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Polling Booth in Jalpaiguri Assembly Constituency

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Jalpaiguri Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Jalpaiguri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jalpaiguri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Nagpara Primary School617Bahadur
2Panga Sahebbari Primary School1092Bahadur
3Bhushapada BiEf.Pi. School809Bahadur
4Plane Ghanti S.S.K692Bahadur
5Basua Para Primary School876Bahadur
6Charak Dangi Bi. Ef. Pi. School717Bahadur
7Thutapakuri Primary School845Bahadur
8Bahadur Thutapakuri Madhyamik Vidyalaya395Bahadur
9Chaduimari S.P.Primary School951Bahadur
10Pradhanapada Bi.Ef. Pi. School750Bahadur
11Boltala Primary School601Bahadur
12Gedipada Primary School1086Bahadur
13Gedurakuda Prathamik Vidyalaya1019Satkhamar
14Karjee Para S.S.K873Bahadur
15Banijerahat Bi.Ef.Pi. School622Satkhamar
16Kathaldangi S.S.K614Satkhamar
17Banijerahat High School1170Satkhamar
18Bahadur R.R.Primary School537Satkhamar
19Lahidi Pada Bi.Ef.Pi. School625Satkhamar
20Barua Para S.S.K617Satkhamar
21Jahuri Bord School586Satkhamar
22Jahuri Naya Colony Primary School1056Satkhamar
23Aaraji Balipada Bi.Ef.Pi. School1090Satkhamar
24Karala Valleyi Tea Garden Primary School836Patkata
26Mohitnagar Colony T.P. Girls High School794Kharia (P) (CT)
28Mohitanagar Kaloni Taraprasad Uchch Vidyalaya438Patkata
30Madan Mohan Primary School920Kharia (P) (CT)
31Kshudiram Palli Primary School907Kharia (P) (CT)
32Shankari S.S.K1015Kharia (P) (CT)
33Khalapada Pramodadebi 2No Primary School905Kharia (P) (CT)
34Si.El.Aar.Si.Afis Gomastapada(Pashchim Kendr)794Kharia (P) (CT)
35Satish Lahidi Buniyadi Vidyalaya591Kharia (P) (CT)
36Haridasi I.C.D.S. Centre837Kharia (P) (CT)
37Sarakar Pada Anantabala Primary School1066Kharia (P) (CT)
38Nauyapada Purb Kumarapada Primary School913Kharia (P) (CT)
39Raypara Shishu Shiksha Kendr1066Kharia (P) (CT)
40Pashchim Kumarapara M. S. K585Kharia (P) (CT)
41Ananda Nagar Primary School997Bahadur
42Holi Chaild School887Kharia (P) (CT)
43Bhabeshachandr Balika Vidyalaya1070Jalpaiguri (M)
45Aanand Chandr Kalej1090Jalpaiguri (M)
46Begam Fayajannesa Balika Vidyalaya692Jalpaiguri (M)
48Bamanapada AarAar Prathamik Vidyalaya745Jalpaiguri (M)
50Masakalaibadibardhitaaar.Aar.PrathamikaVidyalaya854Jalpaiguri (M)
51Masakalaibadi No1 Aar Aar Primary School762Jalpaiguri (M)
52Arabindanagar Madhyamik (Uchatara) Vidyalaya736Jalpaiguri (M)
57L. I. C. I. Divisional Office1091Jalpaiguri (M)
59Mahabir Hindi Primary School781Jalpaiguri (M)
60Jalapaiguri Primary Teachers Training Institutue477Jalpaiguri (M)
64Deshbandhu Para Pragati Primary School1045Jalpaiguri (M)
65Niutaunapada Prathamik Vidyalaya754Jalpaiguri (M)
68Mohantapada R. R. Primary School711Jalpaiguri (M)
70Sonaulla High School720Jalpaiguri (M)
74Central Girls High School848Jalpaiguri (M)
75Marowari Balika Vidyalaya833Jalpaiguri (M)
77Umagati Bidyamandir515Jalpaiguri (M)
79Inastitiut Af FarmesiJalapaigudi944Jalpaiguri (M)
80W.R.D.D Office909Jalpaiguri (M)
82Saberiya Miunisipal Fri Primary School768Jalpaiguri (M)
84Raikot Para R.R.Primary School816Jalpaiguri (M)
85B.L.& L.R.O. Office584Jalpaiguri (M)
86Walkerganj Primary School676Jalpaiguri (M)
87Shahid Badal Vidyapith908Jalpaiguri (M)
88Purbanchal H.S School1041Jalpaiguri (M)
89Khadibechi Pada AarAarPrathamik Vidyalaya724Jalpaiguri (M)
