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Polling Booth in Chandragiri Assembly Constituency

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AAP Delhi Election Results AAP Maintains Lead in Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020

Vote counting is underway for Delhi Election Result 2020. The tension is heightened up for the real outcome of the election. As per the latest updates, Aam Aadmi Party is Read More…

Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

Delhi Exit Poll Highlights Exit Polls Predict Third Term for Kejriwal Government

With an overall voter turnout of 57%, polling for the Delhi Assembly Election 2020 has concluded. Many polling agencies have started publishing the Delhi Exit Poll 2020. All of them Read More…

Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 - Yogi Adityanath Rallies Yogi Adityanath Dives Into Political Warfare of Delhi To Promotes Shaheen Bagh Trump Card

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hard Hindutva face Yogi Adityanath has joined the fiery campaign for Delhi Election 2020. Now that the tone has been set for the campaign, Yogi is walking Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Chandragiri

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
Agarala102M.P.P. School,Agarala
Agraharam Harijana Wada H.O Pakala68M.P.U.P School,Agraharam Harijanawada
Aithepalle104M.P.P. School,Aithe Palli
Arepalle Rangampeta94Z P H S , Arepalli Rangam Peta,Arepalli Rangam Peta
95Z.P High School , Arepalli Rangam Peta,Arepalli Rangam Peta
Avilala168Mpp School, East Side Room, Avilala,Avilal
169M.P Primary School,Avilala
170Universal Citizen School ( Room No1),Avilal
171Universal Citizen School,Avilala
172Universal Citizen School (South Side Room No2),Avilal
173Universal Citizen School, East Side Room,Avilal
175M.P.P. School, Avilala,Avilala
176Universal Citizen School,Avilal
177Univarsal Citizen School, East Side , Avilala,Avilala
178Mpp School, N.T.R Colony, Sai Nagar,Sai Nagar
181Universal Citizen School, East Side Room, Avilala,Avilal
182Universal Citizen School, North Side Room No. 2,Avilala
183Universal Citizen School, Northside Room, Avilala,Tirupati Rural Mandal
184Universalcitizenschool,North Side Room No.3Avilala,Avilal
185Universal Citizen School North Block Room No. 4,Avilala
B.Kongaravari Palle92Gramapanchayat Office Main Hall , B K Palli,B Kongarawari Palli
Bakarapeta33M P P S ,Bhakarapeta,Bhakarapeta
Balachandra Memorial E.M School Mangalam231Z.P. High School, Room No.5, Mangalam,Mangalam
232Mpp School, Room No.7,(Trends),Mangalam
Bandameedha Kammapalle11M.P.Primary School,Bandameedha Kammapalle
Bandarla Palle62M.P.U.P School,Bandarla Palli
Bhakarapeta31Z.P.High School (East Room),Bakarapet
32Z.P.High School (Last Room),Bakarapeta
Bhavikada Kammapalle12M.P..P School,Bavikada Kamma Palli
Bheemavaram93M.P.P School,Bheemavaram
Bodevandla Palli Majarakotakadapalle3Mpps, (South) Kotakadapalle H/O Bodevandlapalle,,Bodevandlapalle H/O. Kotakadapalle
