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Polling Booth in Maynaguri Assembly Constituency

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Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

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Haryana and Maharashtra were conducted on October 21, 2019, and the result will be out tomorrow, October 24, 2019. The voter turnout demonstrated a droop this time. While Maharashtra enlisted Read More…

Maharashtra Assembly Election Results Maharashtra Assembly Election Results 2019 Live Updates

3,237 candidates – 288 seats – the results for Maharashtra Assembly elections to be announced on 24th October 2019. Out of 3237 candidates, 235 are women candidates BJP-Shiv Sena collation Read More…

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: Final By Poll Election Result summary By Poll – States Constituency Name Leading Candidate Leading party Trailing Candidate Trailing party Margin Final Result Arunachal Pradesh Khonsa West Smt. Chakat Read More…

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Maynaguri Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Maynaguri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Maynaguri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Haripota Special Cadre Primary School809Kaoagap
2Nilamoti C.S Pry. School904Kaoagap
3Paglijhora B.F.P. School948Jharbaragila
4Ghegadabri B.F.P. School1078Kajaldighi
5Ma Bhandari Junior Basic School927Chengmari
6Multi Purpose Building859Chengmari
7Dakshin Kalamati S.C. Primary School906Dakshin Kalamati
8Chengmari B.F.P. School680Uttar Kalamati
10Ramashai R.R. Primary School1064Jharbaragila
11Panbari Barman Para R.R. Primary School568Panbari
12Officepara S.S.K.710Jharbaragila
13Office Para Icds Centre939Jharbaragila
14Panbari Junior Basic School715Panbari
15Purba Dobbari Pry. School871Panbari
16Bhawani High School1064Satvendi
17Sathvendi Kalikanta Ray Spl.Cadre Pry. School723Satvendi
18Ramshai Bazar Primary School890Ramsai
19Kalamati Forest Village Primary School397Nimna Tandu Forest
20Ramshai Khudi Primary School801Ramsai
21Amguri Rammohan High School899Amguri
23Amguri Chapgarh B.F.P. School1024Amguri
24Beltalir Danga B.F.P. School905Amguri
25Dhawalaguri Additional Primary School926Dhaolaguri
26Kongarpara Ssk765Dhaolaguri
27Betgara Kharibari Primary School716Betgara
28Betgara Bhadramohan Primary School938Betgara
29Betgara Colony Primary School341Betgara
30Betgara New Colony Primary School1124Betgara
31Baksir Danga B.F.P. School776Chapgar
32Maa Bhandani S.S.K.952Betgara
33Chapgarh Kamala Vidyapith540Chapgar
35Purba Barogila B.F.P. School755Purbba Baragila
36Dangapara Netaji Ssk617Purbba Baragila
37Paschim Barogila Junior Basic School674Paschim Baragila
39Dakshin Barogila Khalpara Primary School942Dakshin Baragila
41Baguri Bari S.S.K.985Charesbari
42Charerbari N. N. High School1046Charesbari
43Banglarjhar B.F.P. School753Paitkakhocha
45Paschim Banglarjhar C.S. Primary School741Banglajhar
47Rakhalhat B.F.P. School909Kumarpara
48Kumarpara B.F.P. School655Kumarpara
50Rakhalhat Shishu Shiksha Kendra805Kumarpara
52Singimari Chandradeb High School829Singimari
54Singimari Special Cadre Primary School520Singimari
56Boulbari B.F.P. School635Baulbari
58Domohani-2 Gram Panchayet Office756Baulbari
59Nilkanta Paul High School841Baulbari
61Chatrarpar Pry. School574Chat Rarpar
62Chatrarpar B.F.P. School622Chat Rarpar
63Domohani Girls High School1000Kanthalbari
65Domohani No. 2 R.R. Primary School518Kanthalbari
67Uttar Mouyamari Primary School1047Uttar Mauamari
68Kanthal Bari Shishu Shiksha Niketan Primary School718Uttar Mauamari
69Abuyam Icds Kendra708Uttar Mauamari
70Polwhell High School803Uttar Marichbari
71Pranabananda Milan Vidyapith603Domohani
73Domohani Barman Para Primary School871Domohani
74Maynaguri Girls High School915Dakshin Mouamari
76Maynamapara Primary School1054Bengkandi
77Maynaguri Junior Basic School578Dakshin Mouamari
79Subhashnagar High School739Dakshin Mouamari
81Bengkandi B.F.P School809Bengkandi
82Bengkandi Shishu Shiksha Kendra965Uttar Khagrabari
