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Polling Booth in Badvel Assembly Constituency

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AAP Delhi Election Results AAP Maintains Lead in Delhi Assembly Elections Results 2020

Vote counting is underway for Delhi Election Result 2020. The tension is heightened up for the real outcome of the election. As per the latest updates, Aam Aadmi Party is Read More…

Delhi Election Results 2020 - Live News Updates Delhi Election Results 2020: Live News Updates

  DELHI ELECTION RESULTS 2020 LIVE 7:21:21 PM Result Declared Chhatarpur: Kartar Singh Tanwar of AAP won by 3720 votes. Karol Bagh: Vishesh Ravi of AAP won by 31760 votes. Read More…

Delhi Exit Poll Highlights Exit Polls Predict Third Term for Kejriwal Government

With an overall voter turnout of 57%, polling for the Delhi Assembly Election 2020 has concluded. Many polling agencies have started publishing the Delhi Exit Poll 2020. All of them Read More…

Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage Delhi Elections 2020: Live Voting Percentage

LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

Delhi Election Live Updates Delhi Election 2020: Live News Updates

Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

Delhi Election 2020 - Yogi Adityanath Rallies Yogi Adityanath Dives Into Political Warfare of Delhi To Promotes Shaheen Bagh Trump Card

Bharatiya Janata Party’s Hard Hindutva face Yogi Adityanath has joined the fiery campaign for Delhi Election 2020. Now that the tone has been set for the campaign, Yogi is walking Read More…