Bodevandlapalle7Mpps, Bodevandlapalle,Bodevandlapalle
Bodireddygaripalli Ho Thippireddygaripalli38M.P.Primary School,Bodireddygaripalli,Tippireddygaripalli
Brahmanapattu223M.P.P.School, Room No.1,Brahmana Pattu
C. Mallavaram143M.P.U.P School,C Malla Varam
Chaitanyapuram Daminedu195M P P School, Chaitanyapuram,,Chaitanyapuram
196M P P School, Chaitanyapuram, Tirupati Rural,Tirupati Rural Mandal
Chandragir115J R K R M P P School,Chandragiri
Chandragiri113Jrkrmpups, Northernside,Chandragiri
114J.R.K.R.M.P.P. School, North Side,Chandragiri
116Padmavati Z.P High School New Building West Wing,Chandragiri
117Padmavathi Z.P High School Girls, (N.B) North Wing,Chandragiri
118Govt. Jr. College, (Boys) Room No. 7,Chandragiri
119Govt. Jr. College (Boys), Room.No. 5,Chandragiri
120Govt. Jr. College (Boys),,Chandragiri
121Z.P.High School, North Room.No.1,Chandragiri
123Govt.Jr. College (Boys), Chandragiri,Chandragiri
124Govt Junior College (Girls),Chandragiri
125Padmavathi Z.P. High School,Chandragiri
Chandragiri Patha Peta122Z.P.High School (Boys) Chandragiri,Chandragiri
Chennu Gari Palle H.O Pakala84M.P.U.P School,Pakala Majara Chennugani Palli
Cherlopalle148M.P..P School,Cherlo Palli
149M P Premary School,Cherlo Palli
Chiguruwada212Mpp School, East Side Room No. 1, Chigurawada,M.P.Pra.Pathashala,(Too.Gadi-1),Chiguruwad
213Mpp School, East Side Room No. 2, Chigurawada,Chiguruwad
Chinna Gorpadu65Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala,Chinna Gorpadu
Chinnagottigallu35Z P High School Room No.1 Chinnagottigallu,Chinnagottigallu
37Z.P.High School, Room No.3,Chinnagottigallu
Chintha Gunta21Z.P.High School,Chintha Gunta
Chinthagunta22Z.P.High School,Chinthagunta
Chittecherla29M.P.Primary School (New Building),Chittecherla
30M.P.Primary School (Old Building),Chittecherla
Damalacheruvu58Grampanchayati Karyalymu,Damala Cheruvu
Daminedu194Mpup School, Daminedu Urban Housing Colony, Damine,Tirupati Rural
Dhamal Cheruvu56Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala,Damala Cheruvu
59Z.P.High School, Room No. 3,Damala Cheruvu
60Z.P.High School, Room No. 4,Damala Cheruvu
Dhamalcheruvu57M.P.P. School, Damala Cheruvu,Damala Cheruvu
Dhaminedu193M P P School, Indiramma Urban Housing Colony, Dami,Daminedu
Dhorna Kambala135Rajiv Vidhya Mission Building, M.P.P. School,Dornakambala
Durga Samudhram164M.P.P.School,Durga Samudram
165M.P.P. School,M..P.Pra.Pathashala.Durga Samudram
Edigapalle8M.P.Primary School,Edigapalle
Ganuga Penta71Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala,Ganuga Penta
Ghandhi Puram H.O Pudi Patla142M.P Primary School,Gandi Puram
Gollapalle153M.P Upper Primary School,Golla Palli
Govt Junior College (Girls) North Side Room No. 1279Govt Junior College (Girls) East Side,Pakala
Govt Junior College Girls80Govt Junior College Girls New Buld South Side,Pakala
Gundlagutta Bailu44M.P..P School, Gundla Gutta Palli,Gundlagutta Palli
Gungudu Palle H.O Dhorna Kambala137Rajiv Vidya Mission Building , Mpps, Gangudu Palli,Dornkambala Majra Gungudu Palle
