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Polling Booth in Magrahat Paschim Assembly Constituency

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Magrahat Paschim Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Magrahat Paschim

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Magrahat Paschim Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Chakajayadi Ef Pi School1076Chak Jaydi
4Hayatanagar Rajarahat Ef.Pi.School959Ajodhyanagar (CT)
6Rajarhat High Madrasa611Ajodhyanagar (CT)
7Naraharipur Rajaramapur Ef.Pi.School816Raja Rampur
8Hayat Nagar Aarased Aali Efpischool397Hayatnagar Rajarhat
11Rajaramapur Ef Pi School1117Raja Rampur
12Shirakol Junior Basic School566Sirakol (CT)
13Shirakol Oyai En Haiskul641Sirakol (CT)
17Shirakol Jangal Pada Ef.Pi.School639Sirakol (CT)
18Chakahaturiya Ef.Pi.School938Chak Haturia
19Chakhaturia Junior High School939Chak Haturia
20Mazerahat Bhandaripada Mahadeb Ef.Pi.School907Sirakol (CT)
22Panyajaganj Ef.Pi.School728Sirakol (CT)
24Ghatiharaniya Ef.Pi.School1048Serpur
26Tol Ef.Pi.School550Serpur
28Sherapur Ramachandrapur Uchchavidyalaya553Serpur
30Mridhapada Ef.Pi.School499Serpur
31Ghatiharania I.C.D.S. Cetre823Ghati Harania
32Naraharpur Ssk Centre937Naraharipur
33Purb Khelaramapur Ef.Pi.School697Khela Rampur
34Khelarampur Purba I.C.D.S. Centre454Khela Rampur
35Ramachandrapur Ef.Pi.School800Ramchandrapur
37Bedamara Ramachandrapur High School874Ramchandrapur
39Khelarampur Paschim I.C.D.S. Centre1010Khela Rampur
40Pashchim Khelaramapur Ef Pi School409Khela Rampur
42Sekendarapur Ef.Pi.School959Sekandarpur
44Uttar Iyarapur Efpischool1022Iyarpur
46Pallishri Ef.Pi.School778Iyarpur
47Yearpur Masidhat Benimadhab High School818Iyarpur
48Maheshbara Pragati Sanggh Efpischool1118Maheswara
49Iyarapur Chakahaturiya Ef Pi School929Iyarpur
51Chakarayapur Ef.Pi.School512Chak Raypur
54Masidahat Ef Pi School957Chak Raypur
56Rajaballabhapur Rangilabad Aar Em Haiskul989Rajballabhpur
58Balaramapur Stateaplyan Ef Pi School983Balarampur
59Khandagachhi Ef.Pi.School1123Bagaria Khargachhi
60Tafana Ef.Pi.School801Chak Naraharipur
61Chakadebughosh Ef.Pi. School1102Chak Debughosh
62Shrichanda Em.En.Em.Inashtitiushan938Srichanda
63Srichanda F.P. School817Ruipukuria Bhatugachhi
64Harekrishnapur Ef.Pi.School1055Chak Debughosh
65Dastura Maheshadandi Ef.Pi.School759Dastura
66Dastura F.P. School1063Dastura
67Banchabediya Sapamara Junior Basic School1136Sapmara
68Samir Subir Smriti Vidyamandir724Bainch Beria
69Bainchberia F.P. School794Bainch Beria
70Ganduya Ef.Pi.School407Gandua
71Pratapabediya Maheshadandi Ef.Pi.School378Mahesdari
72Baneswarpur R. D. B. P.M. Vidyalaya844Mahesdari
74Ramanathapur Shrinath Ef.Pi.School525Pashchm Ramnathpur
75Rasa Ef Pi School1016Rasa
76Dogachha F.P. School817Dogachha
77Kensili Barkatia Sinior Madrasa873Kesili
78Uttar Keanshili Ef.Pi.School491Kesili
79Keanshili Emadadiya Uchch Vidyalaya408Kesili
81Pratap Bediya Ef Pi School713Pratap Beria
82Baneshbarapur Junior Basic School916Baneswarpur
84Hariharapur Ef Pi School1072Hariharpur
86Dihi Sarishapada Ef.Pi.School641Dihi Sarishapara
87Malangi Sarisapara F.P. School1076Malangi Sarishapara
88Aamatoyali Ef.Pi. School1124Hijalhat
90Gopinathpur F.P.School1066Dakshin Gopinathpur
91Gadakhali Ramanathapur Ef.Pi.School922Kamalpur
92Shibapur Ef.Pi.School692Rangilabad
93Rangilabad Ef Pi School912Rangilabad
95Beliya Ef.Pi. School870Kamalpur
96Aalamapur Ef.Pi.School1016Alampur
98Chakadah Ef Pi School974Chkdaha
100Bishnupur Ef.Pi.School1032Alampur
102Bishnupur I.C.D.S.711Uttar Bishnupur (CT)
103Bishnupur Ssk320Uttar Bishnupur (CT)
