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Polling Booth in Chilakaluripet Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Stations in Chilakaluripet

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Bandaruvaripalem Satuluru4Z.P.H.S. Iron Shed East Side 1St Room,Satuluru
Bandaruvaripalemsatuluru5Z P H School, Westside 1St Room (Rcc)Building,Satuluru
Boppudi204Mandal Parished Primary School, Main Building,,1St Room, Boppudi
205Mandal Parished Primry School Main Building,,2Nd Room, Boppud
206Mandal Parished Primary School, Westren Side,New Building, Boppudi
207Mandal Parished Primary School Building,Boppudi
Boyapalem67Rcm Primary School, Unnava Road,Boyapalem
Bukkapuram41M.P.P.P.(H.W) East Room,Chandawaram (V), Nadendla (M)
Chandavaram38M P U P S Eastren Side Room,Chandawaram (V), Nadendla (M)
39Mpup School, South Part Room,Chandavaram
40Mpps (Hw) Sc Col.,Chandawaram (V), Nadendla (
Chialakaluripet151Sri Kasu Vengalareddy Junior College, Westerenside,4Th Room, Chilakaluripet
Chilakaluri Peta131Ruthdickmen English Medium School Amg Northrenside,2Nd Room, (A.M.G)., Chilakaluripet
Chilakaluripet117Municipal Primary School, Sugali Colony, 2Nd Room,Chilakaluripet
118Municipal Primary School, 1St Room, Sugali Colony,Chilakaluripet
119Purushothamapatnam U.P School, Madigapalli (Aa),Westren Side Room, Chilakaluripet
120Purushothapatnam Up School Madigapalli (A A),Northeren Side Room, Chilakaluripet
121Community Hall,Court Bazar,,Chilakaluripet
133Municipal Office Council Hall, New Building,West Side Room
134R V S High School, Chilakaluripet,8Th Room
135R V S C V S High School, Eastren Side 9Th Room,Chilakaluripet
136R.V.S.C.V.S. High School East Side 10Th Room,Chilakaluripet
137Mpl Primary School (H.W) West Side, Nehru Nagar,Nehru Nagar, Chilakaluripet
138Municipal Primary School(Hw), East Side,Nehru Nagar, Chilakaluripet
139Mpl Primary School, Rajaka Colony Southern Side,1St Room, Chilakaluripet
140Mpl. Primary School, Rajaka Colony, Southern Side,2Nd Room, Chilakaluripet
141Sri Sarada Z.P.H.School, Office Room Side Gadi,Chilakaluripeta
142R.C.M.School Building, (Western Side),East Malapalli, Chilakaluripet
143Sarada Zp High School, Middle Block, Beside Office,-
144Rcm School Building, West Side,Turpumalapalli
145Sri Sarada Z.P.H.S.Block-2,West Side Room,(Side Of Staff Room) South Block , Chilakaluripet
146N.M.C.Primary Aided School, Western Portion,,Maddinagar, Chilakaluripet
147Nmc Primary Aided School, Ease Side Room,Maddi Nagar, Chilakaluripet
148N.M.C. Primary School, Aided School, Back Side,Portion Maddinagar, Chilakaluripet
149Sarada Mpl Primary School, New Building Northren,Side Room, Chilakaluripet
150Sarada Municipal Primary School, New Building,,North Side Room, Maruthi Nagar, Chilakaluripet
152Kasu Vengalareddy Junior College, Western Side,5Th Room, Chilakaluripet
153Sri K.V.Reddy Jr.College, Western Side 2Nd Room,In New Building, Chilakaluripet
154Kasu Vengalareddy Junior College Room No.6,,Chilakaluripet
155Sri Kasu Vengala Reddy Junior College, West Side,,Chilakaluripet
156Kasu Vengalareddy Junior College Room No.7,,Chilakaluripet
157Kasu Vengalareddy Junior College Room No.8,,Chilakaluripet
158K.L. & R.V.R.M.R. Mpl .U.P.S.North Room (Eastern,Side), Patimeeda,Pasumarru Road, Chilakaluripet
159K.L.Rachumallu Venkata Ratnam Memorial U.P.School,East Side Building
160K.L.Rachumallu Venkata Ratnam Memorial U.P.School,East Side Building
161K.L.Rachumallu Venkata Ratnam Memorial U.P.School,East Side
162M.V.R. M.P. Up.School, Western Side 3Rdroom,Komarapallipadu, Chilakaluripet
163M.V.R.M.P.Upper Primary School,,From West Side 3Rd Room, Komaravallipadu