Ithe Palle103M.P.P. School 4Th Class Room,Ithe Palle
K.Vadde Palle89M.P..P School,Acchamma Agraharam
90Z.P High School,K Vadde Palli
K.Vodde Palle88Z.P High School,K Vadde Palli
Kalrod Palle130M.P.P. School,Kal Roddu Palli
Kaluru138M.P.P School,Kalooru
Kasipentla129M.P.P. School,Kashi Pental
Koopuchandra Peta214M.P.P. School,Kupuchandra Pettah
Kothavaddepalle66M.P Primary School,Kotha Vadde Palli
Kottala97M.P.P School,Kottala
Kottala Madhiga Wada98Community Hall,Kottala Madigawada
Krishna Puram H.O Mogaralla52Mam.P.Pra.Pathashala,Mogarala Majra Kirshna Puram
Kuchivari Palle H.O Kondreddy Kandriga91M.P.P School,Kondreddy Kandriga Majara Koochivari Palli
Kukalla Palle61Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala (Too.Bha),Kukkala Palle Harijanawada
Kuntrapakam215M.P.P.School, North Side, Kuntrapakam,Kuntra Pakam
216M.P.P.School, South Side, Kuntrapakam,Kuntrapakam
Kurparthivandlapalle10M.P.Primary School,Kuraparthivandlapalle
M M Kandriga222Z.P.School, M.M.Kandriga,M.M.Kandriga
M.P..P School Kuppam Baduru267M.P..P School, Kuppam Baduru,Kuppam Badur
M.P..P School Tatithopu Kandriga264M.P..P School Tatithopu Kandriga,Tatithopukandriga
M.P.P School Kuppam Baduru H/O Rayalacheruvu266M.P.P School, Rayalacheruvu,Rayalacheruvu
M.P.P. School B.T.R. Colony Mangalam230Mpp School, Room No.7,(Trends),Mangalam
M.P.P. School Chittathur253M.P.P. School, Chittathur,Chittathur
M.P.P. School Diguva Ramapuram249M.P. U P. School, Diguva Ramapuram,Diguvaramapuram
M.P.P. School Gaddameeda Hw Desurikandriga261M.P.P. School,,Gaddmida H.Va Desurikandriga
M.P.P. School Gangi Reddy Palli251M.P.P. School, Gangi Reddy Palli,Gangi Reddy Palli
M.P.P. School Kalepalli254M.P.P. School, Kalepalli,Kale Palli
M.P.P. School Kammapalli262M.P.P. School, Kammapalli,Kammapalli
M.P.P. School Kothakandriga H O Nennru260M.P.Primary School,,Kothakandriga Majara Nennooru
M.P.P. School Kothavepakuppam244M.P.P. School, Kothavepakuppam,Kotavepakupam
M.P.P. School Kuppam Baduru H/O Paramala268M.P.P. School, Kuppam Baduru H/O Paramala,Paramala
M.P.P. School Mitta Kandriga269M.P.P. School, Mitta Kandriga,Mitta Kandriga
M.P.P. School N.R. Kammapalli265Z P H School, 9Th Class Room ,N.R. Kammapalli,Niluvu Ralla Kammapalli
M.P.P. School Nadavaluru255M.P U.P. School, Nadavaluru,Nadavaluru
M.P.P. School Nettakuppam242M.P.P. School, Nettakuppam,Netta Kuppam
M.P.P. School New Building Mangalam Quarters235M.P.P School, Mangalam Quters, Mangalam.,,Mangalam,Quartars
M.P.P. School Old Building Mangalam236M.P.P School, Mangalam Quters, Mangalam.,,Mangalam,Quartars
M.P.P. School Prasanna Venkateswara Puram252M.P.P. School, Prasanna Venkateswara Puram,Prasanna Venkateswara Puram
M.P.P. School Room No. 1 C.Ramapuram248M.P U.P. School, Room No. 1 C.Ramapuram,Chutuguntaramapur
M.P.P. School Room No. 5 Mungili Pattu128M.P.P. School, Room No. 5, Mungili Pattu,Mungilipattu
M.P.P. School Sorakayalapalem256M.P.P. School, Sorakayalapalem,Sowrkayalpalem
