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Polling Booth in Khejuri Assembly Constituency

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Khejuri Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Khejuri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Khejuri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Brindabanpur Primary School896Brindabanpur
3Pashchimchak Primary School716Paschim Chak
4Champakraychak Shailabala Primary School565Champak Ray Chak
5Garbari Primary School (Raypara)753Kismat Bajkul
7Garbari Primary School(Pashchimangsha)574Kismat Bajkul
8Vidyasagar S S K857Kismat Bajkul
9Garbari Primary School (Purbangsha)1064Kismat Bajkul
10Garbari Bangshidhar Primary School791Kismat Bajkul
11Kshirishbari Stateplan Primary School764Kismat Bajkul
13Maklashi Primary School407Maklasi
14Barabari Shrikrishna High School829Bara Bari
15Bajkul Board Primary School1025Bajkul
16Bajkul Janakalyan High School439Bajkul
17Bajkul Aatyayik Primary School973Bajkul
18Porachingra State Plan Primary School961Pora Chingra
19Porachingra Gobarddhan Aadarsha Vidyapith833Pora Chingra
20Tiorakhali Aatyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya1037Kismat Bajkul
21Tiorakhali Board Primary School810Kismat Bajkul
22Jhinukkhali Board Primary School1030Kismat Bajkul
23Purbachak Board Primary School680Kismat Bajkul
25Dakshin Purbachak Kumudini Tapashil Prathamik Vidyalaya720Kismat Bajkul
26Kakhuria Bari Board Primary School858Kismat Bajkul
27Kakhuriabari S.S.K799Kismat Bajkul
28Madhusudanchak Primary School (Chandimandaper Nikat)543Madhusudan Chak
29Madhusudan Chak Atyayik Primary School793Madhusudan Chak
30Debichak Board Primary School616Debi Chak
31Mohati Debichak Siksha Niketan604Mohati
32Mohati Board Pry. School745Mohati
33Benipur New Praimary School536Mohati
34Mohati Manangini S.S.K.720Mohati
35Mohati Primary School679Mohati
36Kharar Board Primary School1108Kharar (Urf)Kharan
37Henria Purba Para New Primary School758Herya Atmarampur
38Henria Shrigauranga New Primary School819Herya Atmarampur
39Henria Part Basic School763Herya Atmarampur
41Shyamchak Boad Primary School626Dakshin Gobinda Chak
42Sabitri Smriti Juniorbasic School1087Jarar Nagar
43Jararnagar Kunjabihari Vidyabhawan972Jarar Nagar
44Mukutshila Board Primary School683Mukutsila
45Mukutshila Jalpai S.S.K.629Mukutsila
46Bajbajia Special Primary School756Baj Bajia
47Bajbajia Board Primary School760Baj Bajia
48Benipur Krishnanagar Board Primary School982Krishna Nagar
49Krishnanagar Board Primary School622Krishna Nagar
50Krishnanagar State Planned Primary School902Krishna Nagar
51Krishnanagar Manindranath High School802Krishna Nagar
52Krishnanagar New Primary School975Krishna Nagar
53Begunabari Special Primary School966Lakhi
54Begunabari High School1083Lakhi
55Belechatta Board Primary School671Lakhi
56Belechata Upendra Smriti Vidyapith601Lakhi
57Udakhali Board Primary School750Lakhi
58Udhakhali Praimary School810Lakhi
59Bikramnagar New Primary School623Bikram Nagar
60Bikramnagar Board Praimary School729Bikram Nagar
61Thakurnagar Nandamahila Vidyapith921Thakur Nagar
62Thakurnagar Board Primary School636Thakur Nagar
63Thakurnagar Vidyasagar S.S.K.564Thakur Nagar
64Kalyachak Junior Basic School953Kalya Chak
65Lakshi Avinaba Vidyalaya978Lakhi
66Dhawjibhanga Board Primary School622Lakhi
67Thakurchak New Praimary School595Lakhi
68Dakshin Lakshi Barid Baran M.S.K739Lakhi
69Suruliachak State Planned Primaryschool643Srulia Chak
70Talla Board Primary School622Tikashi
72Mitrachak Special Primary School671Tikashi
73Tikashi Bartalla Special Primary School1096Tikashi
74Chingurdanya Model High School961Chingur Dania
75Chingurdanya Special Primary School1090Chingur Dania
76Purbachara Board Primary School990Tikashi
77Arabaga State Planned Primary School368Tikashi
78Tentulbari J N High School585Tikashi
79Tikashi Uttar Kalamdan Bashuli Bidyayatan1103Tikashi
