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Polling Booth in Sabang Assembly Constituency

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Sabang Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Sabang

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sabang Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Basantapur Jhareswar Bani Bhaban Uchitpur822Uchitpur
2Basantapur Primary School336Basantapur
3Debhog Special Cadre Primary School638Debhog
4Debhog Lodhapara Primary School565Debhog
5Bhishindipur Junior High School992Bhishindipur Patna
6Kharpara Prathamik School788Debhog
7Bhiknibatitaki Shishu Shiksha Kendra474Bhikni Batitaki
8Moglanichak Primary School874Mogiani Chak Part-II
9Boalia Batitaki Primary School338Boalia Batitaki
10Lakshya Primary School776Lakshya
11Sabang Sajanikanta Mahavidyalaya541Uttar Mathura
13Temathani Pallishree Board Primary Vidyalaya600Lutunia
14Bhikninishchintapur Board Primary School729Dakshin Mathura
15Benedighi Junior High School1125Uchudiha
16Bhiknibatitaki Primary School556Kuchaipur
17Benedighi Batitaki Ssk366Benyadighi Batitaki
18Sholageria Batitaki Primary School836Andulia
19Shrirampur Primary School675Shrirampur
20Gumai Primary School356Gumai Batitaki
21Barjiban Shishu Shiksha Kendra599Barjiban
22Julkapur Board Primary School622Julkapur
23Julkapur Mansa Mandir Icds578Julkapur
24Badalpur Junior Basic School At Dihibadalpur1143Dihi Badalpur
25Chakbadalpur Prathamik Vidyalaya527Chak Badalpur
26Banhala Prathamik Vidyalaya919Banhala
27Jarura Prathamik Vidyalaya773Jorura
28Bhua Prathamik Vidyalaya455Bhua
29Nowgan Board Prathamik Vidyalaya961Naoyagan
30Fatechak Primary School629Naoyagan
31Manikara Part Basic Prathamik Vidyalaya696Manikara
32Sansahara Prathamik Vidyalaya473San Sahara
33Barasahra Board Prathamik Vidyalaya719Bar Sahara
35Malpar Bibekananda Siksha Niketan1097Malpar
36Churka Prathamik Vidyalaya506Chur Kaswargerya
37Krishnapalashi Board Primary School764Krishna Palashi
38Chakgopinath Shishu Shiksha Kendra600Chalk Gopinath
39Haripura Shishu Shiksha Kendra422Haripura
40Belki Board Prathamik Vidyalaya1144Belki Batitaki
41Singpur Prathamik Vidyalaya953Singpur Fatechar
42Badalpur High School511Nasra
43Barasati Ssk432Chandkuri Batitaki
44Chandkuri Union High School1055Singpur Fatechar
45Nilatalda Prathamik Bidylay881Dontarda
46Nila Ssk437Nankarnila
47Barkamal Prathamik Vidyalaya406Tegharibarkamal
48Khalageria Prathamik Vidyalaya895Khalagerya
49Krishnajibanchak Shishu Shiksha Kendra478Krishnajibanchak
50Danrra 2 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya936Danrra
51Danrra 1 No. Primary School1004Danrra
52Sundarpur Primary School506Sundarpar
53Kanaisole Primary School704Ghonapota
54Khelna Satyananda Bidyayatan Prathamik Vidyalaya563Khelna
55Khelna Satgechiya Icds739Khelna
56Deuli Nilkantha Prathamik Vidyalaya849Chak Chandpal
57Deuli Kalasbar Ramkrishna Vidyapith761Kaslasbar
58Sanchahara Shishu Shiksha Kendra541Sanchahara
59Barachahara Board Prathamik Vidyalaya689Barachahara
60Barachahara Purbapara Prathamik Vidyalaya979Barachahara
61Khajuri Garls High School630Khajuri
62Khajuri (Balichak) Primary School523Khajuri
63Nankar Prathamik Vidyalaya323Dashagram Nankar
64Ramchak Shishu Shiksha Kendra900Ramchak
65Dasagram Muslim Pally Primary School877Dasha Gram
66Dashagram Satishchandra Shikshasadan(High School)719Dasha Gram
67Dehati Prathamik Vidyalaya682Dewati
68Mashagram Prathamik Vidyalaya684Mashagrm
