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Polling Booth in Mangalkot Assembly Constituency

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Mangalkot Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mangalkot

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mangalkot Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Mazikhara F. P. School631Majkhanra
3Pashchim Nabagram Ef Pi School459Paschim Nabagram
5Paligram B.S. Vidyamandir730Paligram
7Paligram Paschimpara F.P. School594Paligram
8Jangal Ef Pi School572Paligram
9Baragram Ef Pi School1112Taldanga
10Narayanapur Ef Pi School521Narayanpur
11Uniya Ef Pi School657Uniatatarpur
13Baruliya Fri Primary School1048Barulia
14Debagram Efpischool762Debagram
15Keshabapur Efpischool883Raghunathpur
16Ganapur High School1139Palpara
17Jayapur Junior Basic School747Nawapara Irsanda
19Jalapada Efpischool957Jalpara
20Jalapada Aadibasi Efpischool989Jalpara
21Ramanagar Efpischool668Ramnagar
23Ujirapur Efpischool951Ujirpur
24Sarangapur F.P. School624Sarangapur
25Saruliya Efpischool852Sarulia
26Balidanga Efpischool822Balidanga
27Salanda Free Primary School729Salanda
28Chanak Ef Pi School635Chanak
30Krishnapur Ef Pi School914Gobindapur
31Mahishagadiya Efpi School633Jayrampur
33Radhanagar Ef Pi School565Radhanagar
34Aaogram Ef Pi School862Aogram
36Pilasonya Efpischool766Pilsoan
37Bamunara Ef Pi School669Dwarshini
38Sukpukuria Prathamik Vidyalaya424Sukhpukuria
39Naoyapada Efpischool903Nayapara
40Pashchim Gopalapur Efpischool1016Paschim Gopalpur
41Gotishtha Efpischool651Gatistha
44Kashemanagar N.A.J.H.S. School911Kashiara
46Lakhuriya Ef Pi School902Lakhuria
49Kotalaghosh Ef. Pi. School781Kotalghosh
50Zilera Prathamik Vidyalaya515Jhilera
51Siur Prathamik Vidyalaya641Siur
52Aamadob Ef.Pi.School793Amdob
53Chakadah Fpschool540Chakdaha
54Kalanapur Ef.Pi.School852Kalyanpur
56Aataghada Ef.Pi.School1045Atghara
57Pashchim Mangalkot Jatiy Shikshaniketan511Sitahati
58Aataghada Fladaseltar959Sitahati
59Sagira Efpischool1148Kogram
60Nutanhat Fpschool (Oxfoam)904Nutanhat
62Mangalakot Ekeem Haiskul964Nutanhat
63Natunahat New F.P. School575Mangalkot
64Puratan Hat Efpi School540Nutanhat
65Mangalakot Hai Madrasa817Mangalkot
66Dakshin Mangalakot Ef Pi School478Mangalkot
69Mangalakot Ef Pi School1055Mangalkot
71Aral F.P.School187Mangalkot
73Baksinagar Ef Pi School809Mangalkot
74Pashchim Deuliya Ef Pi School662Deulia
76Deuliya Ef Pi School977Deulia
77Khurtuba F.P. School483Khurtuba
79Mahartuba Ef Pi School389Mahartuba
80Mahaturba S.S.K.819Mahartuba
82Padimpur Fp School1076Halimpur
84Baragar Ef Pi School541Halimpur
85Jhiloo Pashchimpara F.P. School447Jhilu
87Jhiloo Ali Hosen Memorial Institiution764Jhilu
88Ziluaalihosen Memorial Inastitiushan523Jhilu
90Kunda Ef Pi School874Kunda
92Sinut Ef Pi School570Sinut
94Nowapara Dr. Gunendar Vidyapith749Purbba Nayapara
97Purbb Naoyapada Pashchimapada Ef Pi School655Purbba Nayapara
99Sankona Ef Pi School727Sakona
100Babaladihi Ef Pi School571Babladihi
101Shankarpur F.P.School565Sankarpur
102Thengapada Ef Pi School918Thengapara
104Bhatapada Ef Pi School1038Bhatpara
105Bebucha Ef Pi School397Bebucha
106Banapada Ef Pi School842Banpara
108Shimulia Ulangini Balika Vidyalaya684Simulia
109Shimuliya Purbapada Ef Pi School763Simulia
110Shimuliya Ef Pi School658Simulia
114Krishnabati High School611Krishnabati
116Krishnabati F.P School952Krishnabati
117Matharun En Si Inastiushan987Mathrun
120Chatanyapur Prathamik Vidyalaya864Haripur
122Singat Ef.Pi.School937Singat
123Khudarun Ef.Pi.School1114Khudrun
125Ichhabatagram Ef Pi School861Ichhabargram
127Palishgram Uttarpara F.P School974Palisgram
