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Polling Booth in Rajarhat New Town Assembly Constituency

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Rajarhat New Town Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Rajarhat New Town

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Rajarhat New Town Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kadihati Kalinath High School843Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
3Ganti Kadihati Junior Basic School1071Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
9Narayanpur Beraberi F.P. School890Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
13Narayanpur G.S.F.P.School822Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
15Mridul Smriti Bidyamondir Brother Mishanari754Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
17Gopalpur Ramkumar Kamala Vidyalaya658Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
19Ghoshpara Beraberi F.P.School482Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
22Beraberi F.P School(Old)666Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
23Beraberi Purbapara F.P.School672Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
26Kamala Keshoyani Prathamik Vidyapith(Narendranagar)765Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
33Pallishri Building959Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
35Gopalpur F.P.School563Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
37Gopalpur Arjunpur 1 No. Puratan G.P. Office610Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
38Office Of Ward No.6687Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
46Dashadron F.P. School924Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
50Solua F.P. School622Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
52Atghara F.P. School547Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
53Ataghara F.P. School728Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
59Noapara F. P. School1095Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
61Vibekananda Junior High School752Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
64Hatiara High Madrasa639Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
65Hatiyara High Madrasa546Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
71Hatiara F.P.School610Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
72Hatiyara F.P.School673Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
77Hatiara Sardar Para F.P.School865Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
80Children Paradise K.G.School1070Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
82Hatiara Ananda Bhaban Balika Sikhalay899Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
84Purbachal Co.Op.Housing Society Ltd. Auditorium1050Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
88Ashwininagar J. N. Mandal Institution1004Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
92Jagatpur Adarsha Vidyalaya552Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
94Swamiji Palli Smriti Sangha829Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
97Jagatpur F.P School852Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
99Ujjal Sangha909Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
100Pramodgarh F.P.School636Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
102Promodgarh Sporting Club842Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
105Jyotinagar F.P.School1018Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
106Young Star Club918Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
107Milan Sangha Club1010Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
109Raigachhi F.P.School686Raigachhi (CT)
111Bibekanand Kaloni G.S.F.P School999Rekjuani (CT)
112Raigachhi High School997Raigachhi (CT)
113Harekrishn Smritipalli Kalyanasangstha625Bhatenda (CT)
115Kajinajarul Isalam Primary School(Urdu)772Raigachhi (CT)
118Rajarhat Shikshaniketan ( Boys)504Bhatenda (CT)
120Tajamahal Club Raigachhi (Battala)680Raigachhi (CT)
121Rekajoyani F.P.School885Rekjuani (CT)
123Majherait F.P.School394Rekjuani (CT)
125Rajarahat Shikshaniketan ( Balika )646Bhatenda (CT)
127Ambica Soudamini F.P School794Kalaberia
130Khamar F.P.School806Khamar
131Rekajoyani Tarun Sangha796Rekjuani (CT)
132Nababpur F.P.School1110Rekjuani (CT)
133Jagadishpur F.P.School1004Jagadishpur
135Harekrishna Smriti Shishu Vidyalaya354Rekjuani (CT)
139Ambika Saudamini Balika Bidyalay ( Uchch )933Bishnupur (CT)
140Podra F.P.School904Bishnupur (CT)
142Basina F.P.School696Basina (CT)
144Bishnupur F.P.School791Bishnupur (CT)
146Dharsa Moktarpur Najrul Islam Smriti F.P.School552Dharsamoktarpur
148Rb-Ii Head Quatar Sub Centre747Chhota Chanpur
14993 No. I.C.D.S Centre (Chhoto Chandpur)767Chhota Chanpur
151Basina Health Sub-Centre544Basina (CT)
152Jamalpara F.P.School840Jamalpara
153Omarhati F.P.School486Umarhati
155Mahammadpur F.P.School537Mahammadpur
157Mohammadpur S.S.K596Mahammadpur
159Chanpagachhi High School749Bagdobamachhi Bhanga
160Chandpur Health Sub-Centre (Mobarakpur)1101Rajarhat Gopalpur (M)
161Chandpur Sardarpara S.S.K924Chandapur Champagachhi (CT)
162Machhibhanga F.P.School724Bagdobamachhi Bhanga
164Mobarakpur F.P.School567Mobarekpur
166Chandpur High School884Bishnupur (CT)
167Bakadoba Panapukur F.P.School1184Panapukuria
168Panapukur Junior Basic School865Panapukuria
169Lauhati F.P. School625Bishnupur (CT)
172Champagachhi F.P. School1057Chandapur Champagachhi (CT)
177Shikharpur Junior Basic School1047Sikharpur
178Bajetaraf F.P.School779Bazetaraf
180Arbelia F.P.School1007Sikharpur
183Jhaligachi F.P. School1056Jhalgachhi
184Bagu Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya627Bagu
186Uttar Nayabad F.P.School891Nawabad
187Dakshin Nayabad F. P. School567Nawabad
189Kada F.P.School1085Hudarait
190Kadam Pukur F.P.School864Kadampukur
192Kashinathpur F.P.School867Kasinathpur
193Kashinathpur S.S.K661Kasinathpur
194Kalikapur F.P.School1105Kalikapur
195Chak Pachuria F.P. School718Chakpanchuria
196Sardarpara Community Hall547Patharghata
197Teghariya F.P.School978Patharghata
198Garagori F.P.School525Ganragari
200Laskarati (M.T.P.) F.P.School732Ganragari
201Baligadi Mandal Para F.P.School949Baligari
202Baligodi Special Cadre F. P. School604Baligari
204Patharghata F.P.School544Patharghata
206Patharaghata High School840Patharghata
209Chhapna High Madrasa620Chhapna
211Akanda Keshari Junior Basic School904Akandakeshari
213Banamalipur F.P.School780Akandakeshari
215Shulanggari F.P.School575Sulanggari (CT)
218Ghuni F.P.School978Ghuni (CT)
220Bahadur Molla Smriti F.P.School731Ghuni (CT)
224Shulanggari Kaloni Para Madhyamik School989Sulanggari (CT)
226Nabinchandra F.P.School1146Ghuni (CT)
227Sulonguri Coloni Para F.P.School623Sulanggari (CT)
229Sulonguri Dakshin Para S.S.K.723Sulanggari (CT)
230Ramkrishnapally S.S.K482Sulanggari (CT)
231Agragami Sangha954Ghuni (CT)
232C.L.R.C.Building687Ghuni (CT)
234Jatragachi Majherpara F.P School1090Jatragachhi (CT)
239Ramkrishna Pally Health Sub Centre860Ghuni (CT)
240Jatragachhi R. R. Side 20 No. I.C.D.S Centre1040Jatragachhi (CT)
241Jatragachhi R.R Side 18 No. I.C.D.S Centre697Ghuni (CT)
242Jatragachhi Majherpara F.P.School572Jatragachhi (CT)
243Jatragachhi F.P School689Jatragachhi (CT)
244Jatragachi R.R. Side Health Sub-Centre760Jatragachhi (CT)
245Krishnapur Jadunath Madhaba Chandra H.S.743Tarulia
247Chanchalkumari Balika Vidyalaya674Tarulia
249Mahishagot F.P.School603Mahishgot
251Head Works Site Zone-1905Mahishgot
254Head Works Site Zone-Iii598Mahishgot
255Thakdari F.P. School793Thakdari

Last Updated on December 26, 2014