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Polling Booth in Natabari Assembly Constituency

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Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

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Natabari Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Natabari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Natabari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Bhuchungmari Govt. Primary School731Bhuchungmari
2Bhuchungmari 5Th Plan Pry. School411Bhuchungmari
3Panishala Fifth Plan Primary School1005Panisala
4Panishala Madhyamik Shikha Kendra976Panisala
5Chhat Bara Chauki A.P. School679Chhat Bara Chowki
7Ramanikanta Primary School816Natabari
8Natabari(Basparakuthibari)Fifth Plan Pry. School1130Natabari
9Natabari Aided Primary School1024Natabari
10Dwarikamari Primary School931Dwarikamari
11Natabari Higher Secondary School586Natabari
13Debottar Charaljani Govt. Primary School1068Debottar Charaljani
15Dhopguri Govt. Primary School583Dhopguri
17Gopal Smriti Primary School803Charaljani
19Charaljani No 2 Special Kadar Primary School1000Charaljani
20Charaljani Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra751Charaljani
21Charaljani Aided Primary School621Charaljani
23Uttar Jaigir Chilakhana Swamiji Smriti 4Th Plan Pry. School769Jaigir Chilakhana
24Bhelapeta High School623Bhelapeta
26Bhelapeta No-2 Forth Plan Primary School523Bhelapeta
27Bhelapeta State Plan Primary School845Bhelapeta
28Jaigir Chilakhana Fifth Plan Primary School787Bajejama Chilakhana Pratham Khanda
30Khasbas Special Cadre Primary School337Khasbas
31Chhat Rampur-2 Kashir Danga Primary School983Chhat Rampur Dwitia Khanda
32Chhatrampur Genduguri Govt. Primary School610Chhat Rampur Dwitia Khanda
33Dwitia Khanda Chhatrampur Dakshin Colony Para Shishu Shiksha Kendra603Chhat Rampur Dwitia Khanda
35Kashirdanga Ekramia Madrashah Shikha Kendra920Chhat Rampur Dwitia Khanda
36Chhatgenduguri A 1St Phase Pry. School851Chhat Genduguri
37Chhat Chilakhana Fifth Plan Primary School522Chhat Chilakhana Dwitia Khanda
38Bilasi- 2 Harimandir S.S.K607Bilsi Dwitia Khanda
39Mugabhog Junior Basic School514Genduguri
40Balapukuri Govt. Pry. School696Balapukhari
41Chhatrampur Junior Basic School615Chhat Rampur Pratham Khanda
43Chhat Jaygir Chilakhana-2 S.S.K642Chhat Chilakhana Dwitia Khanda
44Chhat Jaigir Chilakhana 5Th Plan Pry School574Chhat Chilakhana Dwitia Khanda
45Vimerkuthi Shishu Shikha Kendra1070Guriarpar
46Guriyarpar Nimna Buniadi Vidyalaya679Guriarpar
48Kalibari Anganwari Centre (No.- 14)1102Andaran Phulbari (P)
49Bibekanand Bidyapith Primary School868Andaran Phulbari (P)
50Sarala Newly Setup Pry. School1071Chhalapak
51Bilsi No-1Aided Primary School815Bilsi
53Andaranfulbari Anganwari Centre (No-11)617Andaran Phulbari (P)
54Gangabari Shishu Shikha Kendra592Andaran Phulbari (P)
55Andaranfulbari No-1 R.R. Primary School892Andaran Phulbari (P)
56Aashutosh Palli Primary School826Ghogar Kuthi Dwitia Khanda
57Chilaray Anganwari Center(No-15)754Andaran Phulbari (P)
58Chilaray Special Cadre Primary School435Chhat Phulbari
59Nowkhuli Katibar Primary:School588Naokhuli
60Ghogar Kuthi M.S.K1066Ghogar Kuthi Dwitia Khanda
61Uttar Ghogarkuthi Fifth Plan Primary School783Ghogar Kuthi Dwitia Khanda
63Ghogarakuti High School778Ghogar Kuthi Dwitia Khanda
65Ghogarakuthi(Deo Charai More)Fifth Plan Primary School739Ghogar Kuthi Dwitia Khanda
67Ghogarkuthi Govt. Upper Primary School849Ghogar Kuthi Dwitia Khanda
68Dakshin Ghogerkuthi Shishu Shikha Kendra811Ghogar Kuthi Dwitia Khanda
69Ghogarakuthi No-2 Special Kadar Primary School545Ghogar Kuthi Dwitia Khanda
70Jaigir Chilakhana Aided Primary School1004Jaigir Chilakhana
