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Polling Booth in Mandirbazar Assembly Constituency

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Mandirbazar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Mandirbazar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mandirbazar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Tekapanja Junior Haiskul509Tekpanza (M)
2Pashchim Tekapanja Ef.Pi.School656Tekpanza (M)
5Gadijola Ef.Pi.School733Nishapur (M)
8Sadashibapur Ef.Pi.School547Sadashibpur (M) (P)
9Nishapur Ef.Pi.School726Sadashibpur (M) (P)
11Bhariuran F. P. School303Mallikpratap (M)
12Zanpabediya High School793Mallikpratap (M)
14Purb Tekapanja Ef.Pi.School832Tekpanza (M)
19Sekendarapur Hat Ef.Pi.School745Mallikpratap (M)
22Zanpabediya Ef.Pi.School427Mallikpratap (M)
24Dhanyaghata Aadarsh Shikshaniketan429Nishapur (M)
26Pashchim Dhanyaghata Speshyal Kyadar Ef.Pi.School346Sadashibpur (M) (P)
28Purb Dhanyaghata Ef.Pi.School535Sadashibpur (M) (P)
30Dakshin Dhanyaghata Ef.Pi.School675Sadashibpur (M) (P)
32Kantibediya Ef.Pi.School516Raghudebpurbeluni (M)
33Kantiberia Sishu Siksha Kendra484Khordda Ratneshwarpur (M)
34Khordd Mahadebapur Ef.Pi.School488Khordda Mahadebpur (M)
35Inayetapur Janakinath Ef.Pi.School499Inayetpur (M)
36Kecharkur F.P.School911Sadashibpur (M) (P)
37Sarifanagar Ef.Pi.School462Haridebpur (M)
38Sarifnagar Sishu Siksha Kendra719Haridebpur (M)
39Krishnadebapur Ef.Pi.School558Krishnadebpur (M)
41Krishnadebapur Mas Edukeshan School587Krishnadebpur (M)
43Bademaheshapur Ef.Pi.School928Bademaheshpur (M)
44Udayapur Ef Pi School1103Dakshin Amratola (M)
45Saradana F. P. School510Saradana (M)
46Kadipukur Naskar Haiskul852Saradana (M)
47Chandapur Ef Pi School890Chandpur (M) (CT)
48Bhabanipur Ef Pi School888Ramnarayanpur (M)
49Chatanyapur Deshagaurab Bidyamandir637Chaitanyapur (M)
50Bangabediya Ef Pi School699Bangabari (M)
51Mrijanagar Ef.Pi.School712Mirzanagar (M)
52Bajarabediya Hat Ef Pi School914Chandpur (M) (CT)
55Digabediya Ef Pi School1041Raghunathpur (M)
56Purbabajarabediya Ef Pi School(Saradarapada)866Bangabari (M)
57Makimapur Pukuriya Hatatala Ef.Pi.School603Pukuria (M)
58Raghunathapur Ef.Pi.School776Raghunathpur (M)
59Gokulanagar Ef.Pi.School1090Gokulnagar (M)
60Dakshin Krishnaramapur Ef.Pi.School401Krishnarampur (K)
61Nur Mahammadapur Ef Pi School1003Nurmahammadpur (M)
62Aadityapur Ef Pi School980Dakshin Radhanagar (M)
63Muladiya Haladarapada Ef.Pi.School699Bade Muldia (M)
64Muladiya Dakagobindabati Ef.Pi.School516Gobindabati (M)
67Kaneya Ef Pi School697Bangsidharpur (M) (P) (CT)
69Bangshidhar Pur Uttar F.P.School738Bangsidharpur (M) (P) (CT)
71Bangshidharpur F. P. School598Bangsidharpur (M) (P) (CT)
72Baladebapur Ef Pi School895Purba Bishnupur (M) (CT)
74Ramakantanagar Ef Pi School835Purba Bishnupur (M) (CT)
75Maujapur Ef Pi School958Purba Bishnupur (M) (CT)
77Sudipukur Ef Pi School936Purba Bishnupur (M) (CT)
78Sauthabishnupur Ef Pi School(Bayej)601Purba Bishnupur (M) (CT)
80Sauthabishnupur Garlas High School736Purba Bishnupur (M) (CT)
82Gandar Bediya Aai.Si.Di.Es. Kendr702Purba Bishnupur (M) (CT)
83Dbipe Ef. Pi. School730Chaugharia (K)
84Purbamallikapur Saradashbari Balika Vidyalaya1135Mallikpur (K)
85Mallikapur Ef. Pi. School551Mallikpur (K)
87Gumaki Ef.Pi.School858Gumki (K)
