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Polling Booth in Ranaghat Dakshin Assembly Constituency

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Ranaghat Dakshin Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Ranaghat Dakshin

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ranaghat Dakshin Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Durgapur Bidya Niketan733Durgapur
2Durgapur Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya975Durgapur
5Mahishyapara Prathamick Vidyalaya799Raghabpur (CT)
6Raghobpur Nababango Jr.High School1247Raghabpur (CT)
9Raghabapur Converted Jr. Basic School931Raghabpur (CT)
11Panapada Convarted Jr. Basic School (Nutan)Pah988Panpara (CT)
15Doharapad Primary School1027Doharpar
16Habibapur Gram Panchayet Office Habibapur672Habibpur
18Kalaighata Prathamik Vidyalaya740Kalaighata
20Dakshin Habibapur Prathimak Vidyalaya750Kalaighata
22Habibapur High School1015Habibpur
25Haritala Colony Prathamick Vidyalaya1110Habibpur
26Dangapada Primary School958Habibpur
27Narayan Nagar Prathamik Vidyalaya977Habibpur
28Beldanga Prathamick Vidyalaya791Habibpur
29Majadiya Ninm Buniyadi Vidyalaya909Majdia
31South Bishnupur Fisaramyan Co: Opt: Socity Office1018Dakshin Bishnupur
32Chengdahara Primary School555Aram Danga
34Gajipur Convarted Jr. Basic School618Gazipur
36Kashinathpur M.S.K628Gazipur
37Podamath Tiladanga Primary School658Gazipur
38Purbatarapur Primary School1122Tarapur
40Tarapur Gram Panchayet Office919Tarapur
41Sureshanagar Junior Basic School1007Jhau Mahal
42Sureshnagar S.S.K772Suresh Nagar
43Nawpara Junior Basic School1029Paschim Noapara
45Nawpara High School1009Paschim Noapara
46Bajramari Prathamick Vidyalaya745Paschim Noapara
47Mashunda Rupantarit Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya1079Mashunda
48Beleyati Prathamik Vidyalaya567Beleati
49Bidyanandapur Prathamik Vidyalaya663Budya Nandapur
51Sahebadanga Sundaribala Rupantarit Nimna Buniyadi Bidya744Sundalpur Char
53Nutan Pada Prathamik Vidyalaya707Sundalpur Char
54Bhuaniyapada Prathamik Vidyalaya773Sundalpur Char
55Gosaichar Kanabharated Junior Basic School609Gosair Char
57Paschim Shambhupur Netaji Bidyaniketan High School1013Sat Sambhuganj
59Nandighat Bord Prathamik Vidyalaya1078Nandighat
61Sreenathpur C.L.R.C. Building1025Satigachha (CT)
62Srinathpur Prathamick Vidyalaya844Satigachha (CT)
63Lokanathanagar Kunjabiharidas Prathamik Vidyalaya943Satigachha (CT)
65Biharilal Prathamik Bidyalay (Mathapada)437Satigachha (CT)
66Aanuliya High School827Anulia (CT)
69Aanuliya Bord Primary School1123Anulia (CT)
71Pulinanagar Tafashili Primary School934Satigachha (CT)
73Jadab Pally G.S.F.P. School755Ghora Gachha
75Nandighat G.S.F.P School452Kayet Para
77Briddhakol Prathamik Vidyalaya874Briddhakol
78Gudapada Prathamik Vidyalaya727Gurpara
79Paraniyamatapur Prathamik Vidyalaya846Par Niamatpur
80Natun Shibpur Prathamick Vidyalaya826Par Niamatpur
81Jagapur Primary School1115Jagapur
82Bhagirath Prathamik Vidyalaya673Nakadi
84Prafullanagar Prathamik Vidyalaya938Ukhil Nara
87Pritinagar Bhudebsmriti Bidyapith For Girls High School703Parbbatipur (CT)
89Pritinagar 2 No Kaloni Primary School (Baninagar)1218Ukhil Nara
