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Polling Booth in Kanthi Dakshin Assembly Constituency

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Kanthi Dakshin Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kanthi Dakshin

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kanthi Dakshin Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Badalapur Purba Primary School697Badalpur
2Badalapur Dakshinapada Primary School908Badalpur
3Badalapur Bidyabhaban High School947Badalpur
4Badalapur Bidyabhaban732Badalpur
5Manikapur Chandanapur Primary School1096Chandanpur
6Manikapur Bord prathamik Vidyalaya1129Paschim Manikpur
7Chandanapur Birendra Shikshasadan (High School)809Paschim Chandanpur
8Bishwanathpur purba Shishu Shikshakendr845Bishwanathpur
9Bishwanathapur 2 No Prathamik Vidyalaya1059Bishwanathpur
10Bandhagobindapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1023Band Gobindapur
11Aalalapur Prathamik Vidyalaya741Alalpur
12Junabani Board Primary School717Junbani
13junbani rabindra bidyabhaban474Junbani
14Kudabhedi Khageshbar Primary School731Kudbheri
15Kudabhedi Bord Primary School728Kudbheri
16Hapur Primary School700Brajamal
18Aakandi Primary School803Kashi Bhuianbar
19Marhra Primary School863Marra
20Mashali Trailokya Vidyapith (h.s)476Surundia
21maishali primary school721Maisali
22Analbediya prathamik Vidyalaya343Analberya
23rautara shishusiksha kendra628Rautara
24Jagannathapur prathamik Vidyalaya724Ugrasenbar
25Ektarpur Madanmohan Bad Shishushikshakendra755Ugrasenbar
26Khullaneshwari Prathamik Vidyalaya819Kholanashwari
27Satmile primary school928Akgerya
28Satmile High School515Saheb Khankeranibar
29Uttar Chadaikheya Prathamik Vidyalaya836Dakshin Charai Khia
30Kulbediya Prathamik Vidyalaya792Kulbaria
31dhaneswari prathamik Vidyalaya356Dhaneshwari
32Kanchlagedya Primary School745Harichak
33Uttar Khasada Special Prathamik Vidyalaya597Uttarkhasda
34satberia primary school502Dakshin Khasda
35Uttar Khasda Board Primary School739Dakshin Tedubi
36Jagannathachak Prathamik Vidyalaya455Jagannathpchak
37dhangaon jnaner alo granthagar281Dhangan
38Paltaberiapraimary School687Palta Beria
39Tedubi Shitala Prathamik Vidyalaya401Tedubi
41Uttar Ramchandrapur Nigamananda Primary School844Uttar Ramchandrapur
42sapai sisu siksha kendra588Sapai
43Mashagan Prathamik Vidyalaya858Uttar Raktia
45Chandrikalapunja Primary School572Uttar Ramchandrapur
46Karalda Naherabarh S.S.K745Karalda Nahera Bar
48jukiveri matangini vidyapith650Jukibheri
49Raniora Prathamik Vidyalaya572Raniora
50Uttar Pithulia S.S.K541Uttar Pithulia
51Dakshin Pithuliya Junior Basic School723Dakshinpithulia
52Kashmili Primary School671Olma
53Benamuri Primary School708Benamuri
54Bahitrakunda High School704Bahitkunda
56Fatepur Primary School560Purba Fatepur
57Rasulapur Primary School730Jalalpur
58Bilashpur Primary School573Bilashpur
59Jashabisha Girishachandra Primary School789Jashabisha
60haibatpur sisu siksha kendra395Haibatpur
61Alampur Primary School596Bhekutia
62Kusumpur Primary School907Serpur
63Daisai Board Primary School966Daisai
65Ratnamala Pukurparh Primary School1066Daisai
66Panchirya Primary School712Panichiara
67Belda Shri Shri Ramkrishna Prathamik Vidyalaya1127Gamaduli
68Baghadanri Baghachandi Primary School1012Nayapara
69Guagechhia Primary School720Durmut Ist Part
71Durmuth Prathamik Vidyalaya1038Durmut Ist Part
72Betalia Primary School (Uttarangsha)969Betaliasamil Dingalberia
73Betalia Primary School (Dakshinangsha)1014Sherpur Tarasia Bar
74Dingalberia Deshapran Primary School1145Betaliasamil Dingalberia
75Padmapukhuria primary school976Contai (M)
77Contai Town Rakhalchandra Vidyapith1113Contai (M)
78Kishoranagar Shachindra Shikshasadan1064Contai (M)
79Kishornagar Shachindr Shikshasadan715Contai (M)
81Jalalkhanbad Primary School814Contai (M)
