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Polling Booth in Ranaghat Uttar Purba Assembly Constituency

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Ranaghat Uttar Purba Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Ranaghat Uttar Purba

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ranaghat Uttar Purba Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Char Satpota Primary School791Satpota
2Chhotamuragachha Prathamik Vidyalaya624Muragachha
4Gayesh Primary School503Gayes
6Haladipada En.Es.Si.Pi.Bi.Bidyaniketan937Haldipara
8Hatishala Pri. School697Hatisala
10Pirpur Primary School673Mamjoani
11Suryapur Primary School977Mamjoani
12Daluigram Primary School870Patkabari
15Mamjoan Primary School678Mamjoani
16Krishna Gobindapur Primary School540Mamjoani
17New Patikabari Netaji Vidyapith1131Patkabari
18Jaynarayanpur Primary School1093Patkabari
19Mamjoan Shyamacharan Bidyapith649Mamjoani
21Bad Mudagachha Primary School866Muragachha
25Bad Mudagachha Es. En. Bidyamandir684Muragachha
27Bagula Shteshanapada Primary School766Bagula (CT)
29Bakuldebi Smriti S.S.K Center635Bagula (CT)
31Muragachha Colony Junior Basic School661Muragachha
34Muragachha Feeding Center815Muragachha
35Muragachha Dargatala Primary School1050Muragachha
36Bagula Hahsehskul959Bagula (CT)
39Sahapur Primary School1094Sahapur
41Bagula College Para 1No Primary: School (Aasarpara)914Bagula (CT)
42Bagula Haranchandra Sharatchandra Srikrishna Girls High School1003Bagula (CT)
45Bagula Shrikrishn Kalej948Bagula (CT)
50Uttar Madna Sardar Para Primary School918Madna
51Hatibanda Primary School681Hatibandha
52Shantinagar Jr. High School586Hatibandha
53KuthipadaBhabanipur JiEsPrimary School531Bagula (CT)
55Bhabanipur High School665Bhabanipur
57Bagula Purbapada High School551Bagula (CT)
60Durgapur Primary School851Paschim Harindanga
62Chatkatala Feeding Center1016Kaikhali
63Kaikhali Feeding Centre796Kaikhali
64Haritala Tarakdas Vidyapith935Paschim Harindanga
65Pashchim Harinadanga Primary School839Paschim Harindanga
67Uttar Bhaina Govt.Sponsored Free Primary School710Bhayna
69Kakhali Primary School966Kaikhali
71Harinadanga Bord Primary School1083Paschim Harindanga
73Bhayana Yashodamani Junior High School778Bhayna
75Bhayana Purbapada Primary School910Bhayna
77Purbaharindanga Primary School(Panditpur)920Purba Harindanga
78Panditapur Purb Harinadanga Primary School933Pandit Pur
80Malsadah Primary School526Malsadaha
81Ramanagar Badachupadiya-2Nogramapanchayet Afis1045Ulasi
83Ulasi Je. Es. Bidyapith (Uchch)833Ulasi
85Bayardingi Primary School869Bayardengi
86Rupdaha Ajoy Vidyapith681Bayardengi
87Rupdah Ajay Vidyapith875Bayardengi
88Shilabediya Primary School874Silbaria
90Nagorpota Primary School956Nagarpota
91Ghugaragachhi Primary School753Bayardengi
93Umarpur Primary School840Umarpur
94Umarpur Jr. High School504Umarpur
95Bairampur Primary School934Nebutala
96Chhot Chupadiya Primary School1012Chupria
99Bad Chupadiya Primary School651Chupria
101Bara Chupria New Primary School841Chupria
103Pakhiura Primary School1039Umarpur
105Ramanagar Uchch Vidyalaya922Ramnagar
107Kumari Primary School1000Ramnagar
108Ramanagar Purbapada Primary School594Ramnagar
110Kunchemora Primary School1074Hajrapur
111Hazrapur Netaji Prathimik Vidyalaya806Hajrapur
112Hajarapur High School611Hajrapur
113Jhamaldanga Prathamik Vidyalaya441Barahata
114Barhatta Converted Junior Basic School928Barahata
115Narayanapur Bord Primary School817Arranghata Narayanpur
117Narayanpur Mathpara Primary School975Arranghata Narayanpur
118Narayanapur State Plan Prathamik Vidyalaya959Arranghata Narayanpur
119Haranathapur Khosalapur Primary School581Arranghata Narayanpur
121Kutipada Prathamik Vidyalaya591Arranghata Narayanpur
123Jugalkishor Prathamik Vidyalaya978Arranghata Narayanpur
124Jugolkishor Prathamick Vidyalaya584Arranghata Narayanpur
126Aranghata High Attach G.S.F.P School1093Arranghata Narayanpur
128Aranghata U.M. Institution (New Building)895Arranghata Narayanpur
131Aranghata Girls High601Arranghata Narayanpur
133Upendranagar Prathamik Vidyalaya789Arranghata Narayanpur
134Sealdanga Primary School917Arranghata Narayanpur
135Bahiragachhi High School609Bahirgachhi
