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Polling Booth in Kalna Assembly Constituency

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Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Rahul hid Income info from Election Commission: New BJP Salvo

BJP on Sunday accused Congress president Rahul Gandhi of hiding facts about his income from the Election Commission and alleged that he made huge profits through highly inflated rentals and Read More…

Loksabha Elections 2019 Amit Shah says that Election is Modi vs Faceless Opposition

Dubbing the Lok Sabha elections as a contest between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and a ‘faceless’ alliance of opposition parties, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) president Amit Shah, on Sunday, appealed Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: BSP announces candidates for 6 Chhattisgarh Seats

The candidates were announced for Bastar, Kanker, Raigarh, Durg, Surguja, and Janjgir Champa. The last of these six seats — an SC reserved seat — is where the BSP is Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 BJP trying to create ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of Lok Sabha Elections: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused the BJP of trying to create a ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections only to distract people from the issues of Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Mamata Releases TMC List for all 42 West Bengal Seats

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday announced a list of TMC candidates for all the 42 Lok Sabha seats of the state, dropping 10 sitting MPs. She also attacked the BJP and the Read More…

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Lok Sabha Election 2019: Priya Dutt, Raj Babbar Feature in Congress 2nd List

The Congress released its second list of 21 candidates for the Lok Sabha elections 2019 on Wednesday. The grand old party fielded its Uttar Pradesh chief Raj Babbar from Moradabad, Read More…