91Sandipan Byamagarh Primary School935Jalpaiguri (M)
92Jalpaiguri Zilla School1015Jalpaiguri (M)
94Shishu Mahal Primary School1053Jalpaiguri (M)
95Suniti Bala Sadar Girls High School689Jalpaiguri (M)
97Sishu Mahal Junior Basic School1078Jalpaiguri (M)
98Pahari Para Municipal Free Primary School749Jalpaiguri (M)
99Marowari Hindi Balok Primary School802Jalpaiguri (M)
101Ananda Model High School636Jalpaiguri (M)
105Rashtriy Sarakari Balika Vidyalaya910Jalpaiguri (M)
109Ramchandra Smriti Primary School1073Jalpaiguri (M)
110Aanand Chandr Tening Kalej788Jalpaiguri (M)
111Sarada Vidyapith766Jalpaiguri (M)
113Nepali Sarbojanin Bidya Bhaban945Jalpaiguri (M)
115Jela Granthagar946Jalpaiguri (M)
117Aadar Pada Dakshineshbari Primary Vidyalaya580Jalpaiguri (M)
118Aadarapara Municipal Free Primary School578Jalpaiguri (M)
120Adar Para Sushama R.R Primary School908Jalpaiguri (M)
121Sonali Garlas High School742Jalpaiguri (M)
123Kadamtala Girls High School995Jalpaiguri (M)
126Surendr Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya642Jalpaiguri (M)
128Bidyaniketan R. R. Primary School707Jalpaiguri (M)
130Meherunnesa High School843Jalpaiguri (M)
134Jalapaigudi Haiskul1071Jalpaiguri (M)
138Deshabandhunagar Madhyamik Vidyalaya612Jalpaiguri (M)
139Deshbandhu Nagar 2 No R.R Primary School584Jalpaiguri (M)
142Sebagram Aar. Aar. Primary School842Jalpaiguri (M)
144Deshabandhu Nagar 3No AarAarPrimary Vidyalaya1078Jalpaiguri (M)
145Yogamaya Junior Garlas School711Jalpaiguri (M)
146Satish Lahidi Uchch Madhyamik Vidyalaya763Kharia (P) (CT)
148Kumudini Girls High School836Kharia (P) (CT)
149Sarkar Para Jagadindra Primary School1043Kharia (P) (CT)
150Bhubanamayi Prathamik Vidyalaya872Kharia (P) (CT)
153Pandapada Juh Basic School571Kharia (P) (CT)
155Jagannath Colony S.S.K1082Kharia (P) (CT)
157Karalar Char 2No Primary Vidyalaya815Kharia (P) (CT)
158Pora Para Special Cader Primary School799Kharia (P) (CT)
160Chanapada Primary School553Kharia (P) (CT)
161Brahmattor Pada BiEf.Pi. School1132Kharia (P) (CT)
162Fakirapada BiEf.Pi. School903Kharia (P) (CT)
163Netaji Vidyapith1097Kharia (P) (CT)
164Rakhal Debi Junior Basic School544Kharia (P) (CT)
166Dharmudeb High School880Kharia (P) (CT)
168Tistachar Stateaplyan Prathamik Vidyalaya1014Kharia (P) (CT)
169Karalachar 1Nopraimari School978Kharia (P) (CT)
172Bhotagaini Special Kyadar Prathamik Vidyalaya929Garalbari
173Krishi Bagan Aaydishanal Prathamik Vidyalaya1010Garalbari
174Baruyapada BiEf.Pi. School1014Garalbari
175Hatapukuri BiEf.Pi. School815Garalbari
177Boli Para S.S.K698Garalbari
178Khanasaheb Pada SiEsPrimary School808Garalbari
179Shubhachani Primary School982Garalbari
180Gadalabadi Haiskul919Garalbari
181Beltali Primary School608Garalbari
182Fodarapada BiEf.Pi. School667Garalbari
183Dhapaganj Junior Basic School626Garalbari
184Jola Para I.C.D.S Centre621Garalbari
185Jamuribari S.C. Primary School1056Garalbari
186Nirasipukuri BiEf.Pi. School855Garalbari
187Bibekanand High School1059Garalbari
188Bhujari Pada Primary School835Garalbari
189Nabanipada Shtet Plan Primary School795Garalbari
190Gadalabadi Shriram Pada Bord Primary School848Garalbari
191Torol Para Primary School1001Mandalghat
193Sardar Pada Harimandir BiEf.Pi. School987Garalbari
194Dhapaganj Kaloni Primary School953Garalbari
195Zakuya Pada EsSi Primary School584Mandalghat
196Sadagarh Para Primary School803Mandalghat
197Kshetramohan Uchchamadhyamik Vidyalaya983Mandalghat