139Bahiragachhi Primary School782Bahirgachhi
141Hemayetpur Converted Junior Basic School1024Hatubhanga
142Hatubhanga Primary School837Hatubhanga
143Biswanathpur G.S.F.P School985Shibchandrapur
144Bishbanathapur Prathamik Bidyalay (Pashchim Pada)1049Shibchandrapur
145Pratapagad Primary School1051Bahirgachhi
148Kamadanga Special Kedar Primary School543Kamdanga
149Aandipur Chak Primary School364Andipur Chak
150Daluabari Kalipur Anchalik Shiksha Pratisthan505Doluabari
151Uttararameshwarpur Brajendra Primary School400Uttar Rameshwarpur
152Doliabari Uttar Vivekananda Prathamik Vidyalaya820Doluabari
153Vivekananda Uttar Prathamik Vidyalaya615Doluabari
155Petua Primary School570Petuapur
157Kalipur Primary School682Kalipur
158Kulagachhi Prathamik Vidyalaya977Kulgachi
160Bhatbhanga Prathamik Vidyalaya625Bhat Bhanga
161Darappur Primary School757Bhat Bhanga
162BaranabediyaKe.Es.Bidyalay(Hai School)713Baranbaria
164BaranabediyaJunior Basic Vidyalaya847Baranbaria
166Habaspur Primary School674Kalupur
167Kalupur Primary School852Kalupur
168Narayanapur Prathamik Vidyalaya703Kalupur
169Kalupur Uchha Prathamik Vidyalaya713Kalupur
170Shrirampur Purnatirtha Primary School816Shrirampur
172Mansahati Aajahar Aali Prathamik Vidyalaya1049Duttapulia
173Kanibamni Primary School639Kanibamani
176Kalinagar Stateplan Prathamik Vidyalaya952Kalinagar
177Duttapulia G.S.F.P School659Duttapulia
179Duttapulia Union Academy (H.S) Boys758Duttapulia
183Duttapulia Nutan Gram Vivekananda Prathamik Vidyalaya991Duttapulia
185Chandipur Bidhan Prathamik Vidyalaya911Duttapulia
187Barbariya United Prathamik Vidyalaya765Barabaria
188Barberiya Safiuddin Prathamik Vidyalaya567Barabaria
190Barbariya Colony Free Primary School834Barabaria
193Barbaria Purbapara Kalitala S.S.K995Barabaria
194Duttapulia Union Academy(Girls)1136Barabaria
195Nathkura State Plan Primary School941Nathkura
197Kushaberia State Plan Prathamik Vidyalaya649Kusbaria
201Kiranchandra Primary School678Huda
202Nathkura Board Free Primary School874Huda
203Majadia Prathamik Vidyalaya891Maijdia
204Shaktipara Pry. School602Maijdia
205Shibapur Prathamik Vidyalaya646Maijdia
207Hossenpur Prathamik Vidyalaya515Hosenpur
210Kamalapur Junior Basic School484Kamalpur
211Bholadanga Primary School803Bholadanga
212Basta Primary School722Basta
214Jugol Kishore S.S. Sikshayatan694Basta
215Bira Pry. School876Bira Baria
216Sabdalpur Bipinbihari Prathamik Vidyalaya719Sabdalpur
218Bhatsa Prathamik Vidyalaya711Sabdalpur
221ChurnisaluaG.S.F.Primary School521Goalsalua
223Salua Gatepara Primary School800Goalsalua
225Panchaberia High School704Panchbaria
228Raghunathapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1098Raghunathpur
229Jafaranagar Kathari Raghunathapur Swasthi Vidyapith779Raghunathpur
231Bankimanagar Aadarsh Bidyapith898Kesaipur
232Bankimnagar G.S.F.P School816Kesaipur
233Rajapur Primary School939Rajapur
234Keshaipur Pramathanath Primary School690Kesaipur
235Debipur Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya647Debipur
236Debipur Sishu Sikshya Kendra990Debipur
237Raghunathapur Hijuli-Ii No Grampanchyat Office633Halalpur Krishnapur (CT)
239Krishnapur Panchanan Bidyapith(Halalapur)1011Halalpur Krishnapur (CT)
240Jafaranagar (Uttar)Prathamik Vidyalaya775Uttar Para
243Katari Satsangha Prathamik Vidyalaya854Jafar Nagar
244Chandapur Free Primary School816Chandpur
246Daula Primary School826Daula
250Dharendrapur Kamini Bala Primary School456Daula
252Shikri Primary School909Shikri
253Sarada Pally Prathamik Vidyalaya783Shikri
254Purbanowapara Prathamik Vidyalaya698Purbanoapara
256Indubala Ghosh Smriti Madhyamik Sikshyakendra659Purbanoapara
258Krishnanagar D.C.High School597Krishnanagar
261Gitarani Prathamik Vidyalaya877Kamalpur
262Kamalpur Prathamik Vidyalaya1043Kamalpur
264Aandulpota Primary School540Andulpota
266Harishpur Primary School693Harishpur
267Sankarpur Sukanta Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya984Sankarpur
269Sankarpur Prathamik Vidyalaya705Sankarpur
270Ramesh Chandra Mondal Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya1008Sankarpur
271Dhantala Prathamik Vidyalaya759Dhantala
275Dhantala High School726Dhantala

Last Updated on December 26, 2014