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Polling Booth in Kanthi Uttar Assembly Constituency

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Kanthi Uttar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kanthi Uttar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kanthi Uttar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Paharpur Jnanendra Jhareswar Aadarsha Vidyapith756Dakshin Choumukh
2Katganj Shishu Shikshakendra549Katganj
3Jamualachimpur Primary School505Narubhunya Chak
4Jagannathkarbar Primary School1010Jagannath Karbar
5Astichak Surendra Jogendra Vidyapith1039Asit Chak
6Dhalgoda Prathamik Vidyalaya1176Dhalgoda
7Bamuniabar Ramakrishna Uchaa Prathamik Vidyalaya1211Bamaniabar
8Barabhagiya Kshirod Chandra Vidyapith829Bar Bhagia
10Dakshin Padma Primary School683Dakshin Padma
11Kumbhadharbar Primary School612Kumbha Dharbar
12Hatbaincha Radhakrishna Uchcha Prathamik Vidyalaya931Hatbaincha
13Gangadharbar Uchha Prathamik Vidyalaya (Purbangsha)961Gangadhar Bar
14Gangadharbar Uchha Prathamik Vidyalaya793Piraj Khan Bar
15Gangadharabar Samabay Prathamik Vidyalaya683Darbar Khan Bar
16Bathuari New Primary School953Dakshin Bar
17Bathuari Aadarsha Vidyapith(Purbangsha)1109Bathuari
18Bathuari Aadarsha Vidyapith1058Bathuari
19Bathuari Primary School1006Bathuari
20Parihara Prathamik Vidyalaya1044Chhota Sijua
21Panchberia Sisu Siksha Kendra406Panchberya
22Sijuya Binapani Prathamik Vidyalaya1062Sijua
23BamuniyaJangal Primary School719Bamunia Jangal
24Bhajachauli BankimSmriti Prathamik Vidyalaya843Bhaja Chauli
25Bhajachauli vidyasagar Sisu Siksha kendra793Bhaja Chauli
26Dhanaghara Jnanendra Vidyapith926Bagha Mahakalia
27Shiulibar Primary School745Siuli Bar
28Kakhuriya Sushilabala Primary School626Kumria Khankuria
29Dhanghara Pry. School1045Dhanghara
30Shibpur Beltala S.S.K434Shibpur Betalya
31Kaushalya orjanised Primary School541Kushalya
32Kaduya Prathamik Vidyalaya638Kadua
33Harinapashadalbar Primary School643Harina Pashdal Bar
34Dumurberia Pry. School600Dumurbera
35Koushalya Jayanarayan Primary School614Kushalya
36Dakshin Nishchinta Shukachand Primary School639Dakshin Nischintapur
37Pashchim Sarapai Primary School565Paschim Sarpai
38Kumirada Old Primary School1131Kumirda
39Kumirada New Primary School565Kumirda
41Panichiyari Dakshin Kancheshbar Prathamik Vidyalaya1037Dakshin Kancheswar
42Raniya Primary School932Uttar Rania
43Khadipukhuriya Shrigobinda Primary School887Kharipukuria
45Panichiyadi Uttarapara Free Primary School832Panchirya
46Olmaidalbar Primary School394Olmaidal Bar
47Sarpai Model Institiution1046Sapai
48Shukuniya Aadarsh Prathamik Vidyalaya769Sukunia
49Kancheshwar Primary School799Chhota Naoai
50Shukunia Brindaban Junior Basic School924Sukunia
51Badanaoyai Primary School475Bara Naoai
52Jyethibari Aatyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya715Jethai Bari
53Harigechhiya Primary School771Harigechhya
54Kanaidighi Binapani Prathamik Vidyalaya957Kanaidighi
56Uttar Kanaidighi Banibhaban Prathamik Vidyalaya699Kanaidighi
58Kanaidighi deshapran vidyapith973Kanaidighi
61Kanaidighi Jagannath Pry. School761Kanaidighi
62Bhaitgarh Board Free Primary School820Bhaitgar