199Ranir Kamat Primary School854Mandalghat
201Sentral Mandal Ghat Bord School419Mandalghat
203Pradhan Pada BiEf.Pi. School897Mandalghat
204Fandait Pada BiEf.Pi. School1070Mandalghat
205Sanapukuri Para B.F.P. School914Mandalghat
206Moulabi Para Primary School654Mandalghat
207Kachuya Boyalamari High School1154Boalmari
208Rayapada Es.Pi.Primary School780Boalmari
209Kachuya Abhiyan Sanggh Gramin Pathagar925Kathua
210Mandal Ghat High School672Araji Garalbari
211Mondalghat R.R. Primary School560Araji Garalbari
212Subhash Pally B.F.P. School636Banshkanthia
213Tanti Para Sishu Sikshya Niketan Primary School721Banshkanthia
214Nandanapur High School959Nandanpur
215Kanapada Special Kyadar Primary School965Boalmari
216Milanakuthir Primary School814Boalmari
217Nandanapur Bad Kamat BiEf.Pi. School640Nandanpur
218Naitan Chandra Primary School762Nandanpur
219Nandanapur Amarakhana Primary School934Nandanpur
221Kanainagar Pada Prathamik Vidyalaya751Boalmari
222Singimari AarAarPrimary School677Amarkhana
223Amarkhana Primary School862Dharmmadeb
224Nuton Lalbazar Para Primary School786Singimari Pratham Khanda
225Lalabajar Pada BiEf.Pi. School487Araji Maria Kamala Pukhari
226Singimari BiEf.Pi. School705Araji Maria Kamala Pukhari
227Dharmanagar Primary School757Singimari Pratham Khanda
228Tofapada Primary School845Singimari Pratham Khanda
230Gomirapada High School627Singimari Pratham Khanda
232Sarakarapada BiEf.Pi. School699Berubari
234Sakati 1No SiEsPrimary School1035Berubari
235Harua Danga Primary School543Berubari
236Sakati 2No SiEsPrimary School635Berubari
237Jamadarapada Primary School987Berubari
238Sardarapada Kharija Berubadi Bord School847Kharija Berubari
239Rupashree Sardar Para Nimna Buniyadi Primary School889Kharija Berubari
240Bodapada Baluradhip Shtet Plan Primary Vidyalaya951Kharija Berubari
241Gomastapada Bi.Ef.Pi School708Kharija Berubari
242Satish Chandra Kalibari Primary School823Kharija Berubari
243Khadija Berubadi Uchch Madhyamik Vidyalaya713Berubari
245Subhash Vidyapith Primary Vidyalaya986Kharija Berubari
246Badani Pradhan Pada Bord School815Berubari
247Patikabhanga Nimna Buniyadi Primary School566Berubari
248Berubadi Udapada Bord School868Berubari
249Narayanpur Tepramari Primary School474Berubari
250Kamar Pada BiEf.Pi. School792Berubari
251Bonapara High School1034Berubari
252Manikerdanga Board School643Berubari
253Sarkar Para Board School558Berubari
254Berubari R.R. Primary School905Berubari
255Malipara Board Free Primary School427Berubari
256Berubadi Mazagram Bord School957Berubari
257Nutan Bandar Harimandir Basic School447Kharija Berubari
258Salbari I.C.D.S. Centre772Kharija Berubari
259Bhabatarini Karnamoyee R.R. Primary School517Berubari
260Khalpara I.C.D.S. Centre904Berubari
261Ghodamara Bord School727Berubari
262Abinash Chandra M.S.K867Kharija Berubari
263Natun Bandar Bord School462Kharija Berubari
264Gaudachandi BiEf.Pi. School874Berubari
266Manik Ganj High School746Berubari
268Brahmanapada BiEf.Pi. School720Berubari
270Satakuda Primary School1036Berubari
271Satakuda High School717Berubari
273Satakuda Special Kyadar Primary School762Berubari
274Binnagudi BiEf.Pi. School994Binnaguri
275Budir JyotBiEf.Pi. School978Berubari
276Faudarapada BiEf.Pi. School702Berubari
277Kirtania Para S.S.K526Berubari
278Maringapada BiEf.Pi. School1164Berubari
279Dakhata Okadabadi Bi Ef Pi School626Daikhata
280Dharadharapada Primary School850Daikhata

Last Updated on December 26, 2014