129Palish Gram High School727Palisgram
132Bakuliya Ef.Pi School1077Bakulia
133Kankoda Fri Primary School800Kankora
135Madhapur Ef.Pi.School685Madhpur
137Jaykrishnapur Fpschool441Jaykrishnapur
138Chakuliya Ef.Pi. School879Uttar Banpara
140Keotasa Fp School424Keotsa
141Kowarpur High School1004Konarpur
143Majigram F.P School577Majigram
144Majigram Daspara F.P School629Majigram
146Majigram Bisweswari High School744Majigram
148Sandi Ef.Pi School923Sanri
150Nutan Kheduya Ef.Pi.School889Kherua
151Uttar Brahmapur F.P School384Kherua
152Shyamabajar Di.En Haiskul765Syambazar
153Aatakula Fp School391Syambazar
155Dhanyarukhi Ef Pi School724Dhanyarukhi
156Pindira Ef.Pi School1048Pindira
158Pindira High School871Pindira
159Lakshipur Ef Pi School678Lakshmipur
162Bhalugram Ef.Pi School487Bhalugram
165Kulashuna Ef.Pi. School657Kulsuna
168Kulshuna Dikhir Fp School715Kulsuna
170Belagram Ef Pi School965Uttar Belgram
171Buanichi Ef.Pi. School1143Buinchi
173Balaramapur Ef Pi School683Balarampur
174Muruliya Ef Pi School756Murulia
175Shitalagram Efpi School750Sitalgram
177Kanaidanga Efpi School779Kanaidanga
179Nutanagram-Fp School873Kaichar
180Sectional Office Irrigation & Waterways Nigan Panjoa Sectin-I Kaichar Burdwan891Kaichar
181Kaichar Patti Fp School529Kaichar
182Kachar Ef. Pi. School609Kaichar
185Duramut Ef.Pi.School819Durmut
186Duramut Nutan Pada Ef.Pi.School701Durmut
188Bajar Dakshinapada Ef.Pi. School910Bankapasi
190Bankapasi F.P. School467Bankapasi
191Banakapashi Es Em Haiskul773Bankapasi
194Jageshbar Dihi Fp School1050Jageswardihi
195Jageswardihi B.M.S.S. Niketan1077Jageswardihi
196Chak Ef Pi School843Jageswardihi
197Nigan Purbapada Ef Pi School1073Nigan
199Nigan Ef Pi School710Nigan
201Nigan Pashchim Pada Ef.Pi.School1090Nigan
203Musharu Ef.Pi.School955Masaru
204Palasona Ef.Pi.School768Palsona
205Chhot Poshala Ef.Pi.School627Chhota Poshla
206Gohagram Ef.Pi.School851Gohagram
208Sanota Ef.Pi.School630Saota
210Belagram Nalini Ranjan Bidyamandir860Belgram
212Gobarddhanapur Efpi School472Gobardhanpur
214Suruldighi F.P. School456Gobardhanpur
216Bamunagram Efpi School677Bamungram
217Jabagram M.K. Institution783Jabagram
220Palashi Efpi School925Palashi
221Dharasona Efpi School942Dharsona
224Kshiragram Bayej Ef Pi School711Kshirgram
226Kshiragram Shriyogadya Banipith High School853Kshirgram
227Kshiragram Shriyogadya Banipith Haiskul434Kshirgram
229Ita Ef.Pi.School798Ita
231Kurumba Daspara F.P. School509Purbba Gopalpur
233Kurumba Ef Pi School892Purbba Gopalpur
235Purb Gopalapur Es.Em .Pi Vidyapith835Purbba Gopalpur
237Gusumba Uttarpara F.P. School1074Gusumba
238Gusumba Fp School703Gusumba
240Goalpara Fp School570Gusumba
242Alampur Harimohan High School935Alampur
244Barampur Fp School755Barampur
246Nandanpur Fp School562Debagram
248Arjundihi Fpschool957Arjundihi
250Ganfulia Pashchim Para Fpschool627Ganfulia
252Ganfulia Fpschool949Ganfulia
255Kaithan Milan Fpschool562Kaithan
257Kaithan Free Primary School775Kaithan
259Kaithan High School1005Kaithan
261Bhalsuni Fpschool574Bholshuni
263Karulia Fp School609Karulia
264Karulia Harijan F.P.School750Karulia
265Kalsa Fp School683Kalsa
267Gidhagram Gidheswar Bidyaniketan1119Gidhgram
268Gidhagram Paschimpara Fp School700Gidhgram
269Gidhagram Purbapara F.P. School421Gidhgram
271Kantaria Fpschool911Katari
272Puini Ideal Institution765Puini
274Saragram Kalipada Fpschool1001Sargram
276Bainchi Free Primary School1119Bainchi
277Narsona Fpschool649Narsana
278Chandrapur F.P.School620Chandrapur
280Kamal Free Primary School1012Kamal
282Jamra Fpschool954Jamra

Last Updated on December 26, 2014