902 No. Ukilnara Prathamick Vidyalaya1132Ukhil Nara
91Pritinagar 2 No G.S.F.P. School (Puratan)979Parbbatipur (CT)
93Nutan Gopalapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1019Gopalpur (CT)
95Pritinagar Bhudeb Smriti Bidyapith H.S. School462Gopalpur (CT)
99Payaradanga G.S.F.P.School852Parbbatipur (CT)
103Gopalapur Specialcader Prathamik Vidyalaya945Gopalpur (CT)
105Chapra Prathamik Vidyalaya1043Chapra
109Purb Shambhupur Prathamik Vidyalaya897Purba Sambhupur
110Nabajiban Milan Sanmelani (Klab)708Halalpur Krishnapur (CT)
112Nutan Gram G.S.F.Primary School1078Hijuli (CT)
115Narayanpara Primary School1039Hijuli (CT)
116Hijuli Shikshaniketan730Hijuli (CT)
121Hijuli G. S. F. Primary School658Hijuli (CT)
123Shantinagar Jnanadasundari Prathamik Vidyalaya1016Hijuli (CT)
124Barendranagar Primary School803Jafar Nagar
125Eruli Prathamik Vidyalaya781Eruli
127Sarishadanga Dr. Shyamaprasad High School891Sarisadanga
128Mondal Pukuria Primary School639Mondalpukuria
129Baliadanga Oriented Basic Primary School824Balia Danga
131Anishmali Gram Panchayet Office1139Balia Danga
132Purbanagar Aabulakalam Aajad Primaryskul940Purbanagar
133Purbanagar Board Primary School890Purbanagar
134Purba Putkhali Prathamik Bidyalay 1000Purba Puthkhali
135Uttar Khaspur Primary School420Uttarkhaspukur
136Khagradanga Primary School1001Khargadanga
137Sabaipur Primary School595Rakhalgachi
138Rakhalagachhi Prathamik Vidyalaya880Rakhalgachi
139Anishmali Prathamick Vidyalaya528Aismali
141Anishmali United Acadmey (High)674Aismali
142Anishmali United Primary School726Aismali
143Anishmali Paschimpara Prathamick Vidyalaya773Aismali
146Chinapukuria SPPrimary School753Chinapukuria
147Laxmipur Surerkhal Prathamick Vidyalaya1015Mollabaria
148Harachandrapur Primary School963Matikumra
149Kuti Para Prathamick Vidyalaya980Matikumra
150Kutirpara Prathamick Vidyalaya668Matikumra
151Matikumra S.S.K500Matikumra
152Matikumra Primary School679Matikumra
155Ranaghat Primary Marketing Co-Opertive Society Ltd.638Nokari
156Nokari Grampanchayat Office577Nokari
157Nokari Govt.Sponsorad Free Primary School1045Nokari
158Kharida Chapra S.S.K627Nokari
159Purnanagar Purnachandra High School573Nokari
160S.I. Of School Ranaghat-I Circle864Hudapatila
161Dwarikanagar S.P. Pramary School849Hudapatila
163Rathatala Primary School887Ranaghat (CT)
165Rathtala High School639Ranaghat (CT)
167Raynagar Rohinikanta Prathamik Bidyapith582Raynagar
170Kutirsalua Sushilabala Prathamik Vidyalaya1136Raynagar
171Mudagachha Primary School672Muragachha
172Jiratapada Sitanath Primary School869Matikumra
173Magurakhali Prathamick Vidyalaya704Magurkhali (OG) (Part)
174Kirttinagar Primary School1101Magurkhali (OG) (Part)
176Panthapara Ambikasundari Primary School729Nasra (CT)
178Dayalnagar Special Cader Free Primary School1040Nasra (CT)
180Kumudnagar S.SK679Nasra (CT)
181Shyamnagar Primary School519Nasra (CT)
182Vivekananda Balika Vidyalaya1082Magurkhali (OG) (Part)
183Ranaghat Bidhanachandra Shikshayatan1081Magurkhali (OG) (Part)
184Mahila Shibir Superintendent Office400Magurkhali (OG) (Part)
185New C R E Primary School827Nasra (CT)
187Iswar Chandra Primary School913Cooper's Camp (NA + OG)
