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Polling Booth in Patharpratima Assembly Constituency

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Patharpratima Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Patharpratima

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Patharpratima Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Malaya F.P.School650Malaya
2Malaya High School820Malaya
3Niler Art F.P.School926Nilerat
4Madhusudanpur Gajipara Shishu Shiksha Kendra804Dakshin Madhusudanpur
5Madhusudan Pur F.P.School1036Dakshin Madhusudanpur
6Uttarabad F.P. School665Dakshin Gangadharpur
8Matilal F.P. School1075Dakshin Gangadharpur
9Matilal Paikpara Shishushiksha Kendra1122Dakshin Gangadharpur
10Kansharirchak Haladar Para Shishu Shiksha Kendra1126Dakshin Gangadharpur
11Bahirchak F.P. School824Dakshin Gangadharpur
12Gangadharpur F.P.School1069Dakshin Gangadharpur
13Durganagar F.P.School921Dakshin Gangadharpur
14Dhutkhali F.P.School942Dakshin Gangadharpur
15Mayrachak Haripad High School979Abad Gangadharpur
16Bhajna Haldar Para F.P.School765Bhajna
17Bhajna Manik Duyani Shishu Shikshakendra851Bhajna
18Bhajna Gotberia Icds Centre-16547Bhajna
19Bhajna Benepara Junior High School961Bhajna
20Keorakhali Narayanitala F.P.School726Kaorakhali
21Gandhi Nagar S.S.K.835Kaorakhali
22Keorakhali Ferighat F.P.School1029Kaorakhali
23Raypur 1No F.P.School1118Dakshin Raypur
24Raypur Gheri No 5 F.P. School1075Dakshin Raypur
25Raypur 2No F.P.School1099Dakshin Raypur
26Dakshin Raypur F.P.S450Dakshin Raypur
27Dk. Raypur 13No Gheri F.P.School728Dakshin Raypur
28Raypur 3No F.P.School883Dakshin Raypur
29Raypur Gheri F.P.School1139Dakshin Raypur
30Piparakhali F.P.School851Piprakhali
32Meherpur Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya853Maheshpur
33Meherpur Vivekananda S.S.K462Maheshpur
34Meherpur Kalirasayal F.P.School932Maheshpur
35Shrinarayanpur Gopalnagar Para F.P.School1045Srinarayanpur
36Uttarshrinarayanpur F.P.School(Mayrachak)1058Srinarayanpur
37Uttar Purnachandrapur F.P.School612Purna Chandrapur
38Purnachandrapur Netaji S.S.K777Srinarayanpur
39Purnachandrapur Chandmani Shikshabhaban (H.S)970Purna Chandrapur
40Shrinarayanpur EfPiSchool630Srinarayanpur
42Purnachandrapur Shrigauranga F.P.School473Purna Chandrapur
43Taranagarshrinarayanpur Kangalsmriti Bidyamandir1041Taranagar
44Taranagar F.P.School1102Taranagar
45Taranagar Birsha Munda Smriti S.S.K740Taranagar
46Dakshin Durgapur 2No Gheri Milanatirtha Shishushikshakendra872Dakshin Durgapur
47Durgapur F.P.School981Dakshin Durgapur
48Dakshin Durgapur Ramkrishna Shishu Shiksha Kendra1028Dakshin Durgapur
49Dk. Durgapur Haldar Para F.P.School909Dakshin Durgapur
50Digambarpur East Nabinchandra High School1129Digambarpur
51Digambar Pur Shishu Bidyapith1117Digambarpur
52Sashi S.S.K560Gurudaspur
53Gurudaspur F.P.School889Gurudaspur
54Digambarpur Junior Basic School1085Gurudaspur
55Digambarpur Adarsh Shishu Vidyalaya869Gurudaspur
57Parbatipur Shridharpur F.P.School900Paschim Sridharpur
58Paschim Sridharpur Vivekananda S.S.K674Paschim Sridharpur
59Parbatipur Uttar Mahendrapur F.P.School New910Uttar Mahendrapur
61Vivekananda Shishu Niketan1007Indra Narayanpur
62Indranarayanpur Mondal Para Saradamoyee S.S.K719Indra Narayanpur
63Indranarayanapur F.P.School791Indra Narayanpur
64Anathbandhu Shishu Shiksha Kendra639Ramnagar Abad
66Ramnagar F.P.School539Ramnagar Abad
