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Polling Booth in Gazole Assembly Constituency

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Gazole Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Gazole

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gazole Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Mayna Junior Basic School880Mayna
3Mayna High School1001Dilalbati
5Kalinagar Junior Basic School1010Bade Mayna
6Champadighi C. S . Primary School1030Bade Mayna
7Nayapara S. S. K867Bade Mayna
8Durgapur Primary School967Bade Mayna
9Kadamatali C. S . Primary School884Mallikpur
11Alal High School1118Alal
12Paharibhita Primary School973Pahari Bhita
13Muriyakundu Managed Primary School1107Muriya Kunda
15Surmoni S.S.K958Mahakal Bona
16Mahakalbona Shurmani Primary School1091Mahakal Bona
17Kisamat Sultanpur Primary School937Kismat Sultanpur
18Rajaramchak High Madrasa937Rajaram Chak
20Rajaramchak Primary School1083Rajaram Chak
21Updel Primary School559Updel
22Thutapakur I.C.D.S Kendro996Nijgram
23Uttar Mahinagar M S K618Uttar Mahinagar
25Bachahar Managed Primary School946Hosenpur
26Atgram Kanchamitha S S K865Atgan
27Gobindapur Primary School1018Gobindapur
28Kail Prathamik Vidyalaya766Kandar
29Amshol Junior Basic School1029Uttar Naogram
30Ahora S . P . Primary School928Arazi Mishrabati
31Amshol High School763Musadanga
32Sahil Primary School1035Sahil
33Kanchannagar Primary School701Arazi Mishrabati
34Karkach M S High School1053Molladighi
35Madnahar Prathamik Vidyalaya1050Nalpur
36Mahil Prathamik Vidyalaya1047Mahil
37Doyash Prathamik Vidyalaya964Doas
39Dhaowel Junior Basic School843Gohalnuri
40Bijalbari Prathamik Vidyalaya597Bijalbari
41Bhordighi Primary School672Chakdaha
43Thalipukur Primary School1133Sakrol
44Nurdipur Prathamik Vidyalaya831Deotala
45Deotala Managed Primary School1111Deotala
47Tarikulla Sarkar High School935Katna
49Nandalalpur Primary School701Mahanagar
50Mahanagar Primary School950Chaksundar
51Single Managed Primary School973Singal
52Jamalpur Free Primary School901Himsim
53Rangamati Primary School753Rangamati
54Dahuchi S. S. K1079Tirpur
55Kastor Primary School831Kastor
56Jharsaboil Primary School751Sanbandha
57Babupur High School1087Babupur
58Babupur Pry. School609Babupur
59Rajnagar Managed Primary School553Madhail
61Chaknagar Managed Primary School1060Chak Nagar
62Chaknagar D.R.T. High School957Chak Nagar
64Bairdangi Primary School665Baira Dangi
66Dubakhoksan Bairdangi K. R. High School949Duba Khoksan
67Jotbhairab Primary School961Jotbhairab
68Katikandar Prathamik Vidyalaya1009Bahar
69Habinagar Primary School786Habinagar
70Piralutala Prathamik Vidyalaya972Duba Khoksan
72Nengra Shimul Prathamik Vidyalaya1068Mudafat Habinagar
73Ranidighi Primary School994Ratul
75Atghara Managed Primary School760Atghara
76Jibanpur Pry. School543Atghara
77Salaidanga Junior Basic School913Salaidanga
78Imamnagar G.S.F. Primary School1065Emamnagar
79Mahammadpur Primary School849Emamnagar
80Bardanga Raghunath High School1077Purbba Kasba
81Chandpur Pry. School576Chandpur
82Banshthupi Primary School1077Banshthupi
83Poladanga G.C.F. Primary School942Paladanga
84Bidhannagar Pry. School617Paladanga
85Purba Anantapur Primary School1062Purbba Anantapur
86Ahil Managed Primary School486Ahil
88Narsingdanga Primary School886Narasing Danga
89Mahisal Primary School1148Mahishal
90Atila Primary School960Atila
91Hatnagar Primary School943Hatnagar
92Dohil High School786Dahil
93Dangapara Managedprimary School834Dangapara
94Lakshmipur High School868Lakshmipur
95Cherapara I.C.D.S. Kendra711Lakshmipur
96Bagdol Primary School890Bagdol
97Maheshpur M.S.K857Sonapur
98Bhador Primary School910Bhadar
99Goyalnagara S.S.K905Goalnagra
100Khordahil Faijul Gobra Madrasa1014Khordahil
101Bhalukdanga Pry. School1271Dohail
102Saiyadpur S.S.K880Saidpur
103Tulsidanga Primary School798Saidpur
105Badnagara High School1124Sahazadpur
106Daibakbati Primary School620Daibakbati
107Palashdanga Pry. School609Sankhair
108Jamdanga P. P. Primary School613Jamdanga
109Dalilpur Primary School684Dalilpur
110Bujruk Bandhail S.S.K888Bujruk Bandhail
111Uttar Rahimpur Primary School886Paschim Sundarpur
