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Polling Booth in Gangarampur Assembly Constituency

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Gangarampur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Gangarampur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gangarampur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Dakshin Kadiyal Ef. Pi. School730Karail
3Bhaktipur Ef. Pi. School892Bhaktipur
4Fatenagar Ef Pi School617Nandanpur
6Susandar Ef. Pi. School725Bikair
8Radhanagar Ef. Pi. School625Radhanagar
10Hapuniya Ef. Pi. School583Hapania
11Ratanapur Junior Basic School616Ratanpur
13Bajitapur Haiskul654Saidpur
14Singrail F.P.School618Sinrail
15Patul Jalilapur Ef. Pi. School1100Jalilpur
16Sahabazpur F.P.School677Hasanpur
17Ranipur Ef. Pi. School621Ranipur
18Bisharail Haiskul798Bishrail
19Sahanali F.P.School744Sahanali
20Tilana Budinagar Ef Pi School1060Tilna
21Shenhalata Das Palli Pathagar505Burinagar
22Sayarapur Ke.Em.Vidyapith705Sayrapur
23Hiranya Bati F.P. School521Mahasura
24Purba Jadabbati F.P.School566Jadab Bati
25Pashchim Yadababati Ef. Pi. School739Jadab Bati
26Sayarapur Jayapur Ef. Pi. School980Jaypur
27Jayapur Ef. Pi. School586Jaypur
29Belabadi Es.Ke.Iu.Es.Li887Belbari (P)
30Bhakura Para F.P.School904Belbari (P)
31Belabadi Gudiyapada Ef Pi School584Belbari (P)
32Dakshin Belbari F.P.School553Belbari (P)
33Bijalighat Ef. Pi. School764Jaypur
34Uttar Jaypur F.P.School521Jaypur
35Niladanga Jayapur Ef. Pi. School927Jaypur
36Pashchim Jayapur Ef.Pi. School883Jaypur
37Belabadi Junior Basic School841Belbari (P)
38Kadihat Belabadi Haiskul1067Belbari (P)
39Kadihat Madhy Ef. Pi. School616Gangarampur (M)
41Kadighat Ef. Pi. School972Gangarampur (M)
42Pi.Dabliu.Di.Pada Ef.Pi School879Gangarampur (M)
43Haoya Kalitala Ef Pi School652Gangarampur (M)
46Kadihat Ef Pi School657Gangarampur (M)
48Indranarayanapur Haiskul1096Gangarampur (M)
49Gangaramapur Kalej310Gangarampur (M)
51Pramod Das Gupt Smriti Ef. Pi. School1121Gangarampur (M)
52Durgapur Bishnupur Ef. Pi. School689Gangarampur (M)
54Bajar Palli Hindi Ef Pi School1021Gangarampur (M)
55Buruj Para F.P.School850Gangarampur (M)
56Indranarayanapur Ef. Pi. School710Gangarampur (M)
58Damdama Amalabandhu F.P.School838Gangarampur (M)
60Puranapada F.P.School802Gangarampur (M)
61Fakirapada F.P.School616Gangarampur (M)
63Rabindr Smriti Vidyapith (Uchchamadhyamik)610Gangarampur (M)
64Gangaramapur Haiskul911Gangarampur (M)
68Dakshin Rajibapur Ef. Pi. School1003Gangarampur (M)
71Gangaramapur Bayej Ef. Pi. Schoolrajibapur621Gangarampur (M)
733 No. Rajibpur Health Sub- Centre657Gangarampur (M)
74Gangaramapur Fishery Co-Operative Society Ltd. Room No.1811Gangarampur (M)
75Nathuram Ghosh Smriti Ef. Pi. School1075Gangarampur (M)
76Anilanandi Smriti F.P.School568Gangarampur (M)
78Rajibapur Ef Pi School753Gangarampur (M)
79Bhodangpada Ef. Pi. School1032Gangarampur (M)
80Gangaramapur Ji.Es.Ef. Pi. School657Gangarampur (M)
82Gangaramapur F.P. School763Gangarampur (M)
84Suchetena Abasik Pratibandhi Vidyapith545Gangarampur (M)
85Dhaladighi Junior Basic School876Gangarampur (M)
86Najarul Smriti Vidyapith Fri. Pra. School699Gangarampur (M)
88Rajhunathbati SSK864Raghunathbati
89Aashbinapada Ef. Pi. School484Ashwinpara
90Ratanmala Najrul Smrity F.P.School788Ratanmala
91Ratanamala Kaloni Ef. Pi. School569Ratanmala
92Gochihar MSK697Gachiar
93Gachiyar Junior Basic School595Jot Malkhan
94Kaladighi Gram Udyog Miting Hall575Ramchandrapur
97Kamarapukur Ef. Pi. School770Durgapur (P)
99Mira Singha Smriti F.P.School507Gopalpur (CT)
100Nayabazar High School (Uttar Purba) Room No. 2746Gopalpur (CT)
101Nayabajar Ef. Pi. School832Gopalpur (CT)
104Gopalapur Ef. Pi. School965Gopalpur (CT)
105Aamagano Ef. Pi. School678Amgaon
106Sayedpur F.P.School722Sadipur
107Puratan Gangaramapur Haiskul1095Gangarampur
108Narai Junior Basic School1162Kamalpur
109Raghabapur High School656Raghabpur
110Kadama F.P.School751Kadma
112Khijirahal Anghnwari Kendra685Kadoa Jagadisbati
