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Polling Booth in Jagatdal Assembly Constituency

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Jagatdal Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Jagatdal

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Jagatdal Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Binapani Free Primary School707Rajendrapur
3Rajendr Pur F. P. School1031Rajendrapur
4Madarapur Subhash High School1027Madarpuli
5Debak Binapani F. P. School722Mamudpur
8Satish Ghosh High School727Kuliagor
12Bhabagachhi Free Primary School1058Bhabagachhi
15Dogachhiya Bidyarthibhaban G. S. F. P School912Dogachhia (CT)
17Dogachhiya Vidyaniketan900Dogachhia (CT)
19Bara F. P School1010Mamudpur
20Hemachandra Prathamik Vidyalaya864Mamudpur
22Mamudapur Govt. Colony G. S. F. P School589Mamudpur
26Makhanalal Primary Vidyalaya804Panpur (OG) (Part)
28Belle Shankarapur Primary School770Rambati
30Belle Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya689Rambati
32Keutiya Bidhan Smriti Primary Vidyalaya1084Keutia (P)
33Keutiya Rabindra Smriti Aadarsha Free Primary Vidyalaya1106Keutia (P)
34Dakshin Keutiya Udbastu Primary Vidyalaya832Keutia (P)
36Abhiramapur Free Primary School621Abhirampur (P)
39Pramila Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya722Kaugachhi (CT)
40Netaji Pally I. C. D. S Centre622Kaugachhi (CT)
41Swami Vibekanand High School534Kaugachhi (CT)
46Kamalpur Adarsha Vidyaniketan1059Kaugachhi (CT)
47Kaugachi 1 No. Gram Panchayet Office Ghar1017Kaugachhi (CT)
48Milan Sangha Chanditala901Kaugachhi (CT)
49Shahid Jatin Das Primary Vidyalaya586Kaugachhi (CT)
51Kaugachhi F. P School1128Kaugachhi (CT)
53Aadibasi Para F. P School1109Kaugachhi (CT)
55Netaji Young Star Club1122Noapara (P) (CT)
56Khudiram Nagar F. P School892Noapara (P) (CT)
60Garhashyamanagar Junior Basic School986Garshyamnagar (CT)
63Tarun Sangha Footbal Ground Tent1088Garshyamnagar (CT)
64Basudebpur F. P School637Basudebpur (P)
68Uttar Hansiya F. P School652Hansia
70Hansiya F. P School661Hansia
72Hansia Madhyamik Sikshakendra (M.S.K-Viii)602Hansia
73Beliya Ghata Shibachandra F. P School714Baliaghata
74Vidyasagar Sishu Sikshakendra810Paltapara (CT)
76Palta Para Primary School1004Paltapara (CT)
79Mathurapur Primary School636Mathurapur
81Kayrapur Sundargopal Prathamik Vidyalaya1033Mathurapur
82Alexendra Jute Mills Canteen Room698Bhatpara (M + OG)
84Ganesh Hindi Primary School904Bhatpara (M + OG)
85Meghana Jute Mills (Krech)881Bhatpara (M + OG)
86Meghana Jute Mills Majadur Club624Bhatpara (M + OG)
87Jagaddal Urddu Primary School612Bhatpara (M + OG)
88Meghana Jut Milas Lebar Afis962Bhatpara (M + OG)
89Meghana Jute Mills Visitors Room994Bhatpara (M + OG)
91H. C. Kankariya Jain Vidyalaya (Natun Bari)811Bhatpara (M + OG)
92H. C. Kankariya Vidyalaya (Puratan Bari)718Bhatpara (M + OG)
94Bankim Nagar Colony Primary School999Bhatpara (M + OG)
952No Colony Bimalamayi Vidyamandir1003Bhatpara (M + OG)
96Sanatan Vidyalaya655Bhatpara (M + OG)