83Vivekananda Vidyapith Primary School812Bengkandi
84Sadarkhai Vivekananda Mandeb Msk858Bengkandi
85Petkatir Upor Colony Ssk702Bengkandi
86Petkatir Danga Thelthela Primary School1068Bengkandi
87Anandanagar Junior Basic School812Bengkandi
88Anandanagar Adarsha Vidyapith647Bengkandi
89Ambari Ssk704Bengkandi
90P.W.D. Inspection Bungalow826Bengkandi
91P.W.D. Construction Sub-Division Office1016Bengkandi
92Bagjan Adarsha Primary School662Bagjan
93Bagjan Junior Basic School901Bagjan
94Dakshin Mouyamari Shishu Shiksha Kendra (Near Banyarta Shibir)782Dakshin Mouamari
96Icds Centre (Bagardanga)578Dakshin Mouamari
97Dakshin Mouyamari Special Cadre Primary School674Dakshin Mouamari
98Maynaguri Uchchatra Madhyamik Vidyalaya974Mainaguri (CT)
100Dongarhat B.F.P School759Uttar Marichbari
101Barnish Char State Plan Primary School906Uttar Marichbari
102Dakshin Marichbari Addl. Pry. School419Uttar Marichbari
103Ulladabri B.F.P. School870Ulladabri
104Gomod Ray Shishu Shiksha Kendra1056Ulladabri
105Multipurpose Building1064Ulladabri
106Janakalyan Primary School756Ulladabri
107Maynaguri Road High School710Dakshin Ulladabari
108Icds Centre No. -226529Dakshin Ulladabari
109Bhandani Junior Basic School743Dakshin Ulladabari
110Icds Centre No. 230928Dakshin Ulladabari
111Majharbari B. F P School1033Barnes
112Burnish High School936Barnes
113Pultali B.F.P. School865Sisuabari
114Putimari Harendranath Primary School732Uttar Putimari
115Putimari S.C.Pry.Schoool463Uttar Putimari
116Putimari Mathura Mohan High School448Dakshin Putimari
118Dangapara Special Cadre Primary School1117Uttar Dangapara
119Patharu Mohan Msk761Uttar Dangapara
120Chhit Putimari Primary School595Uttar Dangapara
121Bateswar Junior Basic School384Uttar Madhabdanga
123Bisheswar Ray B.F.P. School542Uttar Madhabdanga
124Chhoto Pradhanerbari Ssk648Uttar Madhabdanga
125Sukanta Smriti Sangha Ssk401Uttar Madhabdanga
126Byadh Para Shishu Shiksha Kendra794Uttar Madhabdanga
127Nilmani Basanta Primary School757Uttar Madhabdanga
128Madhabdanga B.F.P. School979Dakshin Madhabdanga
130Madhabdanga C.S. Colony Primary School914Madhabdanga
131Dakshin Madhabdanga S.P. Primary School726Dakshin Madhabdanga
132Icds Model House821Uttar Bhuskadanga
133Bholanath High School949Uttar Bhuskadanga
134Lakshmikanta High School1147Gartali Jalpes
135Lakshmi Narayan Prathamik Vidyalaya733Uttar Bhuskadanga
136South Khagrabari S.C. Primary School573Dakshin Khagrabari (CT)
138Dakshin Khagrabari Dinanath S.S.K.956Dakshin Khagrabari (CT)
139Dakshin Khagrabari State Plan Primary School790Dakshin Khagrabari (CT)
140Hathat Colony Ssk622Dakshin Khagrabari (CT)
141Shahidgarh High School994Dakshin Khagrabari (CT)
143Sahidgarh A.D.O. Farm1106Mainaguri (CT)
145Bhatirdanga S.C. Primary School959Uttar Khagrabari
146Uttar Khagrabari Railgate M.S.K.540Uttar Khagrabari
147Khawtiapara S.C. Primary School843Uttar Khagrabari
148Uttar Khagrabari Board Primary School1020Madhya Khagrabari
149Madhya Khagrabari Additional Primary School803Madhya Khagrabari
150Zilla Parishad Dak Bungalow699Mainaguri (CT)
152Khagrabari Girls High School1061Mainaguri (CT)
153D.R. Ssk490Dwarikamari
154Dwarikamari Junior Basic School717Dwarikamari
155Toktokerbari Ssk491Dwarikamari
156Kalirhat S.C. Primary School954Dwarikamari
157Bashilar Danga Junior Basic School936Basilardanga
158Hekumohan Primary School940Basilardanga
159Purano Bhandani (New) Primary School776Basilardanga
160Tekatuli Ramkanta High School1104Tekatali
161Nirendrapur Paduripara S.S.K. (Multipurpose Building)910Nirendrapur
162Nirendrapur S.C. Primary School1105Nirendrapur
163Tekatuli Primary School1033Tekatali
164Khagrabari-2 G.P. (R.I. Office)901Tekatali
165Purba Shalbari C.S. Primary School918Purbba Salbari
166Ramdeb B.F.P. School804Purbba Salbari
167Paschim Shalbari B.F.P. School1096Paschim Salbari
168Brahmeswar Prasad Junior Basic School1033Purbba Dehar
169Bhujari Para Moharchand High School885Purbba Dehar
171Huslu Danga Junior Basic School1014Hasludanga
172Aadarsha Pathagar Huslu Danga1122Hasludanga
173Churabhandar Bhelbhela High School1029Bhangarhat
