Side,Madhavram 1 To 4 Blocks
Makkenavaripalem H/O Jammalamadaka194Mpp School,Jammalamadaka 1,2 B,Makkenavaripalem 3,4 Blocks
Mallampeta26Zphs, North Side, 2Nd Room,Mallampeta
27Zph School, Southern Side, 7Th Room,Mallampeta
Manginapudi25Mpp School,Manginapudi 1St Block, C.Palem 7Th, G.Konda 6Th Bl
Mannepalli205Mpp School,Mannepalli, 1St Block, Lingalapadu 2Nd Block
Mareddypalli83Mpp School,Mareddipalli
Marella189Zp High School, New Building Staff Room,Marella, 1,2,5 Blocks, Gangapalem 6Th Block
190Zp High School, Northern Side 1St Room,Marella 1, 2, 5 Blocks, Gangapalem 6Th Block.
191Zp High School, Northern Side, Room No.2,Marella 3,4 Blocks
Marlapalem H/O Dekanakonda78Mpp School,Marellapalem3Rd Block
Mpes Aravallipadu New Buiilding38M.P.E.S, Aravallipadu, New Building,Aravallipadu
Mpes Ayyalapalem232Mpes, Aiyyalapalem,Nagambotlapalem
Mpes Gangadevipalli 2Nd Building 1St Room43M.P.E.S, Gangadevipalli 2Nd Building 1St Room,Gangadevipalli
Mpups Lakkavaram235Mpups, New Building, Western Side Room, Lakkavaram,Lakkavaram
Mundlamuru184Zp High School, Werstern Side Bldg. 2Nd Room,Mundlamur 1,2, 3 Blocks
185Zp High School, Western Side Bldg. Ist Room,Mundlamur 1,2,3 Blocks
Mustla Gangavaram53Mpp School,7Th Block , Mustlagangavaram
Nagambhotlapalem230Mpp School, Eastern Side,Nagambotlapalem 1, 2 Blocks, Aiyyalapalem
231Mpp School, Northern Side,Nagambotlapalem 1, 2 Blocks, Aiyyalapalem 3Rd Blo
Namashivayapuram73Mpup School, Room No.2,Nammassivayapuram, 1 To 4 Blocks, Mallayapalem(Dp)
Namassivayapuram72Mpup School, Room No.1,Namassivayapuram 1 To 4 Blocks, Mallayapalem(Dp)
Nayudupalem H/O Peda Ravipadu187Mpup School,Peda Raavipadu, 1St Block, Naidupalem 2Nd Block
Nujellapalli198Mpp School,Nujella Palli, Ist Blcok
Oddipadu34Mpp School,Vaddipadu
Padamara Gangavaram67Mpup School,P.G.Varam1,2Block,Chri.Palem4, Rd.Palli K.G.5Blo
Padamara Kamabhampadu36Mpp School,West Kambhampadu, Nallabothu Vari Palem
Padamara Lakshmipuram7Mpp School,M.P.P School
Padamara Nayudupalem49Mpup School,West Naidupalem 1, 2 Blocks
Padamara Veerayapalem60Mpup School, New Building,Veerayapale, 1 And 2 Blocks
61Mpp School, Christian Palem,Veerayapalem, 3Rd Block, V.Palem 4Ht B, Chri.Palem
Papireddypalem136Mpp School,Papireddipalem
137Mpp School, St(Middle) Colony,Papireddipalem, St Colony
Pasupugallu167Mpp School (Hindu) Old Blg. Eastern Side Room,Pasupugallu 1, 2 Blocks
168Mpps (Hindu) New Building Western Side Room,Pasupugallu
169Mpp School, Sc Colony,Pasupugallu, 3Rd Block
170Mpp School, (Hindu) New Building,Chintalapudi 1St B, Nadimpallivari Kandrika 1St Bl
Patha Kalluru46Mpp School (Sc),Patha Kallur 3Rd Block, Guttameedipalli
