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Polling Booth in Pandabeswar Assembly Constituency

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Lok Sabha Elections 2019 BJP trying to create ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of Lok Sabha Elections: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused the BJP of trying to create a ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections only to distract people from the issues of Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Mamata Releases TMC List for all 42 West Bengal Seats

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday announced a list of TMC candidates for all the 42 Lok Sabha seats of the state, dropping 10 sitting MPs. She also attacked the BJP and the Read More…

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Lok Sabha Election 2019: Priya Dutt, Raj Babbar Feature in Congress 2nd List

The Congress released its second list of 21 candidates for the Lok Sabha elections 2019 on Wednesday. The grand old party fielded its Uttar Pradesh chief Raj Babbar from Moradabad, Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Congress Releases First List of Candidates

Congress has put out its first list of candidates for the Lok Sabha elections, with party chief Rahul Gandhi contesting his bastion Amethi and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi contesting from Read More…

upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019 Samajwadi Party Releases First List of Candidates for Lok Sabha Elections 2019

There is no denying the fact that the road to the treasury bench of the lower house of the Parliament goes through Uttar Pradesh. The BJP-led coalition won 73 seats Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Mamata Banerjee to Kick Off Lok Sabha Election Campaign on Women’s Day

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee will kick off the TMC’s campaign for the Lok Sabha Electios on International Women’s Day on March 8, a party leader said Wednesday. Incidentally, Read More…

