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Polling Booth in Kakdwip Assembly Constituency

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Kakdwip Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Kakdwip

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kakdwip Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ramtanunagar High Madrasa817Ramtanunagar
3Ramtanunagar F.P. School706Ramtanunagar
5Santosh Kumar F.P. School553Ramtanunagar
6Madhusudanpur Chaushattibari F.P. School655Madhusudanpur
8Bishalakshmi Bidyamandira F.P. School743Madhusudanpur
10Shibkalinagar F.P. School615Sibkalinagar
11Majher Para F.P.School636Sibkalinagar
12Madhusudanpur Lakshmipur F.P. School1016Madhusudanpur
13Shibkali Nagar Ishan Memorial High School958Sibkalinagar
14Lakshmipur F.P. School728Lakshmipur
15Banu Barer Chak Rasik Smriti F.P. School731Sibkalinagar
16Haran Smriti F.P.School472Sibkalinagar
17Sater Gheri Sishu Siksha Kendra1115Sibkalinagar
18Uttar Chandranagar F.P.School966Uttar Chandranagar
19Shambhuchandrapur F.P.School975Uttar Chandranagar
20Thakurchak Shikshaniketan Junior Basic School1033Suryanagar
21Sitarampur Junior Basic School774Sitarampur
22Bazar Beria Thakurchak F.P.School605Sitarampur
23Bazar Beria Thakur Chak Shikshasadan High School870Suryanagar
24Bairagi Para F.P.School662Sitarampur
25Sitarampur High School1062Sitarampur
26Aaddir Mahal Srichaitanya Vidyapith F.P.School919Suryanagar
27Suryanagar Grampanchayet Office922Sitarampur
28Majhi Para F.P.School897Suryanagar
29Anandanagar F.P.School731Sitarampur
31Sarkarchak F.P.School643Sitarampur
33Banejee Mahal F.P.School1057Srinagar
34Srinagar F.P.School1110Srinagar
35Kamal Para F.P.School718Srinagar
36Gobindapur F.P.School890Srinagar
37Shyamnagar F.P.School640Srinagar
38Srirampur F.P. School715Srinagar
39Madhabnagar Higher Secondary School966Srinagar
41Raghunathpur F.P. School798Kasinagar
42Kshudiram Sishu Siksha Kendra856Kasinagar
43Srirampur Darbesh Mollar Chak F.P.School1087Kasinagar
44Ramratanpur Bar Pada F.P.School697Ramratanpur
46Berar Chak Ramanibala Junior Basic School742Kasinagar
48Swamiji F.P.School848Ramratanpur
49Ramratanpur Manmathanath Msk467Ramratanpur
50Ramratanpur Nebutala F.P.School906Ramratanpur
51Chandipur F.P.School1067Chandipur
52Bairagi Chak F.P.School621Chandipur
53Maniknagar Surendranath High School905Chandipur
54Bapuji Gram Panchayat Office804Chandipur
55Dakshin Chandipur Manobas Smriti Madhya Siksha Kendra478Chandipur
56Keutakhali Kautala F.P. School876Chandipur
57Pakurtala L.V.F.P.School1110Nebutala
58Nager Mahal F.P.School936Nebutala
59Taktipur F.P.School647Chandipur
61Uttar Ramkrishna Chak F.P.School1111Taktipur Abad
62Ghatihara F.P.School549Taktipur Abad
63Taktipur Narayanpur High School887Taktipur Abad
64Purba Taktipur Maitir Chak F.P.School854Taktipur Abad
65Dakshin Thangara F.P.School1121Thangara
66Guriyar Chak Girishchandra F.P.School944Thangara
67Paharirchak Pratham Gheri F.P.School976Ganespur
68Pukurberia Paschim Icds1089Ganespur
69Debendra Nath F.P.School670Ganespur
70Rudranagar Sishu Siksha Kendra882Ganespur
71Ganeshpur Chhayasundari Vidyaniketan479Ganespur
72Mollarchak F.P.School815Ganespur
73Kharimutha F.P.School824Ganespur
74Pukurberia F.P.School1064Ganespur
75Jnanadamayee Vidyapith F.P.School969Ganespur
76Amratala F.P.School896Ganespur
77Baikunthapur F.P.School944Ganespur
79Gobindapur Junior Basic School860Ganespur
