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Polling Booth in Chittoor Assembly Constituency

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AAP Delhi Election Results AAP Maintains Lead in Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020

Vote counting is underway for Delhi Election Result 2020. The tension is heightened up for the real outcome of the election. As per the latest updates, Aam Aadmi Party is Read More…

Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

Delhi Exit Poll Highlights Exit Polls Predict Third Term for Kejriwal Government

With an overall voter turnout of 57%, polling for the Delhi Assembly Election 2020 has concluded. Many polling agencies have started publishing the Delhi Exit Poll 2020. All of them Read More…

Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 - Yogi Adityanath Rallies Yogi Adityanath Dives Into Political Warfare of Delhi To Promotes Shaheen Bagh Trump Card

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hard Hindutva face Yogi Adityanath has joined the fiery campaign for Delhi Election 2020. Now that the tone has been set for the campaign, Yogi is walking Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Chittoor

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
13 Gollapalle170M.P.P.U.School,13 Gollapalli
190 Ramapuram155M.P.P.Pu School,190 Rama Puram
197 Ramapuram171M.P.P..School,East Wing,197 Ramapuram,197 Ramapuram
172Mpp School East Wing, 197 Ramapuram,197 Ramapuram
Adilakshmambapuram167Z.P.P.U.P School 9Th Class Room,Adhilakshambhpuram
169M.P.P.U. School,Kaidhugani Kandriga
Ananthapuram100M.P.P.S ,Anathapuram,Anathapuram
Anuppalli144M.P.P.School (West Wing),Anuppalli
Anuppallli145M.P.P. School (East Wing),Anuppalli
Appaiah Gari Palli103M.P.U.P.School,Appaiah Gari Palli
B.N.R. Peta101Z.P.H.School 10Th Class Room Bnr Pet,B.N.R. Peta
Bandapalli131M.P.P. School,Bandapalli
Bangareddy Palli Ho Diguvamasapalli96Z.P.High School (North Wing),Bangareddipalli
Bommasamudram182M.P.E.S. School,Bommasamudram
Bommasamudram Dakshina Bram Hana Palle Vadda181Govt.Junior College New Building,Bommasamudram
Cheelapalli158Mpup School,Chilapalli
Chennamagudi Palli Ho Gandlapalli94M.P.P. School West Wing,Chennamgudipalli
Chennamagudipalli Ho Gandlapalli95M.P.P. School East Wing,Jogula Colony
Chennayakampalli Ho Kattamanchi17M.P.Up School,Chennayakam Palli
Cherlopalli Ho Enugunta Palli74M.P.P.U.Pschool,Thenebanda
Cheruvumundu Kandriga168M.P.P.U.School,Cheruvumundhara Kandiga
Chittoor Municipal Ward No Five Santhapeta23Pncmunicipalcorporationhighschoolroomno4, Santhape,Santhapet Ward No.5
Chittoor Municipal Ward No Fourteen49Jaihind Municipal Corporation.P.Urdu School R.No.4,Chittooru
Chittoor Municipal Ward No Nineteen60Municipal Corporation Mahila Swayam Sakthi Bhavan,,Mitturu
Chittoor Municipality Santhapeta Ward No.525Pnc Muncipa Corporation Highschool,Roomno.9,Santhapeta
Chittoor Municipality Ward No 5 Santhapeta24P.N.C. Municiple Corporation High School Room No.7,Santhapet W.5
Chittoor Municipality Ward No 6 Santhapeta26P.N.C.Municiple Corporation High School Room No 3,Santhapeta W.6
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Eight32C.D.C.M.S West Wing,Gandhi Road
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Eighteen63Govt. High School, Office Of Deo,Chittooru
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Fifteen82Z.P.Office Planning Wing,Chittooru
83Z.P. Office, Educational Wing,Chittooru
87B.S.Kannan. Jr. College , R.No.7,Chittooru