190Coopers Colony High School1011Cooper's Camp (NA + OG)
193Rabindra Bidyapith552Cooper's Camp (NA + OG)
195Ramkrishna Prathamick Vidyalaya549Cooper's Camp (NA + OG)
197Netaji Sebasing Prathamick Vidyalaya705Cooper's Camp (NA + OG)
201Coopers Notified Area Authority Office647Cooper's Camp (NA + OG)
202Coopers Camp N.A.A Office650Cooper's Camp (NA + OG)
203Coopers P.L Home Administrator Office565Cooper's Camp (NA + OG)
205Sukanta Smriti Primary School961Cooper's Camp (NA + OG)
208Kushuria Primary School545Kusharia
210Belaghadiya G.S.F Primary School364Belgharia (CT)
213Belaghadiya Netaji Vidyalaya1111Belgharia (CT)
215Patuli Mamani Primary School724Patuli
218Paschim Putkhali Primary School448Paschim Putkhali
219Ghatigachha Prathamik Vidyalaya709Ghatigachhi
221Mandal Pukuria Bhaktalila Primary School510Dayabari
223Dayabadi Primary School631Dayabari
225Mary Imaculate School707Dayabari
227Kumarshatpur Oriented Basic School949Kumarshatpur (P)
229Badyapur Bibekanand Bidyamandir658Baidyapur
232Paschim Shimulia Primary School826Paschim Simulia (P)
234Khaspur Primary School661Dakshin Khaspur
235Dakshin Dhakuria Primary School890Dakshin Dhakuria
237Naserkuli Rammohan Prathamick Vidyalaya558Nasherkuli
239Naserkuli Netaji Vidyalaya731Nasherkuli
241Ruppur Oriented Besic Primary School667Ruppur
243Baghadanga Bord Fri Primary School967Gopinagar Baghadanga
245Shridharapur Primary School826Shridharpur
247Uttar Dhakuria Banchari Prathamik Vidyalaya611Uttar Dhakuria
248Ghola Purbapara Janakalyan Prathamick Vidyalaya794Ghola
249Ghola Primary School709Ghola
251Sonatanpur Primary School649Korabari
252Korabari Kalidas Govt. Sponsard Free Pri. School554Korabari
254Shrikrishna Prathamik Vidyalaya955Korabari
255Gopinagar Govt. Sponsard Free Primary School613Gopinagar Baghadanga
257Bibekananda Bidyapith910Gopinagar Baghadanga
258Gangnapur High School656Gangnapur (CT)
260Gangnapur Special Cader Primary School709Gangnapur (CT)
262Gangnapur Girls High School538Gangnapur (CT)
264Gangnapurgovt.Sponsard Free Primary School1057Gangnapur (CT)
268Debagram Free Primary School605Debagram
270Debagram Netaji Vidyalaya688Debagram
272Debagram Pandepara Prathamik Vidyalaya834Debagram
274Debagram Matherapara Primary School635Debagram
276Humniapota Prathamick Vidyalaya543Humnipota
278Humniapota Prathamik Vidlyalaya910Humnipota
279Abdul Aajij High School811Humnipota
280Humniapota Purbapara G.S.F.P. School903Humnipota
281Gaurishail Gauripur Anandabidyapith726Gourisail
282Gourishail G.S.F.P.School1055Gourisail
283Purba Shimulia Prathamik Vidyalaya537Purba Simulia
285Majher Gram High School700Gangsara
288Parshanathpur Prathamik Vidyalaya782Gangsara
289Krishnapur E.Ke.Junihbesik School1078Gangsara
290Dubli S.S.K630Dubli
291Dubli Primary School1004Dubli
292Kamargaria Prathamik Vidyalaya1086Kamargaria
294Kamargeriya I.C.D.S Center756Kamargaria
295Ujirpukuria Sarada Bidyapith1137Uzirpukuria
296Ujirpukuria High School872Uzirpukuria
297Dakshin Rameswarpur Prathamik Vidyalaya555Dakshinrameswarpur
298Mithapur Rameswarpur Prathamik Vidyalaya705Mithapur
300Sijdia Bord Primary School925Sijdia
301Anantapur Govt.Sponsard Free Primary School681Anantapur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014