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Polling Booth in Nandigram Assembly Constituency

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Nandigram Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Nandigram

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Nandigram Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Terapekhia Junior High School1057Mangalchak
2Mangalchak Primary School799Mangalchak
3Mangalchak New Prymary School496Mangalchak
4Uttar Boyal Primary School783Bayal
6Boyal Sambhunath Primary School899Bayal
7Boyal Maktab Prathamik Vidyalaya881Bayal
8Narayanchak Primary School667Tentul Bari
9Narayanchak High School1002Kanakpur
10Chiranjibpur Primary School963Chironjibpur
11Mahagram Primary School718Chironjibpur
12Ramchak Abinash Smrriti Primary School1149Jalpai Part-II
13Balarampur Primary School951Balarampur Part-I
14Ramchak Gopalchak 3Rd Part Jalpai Junior High School1100Jalpai Part-III
15Gopalchak Jharucharan Primary School1288Gopal Chak
16Purba Gopalchak Bani Bitan Primary School753Gopal Chak
17Ramachak Jatnibala Primary School609Ramchak
19Boyal Sukanta M.S.K375Bayal
20Narasinghapur Primary School1071Bara Nara Singhapur Part-I
21Ashadtala Bhushanchandra Primary School896Ashadtalya (CT)
22Ashadtala Binod Vidyapith855Ashadtalya (CT)
24Ashadtala Fanibhushan Primary School902Ashadtalya (CT)
25Bhimkata Primary School560Bhimkata
26Babukhanbarh New Prathamik Vidyalay 1 No1023Babukhanbar
27Babukhanbarh Special Primary Vidyalaya497Babukhanbar Part-II
28Manuchak Milan Vidyaniketan921Manu Chak
29V Khanda Jalpai Primary School761Jalpai Part V
30Manuchak Jalpai New Primary School1089Mann Chak Jalpai
31Basulichak Primary School548Basuli Chak
32Dinabandhupur Special Primary School732Moujbrindabanpur
33Jelemara Prabhat S.S.K600Jelyamara
34Shripur Bapuji Primary School873Durgapur
35Bhekutia Basanti Primary School996Bhekutya
37Taluk Brindabanpur Primary Vidyalaya930Taluk Brindabanpur
38Kulatalia Primary School1100Amtalya
39Anantapur Primary School370Anantapur Part-I
40Durgapur High School492Durgapur
42Kandapashara Ananda Primary School933Kandapa Shara
43Brindabanpur Bord Primary School875Dinabandhupur
46Kandapashara Atyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya987Kandapa Shara
48Bar Kandapasara S.S.K608Bar Kanda Pashara
49Mahammadpur Shibnarayan Shikshayatan717Mahammadpur
51Mahammadpur Primary School633Mahammadpur
52Mahammadpur Darul Ulam Sinior Madrasa860Mahammadpur
53Nayachak Prathamik Vidyalaya672Naya Chak
54Madhabpur S.S.K499Madhabpur
55Bainchabari Sishu Shiksha Kendra795Hazra Kata
56Nilpur Primary Vidyalaya619Nilpur
58Binodpur Primary School649Mahammadpur
59Purushottampur Junior Basic School554Purushottampur
61Binandapur S.S.K1055Binandapur
62Chillagram Binapani Primary School961Chilinga
64Mohan Janabar Board Primary School1159Tara Chand Bar
65Nandigram B M Girls School1059Nandigram (CT)
66Dakshin Nandigram Atyayik Primary School1070Nandigram (CT)
67Gadaibalbar Haranarayan Primary School912Gadai Balbar
68Nandigram Sitananda Collage686Bartalya
69Baratalya Kenamoni Prathamik Vidyalaya772Bartalya
70Nandigram B.M.T Shikshaniketan793Nandigram (CT)
72Nandanayakbar Primary School538Nandan Ayek Bar
73Gadaibalbar Amarlata Primary School671Gadai Balbar
75Manikpur Prathamik Vidyalaya757Manikpur
76Tajpur Primary School458Tajpur
78Charagalia Primary School670Char Galya
79Jamtalya Milan Primary School950Dijamtalya
80Jamtalya New Primary School649Bar Jamtalya
81Ratanpur Dhaneshwarpur Primary School859Ratanpur
82Debipurbord Primary School1109Debipur
83Debipur Milan Bidyapith961Debipur
84Haripur Ambikacharan Part Basic School590Haripur