71Banyarpar Prathamik Vidyalaya718Jaigir Chilakhana
72Jaigir Chilakhana No2 Sc Pry. School990Jaigir Chilakhana
74Amlaguri Dwitia Khanda Kutibari Fifth Plan Primary School844Amlaguri Dwitia Khanda
75Sidhyeswar Forth Plan Primary School939Jaigir Chilakhana
76Kadamtala Forth Plan Primary School870Chilakhana
77Pashchim Kuthibari Primary School(Chilakhana)593Chilakhana
79Chilakhana Higher Secondarii School838Chilakhana
80Gobindapur Subhashini Primary School552Chilakhana
82Chilakhana Junior Basic School679Chilakhana
85Kadamatala High Madrasa478Chilakhana
86Chhat Bhelakopa Fifth Plan Primary School489Chhat Bhelakopa
87Ayarani Chitaliya Aided Primary School563Airani Chitalia
89Ghargharia No-1 Govt. Pry. School689Airani Chitalia
91Ayarani Chitaliya Chakarnath Forth Plan Primary School869Airani Chitalia
92Aamlaguri G.S.F.Primary School983Amlaguri
94Chhatoya Aided Primary School1043Chhatoa
95East Maradanga Primary School720Bhelakopa Dwitia Khanda
96Chilakhana Pashchim Para S.S.K431Bhelakopa Dwitia Khanda
97Maradanga Forth Plan Primary School780Maradanga
98Uttar Maradanga R.R. Primary School779Maradanga
100Maruganj Higher Secondary School669Maradanga
103Maruganj Junior Basic School880Maradanga
105Sholadanga Forth Plan Primary School491Soladanga Dwitia Khanda
106Anganwari Centre Bhelakopa No -1936Bhelakopa Pratham Khanda
107Bhelakopa No 2 Govt. Primary School900Bhelakopa Pratham Khanda
108Bhelakopa(Purba Sholadanga Fifth Plan Pry. School)349Soladanga
109Purba Falimari Govt.: Primary School633Purba Phalimari
110Gharghariya No-2 Special Kyadar Primary School708Ghargharia Dwitia Khanda
111Dangdharar Path Talliguri Aided Primary School781Ghargharia Dwitia Khanda
112Talliguri Jr. Basic School628Talliguri
114Talliguri High School629Talliguri
116Daluya Dashgir Aided Primary School769Dalua Dasgir
117Daluadasgir Jr. Basic School875Dalua Dasgir
118Gayergari Dineshwari Forth Plan Primary School689Gayergari
120Vivekananda Fifth Plan Primary School630Dauaguri
122Jhinaidanga Aamasudas High School993Dauaguri
124Dakshin Dawaguri Primary School606Dauaguri
126Bhojanpur Govt. Primary School1095Kunidanga
127Jhinaidanga Junior Basic School720Jhinaidanga
129Debendra Nath Primary School943Lankabar
130Lankabar Pilakhana Specia Kedar Primary School580Lankabar
132Debendra Nath R.R.Primary School628Guriahati (CT)
133Mahatma Gandhi G.S.F. Primary School620Guriahati (CT)
135Ramkrishna Balika Vidyalaya684Kharimala Khagrabari (CT)
137Ramkrishna R.R. Pry. School1041Kharimala Khagrabari (CT)
138Chhit Kharimala Khagrabari 5Th Plan Pry. School455Kharimala Khagrabari (CT)
139Sri Ramkrishna Boys High School822Kharimala Khagrabari (CT)
141New Patakura Junior Basic School595Kharimala Khagrabari (CT)
143Madanmohan Coloni R.R. Primary School798Guriahati (CT)
145Cooch Bihar Uchcha Madhyamik Vidyalaya1160Guriahati (CT)
147Purba Guriyahati Uchcha Balika Vidyalaya671Guriahati (CT)
151Bapuji Primary School764Guriahati (CT)
154Shyama Prasad R.R.Pry. School903Guriahati (CT)
156Purba Guriyahati R.R. Primary School727Guriahati (CT)
157Subhash Vidyapith918Guriahati (CT)
158Guriyahati A.P. School1016Guriahati (CT)
159Chhatguriyahati Aided Pry. School730Chhat Guriahati
161Chhatguriyahati Sebabhaban Shikshayatan High School733Chhat Guriahati
163Harinchowrah Baniniketan Girls High School1113Harinchaowra
165Harinchowra 5Th Plan Pry. School716Harinchaowra
166Kalighat Aided Primary School549Ghoramara
168Dhaluyabari High School846Dhaliabari (CT)
169Dhaluabari Govt. Pry. School802Dhaliabari (CT)
171Sekh Sahabuddin G.P. School692Dhaliabari (CT)
173Dhaiyer Hat Special Kyadar Primary School979Dhair Hat
174Bagrowa Primary School872Baghroa
175Panigram Ghughumari Fifth Plan Primary School837Panigram Ghughumari
176Natuyar Par S.S.K.824Natuarpar
