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Polling Booth in Jamuria Assembly Constituency

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Jamuria Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Jamuria

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jamuria Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Aanandapur Efapiskul839Andharia
2Rakhakuda Prathamik Vidyalaya675Rakhakura
4Chanchudabil Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya985Chichurbil
5Churuliya Shalabala Balika Vidyalaya889Churulia
7Churuliya En Ke High School805Churulia
9Churuliya Najarul Vidyapith1121Churulia
11Desher Mohan Prathamik Vidyalaya837Desher Mohan
12Jayanagar Ef.Pi. School850Jaynagar
13Madhudanga Najarul Manik Sukant Smriti Vidyalaya727Madhudanga
14Madanatod Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya514Madantor
16Taradanga Aadibasi Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya660Madantor
17Sattor Haiskul1063Sattar
18Layakapur Ef. Pi. School544Laikapur
19Talatod Radhabinod Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya458Taltore
21Jamabad Ef Pi School976Taltore
22Shibapur Gram F.P. School876Jamuria (M + OG)
26Shibpur Workshop F.P. School830Jamuria (M + OG)
28Bankashimuliy(Grup) Junior Haiskul838Jamuria (M + OG)
31Pariharapur Ef.Pi. School1046Jamuria (M + OG)
34Boring Dana Haiskul865Jamuria (M + OG)
35Jamudiya Musalim Ef Pi Schooljamudiya Bajar721Jamuria (M + OG)
38Jamudiya Balika Vidyalaya793Jamuria (M + OG)
39Kathi Ef. Pi. School780Jamuria (M + OG)
40Shibpur Power House Recreation Club921Jamuria (M + OG)
41Bajaddipur F P School610Jamuria (M + OG)
43Shirishadana Ef. Pi. School782Jamuria (M + OG)
44Rajapur Nandi Haiskul970Jamuria (M + OG)
50Bibekanand Prathamik Vidyalaya747Jamuria (M + OG)
54Damodarapur Ef.Pi. School961Jamuria (M + OG)
58Jamudiya Hindi Haiskul833Jamuria (M + OG)
62Shripur Urdu Ef.Pi. School446Jamuria (M + OG)
65Shripur Musalim Ef.Pi. School544Jamuria (M + OG)
67Shripur Kaliyari Afis805Jamuria (M + OG)
68Shripur Hat High School946Jamuria (M + OG)
69Shripur Koliyari Staf Klab544Jamuria (M + OG)
71Shripur Hat Ef.Pi. School918Jamuria (M + OG)
73EBiPit Koliyari Afis957Jamuria (M + OG)
75Kenduliya Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya816Jamuria (M + OG)
76Abinash Ef.Pi. School670Jamuria (M + OG)
78Jamuria Municipal Community Hall786Jamuria (M + OG)
82Mandalapur Ef.Pi. School928Jamuria (M + OG)
84Aakhalpuf PSchool1083Jamuria (M + OG)
85Yadudana Ef.Pi. School499Jamuria (M + OG)
86Sarthakapur Ef.Pi. School800Jamuria (M + OG)
87Sekapur Prathamik Vidyalaya688Jamuria (M + OG)
88Ikara Bi.Bi. High School917Jamuria (M + OG)
90Mamudpur F.P. School664Jamuria (M + OG)
91Bijapur Netaji Shiksha Nikekatan1014Jamuria (M + OG)
93Narth Siyarasol I.Si.El.Ef. Pi. School556Jamuria (M + OG)
95Kantagadiya Prathamik Vidyalaya920Jamuria (M + OG)
96Balanapur Ef.Pi. School1010Jamuria (M + OG)
97Satagram Ef.Pi. School371Jamuria (M + OG)
98Isht Satagram Ef. Pi. School760Jamuria (M + OG)
101Nageshbar Satagram Koliyari Kyantin888Jamuria (M + OG)
102Mithapur Ef.Pi. School724Jamuria (M + OG)
103Banamalipur Ef.Pi. School858Jamuria (M + OG)
108Bogada Bibekanand Mishan Haiskul1060Jamuria (M + OG)
109Jaba Aadibasi Ef.Pi. School861Jamuria (M + OG)
110Tilakamazi Aadibasi Ef.Pi. Schoolkenduliya Jaba790Jamuria (M + OG)
111Bogada Rifiuji Kaloni Ef.Pi. School772Jamuria (M + OG)
112Shripur Haiskul994Jamuria (M + OG)
115Ningha Colliery Staff Club683Jamuria (M + OG)
119Chanda Ef.Pi. School795Jamuria (M + OG)