112Durgapur Primary Vidyalaya1140Durgapur
113Haridas Primary School655Haridas
115Akanda Primary School918Akanda
116Adarshapalli Primary School703Gajol
118Karlavita S.S.K1027Bandhail (CT)
119Gajol H.N.M. High School838Bandhail (CT)
121Gajol Boys Junior Basic School984Bandhail (CT)
122Gazole Girls Prathimik Vidyalaya1040Gajol
123Shyamsukhi Balika Shiksha Niketan999Bandhail (CT)
124Kadubari Primary School1152Kadubari
125Kotalhati Primary School1036Kotalhati
126Shiuchand Parameshwari Vidyapith1164Rangabhita (CT)
127Gazole B.S.A. Complex1143Rangabhita (CT)
128Rangabhita Primary School1129Rangabhita (CT)
129Rasikpur Primary School828Rasikpur
130Mashaldighi Shibabrati Vidyapith1071Musidhap
131Shyamnagar S.S.K1058Shyamnagar
132Baniyal Junior Basic School673Baniyal
133Sarakandar Primary School469Sarakandar
134Panchpara Primary School1010Chhilimpur
135Gajol - 2 G. P. Office660Panchpara
136Matail Primary School1034Matail
137Bhalukoka Primary School927Mirzadpur
138Fatepur Primary School1127Fatepur
139Kharnuna New Fourth Primary School772Kharnuna
140Hatimari High School1124Hatimari
141Ghakshol Primary School906Khoksol
142Akalpur P.P. Primary School926Akalpur
143Akalpur - 2 Pry. School891Akalpur
144Deowani M.S.K1005Saharol
145Saharol Khaspara S.S.K983Saharol
146Tiyakati High School811Sekhpura
147Bairgachhi Junior Basic School1113Bahirgachhi
148Bairgachhi High School946Bahirgachhi
150Jigin Primary School1042Jigin
151Rajadighi S. P. Primary School784Arazi Deharul
152Eklakhi Primary School1036Arazi Deharul
153Community Building S. G. S. Y1040Arazi Deharul
154Bairgachhi Managed Primary School918Bahirgachhi
155Ramnagar High Madrasa673Bahirgachhi
157Chitkul Ramkrishna Shiksha Niketan1010Raykhandighi
158Raikhadighi S.S.K943Raykhandighi
159Bairgachhi -1 G . P . Office949Alinagar
161Ramnagar Primary School661Kailabad
162Kaylabad Primary School1018Kailabad
163Alinagar High School880Alinagar
165Gaikuri Primary School1148Khord Babupur
166Kalidighi Primary School1115Khord Babupur
167Pandua G . P Office1154Barijpur
168Jahanpur Managed Primary School1055Barijpur
169Sukhandighi Prathamik Vidyalaya898Barijpur
170Purba Binodpur Primary School411Purba Binodpur
172Bhabanikotha C.S Primary School892Kanat
173Majlishbag Primary School759Majlisbag
174Chandandighi C.S. Primary School1032Mishipur
175Fulbari Primary School1020Mishipur
176Mudapur Pry. School964Mishipur
177Adina Primary School1174Adina
180Nasirsa Pry. School497Adina
181Homadighi S.S.K775Homdighi
182Bhandaripara Primary School973Kutub Sahar
183Boalmari S.S.K804Kutub Sahar
184Pandua High School1047Kutub Sahar
186Pandua Managed Primary School934Kutub Sahar
188Paschim Kasba Primary School752Paschim Kasba
189Shikshakpalli S.S.K851Salbana
190Ramchandra Saha Balika Vidyapith1088Garail
191Nayapara Primary School1070Garail
193Balarampur Primary School1088Balarampur
194Jotmani Pry. School1087Jotmani
195Fatellapur Pry. School1033Fatelapur
196Aamlidanga Primary School1044Amlidanga
197Agampur Primary School777Agampur
198Bagsarai Primary School756Bagsarai
199Majhra G . P . Office1018Ghansahar
200Chalandar Primary School690Mahinagar
201Hatinda Pry. School849Dakshin Kasba
202Shishadanga Primary School935Khanta
203Parail Junior Basic School743Parail
204Chandahar S.S.K789Parail
205Dharani Bhushan ShashiVidyapith (Bhabanikotha)974Bolbari
206Malipada Junior Basic School1105Kharibari
207Bilaikandar Primary School893Parahar
208Barabari P.P. Primary School533Dakshin Naogram
210Darapur Primary School995Dogharia
211Adhana SSK515Adhna
212Raniganj K.C. High School964Raniganj
214Raniganj Junior Basic School1111Raniganj
215Godang Managed Primary School759Puria
216Kalitala Primary School692Batijora
217Dhumajal I.C.D.S. Kendra822Batijora
218Nimtala Managed Primary School1124Krishnapur
219Krishnapur Primary School1142Krishnapur
220Altor Junior Basic School948Karja Danga
222Saluka Primary School908Saluka
223Kenbona Primary School1073Purba Mallikpur
224Arajijalsa Fisherman Co-Operative Societies769Arazi Jalsa
225Araji Jalsa Primary School677Arazi Jalsa
227Purba Bilahora Primary School1039Purba Bilahora

Last Updated on December 26, 2014