List of Polling Stations in Badvel

Polling StationPolling Station No.Area
)Varikuntla 96Mpes Eastern Room,Varikuntla
.Kothakota 6Z.P.H.S,Southern Side, Northern Building,Eguva Ramapuram,Kothakota
Abbusahebpet 173M.P.P.School,,Abbu Saheb Pet
Adusuvaripali 243Mpps , New Building,Adusuvaripalle
Agraharam 79Zp High School, West Room, Agraharam,Agraharam
Akkalareddipalli 33Rcm Ele.School South Wing,Akkalareddipalli
35Rcm Ele.School Northern Wing,Akkalareddipalli
Akkalreddipalli 34Grama Sachivalayam,Akkalreddipalli
Akulanarayanapalli 97Mp Ele School, New Building, Akulanarayanapalli,A.Narayanapalli H/O Katheragandla
Amagampalli 105Mpes,Amagampalli H/O Itugullapadu
Ambavaram 106Mpes,Ambavaram
Anam Varipalli 99Mpes Eastern Wing,Anamvaripalle H/O Katheragandla
Anamvari Palli Akkupalem 117Mpp School, Anamvari Palli,Anamvari Palli, Akkupalem
Anantharajapuram 131M.P.P.School,Anantharajapuram
Anjaneya Nagar Kondareddy 205Rcm High School, 4Th Class Room, Mv Palli,Anjaneya Nagar, Kondareddy Street H/O M V Palli,
Ankana Godugunuru 124M.P.P.School,,Ankana Godugunuru
Atloor 193Zphs 6Th Class Room,Atloor
Atlru Cross Road 195Zp High School , 6Th Class Room , Atlur,Atlru Cross Road
Atlur 194Z.P.H.School, 6Th Class Room,Atlur,Atlur
B.Kodur 115Mpele.School,B.Kodur
118Mpdo Office Building,B.Kodur
Badvel 140Zph School For Girls New Building Southern Room 4,Badvel
141Zph School For Girls New Building Middle Room 3,Badvel
142Zphs(Girls) Kotha Bavanamu.V.B, Room No.1,Badvel
143Mpes(Ur) East Wing.,Badvel
144M.P.P.School (Urdu),Southern Wing, Badvel,Badvel
145Mpdo Meeting Hall,Badvel
146M.P.D.Office Staff Room,Badvel
147Zphs, 6Th Class, A Sec,Badvel
148Zphs, 7Th Class - B Sec,Badvel
150Zphs 6Th Class B Section,Badvel
151Zphs 8Th Class, C Sec,Badvel
152Z.P.H.School 10Th Class A-Secction Badvel, Badvel
153Mpps Rajaka Veedi,Badvel
154Mppp Rajakaveedi,Badvel
155Zphs For Girls Compound Mp Ele School North Room,Badvel
156Zphs For Girls Compound Mp Ele School, South Room,Badvel
157Zphs For Girls Compound Mp Ele School North Room,Badvel
Badvel 140Zph School For Girls New Building Southern Room 4,Badvel
141Zph School For Girls New Building Middle Room 3,Badvel
142Zphs(Girls) Kotha Bavanamu.V.B, Room No.1,Badvel
143Mpes(Ur) East Wing.,Badvel
144M.P.P.School (Urdu),Southern Wing, Badvel,Badvel
145Mpdo Meeting Hall,Badvel
146M.P.D.Office Staff Room,Badvel
147Zphs, 6Th Class, A Sec,Badvel
148Zphs, 7Th Class - B Sec,Badvel
150Zphs 6Th Class B Section,Badvel
151Zphs 8Th Class, C Sec,Badvel
152Z.P.H.School 10Th Class A-Secction Badvel, Badvel
153Mpps Rajaka Veedi,Badvel
154Mppp Rajakaveedi,Badvel
155Zphs For Girls Compound Mp Ele School North Room,Badvel
156Zphs For Girls Compound Mp Ele School, South Room,Badvel
157Zphs For Girls Compound Mp Ele School North Room,Badvel
Balayapalli 87Mandal Parishat Elementary School Nw,Balayapalli
Bayanapalli 175Mpes West Wing H.W.,Bayanapalli
Bethayapalli 235Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Bethayapalli
Bhavanarayana Nagar Sundaraiah Colony 226Sc Boys Hostel 4, Tgp Colony, 1St Room, Mv Palli,Bhavanarayana Nagar, Sundaraiah Colony
Bodicherla 244M.P.P.S. 6 And 7Th Classes,Boddicherla
Boppapuram 76Mpp School,Boppapuram
Boyanapalli H/O A.R.Puram 132Mandala Parishat Elementary School,Boyanapalli
Brahmana Palli 242Zphs, 10 Class, Hall,Bramhanapalle
Brahmanapalli 11M.P.P.School, Southern Side,Bramhanapalle
Butchampalle 40M.P.P.School,Butchampalli
C.Gopavaram 231Mpes, North Wing, Chinna Agraharam,Gopavaram H/O C.Gopavaram
C.Putayapattayapalli 136Mandal Parishat Elementary School,C.Putayapattayapalli
Chenn Kesampalli 164M.P.Elementary School,Vidya Nagar, Badvel
Chennampalli 160Mpp, North,,Chennampalli
161Mpps Southern Side,,Chennampalli
Chennampalli H/O Bovillavaripalli 162Mpes East Wing,Bovillavaripalli
Chennampalli H/O Chenna Kesam Palli 163Zphs New Buil, 10 Class, Sou,Chennakesampalli
Chennareddypeta 77M.P.P.School,,Chennareddypet