97I.C.D.S Center (Jagoroni Club)490Bhatpara (M + OG)
98Satyamastar Vidyapith1040Bhatpara (M + OG)
100Aatpur High School (Balak)579Bhatpara (M + OG)
103Bankimachandra Prathamik Vidyalaya657Bhatpara (M + OG)
105Athpur High School (Balika)906Bhatpara (M + OG)
108Athpur Ward Office1018Bhatpara (M + OG)
109Rajbari Prathamik Vidyalaya885Bhatpara (M + OG)
110Udayan Primary School412Bhatpara (M + OG)
112Pratik Sangha1027Bhatpara (M + OG)
113Bharati Vidyalaya949Bhatpara (M + OG)
114National Insulated Cable Company Canteen Hall484Bhatpara (M + OG)
116Yuger Pratik Club1049Bhatpara (M + OG)
117Chhatra Sanggathan789Bhatpara (M + OG)
119ShishuVidyapith877Bhatpara (M + OG)
120Vibekananda Vidyapith635Bhatpara (M + OG)
124Rabindra Vidyapith1008Bhatpara (M + OG)
126Shishu Shikshayatan Prathamik Vidyalaya1043Bhatpara (M + OG)
128Kantichandra H. S School Puratan Bari995Bhatpara (M + OG)
132Mulajar Sitanath Pathshala1054Bhatpara (M + OG)
134Kantichandra H. S School(Natunabari)849Bhatpara (M + OG)
137Jaharalal Neheru Smriti Vidyamandir640Bhatpara (M + OG)
138Umashankar U. P School603Bhatpara (M + OG)
141Shyamanagar Balika Vidyalaya928Bhatpara (M + OG)
145Gurdah Rishi Arobind Vidyaniketan977Bhatpara (M + OG)
1462 No Gurdah Junior Primary School914Bhatpara (M + OG)
148Shrima G. S. F. P School931Bhatpara (M + OG)
150Chakaguradah Junior Basic School598Bhatpara (M + OG)
152Tara Brahmamayi Vidyamandir Junior High School847Bhatpara (M + OG)
156Gurdah High School984Bhatpara (M + OG)
158Kalyan Sangha Natun Pally892Bhatpara (M + OG)
159Rahuta Junior Basic School956Bhatpara (M + OG)
161Rahuta Primary School917Bhatpara (M + OG)
166Natun Gram F. P School890Bhatpara (M + OG)
169Neheru Smriti G. S. F. P School522Bhatpara (M + OG)
171Kritarthamayi Junior High School(Girls)1024Bhatpara (M + OG)
175Bidyadharpur (Uchchhegarh) Primary School1108Bhatpara (M + OG)
177Subhasapur G. S. F. P School802Bhatpara (M + OG)
179Rishikumar Primary School739Bhatpara (M + OG)
180Keutiya Vidyamandir Primary School607Bhatpara (M + OG)
182Madral Saraswat Library936Bhatpara (M + OG)
183Madaral Basic Primary School710Bhatpara (M + OG)
187Shriram Vidyapith Madaral850Bhatpara (M + OG)
190Subhas Nagar Vidyaniketan G. S. F. P School426Bhatpara (M + OG)
193Aashutosh Primary Vidyalaya967Bhatpara (M + OG)
196Haricharan Tarafadar High School907Bhatpara (M + OG)
198Deshabandhu G. S. F. P School877Bhatpara (M + OG)
199Rathatala Fingapara High School608Bhatpara (M + OG)
204Narayanpur Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya788Bhatpara (M + OG)
206Old Narayanapur Gram Panchayet Office654Bhatpara (M + OG)
208Narayanapur Govt. Colony Free Primary School1036Bhatpara (M + OG)
210Sthirapara Junior High School940Bhatpara (M + OG)
212Niranjan Nagar G. S. F. P School1000Bhatpara (M + OG)
214Shriramapur Krishnachandra Abaitanik Primary Vidyalaya1115Bhatpara (M + OG)
216Mandalpara Vidyaniketan(Boys)928Bhatpara (M + OG)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014