177Latkar Par Special Kyadar Primary School884Latkarpar
178Kashiyabari(Panishala Char)Fifth Plan Primary School789Panisala
180Panishala High School760Panisala
182Panishala R.R.. Primary School1117Panisala
183Panishala Junior Basic School712Panisala
185Gangailer Kuthi R.R.Primary School596Ghegirghat
186Ghegirghat Purbapara Fifth Plan Primary School1094Ghegirghat
187Dewanhat College1117Nawabganj Balasi
188Nababganj Balasi R.R. Primary School660Nawabganj Balasi
190Nababaganj Balasi Special Kyadar Primary School732Nawabganj Balasi
192Aadarsha High School681Nawabganj Balasi
194Shishabguri Special Kyadar Primary School1110Shishabguri
195Pashchim Deoyanhat Fifth Plan Primary School823Dewan Hatmoamari
197Bani Mandir Msk1071Dewan Hatmoamari
198Deoynahat High School773Dewan Hatmoamari
200Deoyanhat Junior Basic School849Dewan Hatmoamari
202Bidhan Chandra Bidyapith1120Dewan Hatmoamari
203Moyamari R.R.. Primary School976Moamari
204Mowamari Birendra Nath Roy Nimna Buniadi Vidyalaya658Moamari
205Gosaiganj Aided Fast Phase Primary School603Gosainganj
207Jiranapur Aided Primary School649Jiranpur
209Tupamari R.R. Primary: School913Tupamari Dewanbas
210Jiranpur R.I Office525Jiranpur
211Bara Balasi Govt. Primary School703Bara Balasi
212Dhumapur Kalibari New Primary School960Dhumpur Balasi
213Dhumpur High School1045Panimarar Kuthi
214Daharer Par State Plan Primary School892Barapak
215Chatra Chekadera Govt. Primary: School918Daharerpar
216Nandichechura 1St Plan Primary School799Nandi Chhechura
217Matrimandir Junior Basic School669Balarampur
218Krishna Panishala Govt. Primary School561Balarampur
220Soladanga C.S. Pry. School697Balarampur
221Balarampur No-1 Shishu Shikha Kendra1052Balarampur
222Sareyar Par Special Kyadar Primary School858Balarampur
223Balaramapur Higher Secondary School1015Balarampur
225Tapsitala Special Cadre Primary School743Balarampur
227Balarampur Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra743Balarampur
229Shimultala 5Th Plan Pry. School997Balarampur
230Sarpasingara Aided Primary School625Balarampur
231Chekadera Govt.: Primary School1065Balarampur
232Chekadara No-2 S.C. Pry. School784Balarampur
233Nigamananda Uchcha Madhyamik Vidyalaya840Balarampur
234Majumdar Forth Plan Primary School987Balarampur
235Shouldhukri Fifth Plan Primary School725Balarampur
237Kamat Sheoraguri Govt. Primary School614Balarampur
239Farfaribala Adhikari Fifth Plan Primary School679Balarampur
240Satgharitari A.P. School720Balarampur
241Balarampur No-2 Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra695Balarampur
243Shouldhukri State Plan Primary School580Balarampur
245Tilaiyerpar Fifth Plan Primary School976Deocharai
246Kaliganj Aided Primary School849Deocharai
247Baksirkuthi Bapuji 4Th Plan Primary School795Deocharai
248Bhairabertari Shishu Shikha Kendra587Deocharai
249Uttar Deocharai Karjee Para Fifth Plan Pry.School711Deocharai
250Balaghat Special Cadre Primary School639Balaghat
252Nepaler Khata Fifth Plan Primary School782Neplerkuthi
253Santoshpur G.S.F. Primary School583Jhaljhali
255Chaukushi Balarampur Govt. Primary School981Balarampur
256Deocharai Higher Secondary School701Santoshpur
257Santoshpur Battala Anganwari Kendra561Santoshpur
259Deocharai Junior Basic School810Deocharai
261Jhaljhali Junior Basic School893Jhaljhali
263Jhaljhali Haillapara Shishu Shikha Kendra648Jhaljhali
264Chyangmari Govt. Primary School911Chengmari
265Krishnapur Mahamaya Primary School351Krishnapur
266Krishnapur Balabari Serajia Senior Madrasa606Krishnapur
267Krishnapur High School763Krishnapur
268Krishnapur Junior Basic School876Krishnapur
269Krishnapur (Ghonapara) Fifth Plan Primary School1069Krishnapur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014