67Ramnagar Adarsha Sishu Vidyamandir913Ramnagar Abad
68Chintamanipur Uttarpara F.P.School939Chintamanipur
69Chintamanipur S.S.K434Chintamanipur
70Durbachati Jna Siksha Niketan1011Kamdebnagar
71Kamdebnagar Bishalakshmi Mandir F.P.School611Kamdebnagar
72Radhakrishna Nagar State Plan F.P.School850Radhakrishna Nagar
73Radhakrishna Nagar Special Fps713Radhakrishna Nagar
74Radhakrishna Nagar S.S.K575Krishnapur
75Krishnapur Shishu Shikshamandir733Krishnapur
76Krishnapur Durbachati F.P.School894Durbachati
77Durbachati Maity Gheri S.S.K489Durbachati
78Durbachati 3Rd Khanda F.P.School (Dk Para)1131Durbachati
79Pashchim Surendranagar Shishu Niketan953Paschim Surendra Nagar
81Paschim Surendranagar Gosta Para S.S.K804Paschim Surendra Nagar
82Pashchim Surendranagar Adarsh Bani Pith588Paschim Surendra Nagar
83Kalimandir Deshakalyan F.P.School991Paschim Surendra Nagar
84Binoy Chowdhury S.S.K730Gopalnagar Uttar
85Uttar Gopalnagar New F.P.School(Daktar Gheri)651Gopalnagar Uttar
86Ganesh Ghosh S.S.K677Gopalnagar Uttar
87Raghunathpur Saraswati F.P.School645Gopalnagar Uttar
88Matangini S.S.K503Gopalnagar Uttar
89Durgagobindapur Singar Palli F.P.School1025Durgagobindopur
90Gopalnagar Highschool (Dakshin Gopalnagar)620Gopalnagar Dakshin
91Dakshin Gopalnagar Satish Smriti Fps634Gopalnagar Dakshin
92Durgagobindapur F.P.School668Durgagobindopur
94Dakshin Gopalnagar Durgeshkumar F.P.School592Gopalnagar Dakshin
96Dakshin Gopalnagar Shibaprasad F.P.School790Gopalnagar Dakshin
97Mahendranagar F.P.School1004Mahendra Nagar
98Mahendranagar Netaji S.S.K558Mahendra Nagar
99Harekrishnapur F.P.School425Harikrishnapur
100Rajrajeswarpur F.P.School1021Rajrajeshwaripur
101Rabindra S.S.K562Rajrajeshwaripur
102Gayadham F.P.School691Gayadham
103Barnaparichay S.S.K484Gayadham
104Shibpur Sagar Madhabpur F.P.School982Dakshin Sibpur
105Sagarmadhabpur Surendranath F.P.School730Sagar Madhabpur
106Bishwanathpur F.P.School819Biswanathpur
107Indraprastha Adibasi Shishu Shiksha Kendra835Indraprastha
108Dakshinn Gobindapur F.P.School1142Gobindapur Abad
109Debichak F.P. School716Debichak
110Jogindrapur Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya904Jagindrapur
112Dakshin Mahendrapur F.P.School636Dakshin Mahendrapur
113Dakshingobindapur Narayanitala F.P.School1125Gobindapur Abad
114Vivekananda S.S.K626Ramganga
115Ramganga (Board) F.P.School1117Ramganga
116Ramganga Deshapran F.P.School459Ramganga
118Bidyasagar Palli F.P. School930Purba Dwarokapur
119Purba Dwarakapur F.P.School989Purba Dwarokapur
121Kedarpur State Plan F.P.School704Kedarpur
123Kedarpur Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya647Kedarpur
124Maheshpur State Plan F.P.School984Maheshpur
125Maheshpur F.P.School577Maheshpur
126Purba Chintamanipur Bana Behari S.S.K753Purba Chintamonipur
127Purba Chintamanipur Rabindrapalli F.P. School639Purba Chintamonipur
128Kumarpur Birendra Smarani F.P.School696Kumarpur
129Kumarpur F.P.School971Kumarpur
130Purba Chintamanipur F.P.School823Purba Chintamonipur
131Laxmijanarddanpur Shishushikshakendra F.P. School678Lakshmi Janardanpur
132Laxmijanarddanpur High School1081Lakshmi Janardanpur
134Lakshmi Janardanpur State Plan Fps787Lakshmi Janardanpur
135Kuyemuri Milan Sangha Para F.P.School1052Kuemuri
136Kuyemuri Vivekananda S.S.K887Kuemuri
137Kuyemuri Special Kadar F.P.School663Kuemuri
138Kuyemuri New F.P.S683Kuemuri