88Chaughari Ef.Pi.School1037Chaugharia (K)
89Bajeshukadebapur Junior Haiskul596Baji Sukdebpur (K)
90Jeliyabati Ef Pi School646Baji Sukdebpur (K)
91Panchanan Ef Pi School1071Uttar Shyampur (K)
92Dhanurahat Ef.Pi.School668Dhanurhat (K)
93Khordo Sadashibpur F.P. School487Dhanurhat (K)
94Chaulagola Special Kyadar Ef Pi School714Chaulgola (K)
95Ramachandrapur Uilingtan Junior Madrasa615Ramchandrapur (K)
97Siddheshbarapur Ef Pi School700Siddheshwarpur (K)
98Ramachandrapur Dattapada Ef.Pi.School408Ramchandrapur (K)
99Chakasubuddhi Ef Pi School772Ramchandrapur (K)
100Shibapur Ef Pi School654Shibpur (K)
101Kaling Ef.Pi.School441Kalinga (K)
102Ramanathapur Ef Pi School864Ramnathpur (K)
104Mandabatala Ef Pi School546Mandabtala (K)
105Chanpanagar Ef.Pi.School401Champanagar (K)
106Uttar Sutabecha Ef.Pi. School674Sutabecha (K)
107Sutabecha Ef.Pi.School990Sutabecha (K)
108Aanchana Haiskul423Achina (K)
109Anchna Balika Vidyalaya843Achina (K)
110Bidyadharapur En.Ke.Bidyamandir526Bidyadharpur (K)
112Dumiaanchana Ef Pi School420Achina (K)
114Teantibediya Ef Pi School863Tetiberia (K)
115Nilambarapur Je.Di.Bidyamandir809Nilambarpur (K)
117Sovarampur F.P. School603Nilambarpur (K)
118Brindaban Pur Sardar Para I. C. D. S Kendra737Brindabanpur (K)
119Brindabanpur I.C.D.S. Kendra (Madhya Para)851Brindabanpur (K)
120Nilambarapur Special Kyadar Ef.Pi.School980Nilambarpur (K)
124Jagadishapur Siti Kanth Inastitiushan596Uttar Jagadeishpur (K)
126Jagadishapur Ef.Pi.School798Uttar Jagadeishpur (K)
127Dhananjayapur Ef.Pi.School812Dhananjoypur (K)
128Mauralatala Shitala Balika Vidyalaya627Mauraltala Mukundapur (K)
129Kalikapur Ef.Pi.School994Matilal (K)
130Ballabhapur Em.Em.Haiskul1017Uttar Ballabhpur (K)
131Bansh Bediya Maukhali Efpischool1088Bansberia Zafarpur (K)
132Dadapur Gunjirpur Darul Ulum Siddikiya Siniyar Madrasa464Maukhali (K)
133Maheshapur Purb Ef.Pi.School712Maukhali (K)
134Gopalanagar Ef.Pi.School1120Purba Gopalnagar (K)
135Gopalanagar Junior Haiskul995Purba Gopalnagar (K)
136Udiyahat Ef.Pi.School810Purba Gopalnagar (K)
137Dulalapur Ef Pi School833Dulalpur (K)
138Simardhar F.P. School347Dulalpur (K)
139Naiyarat Ef Pi School1023Dulalpur (K)
140Krishnapur Uchch Vidyalaya1013Krishnapur (K)
143Dadapur Ef.Pi.School662Dadpur (K)
145Dhopahat Dinabandhu Ef Pi School961Krishnapur (K)
146Chhakurat Ef.Pi.School918Dulalpur (K)
147Kashipur Ef.Pi.School818Kashipur (K)
149Purbb Raghunathapur Bireshbarapur Ef Pi School889Kashipur (K)
150Purb Raghunathapur Haiskul985Krishnapur (K)
152Madhabapur Ef.Pi.School1064Madhabpur (K)
153Khelaramapur Ef.Pi.School967Khelarampur (K)
154Rayapur Dayaramapur Ef.Pi.School697Raipur Dayarampur (K)
156Dayaramapur Balika Vidyalaya1116Raipur Dayarampur (K)
157Sulatanapur Ef.Pi.School643Uttar Sultanpur (K)
159Sultanpur Srinagar Sishu Siksha Kendra474Uttar Sultanpur (K)
160Rameshbarapur Ef.Pi.School420Purba Rameshwarpur (K)
161Srinagar Milan Vidyapith483Banamalipur (K)
162Gababediya Hayar Sekendari School894Gabberia (K)
164Natun Alo Sishu Siksha Kendra640Gabberia (K)
165Madhusudanapur Ef.Pi.School831Madhusudanpur (K)
166Dakshin Raghunathapur Ef.Pi.School541Dakshin Raghunathpur (K)
167Dakshin Gababediya Ef.Pi.School1114Tajpur (K)
168Purb Gababediya Ef.Pi.School622Gabberia (K)
169Chhoto Ramkrishnapur F.P. School638Gabberia (K)