63Bhaintgarh Harisava Pry. School506Bhaitgar
64Bebartachak RajaniKant Prathamik Vidyalaya451Maheshdas Bar Baibartta Chak
65Brahmanachak Prathamik Vidyalaya538Brahman Chak
66Benyajhi North Primary School704Benyajhi
67Benyajhi Shib Sakti pry. School578Benyajhi
68Nachinda Jibanakrishn High School499Nachinda
70Nachinda Jibanakrishna Girls High School609Nachinda
72Deoyanachak Naboday Free Primary School925Gangadhar Chak
73gangadharchak Mahesdasbarh Sisu Siksha Kendra622Mahesdasbar
74Jagudasbar Maktab Primary School1037Jagudas Bar
75Jagudasabar Ganganarayan Shikshasadan Free Primary School1042Jagudas Bar
76jantai Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya651Jantai
77Kamarda Primary School866Kamarda
78Dhamai Primary School655Dhamai
79Pashchim Kamarda Prathamik Vidyalaya738Paschim Kamarda
80Banamalichatta HighSchool958Siankabai
81Dahalauda Barada Sundari Girls High School798Lauda
82Nilapura Prathamik Vidyalaya585Nilpura
83Palbhuin Pry. School798Palbhuni
84Talada Primary School889Talda
85Gopalapur Primary School585Gopalpur
86adampur Primary School1119Adampur
87Dhauriabarh Primary School764Dhaurya Bar
88Ballabhapur Satyabhama Prathamik Vidyalaya816Ballabpur
89Karalda Bani Niketan High School878Karalda Nimak Bar
90Karalada Sharat Primary School891Karalda Nimak Bar
91Raghunandanapur Prathamik Vidyalaya755Tatka Bar
92Tatakapur Primary School678Haripur Ist Part
93Shillibari Harisabha Prathamik Vidyalaya996Sillibari
94Ghoratalia Primary School707Ghoratala
95Balageria High School651Balagerya
96Bara Rasulpur S.S.K618Bara Rasulpur
97Balageria Digambari Junior Basic School1094Paschimbatya
98Khalsiberia Primary School907Kharij Bar
99Bahullya Srichandanpur Sisu Siksha kendra435Bahulya
100Amarataliya Kali Prasad upper Primary School733Amratalia
101Bamuniya Primary School772Bamania
102Hatiari Primary School809Hatira
103Ektarpur Primary School773Uttar Rampatra Bar
104Pashchim Paruliya Free Primary School699Pachim Purulia
105Barani Primary School453Barani
106Durmuth Primary School617Barani
107Fatepur Prathamik Vidyalaya616Kharij Bar
108Tantulamuri Primary School657Uttar Tentulmuri
109Murisai Bidyasagar High School630Marisi
110Dhandalibar High School745Dhandali Bar
111Dhandalibarh Shitala Pry. School635Dhandali Bar
112Dhandalibarh Bhagabati Primary School652Dhandali Bar
114Pashchim Marishda Prathamik Vidyalaya488Marishda
115Marishda Adarsha Harijan Pry. school746Marishda
116Marishda Special Primary School680Marishda
117marishda Dihimal Sisu Siksha kendra538Marishda
118Marishda Central Primary School925Marishda
119Marishda BKJagrihi Banipith768Marishda
120BARAKASHMILI Primary School536Barkasmili
121Barchunpara Primary School701Barchun Para
122Bidhubahiri Primary School731Bidhubahiri
123Bidhubahiri Paschim Sisu siksha kendra428Bidhubahiri
124Bahiri Bradlibart High School School1036Dihibahiri
125Deulbarh Primary School809Deulbar
126Bahiri Primary School (Purbangsha)909Paik Bar
127Bahiri Primary School (Paschimgsha)737Paik Bar
128shankarpur Primary School394Shankarpur
129Malbari Primary School762Malbari
130balia Primary School661Kurkraul (P)
131FAUDARCAK Primary School376Phaodar Chak
133Satikeswar Primary School893Satikeshwar