M.P.P. School South Wing Netta Kuppam243Anganwadi School, Netta Kuppam,Nettakuppam
M.P.P. School Timmarajupalli245M.P.P. School, Timmarajupalli,Timarajupalli
M.P.P. School Venkatramapuram257M.P.P. School, Venkatramapuram,Venkatramapuram
M.P.P.School Nennuru263M.P.P.School, Nennuru,Nennuru
M.P.U.P. School Bopparaju Palli239M.P.P. School, Bopparaju Palli,Bopirajupalli
M.P.U.P. School North Wing240Mam.P.Pra.U. Pathashala Utharam,Noothu Gunta Palli
M.P.U.P. School Ravillavaripalli259M.P.U.P. School, Ravillavaripalli,Ravillwaripalli
Mabhu Nayani Palli67Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala,Mobhunayana Palli
Maddi Nayani Palle49Mam.P.Pra.Pathashala,Maddinayani Palle
Madhi Nayani Palle48M.P.P. School, Madinayani Palli,Madinayni Palle
Mallaiah Palle133M.P.P School,Mallaiah Palli
Mallam Gunta166Mp Primary School,Mallamgunta,Mallam Gunta
Mallamgunta167M.P.P. School, Mallamgunta,Mallam Gunta
Mallappa Gari Palle55Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala,Mallappa Gari Palle
Mandapam Palle136M.P.P. School,Mandapam Palli
Mangalam224Mpp School, Room No.3,Mangalam
225Mpp School, Room No.5,(Trends),Mangalam
227M.P.P.School,New Building, Mangalam,Mangalam
228Balachandra Memorial (E.M) High School, Mangalam,Mangalam,
229Mpp School, Btr Colony, Mangalam,Mangalam
234Z.P.High School, 6Th Class A/S Room, Mangalam,Mangalam
Marava Palli H.O Dhamal Cheruvu54Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala,Damala Cheruvu Majra Murva Palle
Matlivaripalle H.O Udhayamanikyam13Z.P.High School,Mattivari Palli Majara Udaya Manicyam
Matlivaripalli Ho Diguvuru41M.P.Primary School (Old Building),Digavuru H/O. Matlivaripalle
42M.P.Primary School (New Building),Digavuru H/O.Matlivaripalle
Mitta Palem107M.P.P. School,Mitta Palem
Mittapalem Majara Buchi Naidu Palle108M.P.P. School,Bucchi Naidu Palli
Mogaralla50Z.P.High School, Eastern Side Room,Mogarala
51Z.P.High School, Western Side Room,Mogarala
Mundla Pudi218M.P.P.School,Mundlapudi
219Mpp School,Mundla Pudu
Mungili Pattu127M P Primary School,Mungili Pattu
N.V.N.M.P.P. School New Building Pakala76N.V.N.M.P.P. School New Building, Pakala,Pakala
77N.V.N.M.P.P. School, New Building, Pakala,Pakala
Nallaobula Vari Palle23M.P.Primary School,Nallaobulavari Palli
Narasinga Puram105Z.P High School,Narasinga Puram
106Z.P High School,Narasinga Puram
Nerabaylu14M.P.Primary School,Nerabaylu
15M.P.P. School,Nerabaylu
16M.P..P School,Nerabaylu,Nerabaylu
Nirmitha Kendrasouth Side Darmitaryhousing Board237M.P.P School, Mangalam Quters, Mangalam.,,Mangalam,Quartars
238M.P.P School, Mangalam Quters, Mangalam.,,Mangalam,Quartars
O.S.Gollapalle4M.P.Primary School,O.S.Gollapalle
Ootla Pale H.O Pakala64M.P.U.P School,Ootla Vari Palli
Ootla Vari Palle H.O Pakala63M.P.P. School, Uttlavari Palli H/O Pakala,Utlavari Palli
Padhi Patla Bailu43M.P.U.P School Ctr-Kadapa Road, Padipatla Bailu,Padi Patlabailu
Padipeta220M.P.P.School, Padipeta,Padi Peta
Paide Palle151M.P Primary School,Pedi Palli
Pakala78Mam.P.Pra.Pathashala (Tamilam),Pakala