170Bhagabatipur Anath Aashram620Bhagabatipur (K)
171Ramanarayanapur Ef.Pi.School839Ramnarayanpur (K)
173Aakadabediya Ef.Pi.School761Uttar Akhraberia (K)
175Baidyapur Lakshikantapur F.P.School685Lakshikantapur (K)
179Ramajibanapur Ef.Pi.School932Ramjibanpur (K)
180Badyapur Stateaplyan Ef.Pi.School665Mirpur (K)
182Ghateshbar Bi.Ke.Bidyamandir718Ghateshwar (K)
183Ghateswar Musalman O Kayal Para Sishu Siksha Kendra742Durgapur (K)
184Durgapur F.P. School680Durgapur (K)
186Ghateswar Girls High School854Muraripur (K)
187Ghateshbar Galars Ef.Pi.School774Ghateshwar (K)
188Chandapur Dhopahat Ef.Pi.School750Purba Chandpur (K)
190Sikirahat Ef.Fi.School677Chak Ghateshwar (K)
191Dhopahat Primary Vidyalaya792Kishmatmadhabnagar (K)
193Inatapur Ef.Pi.School502Inatpur (K)
194Ullan Sitanath Aadarsh Vidyapith791Inatpur (K)
195Singheshbar Ef.Pi.School1009Ramlochanpur (K)
196Gunjirapur Ef.Pi.School1117Gunjirpur
197Basudebapur Ef.Pi.School735Basudebpur
198Ramabati Ef.Pi.School1145Rambati
199Shibapur Efpischool798Muraripur
200Sitagachhi Ef.Pi.School1046Sitagachhi
202Janarddanapur High School755Uttar Janardanpur
203Patakelabediya Ef.Pi.School770Uttar Gobindapur
204Gobindapur Ef.Pi.School785Uttar Gobindapur
205Bapuli Bajar Junih Basic School1086Uttar Ramnagar
207Tajapur Ef.Pi.School923Tajpur
208Nayabad Special Kyadar Ef.Pi.School717Noabad
209Rajapur Ef.Pi.School976Rajpur
210Uttar Gangadharapur Ef.Pi.School872Uttar Gangadharpur
211Shrishri Ramakrishn Bibekanand Junior Basic School780Mathurapur (CT)
213Mathurapur Junior Basic School614Mathurapur (CT)
215Purakaitapada Ef.Pi.School652Mathurapur (CT)
217Gopinathapur Ef.Pi.School1130Gopinathpur
219Bhagabatipur Ef.Pi.School448Bhagabatipur
220Baghayatin Efpischool707Mathurapur (CT)
221Sisberia F. P. School579Mathurapur (CT)
222Bhetakipur High School708Mathurapur (CT)
223Uttar Madhusudanapur Ef.Pi. School446Uttar Madhusudanpur
224Mukundapur Harinakhali Ef.Pi.School869Mukundapur
225Kapukuriya Ef.Pi.School801Kaipukuria
226Daudapur Ef.Pi.School592Sekhpukhuria
227Jadavpur Halderpara F. P. School781Jadabpur
228Yadabapurahat Ef.Pi.School500Jadabpur
229Radhakantapur Ef.Pi.School634Radhakantapur
231Dakshin Ramnagar S. S. K948Panapukhuria
232Panapukur Ef.Pi.School659Panapukhuria
233Shrikrishnanagar Ef.Pi.School719Srikrishnanagar
235Himachi Ef.Pi.School1057Himchi
236Pataki Ef.Pi.School698Srikrishnanagar
237Lakshinarayanapur Garlas Haiskul853Uttar Lakshminarayanpur
238Sudirahat Ef.Pi.School727Uttar Lakshminarayanpur
239Tillan Ef.Pi.School980Uttar Lakshminarayanpur
240Bhuanikumari Ef.Pi.School808Srikrishnanagar
241Bapulirachak Ef.Pi.School579Uttar Lakshminarayanpur
243Sitanath Haiskul Boding Haus1078Uttar Lakshminarayanpur
244Bohalabediya Banshinaskar Shikshasadan Haiskul966Krishnarampur
245Krishnaramapur Ef.Pi.School527Krishnarampur
246Dahakanda Ef.Pi.School1055Ghoradal
247Lakshinarayan Pur Adarsh High School348Ghoradal
248Haladarahat Ef.Pi.School813Ghoradal
249Harinabati Ef.Pi.School540Ghoradal
251Kalikapur Gayen Pada Ef. Pi. School373Krishnarampur
253Mazeraghodadal Ef.Pi.School921Ghoradal
254Chhotaghodadal Ef.Pi.School495Ghoradal
256Badaghodadal Ef.Pi.School1015Ghoradal
258Ederapad Ef.Pi.School594Ghoradal
259Fatki S. S. K.760Ghoradal
260Killa Ef.Pi.School723Ghoradal

Last Updated on December 26, 2014