134Maishamunda Primary School540Maishamura
136Ayodhyapur Primary School1040Durmut
137Durmuth Rajrajeswar Primary School588Durmut
139Sarada Dakshin Palli Primary School587Sarda
140Sarada ICDS561Sarda
141Sarada Primary School1088Sarda
142Hinchi Primary Maktab1126Hinchi
143Parulia Primary School929Parulia
144Kajla Primary School1131Kajla
145Fuleswar Duramuth High School512Fuleshawar
146Durmuth ICDS757Durmut
147Gotsauri Primary School724Gotshauri
148Fuleswar Jibankrishna Primary School992Fuleshawar
149Kukuraul SSK658Kurkraul (P)
150Panchagechhiya Primary School567Panchgechhya
151Fuleswar Digambari Junior High School948Manikpur
152Kulanjara Primary School641Kulanjara
153Kalagechhia Primary School371Kaliagachhia
154Umapatibar S.S.K582Umapati Bar
155Jhawbani Primary School648Jhaubani
156Basudebbedia S.S.K737Dakshin Basudebberya
157Basudevberia Bord Primary School840Dakshin Basudebberya
158Basudevberia Shitala Primary School754Basudebberya
159Basudevberia MSK400Basudebberya
160Aurai Beliachatta Shyamasundar freeprimary School750Anurai Belya Chatta
162Aurai Kalibari Primari School714Anurai
164Aurai Kachhari Bari Primary School753Anurai
165Namaldiha Free Primary School731Harranamaldina
166Namaldiha new Pry.School629Harranamaldina
167Karpura Primary School860Karpura
169Chanaberia Madusudan Free Primary School672Chandberya
170Channberia Paschim Pally SSK677Chandberya
171Durgapur Nilima Primary School1060Harranamaldina
172Durgapur Shitala Primary School751Durgapur
173Baharchhanberia Harijan Special Prathamik Vidyalaya868Baharchandberya
174Sunia Primary School590Shunia
175Ghoraghata Primary School621Ghoraghata
176Kashafalia Deshapran Primary School1017Kasafalia
177Fulbari Primary School914Phulbari
178Barchandibheti Primary School968Barchandibhetty
179Chandivetibarh Primary School637Chandibhetibar
180Kalua Primary School431Uttar Dihimukundapur
181Barkalua SSK751Uttar Dihimukundapur
182Uttar Dihimukundapur Shitala Primary School618Uttar Dihimukundapur
183Uttar Amatalia Primary School765Uttar Amtalia
184Dihimukundapur Primary School479Uttar Dihimukundapur
185Purba Amatalia Padmalochan Free Primary School786Purba Amtalia
186Purba amtalia manasa mandir SSK515Purba Amtalia
187Dakshin Amatalia Anathabandhu Free Primary School785Dakshin Amtalia
189Amtalia Prathamik Vidyalaya779Amtalia
190Amtalia Purba Pally SSK517Amtalia
191Mundapara Adarsha Prathamik Vidyalaya1084Mundapara
192Chandibheti Burathakur Primary School662Chandibhetti
193Deshapran Upper Pry. School615Chandibhetti
194Banamaliberia Primary School691Banamaliberya
195Bhabanichak Aghorachand High School946Chattabheri
196Kamarberia Bhajahari Primary School755Kumarberya
197Dakshin Kashafalia Primary School688Kendua
198Dhobaberia Primary School826Dhobaberya
199Uttar Dhobaberia SSK331Dhobaberya
200Jagannathchak Primary School852Jagannathchak
201Safiabad Sital Prasad Vidyamandir1111Safiabad
202Safiabad Spacial Primary School952Safiabad
203Dholamari Primary School1122Dholmari
204Uttar Deulapota Primary School992Uttar Deulpota
205Dholmari SSK337Dholmari
206Paikbarh Primary School834Kalaminaput
208Aladarput Prathamik Vidyalaya625Aladarput
210Bichunia Primary School897Purba Chechuraput