82R C Mission School South Side,Pakala
Panapakam131Z.P High School,Panapakam
132Z.P. High School,Panapakam
Panta Palle Thettu Palle69M.P..P School,Panta Palli
70M.P.P. School, Irangari Palli,Irangari Palli
Patha Kalva152M.P Primary School,Pata Kalva
Pedda Gorpadu75Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala,Pedda Gorpadu
Pedda Ramapuram72Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala,Pedda Ramapuram
Perumalla Palle H.O Pudi Patla139M.P.P.School,Perumalla Palli
140M.P..P School,Perumalla Palli
141M.P.P. School, Perumallapalli,Perumallapalli
Perur159M.P.P School,Perur
Peruru154Cheeni Nimma Parisodana Stanam Toorpu Bagam,Perur
155M.P.U.P School, Haripuram Colony, Peruru,Peruru
156Cheeni Nimma Parisodana Stanam Padamara Bagam,Perur
157M.P.P. School West,Perur
158Mpp School, (West) Peruru, Tirupati Rural Mandal,Tirupati Rural
160Grama Panchayati Office New Building,Perur
Pudi Patla144M.P.P.U School,Pudi Patla
Pudipatla145M.P..P School,Pudi Patla
Pullaiahgari Palli101M.P.P. School,Pullaiah Gari Palli
Pulli Varthi Vari Palle H.O Adhena Palle87M.P.P School,Adenna Palli Majara Pulivarthi Vari Palli
R.C Mission School Class.No. 1/B Section Pakala83R.C Mission School Class.No. 1/B Section, Pakala,Pakala
Ramanaiah Gari Palle47Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala,Ramnaiahgari Palle
Ramanuja Palle163Mpp School,,Rammanaja Palli
Rami Reddy Palle99M.P.P. School,Rami Reddy Palli
Rangannagarigadda24Z.P.High School,Rangannagarigadda
25Z.P.High School,Ranganagarigadda
Ravanappa Gari Palle134M.P.P. School,Ravnappa Gari Palle
Sai Nagar179M.P.P. School, South Side N T R Colony, Sai Nagar,Sai Nagar
180Garama Panchayati Office,Sai Nagar
Sami Reddy Palle H.O Pakala85M.P.U.P School South Side,Pakala Majara Sami Reddy Palli
Samireddy Palle H.O Pakala86M.P.P.U School, North Side,Pakala Majara Samireddy Palli
Sanambatla111M.P.P. School,Sanambatla
112M.P.P School,Sanam Batla
Sathar Bailu150M.P Primary School,Sathar Bailu
Sheshapuram96M.P.P. School,Sesha Puram
Srinivasa Mangapuram100M.P Primary School,Sreenivasa Manga Puram
Srinivasa Puram Thiruchanur Road188Rami Reddy Rayalseem School, Room No. 2,Srinivasapuram
Srinivasa Puram Tiruchanur Road186Rami Reddy Rayalseema School,Room No.1,Srinivasa Puram
Srnivasa Puram187Rami Reddy Rayala Seema Schol, Srinivasa Puram,Srinivasapuram
Surinenivaripalli81M.P.P. School, Surinenivaripalli,Pakala
Thanapalle217M.P.U.P. School, Tanapalle,Tana Palli
Thatimakulapalle20M.P.Primary School,Thatimakulapalle
Thippireddygaripalli34M.P.Primary School,Nellutla Vari Palli,Nellutla Vari Palli
39M.P.Primary School,Tippireddigaripalle
40Gramapanchayat Office, Tippireddygari Palli,Thippireddygari Palli
Thiruchanooru204Z.P.High School, West Side,Addl. Room,Tiruchanoor
206Z.P.High School, Old Room No. 1,Tiruchanoor
207Z.P.High School, New Block Room No. 2,Tiruchanoor
209Mpp School,East,Near Pokkalammagudi,Tiruchanoor
Thiruchanur197Z.P.High School, West Side Room,Tiruchanoor