Peda Ullagallu161Mpup School, Room No.1,Peda Ullagallu 1To3 B, C.Ullagallu,P.Sagar,R.Nagar
162Mpup School, Room No.2,P.Ullagallu 1To3B, C.Ullagallu,P.Sagar,R.Nagar,L.R
163Mpups, Room No.2, Southern Side,Pedaullagallu
Peda Uyyalawada151Mpp Shcool, Room No.1,Peda Uyyalawada
152Mpp School, Room No.2,Krishnapuram
Pedaraavipadu188Mpps, Pedaravvipadu, Northern Side,Pedaraavipadu
Peddaollagallu164Bishop Bala Swamy Primiary School,Sc Colony
Peddavaram74Mpp School,,Peddavaram 1, 2 Blocks
Polavaram201Mpup School, Eastern Side Room, Christianpalem,Polavaram 1,2,3 Blocks, Avisinavaripalem 1St Block
202Mpup School, Western Side Room, Christianpalem,Polavaram 1,2,3 Blocks, Avisanavaripalem 1St Block
Polepalli6M.P.E.School Polepalli Western Side Room,Polepalli
Polepalli Christianpalem5Mpp School,,Chrstian Palem
Polepallii4Primary School ( New Building),Polepalli
Pothakamur131Zp High School, Northern Side, Room No.3,Pothakamur, Seetharamasagar(Dp)
Pothavaram125Mpp School,Pothavaram 1 To 7 Blocks
Potlapadu64Zp High School, Northern Side, Room No.1,Potlapadu 1 To 5 Blocks, M.D Palem, 6Th Block
65Zp High School, Northern Side Room No.2,Potlapadu 1 To 5 Blocks, Mdpalem, 6Th Block
Pulipadu158Mpp School, Western Side Building Room No.1,Pulipadu
159Mpp School, Eastern Side Building Room No.2,Pulipadu
Purimetla192Mpup School, Northern Side Room,Poorimetla, 1,2,3 Blocks
193Mpup School, Southern Side Room,Poorimetla 1,2,3 Blocks
Rajampalli142Zp High School, Eastern Side Building, Room No.1,Rajampalli 1 To 3 B, Anaparthivaripalem 4Th B
143Zp Hgih School, Eastern Side Building, Room No.2,Rajampalli 1To3 B, Anaparhivaripalem 4Th Block
145Mpp School, Eastern Side Building,Annavaram
Rajampalli Anaparthivaripalem144Zp High Scholl, 4Th Room From Eastern Side,Anaparthivaripalem, Rajampalli
Rajanagaram H/O Malkapuram212Mpup School, 2Nd Building,Raja Nagaram 1,2,3 Blocks
213Mpup School, New Building,Raja Nagaram 1,2, 3 Blocks
Ramabhadrapuram229Mpp School,Ramabhadrapuram 1St Block
Ramachandrapuram147Mpp School,Ramachandarapuram
Ramanalavaripalem210M.P.P. School,Ramanalavaripalem, 11, 12 Blocks
Ramanareddy Palem H/O Vemulabanda172Mpp School,Ramanareddy Palem 3Rd Block
Ramapuram18Mpup School,1,2,Block
Rudrasamudram16Mpp School, Room No.1,1 To 3 Blocks
17Mpp School, Room No.2,, 1 To 3 Blocks
Samantapudi141Mpp School,Nimmareddipalem, 1To 3 B, S.Pudi,4Th B,Ak.Puram(Dp
Samantapudy140Temporary Structure In The Premises Of Mpp School,Nimmareddypalem 1 To 3 B, S.Pudi4Th B,Akpuram (Dp)
Sangapuram32Mpp School,Sangapuram
Sankarapuram199Mpup School, Western Side Room,Sankarapuram 1,2 Blocks
200Mpup School, Eastern Side Room,Sankarapuram 1,2 Blocks
Santhi Nagar H/O. Darsi111Mpps, Santhi Nagar,Shanthinagar, H/O. Darsi.