113Hajaratapur Malancha F.P.School857Hazaratpur
114Kamalpur F.P.School596Jaminipara
115Malancha Madrasa750Malka
116Hajaratapur Madrasa1131Hazaratpur
117Rajeswrapur F.P.School1093Rajeswarpur
118Karai Chenchra High School793Chechra
120Uttar Keshrail F.P.School425Faradpur
121Khirotta F.P.School764Khirtta
122Baghait F.P.School604Baghait
124Dwinagar F.P.School956Salas
125Salas F.P.School618Salas
127Dhelapir Ef. Pi. School854Salsama
128Chakabaliram Junior Basic School1005Chak Baliram
129Baramapur Ef. Pi. School690Salsama
130Daudapur Ef.Pi School903Anatair
131Ajamatpur F.P.School797Azmatpur
133Basuriya Anganwari Kendra1082Basuria
134Basuriya F.P.School952Basuria
135Gopinathpur F.P.School803Gopinathpur
1362No Aajamatapur Anchal High School980Manahali
137Antashimul F.P.School898Doara
138Budhaich F.P.School709Pabail
139Saralabati S.K.U.S915Akha Nagar
140Dakhalain F.P.School976Dakhalain
141Deogan F.P.School1141Degaon
142Bajarapukur Shishu Shiksha Kendra(Nilakantabarman Pada)764Bazrapukur
143Uttar Bajarapukur Junior Basic School1022Bazrapukur
145Pashchim Bajarapukur F.P.School658Bazrapukur
147Sahar Para Anganaoyari Kendra675Bazrapukur
148Dakshin Bajarapukur F.P.School890Bazrapukur
149Sutail F.P.School880Sutail
150Kasba Batoir M.S.K747Kasba Batair
151Purba Sutail F.P.School483Kasba Batair
152Manadapada Ganahar F.P.School1020Ganahar
153Batoir F.P.School421Muktarampur
154Muktarampur F.P.School964Muktarampur
155Chandrail Angannaoyari Kendra859Chandrail
157Ramapada Chenchara F.P.School1085Rampara Chenchra
158Balipukur Mollaji Shishushiksha Kendra944Babatail
159Bapatail F.P.School850Babatail
160Magurapur R.C.A. High School967Magurpur
161Joramail F.P.School1074Rampara Chenchra
163Naogan F.P.School802Naogon
164Purb Manadapara F.P.School626Mandapara
165Mandapara Tam-Tam Haat S.S.K615Mandapara
166Naogan Madhya Para F.P. School928Naogon
167Lakshipur F.P.School703Lakshmipur
168Lakshipur Anganwari Centre651Lakshmipur
169Naogan Khatiyapara Junior High School673Naogon
171Dakshin Lakshipur Anganaoyari Sentar783Lakshmipur
172Chakasukadebapur F.P.School594Chak Shukdebpur
174Sukadebpur F.P.School966Chak Shukdebpur
175Sahapur F.P.School993Nazirpur
176Badalpur F.P.School678Teliapara
177Kardaha Highschool528Kardaha
178Katabari F.P.School1062Kardaha
179Uttar Karadah F.P.School665Kardaha
180Jamalpur F.P.School654Jamalpur
181Madhy Karadahf.P. School662Kardaha
183Chakabhagirath F.P.School587Chak Bhagirath
184Chak Madhusudan F.P.School796Benipur
185Tarait F.P.School862Jiyatkunda
186Gangarampur F.P.School931Gangarampur
187Ganjakudi F.P.School793Chandipur
188Ramachandrapur J. Basic School644Ramchandrapur
189Bardanga S.S.K571Ramchandrapur
190Ramachandrapur Highschool983Ramchandrapur
191Noyapara F.P.School877Ramchandrapur
192Katanidanga F.P.School1082Bhikahar
193Bhikahar F.P.School613Bhikahar
195Bhaior Jalaliya High School884Bhaior
196Makadamapur F.P. School669Bhaior
198Konchakhair F.P. School827Nababnagar
200Ghatulf.P. School701Ghatul
201Ghatika F.P. School1137Ghatika
202Lakshinarayanpur F.P. School924Lakshminaryanpur
204Beruli F.P. School544Nahirkuri
205Bakharpur Highschool1118Bakharpur
206Shalagano F.P. School580Shalgaon
207Bhadrail Madrasa597Garail
208Gopalnagar F.P.School1085Gopal Nagar
209Gurail F.P. School682Garail
211Soyair F.P. School1141Soair
212Fakirpara F.P. School708Dubahar
213Katarailf.P. School653Katrail
214Kamadebbati F.P. School530Kamdebbati
215Erenda F.P. School788Chak Brindaban
216Nimpur F.P.School503Pachim Nimpur
217Kakana F.P. School960Kakna
218Kanthalapukur F.P. School(Aatilate)993Atila
219Nimagachhi F.P. School634Kaikuri
220Bunail S.S.K566Bunail
221Yashurapara F.P. School368Jasurapara
222Khalasi F.P. School606Khalsi
223Khalshi S.S.K626Khalsi
224Laskarhat F.P. School (Bishnupur)728Bishnupur
225Laskarhat Jr. High School (New Set Up)729Bishnupur
226Chak Darpanarayan F.P.School737Chak Jalal
227Tilan Highschool468Sankarbati
228Arjjunapur F.P. School987Arjunpur
229Padila F.P. School755Bunail

Last Updated on December 26, 2014