88B.S.Kannan Jr College R.No.6,Chittooru
89B.S Kannan Jr College ,R.No.5,Chittooru
90B.S.Kannan High School, West Wing,Mittoor,Chitathuru
91B.S.Kannan High School, North Wing, Chittoor,Chittooru
92Srividyaniketan Mpl Corp.U.P School, R.No. 5,Vinayakapuram.
93Sri Vidyaniketan.Muni.Corpor.U.P.School R.No.4,Vinayakapuram
106Mpl.Corporation.P.School, R.No.1, Balaji Nagarcolo,Balaji Nagar Greamspet
107Mpl.Corp..Pri School, Room No.3, Balajinagar,Balaji Nagar Greamspet
108M.P.L.U.P. School North Wing,Chittoor M.W.15
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Five113Mpl. Corp.Primary School, East Wing (New Building),Greamspet.
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Four105Venayaka Municipal Corp.Primary School (West Wing),Masidmitta, Girimapata
109O/O. D.D.Horticulturem,C.B.Rod, Chittooru
110Mpl. Corporation High School, R.No.8, Greamspet.,Greamspeta
111Mpl. Corporation High School Room No. 1 (New Buil),Greamspet.
121Durga Public School East Wing, Durganagar Colony,,Durga Nagar Colony, Girimapata
122Durga Public School, West Wing, Durgangar Colony,,Durga Nagar Colony, Girimapata
126Sub. Registars Office Staff Room,Girimapata
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Fourteen47Jeevkarunya Municipal Corporation Primary School,Peerla Chavadi Daggara, Chittooru
48Jaihind Municipal Corporation.P.Urdu School R.No.3,Chittooru W.14
64Joint Director (A.H.) Office,Palamaner Road Chittooru
78Ilu Gangi Reddym.Corporationprimary School,Ar.T.C. Depo Daggara, Chittooru
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Nineteen61Municipal Corporationmahilaswasakthibhavanmittoor.,Mitturu
62Corporation Primary School Telugu, R.No.01Westwing,Mitturu
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Seven46Venkateswara Municipal Corporation Primary School,,Chinnabrahmin St. Chittoor
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Seventeen68B.Z. Hih School Room No 12,Chittooru
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Six Santhapeta22Nationalmunicipalcorporatiprimaryschoolnewbuilding,Santhapeta
27P.N.C.Municipal Corporation High School Room No 5,Santhapet W6
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Sixteen66B.Z. High School Room No 8,Chittooru
67B.Z.H.School Room No.14,Church Street
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Ten33A.P.S.E.B.Co- Operative Office,Gandhi Road W2
43Municipal Corporation Primary School Peddah/W,P.H. Wada
54P.C.R.Govt. Junior College, Room No 24,Chittooru
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Thirteen50Jaihind Municipal Corporation.Ptelugu Schoolr.No.5,Chittooru
51Jaihind Municipal Corporationptelugu School R.No.2,Chittooru
52Jaihind Municipalcorporation.Ptelugu School R.No.1,Chittooru
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Three112Mpl.Corporation High School, R.No. 7 (New Buildin),Greamspet.
114Mpl Corp.Primary School, West Wing (New Building),Greamspet.
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Tweleve53Khaji Municipal Corporatioprimary School Room No 2,Ramula Gudi Eduruga, Chittooru
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Twenty55P.C.R.Govt. Jr. College, R.No.14,Chittooru
56P.C.R.Govt. Jr College R.No.10,Chittooru
57P.C.R Govt. Jr. College R.No. 13,Chittooru
Chittoor Municipality Ward No Two Kongareddy Palli36Sharman Memorial Girls High School, South Wing,Chittoor Municipality Ward No.2 Kongareddypalli
37Sharman Memorail Girls High School,Savithri Block,,Kongareddypalli
38Sharman Memorial Girls High School, Sarojini Block,Kongareddypalli