Chennavaram H/O Katheragandla 100Grama Sachivalayam,Chennavaram.,Chennavaram
Chennupalli 4Grama Sachivalayam, Chennupalli,Chennupalli
Chinnagopavaram 232M.P.P School(South Wing)D.P.E.P,Chinnagopavaram,Chinnagopavaram, H/O Gopavaram
Chinnayapalli 80M.P.P School,,Chinnayapalli
Chinnayarasala 66Rcm Up School, West Part Chinnayarasala,Chinnayarasala
Chinnayerasala 65Rcm Ele.School East.Wing,Chinnayerasala
Chintala Cheruvu 172Mpups West Wing,Chinthalacheruvu
Chintalapalli 27Rcm Ele.Schoolchinthalapalli,Sankavaram H/O Chinthalapalle
Dakshinaramapuram 241Mpp School,,S.Ramapuram
Dammanapalli 58Gram Panchayath Office,Dannamanapalli
Dguvtamballapalli 8M.P.P.Patashala Deguvathamballapalle,Diguvatamballapalli
Dulamvaripalle 23Mandal Parishat Elementary School Hw,Dulamvaripalli
Eguvatamballapalli 7Mpp School,,Eguva Tamballapalli
Ethirajupalli 130Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Ethirajupalli
Ganganapalli 93Rcm Ele.School,Ganganapalli
Gangayapalli 2Dpep P.S School, North Side,,Gangayapalli
Ganugapenta 85Zphs 6Th Class Room ,,Ganugapenta
86Z.P.High School, 7Th Class Room,Ganugapenta
Godugunuru 171M.P.P.School,,Godugunuru
Gontu Varipalli 88Mandal Parishat Elementary School Sw,Gontuvaripalli
Gopavaram 234Mpps, New Building, Pedda Gopavaram H/O Gopavaram,Gopavaram
Gopavaram Majra P.Gopavaram 233Mpes South Wing,Gopavaram H/O P.Gopavaram
Gopavarampalli 3M.P.U.P. Patashala Chennupalli,Gopavaram Palli
Govindayapalli 112Z.P.H.S. New Building,East Wing,Munnelli Govindayapall
Gujjalavaripalli 188M.P.E.School,Gujjalavaripalli,Gujjalavaripalli
Gundam Raju Palli 133Mandal Parishat Elementary School Ew,Gundamrajupalli
Guntha Palli 137Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Gunthapalli
Gunthapalli 138M.P.P.Ele. School,Kummarakottalu ,Gunthapalli,Gunthapall
Gupatha Nagar Surendra Nagar Part Myd Road Main 149Zp High School, New Building, Middle Room, Badvel,Gupatha Nagar, Surendra Nagar Part, Myd Road Main
Itugullapadu 104M.P.U.P School,Itugullapadu
Kalasapadu 17Zphs 7Th Class Room , Kalasapadu,Kalasapadu
18Z.Phs 9Th Class Room,Kalasapad
Kalvapalli 201Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Kalvapalli
Kamalakur 179Mpes Eastern Wing,Kamalakur
181Mpes Eastern Wing,Manyamvaripa
Kamasamudram 186Mpups,Kamasamudram
Kasalapadu 16Zphs W_B S_B Kalaspadu,Kasalapad
Kattakindipalli 28M.P.U.P.S, U_B Kattakindapalli,Kattakindapalli H/O Sankavaram
Kavalakuntla 38Zphs North Wing,Kavalakuntla
39Zph School, 6Th Class Room, Kavalakuntla,Kavalakuntla
Konarajupalli 184Suryabhavan East Wing,Konarajupalli H/O Madavuru
185Suryabhavan West Wing,Madapuru
Konasamudram 168Rcm Up S East Wing,Konasamudram
Kondapeta 24M.P.P. School,,Kondapeta
Kondooru 191M.P.E.S, North Side,Konduru
Kondrajupalli H/O Katteragandla 102Rcm Ele.School,Kondrajupalli
Konduru 192M.P.P.School,Southern Side,Konduru,Konduru
Kongalaveedu 169M.P.Ele.School,Sarva Siksha Abhiyan, Kongalaveedu,Kongalaveedu
Korrapatipalli 41Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Korrapatipalli
Kothakota 5Z.P.H.S Southern Building,Southern Side,Kothakota
Krishnampalli 82Mandal Parishat Elementary School,T.Girigela H/O Krishnampa
Kumbhagiri 187Panchayat Office, Kumbagiri,Kumbhagiri
Lakkavaripalli 200Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Lakkavaripalli
Lingareddipalli 29Mpe School, North Side Room, Lingareddipalli,Lingareddipalli H/O Sankhavaram
M.V.Palli 202Fathima E.M.Schoo,(2A Class),Madakalavaripalli
206Fatima Em School(1A Class Room),Madakalavaripalli
227Mpes (North Wing),Madakalavaripalli
229Mpes South Wing,Vallelavaripal
Madakala Vari Palli 211Mpps.Mangala Colony, New Bulding, East ,Mv Palli,Mv Palli
Madakalavari Palli 212St Paul Ups, Centre Room, 1St Class,,Madakalavaripalli
221Aswoffice, R.N.3,North Wing , Eastern Side,Madakalavaripalli
Madakalavaripalli 203Fathima E.M High School Ii-B Class Room,M V Palli,Madakalavaripalli