Kalna Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kalna

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kalna Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Mainagari F P.School923Mainagari
2Matishwar Mainagarii F P School901Mainagari
4Biruha Sharatachandr Uchch Vidyalaya(Purbb)580Biruha
5Biruha F.P.School684Biruha
7Damdama F.P.School634Damdama
8Barodhamas F P.School946Bara Dhamas
10Balindar Junior Basic School918Balindar
12Bhurakunda F P School733Bhurkunda
13Potanai F.P.School481Potanai
14Tola F P School619Tola
16Osamanapur F P.School764Usmanpur
18Ramanagar Banaoyarilal F P.School(Room No-1)669Sabidpur
20Sabidpur S.S.K513Sabidpur
21Gopaldapur F.P.School781Atkatia
22Tala Tulsicharan Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya548Tala
24Hasanhati F P School974Hasanhati
25Mirahat F P.School524Amdabad
27Badyapur Ramakrishn Vidyapith928Baidyapur
29Baidyapur Junior Basic School1120Baidyapur
30Patilpara Rajdanga prathomik Vidyalaya843Patilpara
31Patilapara C A D C F S C S Cold Storage917Patilpara
32Kutubpur F P School600Kutubpur
33Habibpur F.P.School881Kutubpur
34Baitipara F.P.School627Baitipara
35Tehatta High School879Tehata
36Tehatta F P School695Tehata
38Narenga F P School696Narenga
40Agradaha F P School904Jhikra
42Panchrakhi Bani Vidyapith824Panchrakhi
44Akalpoush Arabinda Prakash Ghosh High School968Akalpaush
46Udayapur Junior Basic School577Udaypur
47Kulepara F.P.School648Kulepara
48Kadipara F P School1026Kadiara
49Singa F PSchool876Singa
50Nishchintapur F P School665Nischintapur
51Salgarah F P School800Salghara
52Chandpur F P School1038Khaspur
53Keshabpur F P School970Khaspur
55Madanhansa F P Schoo923Madanhasa
56Deyara F P School943Deara
57Kaya F P School819Basatpur
58Baghnapara Uchcha Vidyalaya1068Radhanagar
60Baghnapara Bagaladarsha Primary School879Radhanagar
61Baghanapara Uchcha Balika Vidyalaya889Radhanagar
63Bijara F P School919Bijra
65Aalagarhshrirampur Keramtulla Junior Basic School983Alagari
67Nandagram F P School1105Piarinagar (CT)
68Piyarinagar F P School887Piarinagar (CT)
70Krishnadebpur G.S.F P School1010Krishnadebpur
72Uparpara Pareshsmriti F.P.School1140Krishnadebpur
74Krishnadebpur High School952Krishnadebpur
76Krishnadebpur Girls High School841Krishnadebpur
78Bijaynagar F P School952Krishnadebpur
79Nutanchar F. P. School1082Krishnadebpur
80Shikarapur F.P. School763Shikarpur
81Shikarpur Dakshin para ICDS CenTRE662Shikarpur
83Rustamapur F.P. School462Rustampur
84Muktarpur F P School734Tamasapur
86Uttar Goyara F P School684Uttar Goara (CT)
90Krishnadebapur F P School1028Hatkalna
93Gajalakshmi High School733Uttar Goara (CT)
94Talbona M S K1033Uttar Goara (CT)
97Rangpara F P School826Kalna (P)
99Kalana 1No B.D.O.Office817Rangapara
100C D P O Office Kalna-1 Block832Rangapara
101Dharmadanga F P School665Dharmmadanga
104Koyaldanga F P School792Mirpur
105New Madhuban S.S.K491Rameswarpur (P)
106Rameshwarpur F P School741Rameswarpur (P)
107Balia F P.School462Balia
109Kabilpara F P.School728Balia
110Anukhal F P School539Anukhal
111ANUKHAL high.SCHOOL837Anukhal
112Sadhpukuria F P School917Sadhpukharia
113Kadamba Primary Vidyalaya700Kadamba
115Jaipur F P School700Jaypur
116Arbalia Baninathpur F P School583Arbelia
118Bhabanandapur F P.School1092Bhabanandapur
119Goda Gobindabati F. P.School752Goda Gobindabati
121Omarpur F P.School669Umarpur
123Nepakuli F P.School593Nepakuli
125JarubatiNarendranath F P School615Jharubati
126Dwariaton Swami Vivakananda F P School904Dwariatan
127Dafarpur F PSchool741Dafarpur
128Dafarpur High School444Dafarpur
129Maheswarpur F P School773Maheswarpur
130Singerkone F P School840Singarkon
132Kumarpara F.P.School613Kumarpara
133Anokha Kulepara F.P. School570Anakha
134Nowara Gowara Junior Basic School527Noara
136Chagram Noarah S.K.U.S344Chagram
137Chagram F P school819Chagram
140Badla S.K.U.S.836Singarkon
141Kanchragarh F.P.School504Singarkon
142Badla F P School(Gajalakshmi Tala)827Singarkon
143Badla Prathamik Vidyalaya (Kalitala)1029Badla
144Barabaharkuli Satishchandra Jr.Basic School1120Bara Baharkuli
145Sunpukur F P.School912Bara Baharkuli
146Kulti F P School855Kulti
148Dakshinkrishnapur F P School625Dakshin Krishnapur
149Kola F.P.School703Kola
150Choto Baharkuli G S F P School1027Chhota Baharkuli
151Ichhapur G.s F P.School817Ichhapur
152Bohara SureshChandra F.P.School648Bahara
153Kashipur Bazar Krishnapur F P School790Kasipur
155Sadhupalli F P School880Chhota Baharkuli
156Dakshin Durgapur F P.School1027Dakshin Durgapur
157Arjuna Patharghata F P.School714Arjuna
159Pindira G.S F P.School781Pindira
160Boalia F.P.School635Boalia
161Patharghata High School617Pathar Ghata
162Patharghata F.P.School689Pathar Ghata
164Angarason M M High School972Angarson
165Kanibamni F.P.School875Kanibamni
166Rameswar F.P.School631Rameswar
167Kelenoi F P.School693Kelenai
168Sarbamangala F.P.School928Jiudhara (P)
169Jewdhara F P School890Jiudhara (P)
171Rahatpur Prathamik Vidyalaya1044Rahatpur
172Srirampur F.P.School1253Shrirampur
173KhagrakurBeguni F P.School671Ekchaka
175Ekchaka F P.School1013Ekchaka
176Hatgacha Junior Basic School759Hatgachha
177Hatgacha F P.School845Hatgachha
179Bansai F P School917Banshai
181Kushodanga F P School726Kusdanga
183Kalyanpur F P School694Kalyanpur
185Ghoshpara GSF.P. School (Rum -1)646Kalna (M)
189Shyamaganj G S F P School724Kalna (M)
191Subarnanagar g s F P School826Kalna (M)
193Shri shri Gnaneswar Jew PrimaryVidyalaya833Kalna (M)
195Kalna F P School811Kalna (M)
199Kalna College986Kalna (M)
203Ambika Mahishmarddini f p school323Kalna (M)
206Shashibala Saha f p school1025Kalna (M)
207Kalna Mahish marddini Girls Institution735Kalna (M)
212Dulal chandra F P School930Kalna (M)
214Mahishmarddini Institution818Kalna (M)
216Lalabagan G S F P School1018Kalna (M)
217Rabindra Sadan928Kalna (M)
219Kalna Hindu Girls High School835Kalna (M)
221Bheteramahal F.P.School536Kalna (M)
223Kalna G S F P School769Kalna (M)
225Shyamasundar Vidyapith450Kalna (M)
229Lalji Maharaj F.P. School953Kalna (M)
231Katiganga G.S.F. P School713Kalna (M)
233Vocational Training Centre554Kalna (M)
237Saspur Dighir par Anganwari Kendra771Sashpur (P) (CT)
238Saspur Dighir Par F.P. School872Sashpur (P) (CT)
240Hanspukur Prathamik Vidyalaya460Hanspukur (P)
242Kuliadaha Shishu Shikhskha Kendra859Kuledaha
243Saspur Madhya Shishu Shiksha Kendra670Sashpur (P) (CT)
244Saspur F P School 627Sashpur (P) (CT)
246Swaspur Sishu Shikhsaha Kendra1154Sashpur (P) (CT)
247Purba Sahapur High School868Purbba Sahapur
248Purba Sahapur F.P.School801Purbba Sahapur
249Sahapur Kalyanpur F P.School804Ara
250Medgachi G.S F P School837Medgachhi Paikpara
251Medgachi Paik para F.P.School654Medgachhi Paikpara
252Satgachi Balika Vidyalaya687Satapati
253Satgachi High School530Satapati
254Bandebaj Gandhi Smarak F.P. School744Bundebaj
255Barasat Sishu Shikha kendra775Bundebaj
257Satapati Malopara Junior Basic School1064Satapati
259Satapati Matherpara F P.School785Satapati

Last Updated on December 26, 2014