40Sherman Memorial Girls High School ,Meeting Hall,Chittoor Municipality Ward No 2 Kongareddy Palli
Chittoor Municipalwardno Five Santhapeta28Municipal Corporationschoolnewbuilding (East Wing),Santhapetaw5
Chittoormunicipality Ward No Four124Mpl. Corp. Primary School, Vidyuth Nagar,Vidyut Nagar , Girimpeta
Chittoormunicipality Ward No Two Kongareddy Palli34Asst.Director (Mines And Geology) Office South Win,Chittoormunicipality Ward No Two Kongareddy Palli
Chittooru Munisipality Ward No.4125Sub. Registar Office, Stff Room,Girimapata
Chittor Municipality Ward No 116Municipal Corporation High School South Wing,Kattamanchi
Chittor Municipality Ward No Eleven65Drvaradappa Naidu M.Corporation Hs, New Buil,Chittooru
Chittor Municipality Ward No Four104Vinayaka Mplcorpprimaryschooleastwing Maseedumitta,Masidmitta, Girim Pettah
Chrlopalli Ho Thenabanda72M.P.U.P. School West Wing,Cherlopalle
D.Venganapalli Ho Thimmasamudram13Mp.P. School North Wing,D.Venganpalli
14M.P.P. School South Wing,D.Venganpalli
Dhoddipalli11Z.P. High School,Doddipalli
Diguvamasapalli127M.P.P. School,Diguvmasapalli
Doddipalli10Z.P. High School,Doddipalli
Durga Nagar Colony / Girim Peta123Muni.Corp..Pri. School Durga Nagar Colony, G.Pet,C.M. Ward No.4
Gandla Palli42Municipal Corporationhigh.School Kongareddy Room 2,Kongareddy Palli Ho 23,24 Wards
Ganganapalle69M.P.P.School, East Wing,Ganganpalli
Ganganapalle H.O. Chittoor71Camford English Medium School Staf,Gangan Palli
Ganganapalli70M.P.U.P.School N.Wing,Chittoor Ho Ganganapalli
Ganganapalli Ho Chittoor79Camford English Medium School Class Vi/D,Chittoor Ho Ganganpalli Harizanawada Ward No 27,28
80M.P.P.S ,Anathapuram,Anathapuram
84Srichaitanya English Medium School Room No.5 South,Chittor Ho Gangana Palli Ward 28
85Sri Chaitanya Englsih Medium School, Frontroom No4,Ramnagar Colony
86Sri Chaitanya English Medium School, Front Roomno3,Ramnagar Colony
Guvakallu138M.P.P..School ,Guvakallu,Guvakallu
Iruvaram119M.P.P. School (Telugu), North Wing,Iruwaram
120M.P.P.School (Telugu),South Wing,Iruwaram
Jambugolampalle130M.P.P.School New Building,Jambhugolam Palli
Janakarapalli Ho Chittoor115M.P.P.School North Wing,Chittoor Ho Janakarapalli Ward No.27
116M.P.U.P. School, South Wing,Jankara Palle
117M.P.U.P. School, (North Wing),Jankara Palle
Kajoor118M.P.P. School,Kajuru
Katakindapalle H.W.163M.P.Primary School (Telugu),Kattakindapalle Harijanawada
Kattamanchi21Agrl. Market Committee Office Room, North Wing,Kattamanchi
Kattamanchi Ward No One15Municipal Corporation Primary School , Kattamanchi,Kattamanchi
Konga Reddy Palle39Sharman Memorial Girls High Schoolmeeting Hall,Kongareddy Palli W.2
Kongareddy Palli 22 Ward35Sharman Memorial Girls High School North Wing,C.Municipality Ward No.2 Kongareddy Palli
Kongareddy Palli Ho Gandlapalli41Municipal Corporation High School Room No 1,Kongareddy Palli Ho
Kothakota164M.P.P. School,Kotthakota
Kothapalle161M.P.P. School, South Central Wing, 189 Kothapalli,Kothapalle
162M.P..P. School, 189 Kothapalli ( North Wing),Kothapalle
Kurchivedu129Grama Panchayat Office Building, Kurchivedu,Kurchivedu
Lakshmambapura136M.P.P.School (New Building),Lakshmambapuram
Lakshminagar Colony58M.P.U.P.School New Building.S.W,Lakshminagar Kalni
Lakshminagara Colony59M P U P School ,Lakshmi Nagar Colony,New Bulding ,,Lakshminagara Colony
M.P.P School Mangasamudram Housing Colony1M.P.U.P Schoolroom No 01,Manga Samudram Housing Colony
Mandi Krishnapuram185M.P.P.U.School Old Building,Mandi Krishnapuram