83Kanthi P.K.Collage1010Contai (M)
84kishorenagar primary school737Contai (M)
85Kanthi Prabhat Kumar Collage875Contai (M)
86Kanthi Prabhat Kumar College672Contai (M)
88Jalalkhanbarh Ashutosh Sishu Sikha Kendra467Contai (M)
90Dharmadasbar Prathamik Vidyalaya847Contai (M)
92Kungarpur Khatramohan prathamik Vidyalaya729Contai (M)
93Kunarpur Khatramohan prathamik Vidyalaya518Contai (M)
94kumarpur khatramohan prathamik Vidyalaya (c.r.c. room)1000Contai (M)
95Kanthi -1 Block office (Annexe Building) (swarna jayanti swarojgar bhaban)1081Contai (M)
96Contai Hindu Girls School1094Contai (M)
98contai hindu girls primary school439Contai (M)
99Contai High School630Contai (M)
103Contai Muslim Girls High School1061Contai (M)
104Kanthi Model Institution772Contai (M)
105contai model primary school422Contai (M)
106Manoharchak Primary School693Contai (M)
107Serpur Primary School (Giri Para)842Contai (M)
108Kanthi Chandramani Brahma Girls School989Contai (M)
110Kanthi Jatiya Prathamik Vidyalaya557Contai (M)
112Kanthi Jatiy Balika Vidyalaya538Contai (M)
113Kanthi Jatiya Balika Vidyalaya973Contai (M)
114contai Kshetramohan Bidyabhaban786Contai (M)
115contai kshetramohan primary school587Contai (M)
116contai Khetramohan Bidyabhaban1026Contai (M)
118Paschim Darua Prathamik Vidyalaya954Contai (M)
122paschim darua primary school ( c.r.c room)618Contai (M)
123Darua Gandhi Smriti Primary School975Contai (M)
124contai Rahamania High Madrasa (h.s)810Contai (M)
128contai Muslim Girls Primary School527Contai (M)
130Kanchudi Prathamik school538Siria
131Krishnachak Prathamik school806Krishnachak
132Raipur Special Primary School671Raipur
133raipur i.c.d.s.centre (no-64)472Raipur Paschimbar
134Shashaniya Prathamik Vidyalaya644Sasania
135Raniya Shibaprasad Primary School645Rania
137Paniya Prathamik Vidyalaya987Pania
138Tenguniya Primary School684Rania
140Barbaria Primary School944Barbarya
141Chandiya Prathomik Vidyalaya706Chanddia Dundibar
142Raipur Pashchimbar Shishushikshakendra456Raipur Paschimbar
143Natdighi Primary School889Nandaberya
144Gimageria Welfare High Madrasa653Gimagere
145badhia shishu siksha kendra417Badhie
146badhia i.c.d.s. centre816Badhie
147Shriramapur Purba Primary School1028Chhatradhara
148Shriramapur Paschim Primary School1185Srirampur
149Siriya Primary School861Siria
150netaji nagar primary school510Raktia
151Tentulmuri Primary School1079Tentulmuri
152Namal Kaliprasad Vidyapith545Jugi Bar
153namal primary school683Dandapur
154Pairadwip Shishushikshakendra322Payradwip
155Dakshin Shilamapur State Plan Primary School543Shilampur
156Dakshin Shilamapur Board Primary School862Shilampur
157Khalisabhanga Prathamik Vidyalaya631Khalisabhanga
158Khalisabhanga High-School (h.s)719Betgerya
159Dulalpur kshirod chandra girls school (hai)903Dulalpur
160Ranibasan Prathamik Vidyalaya822Rani Basan
161Mukundapur Prathamik Vidyalaya604Mukundapur
163Hamirmahal Kalika Part Basic School725Hamirmahal
164shitalpur i.c.d.s. centre450Sitalpur
165Edyafatepur Primary School576Eryafatepur
166Pashchim Majna (new) prathamik Vidyalaya856Majna
167Naskarapada Primary School497Laskar Pada
168Gopalpur Primary School422Gopalpur
169Majna Board Prathamik Vidyalaya878Majna
170Majna Maktab536Majna
171majna high madrasa665Majna
172Kantai Board Primary School736Kantai
173Kanthi New Primery School732Kantai
174Tajpur Board Prathamik Vidyalaya1068Tajpur
175Kachuya Baikuntha Bidyabhaban686Kachua
176bhupatinagar shishu siksha kendra508Bhupatinagar
177Kapasada Primary School521Kapasda
178kapasda banipith high school782Kapasda
179Tagaria Upendra Prathamik Vidyalaya401Tagria
180Ghatua Primary School364Ghatua
182Bahalia Prathamik Vidyalaya883Bahulia
183Mahishagote Prathamik Vidyalaya1051Ramchak
184Mahishagote Shahid Smriti Bidyamandir875Sahajadapur
185Kaltalia Primary School834Kaltalia