164Ankamma Park, Mpl Primary 1St Room From Eastren,Side, Chilakaluripet
165Ankamma Park Mpl Pri. School, 3Rd Room From,Eastren Side, Chilakaluripeta
166R.V.S.C.V.S.High School, Southern Side 17Th Room,Chilakaluripet
167R.V.S.C.V.S.High School, Room.13 From Eastren Side,Chilakaluripet
168R.V.S. C.V.S. High School, Southern Side 15Th Room,Chilakaluripet
169R.V.S,C.V.S.High School, Southren Side 16Th Room,Chilakaluripet
170Mandal Educational Resources Centre(Dpep),R & B Compound, Chilakaluripet
171Vro Office,Chilakaluripet
172Office Room, Deputy Executive Engineer, Rws,,Chilakaluripet
173Mandal Parishat Development Office Meeting Hall,,Chilakaluripet
174Mpl.Ele.School(L.E.) Ragannapalem,,Chilakaluripet
175M.V.R.U.P.School Northern Side Room,Komaravallipadu, Chilakaluripet
176Panchayat Dy. Exe. Engineering Office,Eastren Side, Chilakaluripet
177P.R.D.E.E. Office, Westren Side,Chilakaluripet
178Smt Budati Mahalakshmi Memorial Rotary School,East Side Room, Chilakaluripet
179R & B Asst.Executive Engineer Office, Buildiang,Chilakaluripet
180Smt Budati Mahalakashmi Memorial Rotary School,,West Side Room
181Z.P.Goudown Shed (Z.P Travelers Banglow)Rest House,Chilakaluripet
182M.P.P. School Building, South Side Room,,Sanjeeva Nagar, Chilakaluripet
183Mpps Building Northren Side Room,Sanjeevanagar, Chilakaluripet
184Municipal Primary School, New Building,North Side Room, Sanjeeva Nagar
Chilakaluripeta122Community Hall,Court Bazar,Chilakaluripet
125Bharatha Ratna Indiragandhi Municipal H School,,Westren Side 1St Room, Chilakaluripet
129Ruth Dickmen English Medium School,,Southren Side 2Nd Rrom Amg, D.M Nagar Ch Pet
130Ruth Dickmen English Medium School,,(A.M.G) Southren Side 3Rd Room, Chilakaluripet
132Ruth Dickmen English Medium School, (A.M.G),Southern Side 1St Room, (A.M.G)., Chilakaluripet
Chirumamilla48M P P School (H.E) South Part,Chirumamilla
49M P P School (H.E) North Part,Chirumamilla
50M P P School, Harijanawada,Chirumamilla
Dandamudi H/O Manukondavaripalem101M.P. E.L.E. School, Westren Side Room,Manukonda Vari Palem Sivarku Dandamudi
Dinthenapadu78Newly Construvted Awb Location In Mpp(Hs)S,Harijanawada, Dintenapadu H/O Edlapadu
79M P P School (H E) (Harijan Colony), South Side R,Dintenapadu H/O Edlapadu
Edavalli200Mandal Parished Primary Schoo (He), Eastren Side,Room, Edavalli
201M.P.Primary School(H.W.), New Room,,Harijanawada, Edavalli
Edlapadu72Luthern High School, South East Room,Edlapadu
73Luthern High School, Northeast Room,Edlapadu
74L H S, East Part, North Side, Room 2,Edlapadu
75L H S, West Part, South Side Room 2,Edlapadu
76L H S, East Part, South Side Room 1,Edlapadu
77L H S, West Part, South Side 1St Room,Edlapadu
Evuruvaripalem104Mandal Parished School Spl Southern Side Hall,Evurivaripalem
Ganapavaram15K.B.Z P High School, North Side, 1St Room,Ganapavaram Village, Nadendla (M)
16K.B. Z P.H.S. New Buil 3Rd Room From South Side,Ganapavaram
17K.B.M.Z.P.H.S.South Bld. Est.Side Room,Ganapavaram (V), Nadendla Mandal
18K B M Z P H.S, South Blk.West. Room,Ganapavaram
19Kbm Zphs,New Building, Down Stair Southern Side,2Nd Room, Ganapavaram
20K B M Zphs New Building, Down Stair , Northren,Side 2Nd Room Ganapavaram
21K B M Z P H School, Ground Floor, South Side Room,Ganapavaram (V), Nadendla (M)
22M P E.S(Hjb), West Side Room,Ganapavaram (V), Nadendla (M)
23M P E.S.(Hjb), East Side Room,Ganapavaram (V), Nadendla (M)
24Rajyalakshmi Mahila Mandali Bhavanam,Ganapavaram (V), Nadendla (M)
25Z.P.H.S.West.Blk.New Bui.2 Room From N. Side,Ganapavaram (V), Nadendla (M)
26Mandal Parishath Primary School, Santhinagar,,Ganapavaram.