211Murabania SSK458Dakshin Murabanya
212Pashchim Kadua Primary School1106Dakshin Kadua
213Kadua Mukundapur Pry. School714Kadua Mukundapur
214Uttar Kadua S.S.K.477Uttar Kadua
215Pashchim Bamunia Adarsha Prathamik Vidyalaya887Paschim Bamunia
216Damodarduttabar SSK821Damudar Dattabar
217Jhawa Atyayik Prathamik Vidyalaya1089Jhawamanu Rautbar
218Chhotobantalia Prathamik Vidyalaya787Chhota Bantalia
219Tethaipada S.S.K633Barjubar
220Champainagar Primary School777Champainagar
221Jhawa Panchanan Primary School520Jhawa
222Sarsa Primary School1024Uttar Dauki
223Faridapur Primary School731Faridpur
224Bara Banatalia Primary School802Bara Bantalia
225Dakhin Adabeira SSK446Dhoba Berya
226Purba Mahishagote Prathamik Vidyalaya659Purba Mahishagot
228Purba Gobindapur Rameshchndra Uchcha Free Primary School1160Baikunthapur
229Kajibasan Primary School1060Kajibasan
230Chalati Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya816Chalti
232Saraswatipur Primary School955Saraswatipur
233Pashchim Purushottamapur Primary School996Paschim Purushottampur
234Gobindabera Barh Primary School975Gobindaberabar
235Fulabani Primary School1026Phulbani
236Uttar Adaberia S.S.K988Uttar Adaberya
237Raghurampur Prathamik Vidyalaya1089Raghurampur
238Brahmanshasan Prathamik Vidyalaya932Brahman Sasan
239Baghaghol Prathamik Vidyalaya960Kalikapur
240Kalikapur Primary School559Kalikapur
242Khagrabani Prathamik Vidyalaya800Khagrabani
244Purba Mukundapur Bhupendra Primary School622Purba Mukundapur
246Chaudhuribarh Primary School1065Chaudhuri Bar
247Gopinathapur Primary School1070Gopinathpur
248Kalikakumari S.S.K488Kalikakumary
249Basantia Board Prathamik Vidyalaya1129Basantia (CT)
250Basantia Primary Maktab(Purbangsha)717Basantia (CT)
252Basantia Primary Maktab (Pashchimangsha)855Basantia (CT)
253Purbamahammadpur S.S.K762Purba Mahammadpur
254Mirjapur Primary School733Mirzapur
255Purb Kushbani Primary School719Purba Kushbani
256Pashchim Kushbani Primary School1081Purba Kushbani
257Baijapur Chanchala Primary School747Baijapur
258Ghoshpur S.S.k590Ghoshpur
259Kultalia Prathamik Vidyalaya832Kultalia
261Purbarasulpur Primary School686Purba Rasulpur
262Shyamchak Primary School724Shyamchak
263Rupnagar Primary School685Rupnagar
264Krishnalalchak Primary School848Krishnalal Chak
265Ramchak Gopalchak Primary School725Ramchak Gopalchak
266Bamunia Nankar Primary School957Nankar Bamunia
267Dahasonamui Primary School1037Daha Shonamui
268Petua Primary School601Pratappur
270Chitanyapur Primary School404Chaitanyapur
271Chanpatala High School401Purba Bhagabanpur
272Barasubarnanagar Primary School1110Bara Subarnanagar
273Kajichak S.S.K.906Kazichak
274Bhabanipur Primary School566Chhota Subarnanagar
275Purba Gopinathapur Primary School731Purba Gopinathpur
277Gopalchak Primary School1125Ramchak Gopalchak
278Hajarakola S.S.K.563Hajrakola
279Dakshin Harashchak Primary School932Dakshin Harsha Chak
280Bankiput Primary School901Bankipur
281Pirijpur Primary School586Perijpur
282Jagannathapur High School791Jagannathpur 3Rd Part
283Gopalpur Pry. School572Gopalpur
284Dariapur Primary School979Dariapur
285Daulatpur SSK751Daulatpur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014