80Sundarban Balika Vidyaniketan F.P.School715Ganespur
82Sundarban Adarsha Nimna Buniyadi Vidalaya988Ganespur
83Sukanta Sishu Siksha Kendra1064Ganespur
84Sundarban MahaVidyalaya658Ganespur
86Kakdwip F.P. School655Ganespur
87Nibedita Sishu Siksha Kendra774Ganespur
88Sundarban Adarsha Vidyamandir615Ganespur
89Rathtala F.P.School571Ganespur
91Berarchak Nibedita Sishu Siksha Kendra1107Kasinagar
92Lakshminarayanpur F.P.School557Kasinagar
94Dwarikanath High School1089Kalinagar
95Kalinagar Berar Chak F.P.School531Kalinagar
96Sener Chak F.P.School775Kalinagar
98Bagherchak F.P.School1070Kalinagar
99Tinkarir Chak F.P.School1008Kalinagar
101Vidyasagar Swarna Bishnu Sishu Siksha Kendra633Kalinagar
103Sri Sri Ramkrishna Gram Panchayet Office773Kalinagar
104Harekrishna Sishu Siksha Kendra693Kalinagar
105Trilokchandrapur F.P.School855Kalinagar
107Berarchak Akshaynagar F.P.School674Akshyanagar
108Purandarpur Beni Madhab Smriti F.P.School572Akshyanagar
109Akshaynagar Gannyadamoyee Vidyaniketan (H.S)1057Akshyanagar
110Akshaynagar Shibpur F.P.School995Akshyanagar
112Kakdwip Shishu Shikshayatan F.P.School983Kakdwip
113Ma Ahalya F.P. School1136Kakdwip
114Kakdwip Birendra Vidyaniketan (Vocational Building)666Kakdwip
115Neheru G.S.F.P. School721Kakdwip
116Akshaynagar Colony Sri Sri Gauranga Shishushikshaniketan793Akshyanagar
117Akshaynagar Junior Basic School1131Akshyanagar
118Kakdwip Birendra Bidyaniketan961Kakdwip
121Swami Vivekananda Gram Panchayat Office663Akshyanagar
122Haripur Unnayan Colony Sishu Siksha Kendra1100Kakdwip
123Government Sponsored Girls Junior High School865Kakdwip
124Ekadashi F.P.School1027Akshyanagar
126Ashokpur Sishu Siksha Kendra917Kakdwip
128Kakdwip 4Rh Gheri F.P.School954Kakdwip
129Milan Sangha Prathamik Shishu Niketan675Bhubannagar
131Gobindarampur Junior Basic School808Gobindarampur
133Uttar Gobindarampur F.P.School1133Gobindarampur
134Bhuban Nagar F.P.School1084Bhubannagar
136Gangadharpur Kamalakanta Uchcha Vidyalaya645Gangadharpur
1373Rd Gheri Rajanikanta F.P.School657Gangadharpur
138Binoy Badal Dinesh Sishu Siksha Kendra729Gangadharpur
139Bamanagar Ratanlal F.P.School636Bamanagar
140Bamanagar Bhimacharan F.P.School1072Bamanagar
141Gobindarampur Aswinikumar F.P.School727Gobindarampur
142Gobinda Rampur Aswini Kumar High School876Gobindarampur
143Gobindarampur F.P.School369Gobindarampur
144Bhubannagar Bhuban Mohan Vidyapith311Bhubannagar
145Bhubannagar Baro Sanko F.P.School884Bhubannagar
146Gangadharpur Basanti Menaka Balika Vidyalaya1053Gangadharpur
147Saradamoyee Sishu Siksha Kendra585Gangadharpur
149Mother Teresa Sishu Siksha Kendra595Bhubannagar
150Bamanagar F.P.School1075Bamanagar
151Matangini Sishu Siksha Kendra662Bamanagar
152Subala F.P.School604Bamanagar
153Bamanagar Subala High School605Bamanagar
154Shrikrishnanagar F.P.School719Srikrishnagar
155Dhal P.U.F.P.School1130Sankiberia
157Sankiberia Ahamedkar Shishu Shiksha Kendra864Sankiberia
158Balikhali F.P.School726Srikrishnagar
159Balikhali Hemchandra Vidyapith448Sankiberia
160Bhajana Ramchandrapur Junior Basic School840Ramchandrapur
161Shibnagar F.P.School941Sibnagar
162Shibnagar Purba Para Sishu Siksha Kendra477Sibnagar
163Shibnagar Natun F.P.School1126Sibnagar
164Pakuratala F.P.School715Ramchandranagar
165Ramchandranagar Uttar F.P.School920Ramchandranagar
166Bejpukur F.P.School710Ramchandranagar
167Dobarchak Sishu Siksha Kendra754Ramchandranagar
168Kendo Ramachandranagar F.P. School963Ramchandranagar