69Khaukhanda Prathamik Vidyalaya532Khan Khanda
70Dashagram Harekrishna Junior Basic Primary Vidyalaya1124Dasha Gram
71Chaksafi Shishu Shiksha Kendra429Kolanda
72Kolanda 1 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya558Kolanda
73Guadangri Primary School672Khan Khanda
74Koptipur Board Prathamik Vidyalaya903Koptipur
75Bilkua Saptagram High School799Chak Safi
76Rautarabadi Board Primary School985Routara Bari
77Bangaldari Primary School323Keshyabheri
78Birkota 2 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya668Birkota
79Chandagobra Primary School607Birkota
80Satsai Prathamik Vidyalaya661Satsai
81Birkota 1 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya660Chhatarkol
82Adasimla 3 No. Primary School610Adasimla
83Uttar Adasimla 1 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya729Adasimla
84Banai Rajbala Primary School1062Banai
85Banai Basanti Vidyapith1007Bhadulya
86Adasimla Deshpran Vidyapith (High School)772Adasimla
87Sarisa Primary School851Sarisa
88Sarta Taraknath Institution650Sartla
90Rampura Prathamik Vidyalaya934Jhikurya
91Laro Special Cadre Prathamik Vidyalaya701Laro
92Laro Muslim Pally Ssk518Laro
93Krorda Prathamik Biyalay899Krorda
94Chhina Prathamik Vidyalaya531Chhina
95Kharika Bibekananda Vidyayatan High School635Kharika
96Ghushinga Ssk542Kharika
97Parashpur Prathamik School822Parashpur
99Ashapura Prathamik Vidyalaya Nedhua724Nedhua
100Chaulkhola Shishu Shiksha Kendra493Chaulkhola
101Deulpota Primary School755Deulpota
102Nedhua Krishnabalaram Vidyamandir(High School)552Nedhua
103Dhamsai Deshapran Prathamik Vidyalaya969Nedhua
104Sundarpur Board Prathamik Vidyalaya Chaulkuri688Chaulkuri
105Sundarpur Kadalibheri Icds640Chaulkuri
106Andulia Kshudiram Icds664Pakuria Shyamkishor
107Andulia Brahmachandi Board Prathamik Bidyalayl791Andulia
108Chaulkuri High School990Chaulkuri
109Eral Prathamik Vidyalaya817Uttar Eral
110Eral Ssk369Uttar Eral
111Balisita Board Prathamik School At Narayanbarh672Narayanbar
112Shamkishore Primary School At Narayanbarh544Narayanbar
113Narayanbarh 1 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya715Narayanbar
114Manoharpur Primary School691Manoharpur
115Dakshin Bansbani Primary School705Amarbar
116Uttar Bansbani Board Prathamik Bidlyalay625Uttar Banshbani
117Khepal Prathamik Vidyalaya720Khepal
118Rambar Balika Uchcha Vidyalaya383Rambar
119Bikalbar 1 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya611Bikalbar
120Kalyanpur Primary Vidyalaya1082Shelya
121Bhanjapur Shishu Shiksha Kendra621Bhanjapur
122Basudebpur Ssk496Birbhanupur
123Hariharpur Centrally Sponsored Prathamik Vidyalaya738Hariharpur
124Gopalchak Prathamik Vidyalaya384Gopal Chak
125Kapasda Junior Basic School999Kapasda
126Kapasda Paikan Prathamik Vidyalaya911Kapasda
127Kundara Prathamik Vidyalaya1011Kundara
128Gumai Prathamik Vidyalaya528Gumai
129Benia Prathamik Vidyalaya517Benia
130Kapal Lochan Primary School510Sabang
131Balarampur Board Prathamik Vidyalaya843Sabang
132Dangabari Primary School825Sabang
133Parashurampur Primary School567Sabang
134Sabang Saradamayi Uchchamadhyamik Vidyalaya861Sabang
135Bagberia Ssk721Sabang
136Sabang Saminuddin Primary School1055Sabang
137Gourbarh Prathamik Vidyalaya709Sabang
138Harirhat Anathsmriti Balika Vidyalaya Sabang814Sabang
139Kundalpal Batitaki Primary School666Jalabindu
140Kundalpal Kiranbala Bidyamandir743Kundalpal
141Kundalpal Part Basic School755Kundalpal
142Nakindi I.C.D.S. Centre397Nakindi
