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Polling Booth in Phansidewa Assembly Constituency

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Phansidewa Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Phansidewa

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Phansidewa Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ramdhanjote Primary School709Uttar Ramdhan
3Ramdhanjote Primary School New Building902Uttar Ramdhan
6Dilsaram Jote Primary School944Jibansing
7Dulaljote Nepali Primary School New Building1002Gandagal
9Dulaljote Nepali Primary School1030Gandagal
10Andharu Jote Primary School443Jibansing
12Satishchandr Cha Bagan Office Ghar292Gandagal
13Netaji Community Hall606Shyamdhan (CT)
15Shyamdhan Jote Primary School724Shyamdhan (CT)
17Rabindra Hindi Primary School683Shyamdhan (CT)
19Jamatulla Primary School1076Chayansing
20Madhuyabari Primary School620Bhulka
22Kungarpur Primary School926Alokjhari
23Balaijhora Primary School1030Balahijhora
24Toparsing Primary School861Dohaguri
25I. C. D. S. Kendra Kelabari599Kelabari
27Vidyasagar Primary School837Barsadbhita
29Chunilal Primary School443Chunilal
30Maynaguri Primary School585Maynaguri
32Tarijote Primary School824Tari
34Gourangajote Primary School1068Chiku
37Khuniyapukuri Primary School1094Khunia Pukhari
39Ullajote Primary School887Bilakshu
41Singiyajote Primary School923Debiganja
43Ramjanam Primary School744Bhajanpur
45Koyakandar Primary School729Banchhabhita
47Saraswati Memorial Primary School883Subalbhita
48Dhuliyajote Primary School488Dhulia
50Budhanjote Primary School585Jatru
51Kshetrasing Primary School827Rangali
52Dangarbhita Primary School919Dangarbhita
53Haladhar Manjay Primary School1082Manjoy
54Jorpakuri Primary School660Badalbhita
55Dewanbhita I. C. D. S. Kendra721Deoanbhita
56Hatidoba Primary School964Hatidoba
58Subalbhita Primary School831Subalbhita
59Chekarmari Primary School593Guabari
60Deburamjote Primary School858Budhsing
62Fulabari Cha Bagan Primary School697Fulbari
64Baghajote Primary School921Bagha
65Thanajhora T. E. Primary School766Salbari
67Gayenjote Primary School761Arjunmahal
69Sachindra Chandra T. E. Primary School978Sona Chandi
70Pretajote Primary School667Dhupibhita
72Taraknath Sindurbala Girls High School1010Dhupibhita
73Adhikari Krishna Kanta High School798Kharibari (CT)
75Bidhan Smriti Primary School749Kishordoba
76Pataram Primary School547Pataram
78Belbari Junior Basic School757Katia
80Gajijote Primary School1013Pataram
81Howdabhita Primary School660Kharibari (CT)
83Kharibari Madhyamik School696Kharibari (CT)
86Kharibari J. R. Hindi High School689Kharibari (CT)
88Jagirjote Primary School1062Jagir
89Bhojnarayan Junior Basic School801Baraigachh
91Danagachh Primary School802Antigachh
93Tarbandha High School885Tarbandha
94Hetmuri Primary School970Abhiram
95Hansqua Cha Bagan Primary School816Bandi
96Hansqua T. G. Pump House763Bandi
97Sarkar Gachh Primary School1011Sarcargachh
98Helakadam Junior Basic School968Dalur Chhat
99Gungaram Shishu Shiksha Kendra917Gangaram Tea Garden
100Gungaram Tea Garden Club House1089Gangaram Tea Garden
101Gangaram T. G. I.C.D.S. Centre894Gangaram Tea Garden
102Muni Cha Bagan Office773Meherulla
103Vistijote Primary School718Gangaram Maler Chhat
104Taipoo Cha Bagan Primary School812Tepu Tea Garden
106Bhariyadangi Primary School1059Banur Chhat
107Chowpukuria Primary School796Halal
108Chowpukuria Junior Basic School883Panaullar Chhat
110Sannyasisthan Tea Estate Office564Sannyasithan
111Sannyashithan T. E. Office (Wooden Building)636Sannyasithan
112Nunujote Primary School1086Singijhor
113Bagdogra Cha Bagan Office654Kadopani
114Bhatan Jote Primary School1088Chhota Pathuram
115R. K. High School (Uttar )628Bara Pathuram
117R. K. High School (Dakshin)820Kalaram
118Khuliajote Primary School1015Bara Pathuram
119Nirmal Jote Shishu Shiksha Kendra1061Nirmmal
120Bhushibhita Primary School619Bhushibhita
121Bhelaku Jote Primary School1078Radha
122Banij Jote Ssk724Narayan
123Jasorathy Primary School863Narayan
124Naradeb Jote Primary School772Mahammadbaksa
