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Polling Booth in Madhyamgram Assembly Constituency

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Madhyamgram Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Madhyamgram

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Madhyamgram Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Nilgunj Sikshyatan High School828Sebarhat
2Nityagopal Primary Vidyalaya1107Rangapur
4Kokapur F. P. School1033Kokapur (CT)
5Subhashnagar G. S. F. P School663Kokapur (CT)
7Subhasnagar F. P. School918Kokapur (CT)
9Subhash Sangha Club Ghar607Fateabad
11Saibana Junior Basic School855Jamtagar
12Sadhan Chandr Efpischool623Jalsukha
13Sonakharki F. P. School621Rangapur
14Chetana Sangha I.C.D.S Center523Rangapur
15Fateyabad Narayanpur Primary Vidyalaya742Fateabad
17Sadarpur F. P. School864Sadarpur
18Yogendr Nath Em.Es.Ke620Jagannathpur
19Berunan Pukuriya F. P. School873Berunanpukhuria
20Mochpol F. P. School577Moch Pol
22Kathuria F. P. School1106Moch Pol
23Malikpur F. P. School730Malikapur
24Rudrapur Netaji F. P. School591Rudrapur
25Aahira Shishu Shiksha Kendr453Ahira
26Kapasiya F. P School915Kapasia
27Taldhariya F P School650Taldharia
29Barbaria F. P School734Barbaria
30Barbariya F. P School744Barbaria
32Dubgariya F. P. School639Dubgaria
34Mathgram F. P. School964Mathgram
35Khilkapur F. P. School617Khilkapur
37Algaria S.S.K1185Algaria
38Padmapukur Shishu Shiksha Niketan645Maynagadi (P)
40Netaji Pally S.S.K877Chaturia
42Netaji Pally F. P. School906Chaturia
43Moynagodi Elahi Boksh A.U. High Madrasah(H.S)735Maynagadi (P)
45Chaturia F. P. School613Chaturia
46Chakabadabadiya Musalimapada Ef.Pi School822Chak Barbaria (CT)
49Babpur Junior Basic School664Babpur
51Ariala S. S. K571Ariala
52Khilakapur M.S.K (Premasish)884Khilkapur
53Badar Ait Kamal Kali F.P. School834Khilkapur
55Joypur State Plan F. P. School709Jaypur
57Panihara Shishu Shiksha Niketan1090Madhyamgram (M)
58Krishnapally S.S.K530Madhyamgram (M)
60Kora Commiunity Hall(Kora Purbachal Club)521Madhyamgram (M)
62Ward Committee Office Ward No-11340Madhyamgram (M)
63Kora Commiunity Hall(Sardar Para)740Madhyamgram (M)
65Kora F. P. School649Madhyamgram (M)
67Kora Purbachal Club(Library)697Madhyamgram (M)
68Kora Purbachal Club687Madhyamgram (M)
69Kora Udayani Sangha1363Madhyamgram (M)
71Haridasi G. S. F. P. School725Madhyamgram (M)
76Sanghamitra Sangha1792Madhyamgram (M)
77Ward Committee Office Ward No-31057Madhyamgram (M)
78Karabala F.P School363Madhyamgram (M)
82Karbala I P P Center1059Madhyamgram (M)
83Karbala Commiunity Hall591Madhyamgram (M)
85Shyamacharan F. P. School725Madhyamgram (M)
87Jibanananda Bhavan1236Madhyamgram (M)
88Chandigarh United Atheletic Club926Madhyamgram (M)
89Community Hall Ward No-51055Madhyamgram (M)
90Bipin Bihari Vidyapith766Madhyamgram (M)
94Kishalay K. G School679Madhyamgram (M)
97Sripur High School688Madhyamgram (M)
99Shripur F. P. School969Madhyamgram (M)
100Kabiguru Shiksha Niketan1022Madhyamgram (M)
101Madhyamgram Rajlakshi Balika Vidyamandir959Madhyamgram (M)
102Madhyamgram H. A. U (I. P. P)1073Madhyamgram (M)
103Subhaspally F. P. School686Madhyamgram (M)
105Madhyamgram Girls High School788Madhyamgram (M)
107Vidyasagar Vidyapith F.P School652Madhyamgram (M)
110Madhyamgram Boys High School805Madhyamgram (M)
114Ward Committee Office(Ward No-7)380Madhyamgram (M)
116L. I. C Town Ship Community Hall566Madhyamgram (M)
118Udayrajpur Peyara Bagan Nabin Sangha Club899Madhyamgram (M)
119Udayrajpur F. P. School891Madhyamgram (M)
121Udayrajpur Hariharpur High School1038Madhyamgram (M)