Mapakshi146Z.P. High School 9Th Class Room (North Wing),Mapakshi
147Z.P. High School, 6Th Class Room(South Wing),Mapakshi
Marakalakuppam180M.P.P.U.School Telugu Medium,Marakalakuppam
Morigani Palli19Govt Iti Room No 1,Muraganapalli
Moriganipalli Ho Kattamanchi18M.P.P.School New Building,Moriganipalli
20Municipal Primary School, East Wing, Muraganipalli,Morigani Palli
Mpup School Cherlopalli East Wing73Mpup School, Cherlopalli, East Wing.,Cherlopalli
Mpupschoolnorthwing Newbuildingprasanth Nagar.135Mpup School, North Wing, New Building, Prasanth Na,New Prasanth Nagar
Municipal Ward No 5 Santhapeta29M.Corporation Primary School New Bulding Westwing,Municipal Ward No 5 Santhapeta
Municipal Ward No Eight31Ramakrishna Municipal Corp.Primaryschooll Roomno1,Thotapalyam
Municipal Ward No Nine44Municipal Corporation U P .School,1Vanniar Block,,Vanniar Black
45Municipal Corporation U P School (South Wing),Vann,Vanniyar Block , Ward No-9
Municipal Wardn No Eight30Ramakrishna Municipal Corp.Primaryschool East Wing,Thotapalyam
Murakabattu6M.P Primary School,North Wing,Murakambattu
Murakambattu7M P Primary School New Bulding ,Murakambatu,Murakambatu
8M P Primary School Middle Room,Murakambatu,Murakambatu
Murakambattu Agraharam9Z P H S ,South Wing,Agraharam,Murakambatu
Nangamangalam183M.P.P.U.School,Nangamangalam Ho
184M.P.P.U.School,Nangamangalam Ho Majara Gatralla Mitta
Naragallu165M.P.P.U. School,Naragallu
Narigapalli143M.P.P. School,Narigpalli
Nayanicheruvu152M.P.P.School,Nayani Cheruvu
153M.P.P.School, New Building, Nayunicheruvu,Nayani Cheruvu
Obanapalli2Obanapalli Pradhamika Agrl Co-Oper Soc,Obnpalli
3P.A.C.S. North Wing,Obnpalli
5M.P.P. School Nort Wing,Obnpalli
Obnapalli4M.P.P. School South Wing,Obnpalli
Pachinapalle128M.P.P.U.Pschool Pachhana Palli,Pachhanapalli
Panatoor189M.P.U.P School N.W,Panatoor
Papichetti Palli Ho Mogaralapalli157M.P.U.P..School Eastwing,Papichettypalli
Papichettipalli Ho Mogaralapalli156M.P.U.P.School.Teachers Center,Papichettypalli
Perumalla Kandriga139M.P.P.U.P.School Guvvakallu,Perumallakandriga
Pillarikuppam176M.P.P.School North Wing, Pillarikuppam,Pillari Kuppam
177M.P.P School, South Wing, Pillarikuppam,Pillarikuppam
Prasanth Nagar / Girim Peta134M.P.U.Pschool Prasanth Nagar,Greamspet Ho Prasanth Nagar
Ramabadrapuram154M.P.P.U School,Ramabadra Puram
Ramanagara Colony Ho Chittoor81Camford English Medium School West Wing 6A Class,Cherolopalle
Rasanapalli Ho Cheelapalli159M.P.P.School (Telugu,Rasnpalli
Reddygunta Ho Gremspet132M.P.P. School,Greamspet Ho Valliyappa
Seshachalapuram148M.P.P.School,Mapakshi Ho Seshachalapuram
Siddama Palli137Z.P High School, 10Th Class Room Siddampalle,Siddampalli
Srirangampalle160Z.P.P.U.P.School,Srirangam Palli
Talambedu A.A.W142Z.P.High School, 10Th Calss Room, Talambedu,Thalambedu Harizanawada
Thalambedu141Z.P.H.School 6Th Class Room, Talambedu,Thalambedu
Thenbanda75M.P.U.P. School (North Wing),Tenbanda
77M.P.Pu.P.School New Building,Thenebanda Ho P.Kottur
Thenebanda76M.P.P.U.P.School N.Building,Thenebanda
Thimmaiahpalle166Z.P.P.U.P School New Building,196 Thimma Palli
Thimmasamudram H O T.Chowtapalli12Municipal Corporation Crc Bulding ,T. Chavatapalli,T.Chavatapalle
Thuminda151Z.P.School Room No. 1,Thumindha
Thumminda149Z.P.U.P.School Room No.5,Thumindha
150Z.P.High School, 10Th Class Room, Tummidna,Thumindha
Valliyapa Nagar133M.P.U.P School Reddy Gunta,Greamspet Ho Reddygunta
Zphs South Wing Bangareddipalli97Zphs South Wing, Bangareddypalli.,Bangareddipalli

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