125Md. Box Primary School513Mahammadbaksa
126Laldas Shibdayal Jote Primary School813Laldas
127Hatiram S.S.K.812Hatiram
128Kina Jote Primary School807Kashiram
129Ruhidhasa S.S.K.373Liusipukuri
130Jhamaklaljote Primary School867Liusipukuri
131Sidhukanu Library807Kashiram
132Rangapani Primary School566Kashiram
133Rabvita Junior Girls High School618Liusipukuri
134Rabbhita Primary School733Liusipukuri
135Rupandighi Primary School728Guabari
137Guyabari Primary School887Guabari
138Kadamijote Primary School851Sahananda
139Phansidewa High Schhol672Bandar Gachh
141Phansidewa Junior Basic School660Bandar Gachh
143Dhamnagachh S. S. K.724Dhamnagachh
144Phansidewa Govt. Sponsored Ashram Type Girls High School817Dhamnagachh
145Kadamijote Adarsha Primary School707Kadmi
146Paul Para Primary School935Ladhutari
147Mahipal Jote Prathamik Vidyalaya1084Mahipal
148Helagachh Primary School667Uttar Bansgaon Kismat
149Nikargachh Primary School1017Purba Bansgaon
150Baro Fatamari S.S.K.840Uttar Bansgaon Kismat
151Sudamgachh Primary School682Uttar Bansgaon Kismat
152Ranjanprabha Primary School1050Uttar Bansgaon Kismat
153Balaigachh Primary School875Paschim Banshgaon
154Ambari Primary School746Ambari
155Dubanuchi Primary School892Lachubhita
156Sharat Jamini Junior Basic School625Jogibhita
158Kamalabagan Factory Office (Old)735Thakurganja
160Ambari High School594Molani
162Ambari Junior Basic School412Molani
163Gayaganga Cha Bagan Office876Kadubhita
165Gayaganga Cha Bagan New Line Shishu Shiksha Kendra893Bhalamanashi
166Howdabhita Adibasi Primary School1086Haodabhita
167Sent Pitars Primary School780Madhabbhita
169Dhambhita Primary School1044Dhamnagachh
171Lakshan Singh Junior Basic School776Dandrajhar
172Kuchiyajote Primary School683Kuchia
173Tentulguri Primary School641Kuchia
174Sastujote Shishu Shiksha Kendra576Mohan Laler Chhat
176Raikhota Shishu Shiksha Kendra586Pathar Hirhirar Chhat
178Pahargumia Tea Garden Office629Pathar Hirhirar Chhat
180Malagachh Primary School1092Mandila Jhar
181Mejmangachh Primary School954Bara Paikpara Arazi
182Bukdhala Primary School955Mandila Jhar
183Netaji Sahadargachh Primary School735Bara Paikpara Arazi
185Baghmara Primary School750Bara Paikpara Arazi
187Kumar Tuli Primary School823Bara Paikpara Arazi
189Saidabad Cha Bagan Primary School999Paschim Madati
191Madati High School982Paschim Madati
192Bijlimani Primary School579Paschim Madati
193Bijlimuni Cha Bagan Hindi Primary School872Paschim Madati
194Kharubhangi Primary School545Paschim Madati
196Matidhar Cha Bagan Primary School625Paschim Madati
198Motidhar T. G. Club House987Paschim Madati
199Malgachh Primary School774Dhakpara
200Muraligachh Junior Basic School967Dhakpara
202Budharugaon Primary School625Dhakpara
204Maligachh Primary School747Lahugaon
205Jagannath Pur I.C.D.C. Centre1018Lahugaon
206Lahugachh Junior Basic School1027Lahugaon
207Vivekananda Primary School575Lahugaon
208Bidhannagar Community Hall (Vidyasagar Mancha795Lahugaon
209Milanpally S.S.K.591Lahugaon
210Santoshini Bidyachakra1046Lahugaon
211Bidhannagar Junior Basic School448Chhota Paikpara Arazi
213Jhingnibari Primary School668Budharugaon
214Kurban Ali High School560Budharugaon
215Saptiguri Junior Basic School1050Purbba Madati
216Jayantika (Sahabad) Tea Estate Club994Purbba Madati
218Jayantika (Sahabad) Tea Garden Primary School805Purbba Madati
220Haptiyagachh Primary School839Madhya Bansgaon
221Kshudigachh Primary School873Madhya Bansgaon
222Chathat Primary School519Madhya Bansgaon
224Chathat High School1031Madhya Bansgaon
225Kuchiyamore Primary School597Madhya Bansgaon
226Khalpara S.S.K.575Purba Bansgaon
227Bazarugachh Primary School986Purba Bansgaon
228Murikhawa Primary School976Purba Bansgaon
230Milangar Junior High Madrasha543Banshgaon
232Jorpakhri Primary School869Banshgaon
233Bhimagachh Primary School877Paschim Banshgaon
234Teligachh Junior Basic School983Paschim Banshgaon
235Kashigachh Primary School831Bansgaonchakla
236Petki Primary School906Paschim Banshgaon
237Chikanmati Primary School961Chikanmati

Last Updated on December 26, 2014