204Fathima Em,Highschool, B-Class Room,,Madakalavaripalli
207Fathima E.M High School I-B Class Room,M V Palli,Madakalavaripalli
213St.Paul Up School, South Room,,Madakalavaripalli
215Saint Paul Upper Primary School, Old Buil East Sid,Madakalavaripalli
217Aswo South Wing,Madakalavaripalli
218Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Madakalavaripall
219Asst. Social Welfare Officer'S Office (Southern Wi,Madakala Varipalli.
220Asst Sw Officers Office(Northern Wing West Room),Madakalavaripalli
222Sc Boys Hostel 4, Tgp Colony, 5Th Room, Mv Palli,Madakalavaripalli
223Sc Boys Hostel 4, Tgp Colony, 4Th Room, Mv Palli,Madakalavaripalli
224Sc Boys Hostel 4, Tgp Colony, 3Rd Room, Mv Palli,Madakalavaripalli
225Sc Boys Hostel 4, Tgp Colony, 2Nd Room, Mv Palli,Madakalapalli
228Mpp.School,New Building, Western Side , Vv Palli,Madakalavaripalli
Madakalvari Palli 209M.P.P.S, East Side,Pusalavada
Madhava Rayunipalli 122M.P.P.School , Madhava Rayunipalli,Madhava Rayunipall
Madklwaripalli 208Zpphs Mukya Bhavanam Uthara Bhagam,Poosala Vada
Mahanandipalli 14Mpup School, East Room, Mahanandi Palli,Mahanandipalli
Maratipalli 119M.P.P.School,Maratipalli
Mekavaripalli 123Mpups, R. No.1, South, East Part,Mekavaripalli
Middela 92Mpes H.W Eastern Room,Narsapuram H/O Middela
Mudireddipalli 13M.P.P. School , Northwest Wing,Mudhireddipalli, H/O Sankavaram
Munnelli 111M.P.P.School Beside Dpep New Building,Munnelli
Munnelli Majra Itarampet 114Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Munnelli H/O Itarampet
Musalireddipalli 21M.P.P. School,,Musal Reddy Palli
Musalreddipalli 36Mpe School, Musal Reddi Palli,Musalreddipalli
Muthukur 198Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Muthukur
Nagala Kuntala 31Dpep School,Western Side,Nagalakuntla
Nagalakuntla 32M.P.Ele.School South Said Nagalakuntla,Nagalakuntla
Narasapuram 91Mpes (Urdu),Narasapuram
94Zphs Eastern Room,Narasapuram
Narsapuram 90Mpes Eastern Room,Narsapuram
Nayanipalli 98M.P.Ele .School,New Building,Nayanipalli,Nayanipalli
Obulapuram 110M.P.Ele .School, New Building,Obulapuram,Obulapuram
Patha Ramapuram 20M.P.P. School, Patharamapuram,Patharamapuram
Patha Tvpuram Tv Puram Sc Colony Pottigaripalli 135Mp Elementary School, Sarva Siksha Bhiyan, Tvpuram,Patha Tvpuram, Tv Puram Sc Colony, Pottigaripalli
Peddulapalli 125T.C.Centre,,Pedhullapalli
Pendlimarri 30Grama Sachuvalayam, Pendlimarri,Pendlimarri
Peramma Gari Palli 75M.P.P School,,Perammagaripalli
Pidugupalli 26Mandalparishad Pradhamika Patashalamain,Pidugupalli
Pittigunta 109M.P.P.School,,Pittigunta
Porumamilla 43Govt.Jr Col.B Lab,Porumamilla
44Govt Junior College, Science Room No. 6,Porumamilla
45Govt Jr.College, Room No.1 New Building,Porumamilla
46M.P.P. School New Building,Porumamilla
47Mpes, Room No. 1, Porumamilla,Porumamilla
48M P Elementary School, Main Room No 2, Porumamilla,Porumamilla
49Govt.Junior College,R.No.3 New Bhavan,Porumamilla
50Govt.Junior College,R.No.4 New Bhavan,Porumamilla
51Mpups Urdu,Porumamilla
52Gram Sachivalayam Room No.1,Porumamilla
53Grama Sachivalayam, Room 2 ,Old Bhavan,Porumamilla
54Govt. Junior College Room No.5 Porumamilla,Porumamilla
55Grama Sachivalayam, New Building Hall, Porumamilla,Porumamilla
57Anganwadi Building, Gramasachivalayam Compound,Porumamilla
60Zp High School, Staff Room, Tekurpeta,Tekurpeta
Prabhalaveedu 126M.P.U.P.S. Kotha Bhavanam,Prabhalvidu
Pullareddipall 19Mandal Parishat Elementary School South,Pullareddipalli
Pulliveedu 74Mpups,Pulliveedu
Puttayapalli 170Mpups,Puttayapalli
Rachayapeta 236Zpp H, New B_ 6Th Class,Rachayapet
238Zpphs, N_B, 10 Class, West,Rachayapeta
Rachayapeta Vadde Agraharam Chennavaram 237Zp Hs New Building, 8Th Class, Rachayapeta,Rachayapeta, Vadde Agraharam, Chennavaram
Raghunadhapuram 139M.P.P.School,Raghunadhapuram,Raghunadhapuram
Rajasahebpet 64Mpele.School,Rajasahebpet H/O Cherlopalli
Rajupalem 10Mpup School,Rajupalem
178Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Rajupalem
Rajupalem H/ Munnelli 113Mpes (East Wing),Munnelli H/O Rajupalem
Rampadu 95M.P.P.School,Rampadu,Rampadu
Ranga Samudram 71Mandala Samakya Sikchana Kendram,Rangasamudram
Rangasamudram 67Mpes Hw North Wing,Rangasamudram H.W.
68Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Rangasamudram Harijanawada
69Mp Office, West Room, Staff Room,Rangasamudram
70M.P.D.O. Office,Rangasamudram
72Dy.E.Engr(Pr)Staff Room,Rangasamudram
73Deputy E.E(P.R) Chamber, Rangasamudram,Rangasamudram
Rcm Es H.W(N.R)Mamillapalli 12Bsankavaram 1011B 12R.C.M.P.Patashala U_G, Mamillapalli,Mamillapalli
Reddi Kottala 101Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Reddikottala H/Okatheragandla
Reddipalli 1Mandal Parishad Elementary School,Reddipalli
Rikshacolony Sivarama Krishnanagar 1 2 3 45 165Mp Elementary School,Sarvasikshya Abhiyan,Vidyangr,Rikshacolony, Sivarama Krishnanagar 1, 2, 3 , 4,5
S.Kamakunta)Payalakuntla 121Mpp , S_S,N_B,Payalakuntla
S.Markapuram 42Mpele.School,S.Markapuram
S.Pappanapalli 120M.P.P. School New Building,Porumamilla
S.Venkatapuram 189M.P.P.School,,S.Venkatapuram
Sankavaram 25M.P.P.School ,,Sankavaram
Savisettipalli 103Mpele.School,New Building.,Savisettipalli
Savisettipalli Majra Vaddamanu 107M.P.P School,Vaddemanu.,Vaddamanu
Siddamurthypalli 15Mmpe School, West Room, Siddamurthipalli,Siddamurthipalle
Siddana Kitchaayana Palli 37M.P.P.School,Siddakinchayapalli,Siddakichayapalli
Siddvaram H/O Agraharam 78Mpp School,Boppapuram
Singarayapalli 9M.P.P.Patashala Singarayapalli,Singarayapalli
Sivanagar Pusalavada Thyagaraja Colony H/O Mvpalli 210Zphs Office Room, Pusalavada,Sivanagar Pusalavada Thyagaraja Colony H/O Mvpalli
Skd Nagar Noor Basha Colony Smt Ngrmarket Yard 216St Paul Up School, Old Building, West Side,Mvpalli,Skd Nagar, Noor Basha Colony, Smt Ngr,Market Yard
Sumithra Nagar H/O Madakalavari Palli 214St Paul Up School, Office Room, Mv Palli,Sumithra Nagar H/O Madakalavari Palli
T Sandra Palli Buchenapalli 240Mpups West Side Class, Sandrapalli,,T Sandra Palli, Buchanapalli
T. Sandrapalli 239Mpups,W_S, 7 Class,Sandrapalle
Tamballapalli 182M.P.P.S.Old Build, West Side,Tamballagondi
Tekuru Peta 59Z.P.P H.School E_B,Tekurpet
Tekurupeta 61Mandal Parishat Elementary School(U),Tekurpet
Tellapadu 22Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Tellapadu
Thamballa Gondi 183M.P.E.S, New Buil, Western,Tamballagondi,
Thangedupalli 128M.P.U.P.S.Kotha Bhavanam,Tangeduplli
Thipparajupalli 129M.P.D.O. Office,Rangasamudram
Thokala Palli 63Mpp School, Thokala Palli,Thokala Palli
Thumma Lapalle 127M.P.P.S B.Mattam And Badvel Este,Tummulpalle
Timmareddy Palli 62Grama Schivalayam,Thimmareddy Palli.,Timmareddipalli
Tippanapalli 177M.P.Ele .School,.Sarva Sikshaabhiyan,Thippanapalli,Thippanapalle
Tiruvengalapuram 134Mandal Parishat Elementary School Ew,Thiruvengalapuram
Tsallagirigela 81Mpes(N.Wing),Tsallagirigela
Uppaluru 89Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Uppalur
Uppativaripalli 174M.P.P.School,,Uppathivaripalli
Valasalapalem 180Mp Elementary School, Valasapalem,Valasalapalem
Vallelavaripalli Hw 230Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Show Thryam Ramapuram
Vanampula Majara Nandipalli 159Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Nandipalli
Vanamupula Majra Balayapalli 158Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Balayapalli
Vankamarri 108Mppps,Vankamarri
Varikunta 199Mpes,Varikunta
Veerapalli 166Rcmup Ele.S. 7Th Class New Buil,Veerapalli
Veerapalli Siddugari Palli Mallam Peta 167Rcm Ele School, New Building 5Th Class,Veerapalli,Veerapalli, Siddugari Palli, Mallam Peta
Vemalur 197Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Vemalur
Venkatasettipalli 176Mpeps,Venkatasettipa
Venkatramapuram 84Mandal Parishat Elementary School,Venkatramapuram ,
Yello Palli 83M.P.P.School,Ellovapalli,Ellovapalli

Last Updated on August 22, 2014