Pandabeswar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Pandabeswar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pandabeswar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Kendra Belethol Ef.Pi.School(Natunbilding)927Kendra Khottamdi (CT) (Part)
2Joypurya H S School857Dalurband (CT)
6Ramanagar Aadarsh F P School967Ramnagar (CT)
7M P Inashtitiushan Kendra606Kendra Khottamdi (CT) (Part)
9Ramanagar Aadibasi Vidyalay (Mazipara)1038Ramnagar (CT)
10Ramnagar F Pschool796Ramnagar (CT)
12Fulabagan F P School556Dalurband (CT)
14Dalur Bandh Koliyari Ef Pi School911Dalurband (CT)
16Shibadurga Hindi High School899Dalurband (CT)
19Jamaipada-Domapada Es Es Ke(Natunagrih)616Dalurband (CT)
20Jamaipara Icds Centre465Dalurband (CT)
21Jamai Para C E C (New Bulding)1024Dalurband (CT)
22Khottadihi Colliery Office1041Bilpahari (CT)
23Khottadihi Urdu Es Es Ke1015Bilpahari (CT)
24Khottadihi Coliery F P School862Bilpahari (CT)
26Bilpahari F P School954Bilpahari (CT)
27Sonepur F P School1138Sonpur
28Bheladnaga I C D S Centre563Haripur (CT)
29Haripur Colliery F.P. School1052Haripur (CT)
30Haripur Colliery School844Haripur (CT)
31Haripur M S K1058Haripur (CT)
32Haripur Baropada Hindi F.P. School1126Haripur (CT)
33Gaighata Hindi F P School641Chhora (CT)
36Bazari F P School1020Bajari
37Arsola-Kunchibera S. S. K.941Sonpur
38Bhatamura F. P. School402Bhatmura
39Pandabeshbar Namopada F P School1011Baidyanathpur (CT)
41Govindapu F P School578Gobindapur
43Badyanathpur High School659Baidyanathpur (CT)
46Badyanathapur Muchipada F P School1086Baidyanathpur (CT)
47Biladanga Saksharata Kendr546Baidyanathpur (CT)
48Rakhal Chandra Balika Vidyalaya892Baidyanathpur (CT)
52D V C F P School934Dalurband (CT)
54Konda F P Chool737Deshlopa
56Chak Karola F P School857Chak Karala
57Mohal F P School627Mahal (CT)
58Mahal F P School596Mahal (CT)
61Danny F P School670Mahal (CT)
62Dany F P School645Danya
64Mirza Galib Urdu Shishushikshakendr555Chhora (CT)
65Chhatadanga F P School1054Chhora (CT)
66Chhora Colliery Office882Chhora (CT)
67Banbohal F. P. School823Banbahal
68Banabahal F P School639Banbahal
69E.C.L. Staff Recreation Club (Kenda Area Complex)962Sankarpur (CT)
70Chhoda F P School1077Chhora (CT)
73Fakirakoda Shishu Shiksha Kendra Sitalpur1029Chhora (CT)
74Shankarpur Gram F P School936Sankarpur (CT)
75Kasturaba Gandhi Vidyamandir1074Chak Bankola (CT) (Part)
76Ecl Guest HousePolice Camp562Chak Bankola (CT) (Part)
77Staff Recreation Club (Bankola )635Chak Bankola (CT) (Part)
78Shankarpur Jr. Hindi High School696Sankarpur (CT)
79Shankarpur Majhipara S S K707Sankarpur (CT)
80Shankarpur Colliery F P School519Sankarpur (CT)
81Sitalpur Colliery Dispensari625Chhora (CT)
82Sitalpur F.P. School647Chhora (CT)
83Shitalapur Ef Pi School508Chhora (CT)
84Subhash Shishu Vidyalaya943Chak Bankola (CT) (Part)
85Masan Dhowra I C D S Centre778Chak Bankola (CT) (Part)
86Bankola Colliery Agent Office E.C.L.716Chak Bankola (CT) (Part)
87Bankola F. P. School1107Chak Bankola (CT) (Part)
88Baludanga S S K917Chak Bankola (CT) (Part)
89North Jamabad Colliery Office851Bahula (CT)
90Real Jambad Colliery F P School1038Bahula (CT)
91Real Jamabad Colliery F P School547Bahula (CT)
92Bahula F P School1089Bahula (CT)
94Pure Jambad I C D S Centre North564Bahula (CT)
95Pure Jambad Bahula I C D S South657Bahula (CT)
96Central Jamabad Colliery Community Hall643Bahula (CT)
97Central Jambad Colliery Office Para I.C.D.S Centre641Bahula (CT)
98Bahula SSH School811Bahula (CT)
102Moti Bazar Hindi F. P. School580Bahula (CT)
103Moti Bazar Hindi F P Vidyalaya696Bahula (CT)
104Jamabad Beniyadihi F P Vidyalaya502Bahula (CT)
107Kajora Area Office1083Bahula (CT)
108East Jambad Colliery F P School(New Complex)842Bahula (CT)
109Kajora Area Club424Parashkol (CT) (Part)
110Parascole F. P. School737Parashkol (CT) (Part)
111Padashakol F P School605Parashkol (CT) (Part)
112Parascole Colliery F. P. School656Parashkol (CT) (Part)
113Parascole Colliery Office684Parashkol (CT) (Part)
114Joyalbhanga F.P. School626Joalbhanga
115Joyalabhanga EfPiSchool777Joalbhanga
116Nabagram F P School686Nabgram (CT)
118Nabagram Korapar F. P. School563Chak Bankola (CT) (Part)
119Musalaman Para School (Muktab Madrasa)923Nabgram (CT)
120Nabagram Incline F P School (Hindi)668Nabgram (CT)
121Kumardihi B Colliery Canteen573Kumardihi
122Kumardihi B Colliery School423Kumardihi
123Kumardihi A Colliery Canteen624Kumardihi
124Kumardihi F. P. School846Kumardihi
125Kumaradihi F P School982Kumardihi
128Kumardihi A Colliery F P School782Kumardihi
129Tilabani Agentoffice569Shyamsundarpur
130Shyamsundarpur F P School1108Shyamsundarpur
131Shyamasundarpur Hindi F P School830Shyamsundarpur
132Rasikadanga F P School772Banagram (CT)
134Shyamla Mandarbani F.P School692Mandarbani (CT)
137Nutanadanga EfPiSchool742Nutandanga
139Madhaipur Prathamik Vidyalaya628Madhaipur
141Pansuli Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya1120Pansiuli
142Banagram EfPiSchool773Banagram (CT)
144Banagram Bibekanand Ef.Pi.School546Banagram (CT)
146Madhaipur Colliery Hindi F P School747Madhaipur
147Haderadanga F P School747Madhaipur
148Chandradanga F P School539Madhaipur
149Laskar Bandh Isalamiya Urddu F P School944Laskarbandh
150Laskar Bandh Junior Basic School518Laskarbandh
152Gogla F P School686Mandarbani (CT)
153Mandarabani Korapara F P School914Mandarbani (CT)
154Palashabani F P School682Mandarbani (CT)
155Jhanjra Colony F.P School (West & East)868Nabaghanapur (CT)
156Jhanjra Colony F.P School663Nabaghanapur (CT)
158Jhanjr Project Rikriyeshan Club525Sirsha (CT)
160Kochdihi Gramf P School888Sirsha (CT)
161Kochdihi Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya639Sirsha (CT)
163Kalipur High School570Madhaiganj
164Balijuri F P School543Balijuri
166Nabaghanapur F P School1096Nabaghanapur (CT)
167Sissha F P School641Sirsha (CT)
168Rangamati F P. School626Rangamatia
170Kulabanif P School735Benebandhi
171Laudoha KT B Inastitiushan759Laudoha
173Tilabani F P School1102Laudoha
174Jhanjra F P School595Jhanjra
176Netaji Gathulia F P School524Shyamsundarpur
178Gourbazar Ramapada High School989Shyamsundarpur
180Gaurbazar Shyamasundarapur Prathamik Vidyalaya591Shyamsundarpur
182Srikrisnapur F P School682Srikrishnapur
184Badyanathpur F P School557Jot Balaram
185Amdohi F P Chool610Amdahi
186Madhaiganj F P School757Madhaiganj
187Sarpi F.P School554Sarpi (CT)
188Kenduya EfPiSchool572Sarpi (CT)
190Sarpi S.S.K485Sarpi (CT)
191Sarpi Kojora Colliery Primary School910Sarpi (CT)
193Amlouka F P School851Amlauka
194Banguri EfPiSchool535Banguri
195Ichhapur Gangamata Prathamik Vidyalaya666Ichhapur (CT)
197Ichhapur N.C High School774Ichhapur (CT)
198Ichhapur N.S IHigh School579Ichhapur (CT)
200Patsarora F P School711Patsaora
202Aarati F P School910Arati
204Kururiya F.P. School681Jabuna
205Jabbarapalli F P School904Bansol
206Bonsol Joydurga F P School723Bansol
207Hetedoba F P School716Hetedoba
208Banshagada F P School709Banshgara
209Jamagara E F School729Jamgara
211Kailashpur School593Jagannathpur
212Jagannathpur F P School963Jagannathpur
213Bansia F P School595Banshia
215Kalikapur F Pschool788Kalikapur
216Gopadanga F P School709Gopdanga
217Badagariya F P School1016Baragaria
218Pratapapur EfPiSchool1097Pratappur
219Nachan Ramanath F P School774Nachan
220Kantabera F P School604Katabera
222Dhabani F P School715Dhabani
223Labanapara F P School523Dhabani
225Paranaganj Ef Pi School745Paranganj
226Jemua Bhadubala Bidyapith810Jemua
231Kaliganj F P School816Kaliganj
233Community Hall (Tentikhola)838Tetikhala
234Health Sub-Centre (Tentikhola)889Tetikhala
235Shangkar Pur Ef Pi School890Shankarpur

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