186Beltalya High School835Beltalya
187Gopalpur Prathamik Vidyalaya529Gopal Pur 2Nd Part
188Paschim Rasulpur Special Primary School708Paschim Rasulpur
189Pichhabani Bani Niketan High School793Nimdasbar
190Ratanpur Primary School734Badalpur 2Nd Part
191Badalpur Board Primary School760Badalpur 3rd Part
192adambarh prathamik Vidyalaya407Adambar
193Sahajadpur Primary School1057Badalpur 3rd Part
194Haripur board Primary School637Paschim Murabania
195Krishnakhairatibar Prathamik Vidyalaya628Krishna Khayartibar
197Potapukhuriya Ananta RautBar Primary School (gopalpur prathamik Vidyalaya)786Pota Pokhuria Anantarautba
198Samudrapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1090Samudrapur
199Badalapur Primary School796Badalpur
200Lachchhanapur Prathamik Vidyalaya525Matalpur
201Pailachchhanapur Primary School953Satberia
202Daudpur State Plan Prathamik Vidyalaya912Daudpur
203Sekhkochabar Shishu Shikshakendra615Sekh kochbar
204Kulaipada Primary School500Kulalpada
205Sabajput Sambodhi Shikshatirtha438Sabajput
206Dakshin Potapukuriya prathamik Vidyalaya342Dakshin Potapukhuria Gopal Sibar
207Gamartalia Bhajahari Prathamik Vidyalaya929Paschim Shikarput
208Dakshin Ramchandrapur Shishushiksha Kendra402Dakshin Ramchandrapur
209Kulaipadima High School573Kulaipadima
210Pairachali Prathamik Vidyalaya857Bagdian
211Banamalipur Primary School415Banamali Pur
212Bankabedya Jnanada Primary School640Bankaberya
213Jagannathapur Primary School498Jagannathpur 2Nd Part
214Jamua-Rampur Prathamik Vidyalaya657Jamna Madhusudan Bar
215Purba Chandanpur Primary School762Chandanpur
216Damodarpur Prathamik Vidyalaya815Damodarpur
217Fatepur Shishushiksha Kendr401Fatepur
218Baliyarpur Mahendranath junior besik school429Baliarpur
219Durgapur Prathamik Vidyalaya900Durgapur
220Narasinghapur Primary School638Janubasan
221Kandarpapur sushanta kumar Shishushiksha Kendra496Kandarpapur
222Balabhadrapur Primary School563Balbhadrapur
223Aamadatalya Prathamik Vidyalaya469Amartalya
224Bhandubasan Primary School762Bhandu Basan
225Nayaput Sudhir Kumar High School804Nayaput
226Nayaput Murarimohan Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya665Nayaput
228Baksispur Primary School1145Baksispur
229baksispur i.c.d.s. centre (no-105)689Baksispur
230Chenchuraput Primary School571Madhab Pattanayak Bar
231Karanji Harijan Primary School682Karanji
232Panipia Shashibhushan Primary School485Panipia
233madhabpur ganendra shishu siksha kendra323Madhabpur
234Purushottamapur prathamik Vidyalaya973Samudrapur Jalpai
235Pateshwarapur Shishushiksha Kendra387Pateshwarpur
236Badaram Maiti Bar High School511Padmaput Chhakubanarbar
237Thakurchak Primary School567Machhalandapur
238Benipur Primary School407Benipur
239Hoogli Samabay Krishi Unnayan Samiti lemited681Hugli
240Dakshin Gopinathapur Shishushiksha Kendra424Dakshin Gopinathpur
241Barchunfali Samabay Krishi Unnayan Samiti lemited890Dakshin Darua
242Chunfali Prathamik Vidyalaya692Gahira Bar
243Dauki Primary School817Pather Ghata
244Majilapur Birendra Vidyapith902Puan Bali Bar
245Majilapur uttar sishu sikhya kendra636Majila Pur
246Majilapur Primary School919Majila Pur
247Ramchandrapur Prathamik Vidyalaya721Raghu Sardar Bar
248Purba Shilamapur Prathamik Vidyalaya496Shilampur
249Deshdattabar United High School (h.s)725Bachhipur Bar
250Bhunyapada junior besik school1144Bachhipur Bar
251Raghusardarbarh Jalpai Shishushiksha Kendra481Raghusardar Bar Jalpai
252Baguran Jalpai Prathamik Vidyalaya1053Baguran Jalpai
253Haripur State Plan Primary School940Haripur
254shyamraibar jalpai shishu siksha kendra422Mankarai Put
255Shyamraibad Prathamik school426Syamrai Bar
256Rangmalaput Primary School608Rangamalput
257Biramaput Prathamik Vidyalaya999Kamarput
258junput sebika mahila matsyajibi samabay samiti ltd.610Biramput

Last Updated on December 26, 2014