122Shripur Simain Klain Kaliyari Old Kyantin880Jamuria (M + OG)
123Aalama Urddu Ikabal Ekademi833Jamuria (M + OG)
125Ninggha Bhatapada Ef.Pi. School1024Jamuria (M + OG)
127Nigha Malatiparapas Kolamainas Araganaijeshan Gharanang-1280Jamuria (M + OG)
128Ningha F.P. School850Jamuria (M + OG)
131Shripur Sim In Klain Koliyari Afis417Jamuria (M + OG)
133Chapui Sheoda Ef.Pi. School720Saora
135Ratibati Hindi High School465Ratibati (CT)
136Kashinathapur Ef.Pi. School773Ratibati (CT)
137Kumaradiha Gram Ef. Pi. School1034Kumardiha
139Chapui Khas Kaliyari Ef.Pi. School794Chapui (CT)
142Ratibati Ef Pi School736Ratibati (CT)
144Vidyasagar Jr. High School589Chapui (CT)
145Chapui Ef.Pi. School853Chapui (CT)
146Bogada Village F.Pschool1060Jamuria (M + OG)
148Bogada Bholanath Das Ef.Pi. School710Jamuria (M + OG)
153Bedela Ef.Pi. School659Jamuria (M + OG)
155Mardan Satagram I.Si.El.Kyantin Bilding708Jamuria (M + OG)
156Jemehari Koliyari Afis570Jamuria (M + OG)
157Birakulati Ef.Pi. School593Birkulti
159Birakulati EnJiEm Haiskul781Birkulti
160Badul Prathamik Vidyalaya518Barul
162Shankhid Kumaradihi Ef.Pi. School1052Kumardiha
163Hijalagada Abaih Primary Vidyalaya631Hijalgora
165Hijalgora Muslim F.P. School1147Hijalgora
166Hijalagada Gram Panchayet Afis980Hijalgora
167Patharachud Ef.Pi. School665Patharchur
169Lalabajar Ef.Pi. School667Lalbazar
170Darabar Danga Ef.Pi. School866Darbardanga
171Bagadiha Siddhapur Haiskul695Sidhpur
173Bagadiha Ef.Pi. School786Bagdiha
175Chichudiya Upendranath Haiskul680Chinchuria (CT)
177Dahuka Prathamik Vidyalaya915Dahuka
180Beladana Aadibasi Efapi School1077Sarakdihi
181Rabindranagar Colony F.P. School632Chinchuria (CT)
182Bhadda-Chakatulusi Ef.Pi. School1030Bhaterdaha
183Bhuandi Farafari Ef.Pi. School732Bhuri
184Bhuandi Ef.Pi. School706Bhuri
186Shyamala Ef.Pi. School490Shyamla
188Metel Dhaoda Aadibasi Prathamik Vidyalaya673Shyamla
189Metel Dhaoda Hindi PrimaryVidyalaya488Shyamla
190Chhatrishaganda F.P. School(Mana. Banglow Old Building)917Chhatrish Ganda
191Chhatrisganda F.P. School (Mana. Banglow New Building E.C.L)478Chhatrish Ganda
193Khottadihi Shyamapad Smriti Ef Pi School807Shyamla
197Nimasha Ef.Pi. School687Nimsa (CT)
199Nimasa Khottadihi Aalinagar High School1036Nimsa (CT)
200Jamashol Ah Primary Vidyalaya660Jamsol
201Puratan Jamashol Ef.Pi. School938Jamsol
202Chakadola Kashinath Uchch Primary Vidyalaya675Chak Dola
205Bahadurapur Haiskul666Bahadurpur
207Dhasana Bijayanagar Ef.Pi. School989Bijaynagar
209Dhasal Ef.Pi. School836Dhasla
210Tapasi Koliyari Shikshaniketan (Bhut Banglo)473Dhasla
211Dobarana Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya992Dobrana
213Khasakenda Ef Pi School (Arjun Dhaoda )580Kenda (CT)
215Khasakenda Koliyari Ef Pi School626Kenda (CT)
218Kenda Ef.Pi. School955Kenda (CT)
220Sauth Kenda Ef Pi School (Zantiban )606Kenda (CT)
221Kenda Hindi F.P. School904Kenda (CT)
225Kenda High School Niu Bilding1025Kenda (CT)
226Niu Kenda Koliyari Afis1006Kenda (CT)
227Kuladanga Ef.Pi. School718Parasia (CT)
228Padashiya Koliyari Bhi Ti Sentar634Parasia (CT)
230Padashiya Kaliyari Haiskul978Parasia (CT)
232Padashiya Aadibasi Ef.Pi. School536Parasia (CT)
233Padashiya Koliyari Afis593Parasia (CT)
235Belabad Koliyari Hindi School620Jote Janaki
236Jyor Janaki Ef.Pi. School855Jote Janaki
237Tapasi Ef Pi School883Topsi (CT)
240Janabajar Aadibasi Ef.Pi. School805Topsi (CT)
241Kunustoriya Ef.Pi. School968Kunustara (CT)
243Kunustodiya Koliyari Hindi Ef.Pi. School768Kunustara (CT)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014