Seetharamapuram Loorthagiri Colony94Mpps, Loothagiri Colony,Seetharampuram
Shivaram Puram222Zp High School, Middle Room,Sivaramapuram 1 To 4 Blocks
Singannapalem165Mpup School,Singanapalem 1,2 Blocks
166Temporary Structure In Sc Colony,Singanapalem 3Rd Block, Sc Colony
Sivaram Puram223Mpp School,Sivaramapuram 1 To 4 Blocks
Somavarappadu224Mpp School,Madhavram 5Th Block
Sunkaravaripalem H/O Nujellapalli197Mpup School,Sunkaravaripalem, 2,3 Blocks
Sunkireddipalem Tallur217Mpes, East Side 2Nd Room, Tallur,Talluru
Talluru215Govt. Junior College, Northern Side,Tallur 1 To 5 Blocks
216Mpp School,Tallur 6, 7 Blocks
Tammaluru183Mpp School,Thammalur 1St Block
Tanamchinthala124Mpp School,Thanamchintala 1 To 7 Blocks
Tellabadu35Zp High School,Thellabadu
Thalluru214Govt. Junior College, Southern Side,Tallur 1 To 5 Blocks
Thurakapalem208Mpups School, East Side Room(Newbuilding),T.Palem,Turakapalem, 1 To 10 Block
Timmayapalem128Mpp School,Thimmayapalem
Tripura Sundaripuram154Mpp School,Tripurasundaripuram
Tummedalapadu79Mpp School,Thummedalapadu 1,2,3 B, P.Vpalli 6Th B
Turakapalem209Mpup School, New Building,Turakapalem 1 To 10 Blocks
Turpu Choutapalem138Mpp School, Sc Colony,East Chowtapalem 1 To 8 Blocks
139Mpp Scool,East Chowtapalem 1 To 8 Blokcs
Turpu Gangavaram225Zp High School, Western Side Building 3Rd Room,East Gangavaram 4 To 6 Th Blocks
226Zp High School, Western Side, 3Rd Building,East Gangavaram, 4 To 6 Blocks
227Zp High School, Western Side, 2Nd Blg. Ist Room,East Gangavaram 7Th Block
228Zp High School, Western Side 2Nd Blg. 2Nd Room,East Gangavaram 7Th Block
Turpu Veerayapalem129Mpup School, Room No.1,East Veerayapalem 1 To 3 Blocks
130Mpup School, Room No.2,East Veerayapalem 1 To 3 Blocks
Turpu Venkatapuram91Mpp School,East Venkatapuram 1 To 5 Blocks, Badapuram(Dp)
Umamaheswarapuram181Mpp School, Western Side,Uma Maheswara Puram 1 To 4 Blocks
182Mpp School, Eastern Side,Uma Maheswara Puram 1 To 4 Blocks
Vallela Yanadi Colony51Mpp School,Vy Colony, 2Nd Block
Veera Venkatapuram12Mp Urdu Boys P. School,Veera Venkata Puram 8,9 Blocks, M P U Boys School
13Dpep School,,Veera Venkata Puram 8,9 Blocks ,Obbapuram 10 Block
Veluguvaripalem239Mpup School,Veluguvaripalem 6,7 Blocks, Gangapalem 8Th Block
240Mpp School(Aa),Veluguvaripalem 6, 7 Blocks, Gangapalem 8Th Block
Vempadu186Mpp School,Vempadu Ist Block
Vemula174Mpup School, Northern Side,Vemula 1,2,3 Blocks
175Mpup School, Southern Side,Vemula 1,2,3 Blocks
Vemulabanda171Mpup School,Vemula Banda 1,2,3 Blocks
Vengayapalem62Mpp School,Vengayapalem 4Th, 5Th Blocks Except Scs And Sts
63Anganavadi Center,Vengayapalem, New Nsp Colony, 5Th Block
Venkata Chalampalli121Mpup School, New Building, Southern Side,Vcpalli 1,2, Blocks, Chalivendra, Bandellapaya(Dp)
Venkatachalampalli122Mpups ( New Building) Northern Side, Vc Palli,Venkatachalampalli
Venkatapuram92Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Nortern Room,Venkatapuram
Venkatapuram Agraharam31Mpp School,Venkatapuram Agraharam 1 To3 Blocks,Lnpuram(Dp)
Vittalapuram211Mpp School,Vitalapuram, 1St Block
West Gangavaram68Mpups, East Side Room, West Gangavarm,West Gangavaram
West Naidupalem50Mpups, New Building, Western Side Room No.2,Naidupalem
Yarrabalem15Mpp School,11Th Block
Yerra Obannapalli88Mpup School, Northern Side,Yerraobanapalli 1,2,3 Blocks
Zphs New Building Northern Side 2Nd Room9Z.P.H.School New Building Nortern Side 2Nd Room,Donakonda

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