174Bhangar Hat B.F.P. School904Bhangarhat
175Chandrakanta B.F.P. School603Bhangamali
177Purbadehar B.F.P. School989Bhangamali
178Churabhandar Jhajhangi B.F.P. School906Chura Bhandar
179Churabhander Jhajhangi Jr. High School916Chura Bhandar
180Churabhandar Gram Panchayet Office830Chura Bhandar
181Ratherhat High School819Ratherhat
183Char Churabhandar Special Cadre Primary School653Charchura Bhandar
185Char Churabhandar New Colony B.F.P. School658Charchura Bhandar
187Jabramali 2No B.F.P. School684Jabaramli
189Rahamattulla Primary School798Saptibari
190Abastali S.P Pry School864Saptibari
191Saptibari Khagendranath Junior Basic School845Saptibari
192Saptibari B.F.P School881Saptibari
193Bhubaneswari Multipurpose Building911Saptibari
194Saptibari High School492Saptibari
196Chekadara C.S Primary Schoolkumarpara1076Saptibari
197Churabhandar Junior Basic School829Jabaramli
199Paschim Jabramali S.C.Pry.School784Jabaramli
200Jabramali 1No B.F.P School684Jabaramli
201Madhya Saptibari Shishu Shiksha Kendra1140Saptibari
202Bolor Hat B.F.P School650Saptibari
204Dhularam Junior Basic School1174Saptibari
205Battali Kaluyamohan High School903Saptibari
206Madya Saptibari Pry. School571Saptibari
207Purba Barogharia 2No B.F.P School1135Purbba Baragharia
208Abhaycharan Primary School681Purbba Baragharia
209Kashirdanga B.F.P School1133Saptibari
210Jotdartari Primary School1111Saptibari
211Baruyapara Junior Basic School699Saptibari
212Bairagipara Bfp School579Saptibari
213Harmati Jatindra Vidyapith Special Cadre Pry School802Bara Kamet
215Sri Sri Nigamananda Path Chakra (Pragati Sangha)402Bara Kamet
216Barakamat Primary School882Bara Kamet
217Dakshin Dangapara State Plan Primary School1024Dakshin Dangapara
218Bhatirbari B.F.P. School595Dakshin Dangapara
219Dakshin Dangapara Ssk615Dakshin Dangapara
221Uttar Bhotpatti Prathamik Vidyalaya Colony Para1120Paschim Harmati
222New Barakamat S.C. Pry. School657Paschim Harmati
223Harmati B.F.P. School969Paschim Harmati
224Sri Sri Nigamananda Adarsha Vidyaniketan856Dakshin Bhuskadanga
226Purba Harmati Special Cadre Primary School628Purbba Harmati
227Purba Harmati Sarkar Para Primary School668Purbba Harmati
228Jorepakri A.G. High School781Penchahahi
229Jorepakri Junior Basic School973Penchahahi
230Muriyagram Jhakua Para B.F.P. School626Dharmmapur
231Dakshin Dharmapur B.F.P School738Dharmmapur
232Basanti Nagar Pry. School1048Penchahahi
233Gurucharan Vidyapith Rajarhat542Penchahahi
234Baganbari Primary School721Dharmmapur
235Baganbari Icds Centre543Dharmmapur
236Bhurunger Bari Primary School853Dharmmapur
237Bakali Shashadhar Ssk(Multipurpose Building)786Dharmmapur
238Dharmapur Shashadhar High School964Dharmmapur
239Paschim Barogharia Additional Primary School717Paschim Bara Gharia
240Dakshin Barogharia State Plan Pry. School652Paschim Bara Gharia
241Gopalganj B.F.P. School1156Gaurgram
242Gourgram Khuliyarbari Primary School765Gaurgram
243Laskar Para R.R. Primary School Khayerkhal876Khaer Khal
244Khayerkhal S.P. Jr. High School716Khaer Khal
245Bhottpatty Hanuman Box Lohiya High School1128Bhatpatti
246Bhotpatti B.F.P. School887Bhatpatti
247Maynarerbari Basanti Nagar Ssk854Bhatpatti
248Khuttimari Primary School Uttar Padamati1119Padamati
249Uttar Padamati S.C. Primary School884Padamati
250Padamati Bfp School809Padamati
251Balasan Battali B.F.P. School731Balasan
253Brahmapur Nayabari Ssk722Brahmapur
254Brahmapur Nayabari Primary School623Brahmapur
255Deuripara Brahmapur S.C. Primary School484Brahmapur
256Paharpur Primary School897Paharpur
257Brahmapur 1No B.F.P. School743Paharpur
258Kathaforarbari Icds Certre545Padamati
259Sahapara Bhandani Shishu Shiksha Kendra657Padamati
260Ramcharan Primary School516Padamati
262Dangapara Junior Basic School660Baikur Gourgram
264Sipai Bari Junior Basic School485Baikur Gourgram
265Sepaibari Msk715Baikur Gourgram
266Padamoti No. 2 Gram Panchayat Office900Baikur Gourgram
267Shishurbari Ssk770Baikur Gourgram
268P.U.R. High School596Baikur Gourgram
270Bhangamali B.F.P. School Helapakri838Baikur Gourgram

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