87Haripur Dakshin Prathamik Vidyalaya868Haripur
88Shrigauri Special Primary School938Priya Nagar
89Bahadurpur Special Primary School794Bahadurpur
90Banashrigauri Shitala Bord Primary School1030Banasri Gauri
91Champainagar Amena Primary School681Sri Gauri
92Priyanagari Special Primary Vidyalaya900Priya Nagar
93Amratala 1No Janakinath Primary School684Amratalya
95Amratala Girls School1076Amratalya
96Amratala 2No Primary School696Amratalya
98Bar Pathuria Gandhi Smriti Primary School333Thakur Chak
99Pathuria Primary School632Pathuria
100Jiban Pur Primary School957Jayanpur
101Manoharpur Bandhab Binod Bihari Primary School1011Monoharpur
102Manoharpur Katyayani Primary School1000Monoharpur
103Gopalpur Manoharpur Primary School700Gopalpur
104Gopalpur Paschim Palli Primary School1038Gopalpur
105Reapara Purba S.S.K609Gopalpur
106Reapara Shri Shri Siddhanath Primary School669Reye Para
107Reapara Adarsha Vidyapith435Reye Para
108Reapara Dakshin Palli Sishu Siksha Kendra1043Reye Para
109Khodambari Uni Bhutnath Pradhan H.S.School777Khodambari
110Shyamraipur Atyaik Prathamik Vidyalaya854Khodambari
111Khodambari Pradhan Palli Sishu Siksha Kendra465Khodambari
112Khodambari Malati Khullana Primary School921Khodambari
113Khodamabari Shibarampur Primary School904Khodambari
114Bheturia Purba Primary School661Bheturya
115Bheturia U.P. School1108Bheturya
116Bheturia Kohinoor Sishu Siksha Kendra689Bheturya
117Bheturia Bidhan Smriti Primary School633Bheturya
118Khodambari Buniadi Primary School1119Khodambari
119Krishnanagar 2No Primary School1088Krishnagar
120Krishnanagar Jogeswar Vidyapith383Krishnagar
121Krishnanagar Dakshin Primary School1022Krishnagar
122Shibarampur Primary School667Shibrampur
124Rankinipur Kshirod Panchanan Primary School770Rankinipur
126Barachira Bord Primary School445Rankinipur
127Barachira State Plan Primary School758Rankinipur
128Hanubhunia Purba Primary School476Hanu Bhunya
129Hanubhunia 1 No Junior High School1070Hanu Bhunya
130Hanubhunia 2 No Gadadhar Primary School845Hanu Bhunya
132Hanubhunia Gholpukuria Border Primary School621Ghol Pukurya
133Gholpukuria Uttar Primary School514Ghol Pukurya
135Gholpukuria Jaykali Primary School739Ghol Pukurya
136Gholpukuria Dakshin Primary School891Ghol Pukurya
138Purba Gholpukuria Primary Vidyalaya679Ghol Pukurya
139Baishnabchak Primary School615Baishnab Chak
140Birulia 1No Primary School1020Birulia
141Paschim Birulia Prathamik School720Birulia
143Birulia 2No Primary School885Birulia
144Birulia Pitambar High School676Birulia
146Subdi Binapani Primary School852Subdi
147Subdi Sitanath Vidyapith1047Subdi
148Subdi Debjani Girls School841Subdi
149Subdi Basic Primary School977Subdi
150Amdabad Paschim Palli Primary School1080Amda Bad
151Amdabad Barimal Primary School785Amda Bad
152Kumir Mara Primary School952Amda Bad
153Takapura Adarsha Vidyapith1122Amda Bad
154Amdabad Madhya Palli Prathamik Vidyalaya850Amda Bad
156Amadabad High School833Amda Bad
157Amdabab Purbochara Primary School757Amda Bad
158Sainbari Bord Primary School804Sanibari
160Kamalpur Swami Vivekananda Sishu Siksha Kendra558Kamalpur
161Kamalpur Bord Junior High School626Kamalpur
162Kamalpur Special Primary School(Takia)791Kamalpur
163Takapura Uttarpalli Primary School411Kamalpur
164Takapura No2 Primary School909Kamalpur
165Takapura 1No Primary School760Kamalpur
167Satangabari Primary School720Satgabari
168Satengabari Madhyamik Siksha Kendra662Satgabari
169Kiakhali Primary School650Kiyakhali
170Ranichak Bord Primary School(Girir Bazar)810Rani Chak
171Ranichak P.K.Shikshaniketan478Rani Chak
172Ranichak Special Primary School831Rani Chak