Gopalamvaripalem H/O. Rajapet210Mandal Parishath Primary School, Eastern Side Room,Gopalamvaripalem H/O Rajapet
Gorijavolu42M P U P S,Centre Room 6Th Class,Gorijavolu H/O. Nadendla Mandal
43M P U P S Addl.Room (7Th Class),Gorijavolu (V), Nadendla (M)
44M.P.Urdu Primary School New Building North Room,Gorijavolu
Gottipadu102M.P.Primary .School , Gottipadu,Gottipadu
Govindapuram194Mandal Parished Primary School, Northren Side Room,Govindapuram
195Mandal Parished Primary School, Southren Side Room,Govindapuram
Gudevaripalem H/O Pasumarru111Mandal Parishat Primary School, Main Building,Gudevaripalem, H/O Pasumarru
Guthavaripalem91Mp Primary School,,Gutthavaripalem
Irlapadu10M P P S (Hw) Sc Colony,Irlapadu , Nadendla Mandal
11Mp Primary School,Irlapadu
Irlapadu Sivar Ameen Saheb Palem14Zilla Parishad High School,Ameensabpalem H/O. Irlapadu (V), Nadendla Mandal
Irlapadu Sivaru Appa Puram12M P (Muslim) Upper Primary, North Room,Appapuram H/O Irlapadu (V), Nadendla (M)
Irlapadu Sivaru Appapuram13M P Muslim P.H. School, South Part Room,Appapuram H/O Irlapadu
Jaggappuram H/O.Jaladi86Z.P.H.S.Western Side Room,Jaladi Shiwaru Jaggapuram
Jaggapuram H/O. Jaladi85M P.Primary School(Le) Sc Colony, Jaladi,Jaladi
Jaladi87M.P.Ele.School,West Side Room,Jaladi
88Mp Primary School,Sc Colony, Jaladi
Jangalapalli47M.P.P. School (H.E) Jangalapalli,Jangalapalli H/O. Sankuratripadu (V)
Kammavaripalem H/O. Govindapuram196Anganwadi Center,,Kammavaripalem
197Mandal Parished Primary School, (Harijan Wada),Kammavaripalem H/O. Govindapuram
Kanaparru6Z P H S Nor.Side 1St Room Kanaparru,Kanaparru (V) Nadendla (M)
7M.P.P.S.Tc Kanaparru,Kanaparru (V), Nadendla (M)
8Zphs South Side 1St Room,Kanaparru (V), Nadendla (M)
Karuchola89Mandal Upper Primary School, South East Side Room,New Building, Karuchola
90Mandal Parishad Muslim Primary School,Karuchola
Kattubadivaripalem H/O. Edavalli198Mandal Parished Upper Primary School,Kattubadivaripalem H/O. Edavalli
199Mandal Parished Upper Primary School Souther Side,Building, Kattubadivaripalem H/O. Edavalli
Kavur187Zphs Eastern Side Room,Kavur
188Balavadi Bhavanam,Kavur
189M P P School(L.E), Northern Side Room,Kavur
Kavuru186Mpps Eastern Side Room,Lingamguntla H/O. Kavur
190Mandal Parishat Primary School (Le), Southern Room,Kavur
Komatinenivaripalem H/O. Govindapuram191Panchayat Office, Gangannapalem,Gangannapalem H/O Govindapuram
192M P P School, Eastren Side 2Nd Room,Komitinenivaripalem H/O Govindapuram
193Mandal Parished Primary School, Sc Colony,Komitinenivaripalem H/O. Govindapuram
Kondaveedu52Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School,Kondaveedu
53M P Muslim Primary School,Kondavidu
Kondaveedu Sivaru Chengis Khanpet56Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, South Part,Chengishkanapet H/O Kondaveedu