139Rajnarayan F.P.School1030Purba Surendranagar
140J. Plot Surendranagar F.P.School415Purba Surendranagar
141Kshudiram Basu S.S.K1016Heramba Gopalpur
142Mashtarda Suryasen Shishu Shiksha Kendra727Purba Surendranagar
144Heramba Gopalpur F.P.School970Heramba Gopalpur
145Rai Gobindapur F.P.School923Heramba Gopalpur
146Dakshin Kashinagar Bishalaxmi F.P.School509Dakshin Kashinagar
147Dakshin Kashinagar F.P.S737Dakshin Kashinagar
148Heramba Gopalpur Bishalaxmipalli F.P.School772Heramba Gopalpur
149Raigobindapur Junior High School700Heramba Gopalpur
150Dakshin Kashinagar Vidyasagar Vidyamandir F.P.S792Dakshin Kashinagar
151Jagadish Chandra Basu S.S.K638Dakshin Kashinagar
152Banigheri Para F.P. School830Dakshin Kashinagar
153Achintyanagar Ramkrishna S.S.K982Achintya Nagar
154Achintyanagar F.P. School722Achintya Nagar
155Shibalay Palli Mayna Gheri F.P. School609Achintya Nagar
156Shee Pally S.S.K790Achintya Nagar
157Mandalgheri F.P.School825Achintya Nagar
158Kamdebpur Snehabala Milan Bidyapith570Kamdebpur
160Kamdebpur Junior Besic School766Kamdebpur
161Bishnupur F.P.School1162Bishnupur
162Bishnupur Vivekananda S.S.K569Bishnupur
163Lakshmipur F.P.School1050Lakshmipur
165Lakshmipur Milan Vidyamandir747Lakshmipur
166Rabindranagar F.P.School771Paschim Sripatinagar
167Pashchim Shripatinagar State Plan F.P.School898Paschim Sripatinagar
168Pashchim Shripatinagar F.P.School772Paschim Sripatinagar
170Subhashnagar Birendra F.P.School775Paschim Sripatinagar
171Purba Sripati Nagar State Plan F.P.S728Purba Sripatinagar
172Golmoni Para Rasiklal F.P.S605Purba Sripatinagar
173Purba Sripatinagar Hazar Bigha F.P.S460Purba Sripatinagar
174Purba Shripatinagar F.P.School689Purba Sripatinagar
175Madhabnagar F.P.School700Madhab Nagar
177Madhabnagar Netaji Shishushiksha Kendra836Madhab Nagar
178Madhabnagar Uttarpara F.P.School706Madhab Nagar
179Madhabnagar Rabindra Smriti S.S.K592Madhab Nagar
180Patharpratima Balika Vidyalaya584Madhab Nagar
181Madar Terija S.S.K864Dakshin Shibganj
182Pathar Pratima Anandalal Adarsh Vidyalaya547Dakshin Shibganj
184Dakshin Shibganj Rabindra F.P.School625Dakshin Shibganj
186Dakshin Shibganj Rambhabati F.P.School499Dakshin Shibganj
187Paschim Dwarakapur Vidyasagar Smriti S.S.K919Paschim Dwarakapur
188Paschim Dwarakapur F.P.School667Paschim Dwarakapur
189Paschim Dwarakapur Adibasi F.P.School1065Paschim Dwarakapur
190Bhagbatpur Digambari F.P.School1017Bhagabatpur
191Bhagbatpur Ramkrishna F.P.S531Bhagabatpur
192Baradapur Anath Ashram F.P. School994Baradapur
193Baradapur Adarsha Milanvidyapith606Baradapur
194Baradapur Madan Mohan F.P.S697Baradapur
195Baradapur Rajendra Narayan Narendranath F.P. School606Baradapur
196Dakshin Lakshminarayanpur Kachharipara F.P.School486Dakshin Lakshminarayanpur
197Dakshin Lakshinarayanpur Yudhisthir Vidyapith698Dakshin Lakshminarayanpur
198Dakshin Lakshminarayanpur State Plan F.P.S529Dakshin Lakshminarayanpur
199Dakshin Lakshminarayanpur F.P.School1090Dakshin Lakshminarayanpur
200Kishori Nagar Shishutirtha F.P.School1147Kishori Nagar
201Kishori Nagar F.P.School481Kishori Nagar
202Kishori Nagar Sabitri Vidyapith1021Kishori Nagar
203Kshetramohanpur Arunabithi F.P.School784Kshetra Mohanpur
204Rakshaskhali Uttarpara F.P. School928Rakshaskhali
205Rakshaskhali High School688Rakshaskhali
206Kshetramohanpur Kshetramohan Adarsha Shiksha Bhaban761Kshetra Mohanpur
207Kshetra Mohanpur F.P.S (Boards)664Kshetra Mohanpur