143Saota Prathamik Vidyalaya902Rusunchak
144Sindurmuri Prathamik Vidyalaya808Sabang
145Sautpara Prathamik School1019Sabang
146Ruinan Prathamik Vidyalaya920Ruinan
147Ruinan Junior High School655Ruinan
148Harnan Prathamik Vidyalaya561Ruinan
150Rakutia Gonra Prathamik Vidyalaya689Harnan
151Gonra Icds746Gora
152Birthama Prathamik Vidyalaya956Jhulbuli
153Nischinta Sitaleswari Primary School304Nischinta
154Khagrageria Junior High School1133Khagragerya
155Khagrageria Jogda Satsang Prathamik Vidyalaya708Gotgrya
156Panithar Rudreswar Prathamik Vidyalaya803Ambigerya
157Sankhadiha Prathamik Vidyalaya817Sankhadiha
158Sannyasibarh Prathamik Vidyalaya432Sanyasibar
159Hitaljore Prathamik Vidyalaya547Hetaljor
160Sindurda Prathamik Vidyalaya569Sindurda
161Balpai Pashupati Vidyapith (High School)1107Balpai
162Balpai Prathamik Vidyalaya711Balpai
163Panpara Primary School839Panpara
164Panpara Balpai Ssk687Panpara
165Tilantapara Upendra Mahendra Memorial High School701Tilantapara
166Jhaparara Primary School731Tilantapara
167Shaliara Prathamik Vidyalaya561Saliyara
168Beuncha Prathamik Vidyalaya544Baincha
169Perua Junior Basic School646Perua
170Perua Msk680Perua
171Handol Prathamik Vidyalaya699Handal
173Tulsichak Prathamik Vidyalaya818Tulsi Chak
174Khanbichak Primary School535Khanbi Chak
175Chhotokhelna High School778Chhota Khelna
176Chhotokhelna Prathamik Vidyalaya1112Chhota Khelna
177Ghusumpukur Prathamik Vidyalaya654Maligram
179Maligram 2 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya1034Maligram
180Maligram Dakshinpara Prathamik Vidyalaya606Maligram
182Dakshin Kalapunja Prathamik Vidyalaya1047Dakshin Kalapunja
183Naya M.S.K746Naya
184Naya Primary School873Naya
186Panchthubi Prathamik Vidyalaya668Uttar Kalakunja
187Panchthubi Jr. High School543Panchthupi
188Maligram 1 No. Prathamik Bidyalay(Purba)882Maligram
189Maligram 1 No. Prathamik Bidyalay (Paschim)1041Maligram
190Agarara Prathamik Vidyalaya662Agarara
191Maligram Maktab Prathamik Vidyalaya377Maligram
193Keleara Prathamik Vidyalaya911Keleyara
195Laksmipari 2 No. Pry. School757Lakshmi Pari
196Lakshmipari 1 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya554Lakshmi Pari
197Bhantia Prathamik Vidyalaya586Bhatia
198Naratha Prathamik Vidyalaya859Naratha
199Nungodar Primary School1109Nungodar
200Maligeria Prathamik Vidyalaya1020Beluria
201Ghol Barisha Prathamik Vidyalaya590Barisha
202Uttarbar Primary School735Uttar Bar
203Beluria 1 No. Pry. School539Beluria
204Beluria 2 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya689Beluria
205Bagnabar High School986Baguabar
206Barisha High School789Barisha
207Barisha Primary School879Barisha
208Narangadighi Primary Bidyalay (Uttar)1103Naranga Dighi
209Narangadighi Primary Bidyalay (Dakshin)737Naranga Dighi
210Narangadighi Icds Centre504Naranga Dighi
211Tildaganj S.S.K.741Tildaganja
212Jalchak Garbhitar Prathamik Vidyalaya615Jalchak
213Jalchak Board Primary School802Jalchak
214Jalchak N.N. Vidyayatan(High School) (Paschimangsha)668Jalchak
215Tilda Pry. School794Jalchak
217Jalchak Balika Vidyalaya (High School)779Jalchak
218Paschimchak Prathamik Vidyalaya742Paschim Chak
219Paschimchak New Pry. School730Paschim Chak
220Gokulchak Primary School811Gokul Chak
221Janhat Sagarpura Prathamik Bidyalay (Uttar)1125Jan Hat
223Bhemua Uttar Para Primary School808Bhemwa
224Bhemua Atalbihari High Schhol605Bhemwa
225Dakshinbar Prathamik Vidyalaya826Dakshinbar
226Barbhemua Ssk465Bhemwa