Kondaveedu Sivaru Chengiskhanpet55Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School North Portion,Chengiskanpet H/O Kondaveedu
Kota54Mandala Parishath (Urdu) Primary School,,Kota H/O Kondaveedu
Kotha Solasa57Mandal Parishad School Building (Aa),Kotha Solasa
Kothapalem51Mandal Parishad Primary School, Southern Side Room,Kothapalem
Kukkapalliwaripalem96M.P.P.Ele.School(H.E) Building, 2Nd Room In West,Kukkapalliwaripalem
Lingamgutla H/O Kavur185Mpps South Side Room,Lingamguntla H/O. Kavur
Maddirala H/O. Rajapet202Gram Panchayath Office,, Maddirala
Maidavolu Sivaru Lingaraopalam62Mandal Parishad Primary School Western Side,Lingarapupalem H/O Mydavolu
Maidavolu Sivaru Lingaraopalem61Mandal Parishad Primary School Eastern Side,Lingapurampalem H/O Mydavolu
Mainampadu Harijana Colony H/O Kanaparru9M P P School (Hw) Mainampadu,Mainampadu H/O Kanaparru
Manukondavaripalem100M.P.Ele.School, Eastren Side Room,Manukondwaripalem
Marripalem71Mandal Parishath Primary School,Marripalem
Murikipudi211S.K.S.Z.P.H.S.South Room In Westren Side Building,South Side Room, Murikipudi
212S.K.S.Z.P.H.S., Eastren Side Building 2Nd Room In,Northren Side., Murikipudi
213Mpps North Side Western Side Room,,Murikipudi
214Mpps North Side Eastern Side Room,,Murikipudi
Mydavolu63R C M Primary School,Maidavolu
Nadendla29Mandal Parishath Primary School (He) Southern,Side 4Th Class Room, Nadendla
31M P P S.(He) North Side Room,Nadendla Village, Mandal
32M P P S(He) Middle Room,Nadendla Village, Mandal
33Meeting Room, Gram Panchayat Office,Nadendla (V), (M)
34Mandal Resource Meeting Hall, Nadendla,Nadendla (V), (M)
Nadendla Sivaru Endugum Palem27Mandal Parishath Primary School(He), 1St Room,Endugumpalem H/O Nadendla
Nadendla Sivaru Endugumpalem28Mandal Parishath Primary School(He), 2Nd Room,,Endugumpalem H/O Nadendla
Nagabhairuvaripalem103Mp. Ele School (L.W) Mittapalem,Nagabhiruvaripalem
Nandendla30M P Office Meeting Hall North Part,Nadendla Village , Mandal
Pandaripuram127Bharatharathna Inidra Gandhi Mpl High School,,South Side Room, Chilakaluripet
128Bharatharathna Inidra Gandhi Mpl High School,,East Side, Addl. Room, Pandapuram
Pandaripuram Ch.Pet124Bharatharatna I.Gandhi Mpl High School, Eastern,Side 4Th Room, Pandaripuram, Ch.Pety
Pandaripuram Chilakaluripet126Bharatharatna Indira Gandhi Mpl High School,East Side, 6Th Room
Pandaripuram H/O.Chilakaluripet123B I Mpl. High School, P Puram, Eastren Side 2Nd,2Nd Room, Pandaripuram, Chilakaluripet
Pasumarru105Z.P.H.S. Eastern 3Rd Room In Southern Side, Building., Pasumarru
106Zphs Southern 3Rd Room In Northern Side Shed.,,Pasumarru
107Z.P.H.S. Eastren Side Room In Southern Side,Building, Pasumarru
108Z.P.H.S. Eastren Side 2Nd Room In Southrenbuilding,Pasumarru
109M.R.L.M.P.H.Jr.Basic School,Northern Side Room,,Pasumarru