123Udayrajpur Mahendra Smriti F. P. School951Madhyamgram (M)
125Bidhan Pally F. P. School638Madhyamgram (M)
128Bidhanpally High School982Madhyamgram (M)
131Netaji Subhash Vidyapith979Madhyamgram (M)
132Madhyamgram A. P.C Girls High School1060Madhyamgram (M)
133Madhyamgram A. P. C. Vidyayatan(H.S)634Madhyamgram (M)
136Madhyamgram F. P. School1067Madhyamgram (M)
138Ward Committee Office (Ward No-8)469Madhyamgram (M)
139Basunagar High School835Madhyamgram (M)
141Basunagar Vidyabhaban F.P. School755Madhyamgram (M)
143Basunagar St. Judes High School723Madhyamgram (M)
145Bibekananda F. P. School912Madhyamgram (M)
147Ward Committee Office(Ward No-10)527Madhyamgram (M)
149Vivekananda College540Madhyamgram (M)
152Sahara Vidyabhaban F. P. School853Madhyamgram (M)
154Michael Nagar Shiksha Niketan874Madhyamgram (M)
157Netaji Sangha Ghosh Para1014Madhyamgram (M)
158Sahara Adhibasibrinda Club961Madhyamgram (M)
159Sahara F. P. School600Madhyamgram (M)
162Ganganagar Biharilal Ghosh Vidyapith368Madhyamgram (M)
166Ganganagar F.P School818Madhyamgram (M)
168Ganganagar Puratan G. P. Office (I.P.P Centre)1023Madhyamgram (M)
172Greenbird K.G School969Madhyamgram (M)
174Doharia Peyarabagan Netaji Nagar Sporting Club1184Madhyamgram (M)
175Dohariya F.P School1170Madhyamgram (M)
177Nandankanan Sporting Club745Madhyamgram (M)
178Dohariya F.P. School1070Madhyamgram (M)
179Ward Committee Office(Ward No-15)1147Madhyamgram (M)
180Barun Das K.G School763Madhyamgram (M)
181Srinagar 1No. Child Labour School782Madhyamgram (M)
183Shrinagar Sukanta Sporting Club1090Madhyamgram (M)
184Basu Bigyan Mandir805Madhyamgram (M)
185Srinagar Pathchakra1111Madhyamgram (M)
186Shrinagar F. P. School661Madhyamgram (M)
188Humaipur Nurnabi Madrasa1099Madhyamgram (M)
194Vivekanandanagar F. P. School939Madhyamgram (M)
197Word Commitee Office (Word No-11)723Madhyamgram (M)
198Abdalpur Community Hall842Madhyamgram (M)
199Abdalpur Govt. Colony F. P. School1107Madhyamgram (M)
201Ward Committee Office(Ward No-13)663Madhyamgram (M)
203Patuli F. P. School1009Madhyamgram (M)
207Digberia F. P. School589Madhyamgram (M)
210Eastern Academy863Madhyamgram (M)
214Mollapara Community Hall493Madhyamgram (M)
218Donnagar Shishu Shiksha Kendra899Domnagar (P)
220Gopalpur F. P. School707Gopalpur Chandigar
222Chandigarh Shishu Shikshakendra556Gopalpur Chandigar
224Dariala F. P. School778Dariala
227Birpur F. P. School508Birpur
230Banshpul F. P. School627Banaspol
232Gobra F. P. School566Gobra
234Barpole F.P School454Gobra
235Rohanda F. P. School1020Rohanda
236Rohanda High School818Chaugharia
238Madanmohan Colony F.P School664Jojra
240Jojra Rajbati F. P. School957Deara (CT)
242Pashchim Rajbati F. P. School696Deara (CT)
244Dakshin Jojra F. P. School892Jojra
245Deara F. P. School698Deara (CT)
247Deara Arabindapally G. S. F. P. School786Deara (CT)
249Bagberia F. P. School717Bagberia
251Kayemba Kalapara F. P. School801Kayemba
252Khamarpara Jirangachha F. P. School849Kayemba
253Gobindapur F. P. School966Gobindapur
254Bankra F. P. School732Gobindapur
258Madanpur F. P. School630Krishnapur Madanpur
259Madanpur Sishu Siksha Kendra574Krishnapur Madanpur
261Kanchua F. P. School470Singhapara
262Singha Para G. S. F. P. School327Singhapara
263Noya Para F. P. School1098Naopara
264Khaspur F. P. School900Ramagachhi
265Ramagachhi S. S. K497Ramagachhi
266Bagbanda Saiberia F. P. School1078Bagband-Saiberia
267Kaipul F. P. School807Kaipul
268Shimuliya F. P. School737Simulia
269Kirtipur Nabin Chandra High School970Simulia

Last Updated on December 26, 2014