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Polling Booth in Gaighata Assembly Constituency

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Gaighata Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Gaighata

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gaighata Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Maraladanga Ef Pi School663Maraldanga
2Maraladanga F P School736Maraldanga
3Hansapur Ji Es Ef Pi School627Hanspur
5Hansapur Ef. Pi. School737Hanspur
7Shripur Ef Pi School854Shripur
9Tarangahati Uchch Vidyalaya909Kulghuti
10Tarangahati Ef Pi School809Amankandia
12Shimuliya Hansapur Kaloni Aar Pi School936Shimulia
13Shimuliya Ef Pi School582Shimulia
15Mayana Ef Pi School1086Mayna
16Jayatara Kabi Guru Bidyamandir722Jaytara
18Gopol Beliyadanga Ef Pi School624Gopal Baliadanga
20Horpara F P School411Harpara
21Chandigad Special Kyadar Ef Pi School752Chandigar
23Chandigad Aar Pi School588Chandigar
24Narikela Lakshinarayan Ef Pi School534Narikela
26Niladarpan Aar Pi School774Jaleshwar
28Adibasi Kalyan Palli F.P. School564Jaleshwar
29Jaleshbar Ef. Pi. School717Jaleshwar
32Gaighata Janashiksha Mandir996Narikela
33Jaleshbar Haiskul1052Jaleshwar
34Uttar Bagana Ef Pi School797Baghna
36Dakshin Bagana Ef Pi School1089Baghna
37Kaya Ef Pi School1048Kaya
38Panashila Bakara Ef Pi School659Panshila
39Huda Shimulapur Ef. Pi. School476Hudasimulpur
40Ganti Anantaram Ef Pi School777Ganti
42Thakurnagar R P School926Chikanpara (CT)
43Thakurnagar High School1041Chikanpara (CT)
44Paschim Chikanpara Kashiswari F P School1107Chikanpara (CT)
45Chikanapada Madhyapada Aar. Pi. School926Chikanpara (CT)
46Thakurnagar Balika Vidyalaya (H.S)945Chikanpara (CT)
47Dakshin Thakurnagar R P School710Chikanpara (CT)
48Kadola Yajneshbar Ef Pi School758Karola
49Gutari Garibapur Ef Pi School640Gutri
53Bada Ef. Pi. School715Bara (CT)
55Bada High School648Bara (CT)
56Bara Sishu Siksha Kendra661Bara (CT)
57Jamadani Ef Pi School707Jamdani
59Singjol F.P. School Junior Basic741Singjol
61Ramachandrapur Pallimangal Vidyapith1005Bhaduria
62Ramachandrapur Mathapada Ef. Pi. School1109Ramchandrapur
63Mahishakathi Netaji Junior High School749Mahishakati
65Naoda Ef Pi School1011Shimulpur (CT)
66Huda Es Si Ef Pi School933Shimulpur (CT)
68Manikahira Deshapada Aar Pi School1065Manikhira
69Ramachandrapur Aar. Pi. School820Bhaduria
70Shimulapur Ef Pi School692Shimulpur (CT)
71Shimulpur Sukanta Pally Madhyamik Siksha Kendra665Shimulpur (CT)
72Manikahira Aar Pi School798Manikhira
73Uttar Shimulapur Ef Pi School726Shimulpur (CT)
77Shimulapur Aanandapada Narahari Vidyapith594Shimulpur (CT)
81Purb Barasat Ef Pi School749Barasat
82Panchapota Bhadadanga High School858Panchpota
83Panchpota Colony F.P. School547Panchpota
84Panchapota Purb Ef. Pi. School614Panchpota
86Madhyam Barasat F.P. School655Barasat
87Hasirashi Ef. Pi. School696Barasat
88Panchapota Ef. Pi. School932Panchpota
89Sutiya Barasat Palli Unnayan Vidyapith586Barasat
93Gopalapur Samabay Matasyajibi Samiti Milanagrih803Panchpota
96Faridakati Netaji Aar. Pi. School533Bishnupur
98Palli Kollyan Vidyapith(Juniyer Besick)817Bharadanga
102Sutiya Pashchim Barasat Ef Pi School760Shutia
103Gajana Ef Pi School866Gazna
105Madhusudanakati Ef Pi School602Madhusudankati
106Faridkati Netaji R P School396Madhusudankati
107Yadabapur Ef Pi School1146Jadabpur
108Bishnupur Faridakatinimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya625Tegharia
109Tegharia Rakhal Smrity S.S.K645Tegharia
110Bishnupur Nirmmalaprabha Haiskul643Bishnupur
112Gazna Sishu Siksha Kendra785Gazna
113Gaighata H S School1108Gaighata
114Aangulakata Ef. Pi. School701Gaighata
116Aamakola Ef Pi School595Amkola
119Garibapur Ef Pi School618Garibpur
120Kemiya Ef Pi School882Kamia
121Matikumada Ef Pi School713Matikomra
123Ichhapur Ef Pi School927Ichhapur
124Bayasa Ef Pi School728Bayasa
126Ichhapur High School700Shyampur Shripur
127Ichhapur Manmathanath Balika Vidyalaya1051Ichhapur
130Dharmapur Hemanath Smriti Ef Pi School637Dharmpur