110Gram Panchayat Office Building Northren Side,Pasumarru
Pothavaram203Mandal Parished Upper Primary School, Northrensid,Pothavaram
Purushothamapatnam114S.P.T.R.K.M.High School, New Building Southside1St,(8Th Class), Purushothapatnam
115S.P.T.R.K.M.High School, New Building South Side,3Rd Room(9Th Class), Purushothapatnam
116S.P.T.R.K.M. High School, New Building,Southern Side 5Th Room , Purushothamapatnam
Purushottamapatnam112Municipal Urdu Primary School,West Part Notrh Room,Purushothapatnam
113Municipal Urdu Primay School, Southren Side,Building, Purushothapatnam
Raja Peta208Mandal Parishath Primary School,Rajapet
209Mandal Parished Primary School, (H.E) Rajapet,Rajapet
Ramachandrapuram H/O Murikipudi215Mandal Parishad Primary School, Ramachandrapuram,Ramachandrapuram
Sandepudi94Mandal Parishad Primary School(Hindu), West Side,Sandepudi
95Mandal Parishad Primary School(Hindu) Sandepudi,Mandal Parishad Primary School(Hindu) Sandepudi
Sankuratripadu45Z P H S Eastern Side 9Th Class Room,,Sankuratripadu
46Z P H School Western Side 10Th Class Room,,Sankuratripadu
Satuluru1Zphs Est.Blk.1St Room 8Th Cls.Asec.Room,,Satuluru
2Z.P.H.S.Est.Blk.2 Room 8Th Cls.B Sec.Room, Satulur,Satuluru
3Zphs Cen.Bld.Bet.Main Blk.And Est.Blk..,8Th Cls.C Sec. Room ,Satuluru
Solasa58Zp H School,West Side Room,Solasa
59Z P H School, East Side Room,Solasa
60M P P School (H.W.) Southern Side,Solasa
Tatapudi216Mandal Parimary Upper Primary School,2Nd Room From,Eastren Side, Tahapudi
Thimmapuram80Gram Panchayit Office, Clark Room,Thimmapuram
81Gram Panchayat Office, Meeting Hall,Thimmapuram
82M.P.Upper Primary School,Thimmapuram
83Mandal Parishad Luthernele School(Newbuilding,East Room, Thimmapuram
84M P Ele School, (H W) Madigapalli,Timmapuram
Thubadu35Zphs Western Side 10Th Class Telugu Medium Room,,Tubadu
36Zphs Western Side 10Th Class English Medium Room,Tubadu
37Z P H School, West Side 2Nd Room,Tubadu (V), Nadendla (M)
Turlapadu92Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, New Building,East Side Room, Turlapadu
93Mandal Parishad Upper Primary School, West Side,Room, Turlapadu
Unnava68Zph School, East Side Building, From 2Nd Room,Unnava
69Zilla Parishda High School, Unnva,East Side Building From West Side 2Nd Room, Unnava
Unnava And Marripalem70M.P.P. School, Unnava,M.P.P School (Main) Northern Side Room, Unnava
Upparapalem H/O Vankayalapadu66Mandal Parishad Primary School,East Side Room,Upprapalem H/O Vankayalapadu
Vankayalapadu64M.P. U.P School,,North Side Portion, Vankalypadu
65M.P.Upper Primary School,,Southern Side, Vankayalapadu
Veluru97Z.P.H.S.Building, South Room,Veluru
98Z.P.H.S.Building,North Side Room From Office Room,Veluru
99Z.P.H.S.Building,West Room From Back Side North,Veluru

Last Updated on August 22, 2014