169Sodhpukur Sishu Siksha Kendra759Ramchandranagar
170Manik Thakurchak F.P.School709Ramchandranagar
171Uttar Durgapur Gorachand Sishu Siksha Kendra1173Uttar Durgapur
172Koaberia Ahamedia Korania High Madrasa629Koaberia
173Koaberia F.P.School651Koaberia
174Hesamabad Rabindra Madhya Siksha Kendra772Hesamabad
175Hesamabad Natun F.P.School858Hesamabad
176Gopalnagar F.P.Schoool590Gopalnagar
178Girishchandrapur Junior Basic School1091Mrinalnagar
179Maity Para F.P.School359Mrinalnagar
180Harintangi F.P.School433Mrinalnagar
181Mrinalnagar Rakhal Vidyamandir(H.S)822Mrinalnagar
182Chintamanipur F.P. School1073Mrinalnagar
183Kumaraara C.S.F.P. School977Manmathapur
184Manmathapur Munda Para F.P.School656Manmathapur
185Kumar Pur Jaharpur Junior Basic School662Mrinalnagar
186Kumarpur Vidyasagar Sishu Siksha Kendra632Mrinalnagar
187Manmathapur Shikshabhaban High School866Manmathapur
188Halisahar Colony Para Sishu Siksha Kendra479Manmathapur
189Jagaddhatripur F.P.School958Manmathapur
190Alipur F.P.School1047Manmathapur
191Uttar Kasiabad Srichaitanya Vidyapith940Uttar Kasiabad
192Madhyapalli F.P.School747Uttar Kasiabad
193Lalmohan Chak F.P.School748Ramgopalpur
194Ramgopalpur Madhya Siksha Kendra1006Ramgopalpur
195Kasiabad F.P.School707Dakshin Kasiabad
196Kasiabad Bishalakshi Vidyapith F.P.School703Kasiabad
198Dakshin Ramgopalpur Manorama F.P.School623Ramgopalpur
200Amar Shridham Milan Vidyamandir1121Dakshin Kasiabad
201Harendranagar Natun F.P.School776Harendranagar
203Harendranagar F.P.School675Harendranagar
204Harendranagar Birendra Smriti F.P.School1147Harendranagar
205Dakshin Kasiabad Natun F.P.School1113Dakshin Kasiabad
206Bishalakshmipur F.P.School523Bishalakshmipur
207Vivekananda Sishu Siksha Kendra673Bishalakshmipur
208Bishalakshmipur Siddhanand Balika Vidyalaya501Bishalakshmipur
212Bishalakshmipur Punashah Mostaniya High Madrasa1102Bishalakshmipur
213Budhakhali F.P.School (Puratan)978Budhakhali
214Budhakhali F.P.School (Natun)629Budhakhali
216Uttar Fatikpur Shishumangal F.P.School1066Phatikpur
217Rajnagar Shrinathgram Bani Vidyapith860Rajnagar Srinathgram
219Budhakhali Dakshin Shridurga F.P.School1025Budhakhali
221Rajnagar Swami Nigamanand Saraswata F.P.School353Rajnagar Srinathgram
222Rajnagar Srinathgram F.P.School1099Rajnagar Srinathgram
223Fatikpur F.P.School871Phatikpur
225Pashchim Rajnagar Gholapara F.P. School835Rajnagar Srinathgram
226Khadimandir Sishu Siksha Kendra635Rajnagar Srinathgram
227Rajnagar Shrinathgram Junior Basic School726Rajnagar Srinathgram
228Fatikpur Dakshin Binapani F.P.School959Phatikpur
229Ganeshnagar Uttar F.P.School900Ganesnagar
231Purba Durgapur Balaram F.P.School841Ganesnagar
233Nandabhanga F.P.School662Nadabhanga
234Durganagar F.P.School716Durganagar
236Ganeshnagar Purba Satyanarayan F.P.School913Ganesnagar
237Ganeshnagar F.P. School1110Ganesnagar
238Nandabhanga Purba F.P.School996Nadabhanga
239Narayanpur Junior Basic School1060Narayanpur
240Narayanpur 2Nd Gheri F.P.School1028Narayanpur
241Narayanpur Chaturthagheri F.P.School979Narayanpur
243Namakhana Narayan Vidyamandir706Narayanpur
244Narayanpur Sishu Vidyapith862Narayanpur
245Ieshwaripur F.P.School879Iswaripur
246Narayanpur Bijoy Maheswari F.P.School780Narayanpur
247Narayanpur Lakshminarayan Madhyamik Vidyalaya746Narayanpur
248Narayanpur Gourhari Sishu Siksha Kendra831Narayanpur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014