131Gopalapur Ef Pi School1030Gopalpur
133Sarder Para S S K774Dharmpur
134Dharmapur Gopal Smriti Ef. Pi. School617Dharmpur
136Naigachhi Ef Pi School452Naigachhi
138Chaduigachhi Ef. Pi. School1008Charuigachhi
140Aamabaula Ef Pi School834Ambaula
141Nalakuda Ef Pi School558Nalkura
142Kalasima Sbami Bibekanand Vidyapith901Patabuka
143Kalasima Patabuka Junior Besick School963Patabuka
145Natagram Ef Pi School1082Natgram
146Panchagram Uchch Vidyalaya994Ambaula
147Gan Dipayan Aar Pi School841Janaphul
148Bedagum Haiskul666Bergum
150Bedagum Junior Basic School687Bergum
151Bergum Junior Basic School665Bergum
152Orang Pada Ef Pi School835Bergum
153Janapul Tisipisi909Janaphul
155Byaghrakshatriy Ef. Pi. School749Krishna Nagar
157Janaful High School867Janaphul
158Pratapanagar Aar Pi School1007Janaphul
161Shyamal Smriti S S K687Krishna Nagar
162Krishnanagar Ef. Pi .School578Krishna Nagar
163Krishnanagar Nabakalyan Ef Pi School927Krishna Nagar
164Payaragachhi Ef Pi School847Payragachhi
167Hitakari Ef. Pi. School928Janaphul
169Metiyagachhi Ef. Pi. School859Metiagachi
170Zanazaniya Metiyagachhi Junior Basic School762Mallickpur
172Beleni Mallikapur JiesEf.Pi. School521Beleni
174Zanazaniya Ef Pi School814Jhanjhania
176Baje Belini Mujafar Aahamed Ef. Pi. School967Beleni
177Kachuliya Ef Pi School767Kuchlia
179Rani Rashmoni SSK527Kuchlia
180Lakshipur Sbamiji Seba Sanggh Haiskul897Nokpul (CT)
183Nakapul Junior Basic School844Nokpul (CT)
185Lakshipur Madhyapada Ef. Pi. School1087Nokpul (CT)
187Shrinagar Milan Sanggh Ef Pi School754Uludanga
188Saluya Uludangae F.P. School884Uludanga
189Bhudeb Smriti Balika Vidyalaya651Uludanga
191Aambedakar Shishu Shiksha Niketan872Maslandapur (CT)
192Nimatala Junior Basic School959Maslandapur (CT)
198Milani Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya790Sadpur (CT)
199Janaseba Prathamik Vidyalaya648Sadpur (CT)
207Shaktinagar Ef Pi School725Betpuli (CT)
208Anadi Bagachi Es. Es. Ke778Betpuli (CT)
210Betapul Shishu Shramik Kalyan Vidyalaya815Betpuli (CT)
212Bil Para S S K851Betpuli (CT)
213Ranidana Ef Pi School876Ranidanga
214Betapul Shiksha Niketan Free Primary School985Betpuli (CT)
214Betapul Shiksha Niketan Fri Primary School985Betpuli (CT)
215Raghabapur Junior Basic School802Raghabpur
218Bamanadanga Ef Pi School697Raghabpur
220Gobaradanga Kalejiyet School (Pashchim O Purb)913Gobardanga (M)
222Gaipur Girls Primary School756Gobardanga (M)
224Aaranyak Junior Basic School (Purb)561Gobardanga (M)
226Aaranyak Junior Basic School (Pashchim)587Gobardanga (M)
228Gobaradanga Hindu College (Paschim)1084Gobardanga (M)
229Gobaradanga Hindu College (B Ed) (Purba)395Gobardanga (M)
230Gobardanga Hindu College (B Ed) (Madhya)729Gobardanga (M)
232Gobardanga Hindu College (Purba)815Gobardanga (M)
233Goboradanga Uchch Balika Vidyalaya (Purb O Madhy)806Gobardanga (M)
235Gobardanga Uchha Balika Vidyalaya573Gobardanga (M)
236Shrichatanya Junior High School (Purba)1133Gobardanga (M)
237Sree Chaytanya Junior High School (Paschim)484Gobardanga (M)
239Aadarsha Shishu Pathashala (Uttar)913Gobardanga (M)
240Subhash Vidyamandir GsF.P. School895Gobardanga (M)
242Kutipada Akhilapalli Ji Es Ef Pi School1019Gobardanga (M)
243Kutipada Ef. Pi. School958Gobardanga (M)
244Sabuj Pran F P School (Uttar)966Gobardanga (M)
245Sabuj Pran F P School (Dakshin)869Gobardanga (M)
246Shishutirth Ef Pi School1101Gobardanga (M)
248Gobardanga Govt. Colony Netaji Vidhyapith Purba615Gobardanga (M)
249Gobaradanga Gabhah Kaloni Netaji Vidyapith (Paschim)726Gobardanga (M)
251Khantura Pritilata Shiksha Niketan (Balak)779Gobardanga (M)
253Gobaradanga Khantura High School Purba957Gobardanga (M)
254Gobardanga Khatura Uchha Madhyamik Vidyalaya (Paschim)953Gobardanga (M)
255Khantura Girls High School (Gobardanga)1076Gobardanga (M)
256Khatura Girls High School (Gobardanga)778Gobardanga (M)
257Khantura Uttarapara F P School833Gobardanga (M)
258Khatura Uttarpara F P School957Gobardanga (M)
259Bande Khantura F P School1048Gobardanga (M)

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