173Akandabari High School523Akanda Bari
174Akandabari Janapalli Basanti S.S.K860Akanda Bari
175Marichdanda Bord Primary School734Mirichdana
176Purba Chandananagar Atyayik Primary Vidyalaya1032Chandan Nagar
177Daudpur Bord Primary School1029Daudpur
179Daudpur Shikshasadan1113Daudpur
180Gumagar High Madrasa653Daudpur
181Habibbar Prathamik Vidyalaya1023Habibpur
182Chhayghari New Primary School749Chhayghari
183Naynan Chhayghari Special Primary School710Naynan
185Naynan Kenaram Uchha Prathamik Vidyalaya1137Naynan
186Saifullachak Prathamik Vidyalaya484Saifulya Chak
187Kantaberia Prathamik Vidyalaya779Amgechhya
188Uttar Amgechhya Primary School405Amgechhya
190Samsabad Dhanyakhola Vidyapith856Dhanya Khola
192Samsabad Kulsumia Special Primary School665Samsabad
194Samsabad Primary Sekashan686Samsabad
196Samsabad Vidyasagar Primary School666Samsabad
198Kanchannagar Didaruddin Vidyabhaban903Kanchan Nagar
200Dakshin Kanchan Nagar Primary School917Kanchan Nagar
201Amagechhya Primary School707Amgechhya
203Samsabad Saraberia Nutan Prathamik School944Samsabad Barsar Beria
205Gopimohan Pur Primary School611Gopimohanpur
207Rajaramchak Shikshaniketan597Gopimohanpur
208Hosenpur Sishu Shiksha Kendra1144Hosenpur
211Ramnathchak Primary School763Shyam Sundari Chak
212Char Kendemari S.S.K493Kenda Mari Jalpai
213Charkendamari S.S.K(Purba)680Charkende Mari
214Nakchirachar Jibankrishna Pry School893Kenda Mari Jalpai
215Kendyamari Narhari Primary School915Kenda Mari Jalpai
216Dakshin Kendyamari Sahadat Hossain Prathamik Vidyalaya955Kenda Mari Jalpai
217Dakshin Kendyamari New Primary School989Kenda Mari Jalpai
218Osmanchak Primary School818Usman Chak
220Mirjachak Sishushiksha Kendra450Mirza Chak
221Subhanichak Primary School577Subhanichak
2227Khanda Jal Garchakraberia Ambika Go Smriti Vidyapith683Jalpai Part-VII
224Gar Chakraberia Irigation Duck Banglo1001Gar Chakra Berya
226Jadubarichak Board Primary School1056Jadu Bari Chak
227Barunisnan Prathamik Vidyalaya1165Jalpai Part-VII
228Bard Nakchirachar Prathamik Vidyalaya600Nakchira Char
2307M Khand Jalpai Bord Primary School856Jalpai Part-VII
232Kalicharanpur Dayamoyee High School902Kalicharanpur
234Dakshin Kalicharanpur Bord Prathamik Vidyalaya841Kalicharanpur
236Gokulnagar Vivekananda Special Primary School839Gokul Nagar
238Keshabpur Atyayik Primary School523Gokul Nagar
239Maheshpur High School616Maheshpur
240Baranagar Naitalim Primary School786Maheshpur
241Parulbari Bord Primary School1118Parul Bari
242Raynagar Jam Bari Atyayik Primary Vidyalaya781Jhatibani
243Jamabari Raynagar Uchha Prathamik Vidyalaya782Jambari
245Brindabanchak Harekrishna Shiksha Mandir706Brindaban Chak
246Tapan Primary School491Brindaban Chak
247Kanangochak Deshapran Birendra Uchha Primary School1096Kanango Chak
248Shimulkunda Bord Primary School639Simul Kundu
250Gokulnagar Ramakrishna Prathamik Vidyalaya927Gokul Nagar
251Gokulnagar Primary Section623Gokul Nagar
252Shimulkunda Special Primary School1113Simul Kundu
253Gobinda Jiu Prathamik Vidyalaya926Gokul Nagar
255Saudkhali Jalpai Atyayik Primary School617Kalicharanpur
256Saudkhali Bhajahari Pry School1027Kalicharanpur
257Saudkhali Kaluray Special Primary School495Kalicharanpur
259Saudkhalichar S. C. Primary School774Saudikhali Jalpai
261Gangra New Primary School737Gangra
262Sonachura Bisheswari Pry School682Gangra
263Gangra Basuli Bord Primary School441Gangra
265Gangra Special Primary School(Balu Pota)794Gangra
267Sonachura K.C. A. Milan Vidyamandir976Sona Chura
268Sonachura Bord Primary School (Gaurhari )903Sona Chura
270Sonachura Jalpai Basuli Vidyamandir(Stateplan)781Sona Chura

Last Updated on December 26, 2014