80Kulbari Board Primary School850Tikashi
81Uttar Beltala Bipin Hiranmaye S.S.K598Tikashi
82Purba Uttar Kalamadan Special Primary School816Uttar Kalamdan
83Chhatnabari New Primary School517Uttar Kalamdan
84Uttar Kalamdan Board Primary School1113Uttar Kalamdan
85Dakshin Kalamadan Board Primary School1148Dakshin Kalamdan
86Dakshin Kalamadan Special Primary School905Dakshin Kalamdan
87Dakshin Kalamadan State Planed Primary School482Dakshin Kalamdan
88Irinchi I.C.J.C.K.1016Dihierench
89Patana Baikuntha Shikshasadan569Patna
90Purba Alaichak Primary School840Ali Chak
91Birbandar Board Primary School826Patna
92Madhya Patna Mandalpara S.S.K783Patna
93Patna New Primary School770Patna
94Paschim Alichak Atyaik Prathamik Vidyalaya657Ali Chak
95Patna Board Primary School697Patna
96Kankuria Special Primary School687Kankuria
97Kanthibari Board Primary School624Kanthi Bari
98Dakshin Kanthi Bari Charpally S.S.K641Kanthi Bari
99Kultha Jaynarayan Primary School676Kulta
100Kultha Board Prathamik Vidyalaya852Kulta
101Kultha Magdum Chak(Maktab)Uchha Prathamik Vidyalaya739Kulta
102Kultha Sarada Shikshasadan932Kulta
103Golabari Special Primary School1041Golabari
104Deulpota Binapani Primary School741Deulpota
105Deulapota Bhagabat Balika Vidyalaya772Deulpota
106Ajaya Board Primary School906Ajaya
107Ajaya Special Primary School568Ajaya
108Dakshin Ajaya Tarendra Prathamik Vidyalaya884Ajaya
109Pashchim Jahanabad (State Planed) Primary School920Jahanabad
110Jahanabad No-1 Primary School1026Jahanabad
111Amjad Nagar No-2 Gokal Patra Primary School566Amjad Nagar Golak Patra
112Amajadnagar No-3 Golakpatra Primary School408Amjad Nagar Golak Patra
113Amjadnagar No-1 Golak Parta Primary School345Amjad Nagar Golak Patra
114Balichak Kumar Narayan Primary School780Bali Chak
115Sarbeswar Gopinath Primary School486Bali Chak
116Bansgora Board Primary School997Chingur Dania
117Ajaya Balika Vidyalaya892Chingur Dania
118Kamarada Putimari Primary School(Aashabhabaner Nikat)1011Kamarda
119Kamarada Gyandipika Primary School858Kamarda
120Kamarda High School757Kamarda
121Kamarda Barkasba Tapsily Primary School700Kamarda
122Paschim Kamarada Kenamani Primary School655Kamarda
123Kamarda Barddeulpota C.S Primary School973Kamarda
124Thakurchak Madangopal Primary School1044Thakur Chak
125Jahanabad Uttarpalli Primary School1017Jahanabad
126Jahanabad 3No Prathamik Vidyalaya(Mishra Para)635Jahanabad
127Jahanabad Gangadhar S.S.K.515Jahanabad
128Baharganj Shitala Prathamik Vidyalaya731Bahar Ganja
129Baharganj Gunadhar S.S.K676Bahar Ganja
130Kalagachia Aadarsha Primary School936Kala Gachhia
131Kalagachia Basanti Primary School688Kala Gachhia
132Kamdebnagar Biswanath Balika Vidyalaya984Kamdeb Nagar
133Kamadebanagar Chandramohan Primary School1141Kamdeb Nagar
134Gholabard Giridhari Prathamik Vidyalaya762Kamarda
135Gholabard New Primary School1151Kamarda
136Katari Board Primary School1092Katari
137Keunchia Mahamaya Primary School785Keuchia
138Keshabchak Primary School956Keshab Chak
139Haludbari Aadarsh Primary School960Halud Bari
140Narsulyachak Primary School544Narsulya Chak
141Jagannathchak Primary School683Jagannath Chak
142Kartikkhali Sitala Adarsha Shikshaniketan791Kartik Khali
143Kartick Khali Pramimary School732Kartik Khali
144Garrang M.S. Primary School787Garang
145Haludbari High School (H.S)807Chauddha Chuli
146Nayebchak Brahmatattwa Primary School752Halud Bari
147Chauddachulli 2 No Primary School882Chauddha Chuli
148Chauddachulli 1No Primary School719Chauddha Chuli
149Mundamarai Primary School888Mundamari
151Dekhali Highschool727Dekhali
152Dekhali Khetramohan Primary School609Dekhali
153Dekhali Deshbandhu Primary School572Dekhali
154Dekhali 1 No Primary School783Dekhali
155Dekhali M.S.K839Dekhali
156Dekhali Jalpai Mahendra Primary School1144Dekhali
157Dakshin Dekhali Kanthibari Mahamaya Primari School951Dekhali