104Kuleshbar Krishnapur Ef Pi School983Jagadish Nagar
106Usthi Ef.Pi.School892Nainanpur
108Usthi Kajipada Ef.Pi.School644Usthi (CT)
110Usthi Ke Si Pi Em Inashtitiushan1018Usthi (CT)
112Nananapur Nutan Ef.Pi.School954Nainanpur
113Nainanpur I.C.D.S.836Nainanpur
114Najara Rojarahat Ju:Basic School711Nazra
117Kanapur Pallimangal Ju:Basic School1110Kanpur
119Nananapur Ef.Pi.School982Nazra
121Najara Ef Pi School994Nazra
123Deula Ef.Pi.School619Deula
126Paduma I.C.D.S. Centre492Paduma
127Paduma Efpischool749Paduma
128Deula Ef.Pi.School(Nutan)759Deula
130Ujilabediya Efpischool654Deula
131Jayankur Efpischool615Bahir Gachhi
133Gholanoya Pada Garlas Hai Madrasa1023Ghola Noapara (CT)
134Jahangiragar Efpischool903Jahangirgar
136Gholanoyapada Ef.Pi.School904Ghola Noapara (CT)
139Keyakona Payarachali Ef.Pi.School522Keyakona
140Keyakona Ssk807Keyakona
144Uttar Barijapur Ef.Pi.School846Barijpur (CT)
145Borizpur F.P.School573Barijpur (CT)
147Uttar Kusum Ef.Pi.School674Uttar Kusum (CT)
149Uttar Kusum F. P. School (New)632Uttar Kusum (CT)
151Uttarkusum Ssk Halder Hat624Uttar Kusum (CT)
152Uttar Kusum High School587Uttar Kusum (CT)
156Barijapur Kanapur Ef.Pi.School941Barijpur (CT)
157Kachuya-Khan Pur Ef.Pi.School414Khanpur
159Kachuya Khan Pur Jr. High School610Khanpur
161Tala Tulyan Ef.Pi.School600Tulyan
163Sanggramapur Special Kyadar Ef Pi School585Samashat
165Kachuya Efpischool766Kalikapota (CT)
167Jalaghara Gandhi Satyashram Ef.Pi.School847Jalghara
169Tala F.P. School987Kalikapota (CT)
170Saptagram Usupia F.P. School856Kalikapota (CT)
171Kalikapota S.S.K907Kalikapota (CT)
172Kalikapota F.P. School (New Builiding)941Kalikapota (CT)
173Kalikapota F.P. School (Old Builiding)658Kalikapota (CT)
174Kanthal Bediya Ef.Pi.School1046Tulyan
175Baharampur F. P. School589Kalikapota (CT)
177Saptagram Darul Ulum Siniyar Madrasa570Samashat
179Kalikapota Pashchim Ef.Pi.School608Kalikapota (CT)
181Chausha Ef.Pi.School397Chousa
183Sulatanabag Ef.Pi.School809Sultanbaga
185Netada Hai School Puratan Badi770Netra
187Nilratan Sarkar Primary School602Netra
189Nudiya Ef.Pi. School811Nudia
190Netada Hai Madrasa520Joaru
191Malanch Ef.Pi. School901Malancha
192Seordah Kamalpur High School635Kamalpur
196Uttar Shehadadah Ef.Pi. School932Uttar Sehardaha
198Dakshin Sheodadah Ef.Pi.School924Dakshin Sehardaha
200Basarali F.P. School701Malancha
201Hajaraband Ef.Pi.School331Malancha
202Joyaru Ef.Pi.School1050Joaru
203Sarachi Uchch Vidyalaya649Sarachi Bhagabanpur
205Sarachi F.P. School734Sarachi Bhagabanpur
206Mahishamudi Ef.Pi.School896Mahishamuri
207Mahiyamudi Es.Es.Ke824Mahishamuri
208Ekatara Malaya Ef Pi School651Ektara
210Ekatara Malaya Dhoda Ef Pi School778Malaya
211Gopal Nagar Bani Mandir High School953Gopalnagar
212Gopalnagar F.P. School694Gopalnagar
213Hatuganj Uchch Vidyalaya920Hatuganj
215Basudebapur Ef Pi School536Malaya
216Sarberia F.P. School969Ektara
217Aat Pada Ef.Pi.School776Atpara
218Sadhukhandadi Ef.Pi.School577Sadhukhan Ardari
219Haripur Ef.Pi.School584Sankarpur
221Ghatakapur Ef.Pi.School890Ghatakpur
222Ghatakpur Swamiji Vidyapith1069Dakshin Bishnupur
223Agradani Efpischool1075Bahirpua
224Bahirapuya Kurakuriya Efpischool575Bahirpua
227Uttar Bamana Efpischool624Bamna (CT)
229Bamana Efpischool1025Bamna (CT)
230Banshapalla Efpischool906Banspalla
232Madapai Sent Pyatrik High School1097Lakshikantapur
233Balaramapur Byapatisht Efpischool593Sadashibpur (M) (P)
235Hatanagar Efpischool648Haripur
236Lakshikantapur Byapatisht Efpischool1022Lakshikantapur
238Chaukitala Efpischool711Lakshikantapur
239Haripur F.P. School478Haripur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014