208Rakshaskhali Atyayik F.P. School570Rakshaskhali
209Rakshaskhali East Para F.P.S967Rakshaskhali
210Kshetramohanpur Bhagabati Balika Vidyalaya797Kshetra Mohanpur
211Kshetramohanpur Sailaja Sundari F.P.School732Kshetra Mohanpur
212Brajaballavpur Uttarpara F.P.School1030Brojaballabpur
213Rajanibala Shishushiksha Kendra535Brojaballabpur
215Brajaballavpur Junior Basic School477Brojaballabpur
216Brajaballavpur B.M.T. Shiksha Niketan(H.S)764Brojaballabpur
217Uttar Gobindapur Abad (Nutan) F.P. School745Gobindapur Abad
219Rakshaskhali Rajanikant Bani Shiksha Niketan738Gobindapur Abad
220Brajaballavpur(Dakshin) F.P.School1101Brojaballabpur
221Gobindapur Abad Bhupendra Smriti F.P. School740Gobindapur Abad
222Gobindapur Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya826Gobindapur Abad
223Gobindapur Abad Bipin Bihari Shiksha Niketan503Gobindapur Abad
224Banashyam Nagar Bidhan Chandra Smriti S.S.K559Banashyam Nagar
225Banashyamanagar High School876Banashyam Nagar
226Banshyamnagar Vivekananda Smriti S.S.K529Banashyam Nagar
227Purba Banashyamnagar F.P.School(6No Gheri)753Banashyam Nagar
228Banashyamanagar S.N.F.P.School724Banashyam Nagar
229Chhotobanashyamnagar Mahatmagandhi-2Smriti Shishu Shiksha Kendra572Chhoto Banashyam Nagar
230Chhoto Banshyam Nagar Mahatma Gandhi-I S.S.K792Chhoto Banashyam Nagar
231Chhoto Banashyamnagar F.P.School785Chhoto Banashyam Nagar
232Chhoto Banashyamnagar Dakshin F.P.School657Chhoto Banashyam Nagar
234Uttar Shibnagar Subhadra F.P.School851Sibnagar
236Shibnagar F.P.School1020Sibnagar
238Banashyamnagar Gangapur Gangamayi F.P.School868Gangapur
239Gangapur F.P. School870Gangapur
240Gangapur Netaji S.S.K515Gangapur
241Krishna Daspur G.S.F.P.School1065Krishnadaspur
242Krishna Daspur Jayashri Kaloni F.P.School780Krishnadaspur
243Daspur Adibasi F.P.School1147Satyadaspur
244Satyadaspur Vivekananda S.S.K884Daspur
245Daspur F.P.School318Daspur
246Uttar Surendraganj Bibekananda Vidyamandir1006Uttar Surendraganj
248Uttar Surendraganj Dakshin Purba Para F.P.S483Uttar Surendraganj
249Gagan Chandra F.P. School609Dakshin Surendraganj
250Dakshin Surendraganj Trailokyanath F.P.School770Dakshin Surendraganj
251Dakshin Surendraganj Vidyasagar S.S.K563Dakshin Surendraganj
252Dakshin Surendraganj F.P.School987Dakshin Surendraganj
253Indrapur Janakalyan F.P.School662Indrapur
255Indrapur Junior Basic School671Indrapur
257Indrapur Taltala Kamalakanta F.P.S811Indrapur
258Uttar Sitarampur Ashutosh F.P.School682Sitarampur
259Sitarampur G-Plot Milan Vidyaniketan541Sitarampur
260Uttar Sitarampur Maa Sarada S.S.K683Sitarampur
261Buraburir Tat Banitala S.S.K747Buraburir Tat
262Buraburir Tat Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya848Buraburir Tat
264Dakshin Sitarampur F.P.School1062Sitarampur
265Gobardhan Pur F.P.School829Gobardhanpur
266Basanti Vidyapith F.P.S518Upendra Nagar
267Upendranagar High School753Upendra Nagar
268Upendra Nagar Kanailal Sishu Siksha Niketan F.P.S511Upendra Nagar
269Upendra Nagar Hatisunra F.P.S547Upendra Nagar
270Upendranagar F.P.School854Upendra Nagar
271Rakhalpur F.P.School(Special)893Rakhalpur
272Purba Rakhalpur F.P.School670Rakhalpur
274Sridharnagar Rakhalpur F.P.School811Rakhalpur
277Sridharnagar New F.P.School982Sridhar Nagar
278Sridharnagar F.P.School1027Sridhar Nagar
280Sridharnagar Dinda Para F.P.School999Sridhar Nagar

Last Updated on December 26, 2014