158Maldaha Nilkumari Primary School828Maldaha
160Serkhanchak Harijan Primary School676Serkhan Chak
161Serkhachak Bramhapalli S.S.K589Serkhan Chak
162Serkhanchak 1No.Praimary School743Serkhan Chak
163Serkhanchak 2No Primary School1114Serkhan Chak
165Serkhanchak Shyamaprasad Primary School672Serkhan Chak
166Pankhai B.M.Institution764Uttar Pankhai
167Dakshin Pankhai Primary School938Uttar Pankhai
168Pankhai Basic Praimary School850Uttar Pankhai
169Baratala G.S. Vidyalya (Estern Wings)551Baratala
170Baratala G.S. Vidyalaya (Western Wings)673Baratala
171Baratala Tarun Praimary School1024Baratala
172Ramchak Primary School606Ram Chak
173Pirijpur Praimary School890Ram Chak
174Dakshin Maldaha Ramchak Primary School498Maldaha
176Medakhali Adarsha Banipith Primary School720Mada Khali
177Medakhali Gopinath Praimary Sachool609Mada Khali
178Godahar Gonsaichak Primary School (North Wing)933Gorahar
179Godahar Gonsaichak Primary School (South Wing)1014Katkadebi Chak
180Gorahar Jalapai Bord Primary School933Gorahar Jalpai
181Muralichak Primary School1150Shyampur Jalpai
182Panikhya Vidyasagar M.S.K656Purbba Panikhya
183Panikhya Umacharan Primary School881Paschim Panikhya
184Phulbari Primary School959Kadirpur
185Kadirpur Sitala Primary School728Kadirpur
186Sahapur Primary School471Sahapur
187Manoharchak Primary School628Tengra Mari
188Khejuri Adarsha Baniniketan966Purbba Bhangan Mari
189Bhaganmari Primary School1055Paschim Bhangan Mari
190Serchak Primary School917Ser Chak
191Chaltatalya Primary School764Chalta Talya
192Balaka Sangha Pathagar521Bhupati Chak
193Ajanbari Primary School660Ajan Bari
194Khejuri Adarsha Balika Vidyapith922Ajan Bari
195Janka Board Primary School992Janka
197Boga Bipin Behari Prymary School (Est Wings)632Shyampur Katka
198Shyampur Katka S.S.K.536Shyampur
199Shyampur Lakshmi Priya Primary School786Shyampur
200Khejuri R.S Juniar Basic664Khajuri
202Alichak Primary School570Alichak
203Khejuri R.S. Junior Basic Primary School (North Wings)709Khajuri
204Khejuri Saraswati Vidyamandir M.S.K (South)775Khajuri
205Khejuri Maktab Primary School968Khajuri
206Khejuri Maktab Primary School ( Anex Bulding )761Khajuri
207Chak Arakbari S.S.K.1099Arak Bari
208Satsimali Primary School678Satsimali
209Radhanagar Primary School453Radha Nagar
210Sahebnagar Primary School744Saheb Nagar
211Kadirabadchar Primary School794Kadirabad Char
212Satkhanda Sahebnagar Buniyadi Primary School834Sat Khanda Saheb Nagar
213Barkosaria Primary School953Barka Saria
214Kasaria High School(S.C)709Kasaria
215Kasaria Praimary School544Kasaria
216Chaturbhujchak Primary School962Hemanta Chak
217Mansinghaber Banishree Vidyaniketan890Talpati
218Pukhuria Primary School463Pakhuria
219Kunjapur S.S.K.944Kunjapur
220Kashtala Primary School1137Kastala
221Kharipukhuria Primary School438Khari Pukhuria
222Dakshin Khejuri Banimancha High School1054Shilla Berya
223Boga Primary School775Boga
224Boga Bipin Bihari Primary School933Boga
225Aalipur Primary School (East Wings)427Alipur
226Alipur Pashim Para S.S.K736Alipur
227Kayalchak Primary School397Koyal Chak
228Alipur Primary School (West Wings)1126Sundarpur
229Alichak Primary School (North Wings)690Alichak
230Nijkasba Primary School961Nijkashba
231Alichak Primary School (South Wings)598Nijkashba
232Meidinagar Primary School1028Meidi Nagar
233Nonapota Prymary School593Oshmanpur
234Hijli Gopichak High School895Chhota Garania
235Battalya Primary School668Battalya
236Panchuria Primary School748Pacharya
237Dakshin Kalagechiya Primary School953Pacharya
238Matilalachak Primary School679Matilal Chak
239Matilalchak S.S.K.535Matilal Chak
240Oyashilchak Primary School874Jhati Hari
241Thanaberiya Primary School921Thana Berya
242Lakshanchak Primary School1010Lakshan Chak
243Garaniya Primary School840Uttar Chhota Garania
244Chotokasafaliya Primary School977Abdulla Chak

Last Updated on December 26, 2014