227Radhakantapur Prathamik Vidyalaya802Radhakantapur
228Teghori Icds407Teghari
229Khorai Board Prathamik Vidyalaya733Khorai
230Nilot Prathamik Vidyalaya670Nilhat
231Bhemua R.T. Garls High Schhol625Bhemwa
232Khorai Junior High School448Khorai
233Amda Gopalpur Primary Schhol640Amda
235Basantapur Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra507Basantapur
236Gopalpur Prathamik Vidyalaya461Gopalpur
237Raybarh Prathamik Vidyalaya382Raybar
238Gobindapur Dinabandhu Primary School777Gobindapur
239Janakibar Prathamik Vidyalaya779Kerurbar
240Kishorpur Prathamik Schhol828Kishorpur
241Laubarh Ssk At Bhemua529Mahishamura
242Shyamsundarpur Ramkrishna Bidyapith High School734Amda
243Shyamsundarpur Primary School955Shyamsundarpur
244Chakmadhab Primary School731Dubrajpur
245Dubrajpur 2 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya700Dubrajpur
246Dubrajpur 1 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya1075Dubrajpur
247Dubrajpur Purba Msk728Dubrajpur
248Basulya 2 No. Primary School1126Basulya
249Bashulya 1 No. Prathamik Vidyalaya757Basulya
250Chandpur Prathamik Vidyalaya843Basulya
251Mohar Bidyasundari Primary School860Mohar
252Mohar Madhyapara Primary Vidyalaya609Mohar
253Mohar Barabari Primary School619Mohar
254Mohar Purba Sai Primary Vidyalaya940Mohar
256Mohar Maktab Primary School554Mohar
257Mohar Kanuchak Prathamik Vidyalaya808Mohar
258Khasmahal Board Prathamik Vidyalaya1079Nimkimohar
260Nimkimohar Prathamik Vidyalaya1091Nimkimohar
261Seulipur Shishu Shiksha Kendra465Shiulipur
262Mohar Batitaki Prathamik Vidyalaya523Behari Chak
263Katina Prathamik Vidyalaya816Katina
264Shyamchakbarda Shishu Shiksha Kendra774Barada
265Barda Prathamik Vidyalaya982Barada
266Shitalda Purbasai Primary School894Shitalda
267Uddhabpur Primary School944Urdhabpur
268Uddhabpur Kalapunja Ssk340Urdhabpur
269Uchitpur High School874Uchitpur
270Bahabalpur Prathamik Vidyalaya706Bahaibalpur
271Barkuilya Upendra Primary School321Barkulya
272Kerur High School1084Kerur
273Gundut Prathamik Vidyalaya836Gundut
274Harikura Ssk796Gundut
275Bural Msk364Bural
276Bural Hat Prathamik Vidyalaya837Bural
277Shitalda Board Primary School724Shitalda
279Bural Junior Basic School775Bural
281Bural Prbasai Prathamik Vidyalaya1133Baharkundara
282Rambhadrapur High Schhol1063Rambhadrapur
283Ramabhadrapur 2 No. Primary Vidyalaya989Rambhadrapur
284Bishnupur Satbetia Prathamik Vidyalaya901Bishnupur
285Bishnupur Paschim Bandh Ssk723Bishnupur
286Lok Pith Bibekananda High School At Bishnupur426Bishnupur
287Masumpur Riyasad Balika Vidyalaya908Mashumpur
288Kulbheri Prathamik Vidyalaya908Mashumpur
289Nejibheri Tapshili High School At Daspur1017Shalmara
290Daspur Primary School686Mangrajpur
291Bishnupur Pubbandh Primary School880Bishnupur
292Bishnupur (Ghole) Primary School554Bishnupur
293Bishnupur Union High School676Bishnupur
294Lokepith Vivekananda High School At Bishnupur598Bishnupur
295Bishnupur New Primary School715Mangrajpur
296Makramichak Prathamik Vidyalaya839Makramnichak
297Jagannath Chak Shishu Shiksha Kendra549Jagannath Chak
298Madhabchak Primary School724Chak Madhab
300Shibchak Purbapara Prathamik Vidyalaya870Lejibheri
301Madhabchak Icds446Chak Madhab
302Murarichak Primary Vidyalaya619Murarichak
303Murarichak Icds550Murarichak
304Nonamadhabchak Prathamik Vidyalaya848Markanda Chak
305Markandachak Primary School723Markanda Chak
306Kalidahachara Primary Vidyalaya805Kalidahachara

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