199Z.P.High School, West Side Room No. 2,Tiruchanoor
Thiruchanuru189M.P.P.School, Room No. 1, Padmavathipuram,Padmaavathipuram
190M.P.P. School, Room No.2, Padmavathipuram,Padmavathipuram
191M.P.P.School, Room No. 3 Padmavathipuram,Padmavathi Puram
192M.P.P. School, Room No. 4, Padmavathipuram,Padmavathipuram
202Gram Panchayat Office, New Building South Side,Tiruchanoor
203Gram Panchayat Office, New Building North Side,Tiruchanoor
Thonda Wada110M.P.P. School,Thondawada
Thondawada109M.P.P. School,Thondawada
Thota Thimmayya Gari Palle53Mam.P.Pra.Pathashala,Thota Thimmayya Gari Palli
Thummala Gunta161Mpup School, East Side Room No. 1,Thummala Gunta
162Mpup School, Room No.2,Thummala Gunta
Thuvvavandlapalli Ho Chittecherla27M.P.Primary School (New Building),Thavvavandlapalle Majara Chittecherla
Tiruchanur198Z P High School (West Side Room), Tiruchanur,Tirupati Rural Mandal
200Z P High School (West Side Room), Tiruchanur,Tirupati Rural Mandal
201M P P School , Yogimallavaram,Yogimallavaram
205Z P H S Additional Room, Tiruchanur,--
208Z.P.High School, Additional Room No. 2, Tiruchanur,Tiruchanur
Usithikayalapenta2M.P.Primary School(Urdu),Usthikayalapenta
Usthikayalapenta1Mpps, (North Room) Usthikayalapenta,Usthikayalapenta
V.R.Agraharam9Z.P.High School,V.R.Agraharam
Valli Vedu46Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala,Vallivedu,Valli Vedu
Vangumalluvaripalle H/O Devarakonda28M.P.U.P.School,Vangumalluvaripalle
Vankamaddivaripalli Ho Chattevaripalem26M.P.Primary School (West Wing),Vankamaddivaripalli
Varadappa Naidu Peta45Mam.P.Pra. Pathashala,Vardappa Naidu Pettah
Vedantha Puram210M.P.P. School, Vedanthapuram,Vedanta Puram
Vedanthapuram211M.P.P. School, Vedanthapuram,Vedanthapuram
Vemooru221M.P.P.School, Vemuru,Vemuru
Venkatapathi Nagar146Kapileswaraswamy High School,Venkatapati Nagar
147Kapileswaraswamy High School, Venkatapathi Nagar,Venkatapati Nagar
Venkatom Peta H.W. H.O. Chandragiri126M.P.P. School,Chandragiri Majra Venkatam Pettah Harijan Wad
Yellamanda5M.P.P.School (Santhathopu)North,Yalamanda
6Anganvadi Centre New Building,Yellamanda
Yerravaripalem18Z.P.High School, Erravaripalem,Yerravaripalem
19Z.P.High School North Wing, New Building,R.No.1,Yerravaripalem
Yerravaripallem17Z P High School New Bulding, Erravaripalem,Erravaripalem
Z P High School Anupalli241Z P High School,Anuppalli
Z.P.High School 6Th Class A/S Room Mangalam233Z.P.High School, 6Th Class A/S Room, Mangalam,Mangalam
Z.P.High School 8Th Class Room Gadanki73Z.P.High School, 8Th Class Room, Gadanki,Gadanki
Z.P.High School Kamma Kandriga246Z.P.High School, Kamma Kandriga,Kammakangriga
247Z.P. High School, Kamma Kandriga,Kamma Kandriga
Z.P.High School Kattakindavenkatapuram250Z.P.High School, Kattakindavenkatapuram,Katta Kinda Venkatapuram
Z.P.P.High School X Class Room74Z.P.P.High School, X Class Room,Gadanki
Zinc Sheet Roof House(Private) In Sy No 142/1258Zinc Sheet Roof House(Private) In Sy No 142/1,Parakalva H/W

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