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Polling Booth in Falta Assembly Constituency

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Falta Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Falta

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Falta Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Baidyakhali F. P. School850Baidya Khali
2Padmapur Badyakhali Uchch Vidyalaya733Baidya Khali
4Gauspur F.P. School649Padmapur
5Shriballabhapur Ef. Pi. School490Sriballabhpur
6Bakulatala Ef. Pi. School983Bakul Tala
7Khordd Bakulatala Ef. Pi. School739Bakul Tala
8Guthari Aahammadapur Ef.Pi857Paschim Daulatpur
10Aahammad Pur Ef. Pi. School802Ahamadpur
12Mamudpur F.P.School986Mamudpur
14Dakshinala SSK698Dakshin Nala
15Mamudpur Usharani High School1139Mamudpur
16Rajaramapur-Mallikapur Ef. Pi. School606Rajarampur
18Kamalapur-Rajaramapur Ef. Pi. School924Rajarampur
19Paschim Kamalpur S.S.K727Rajarampur
20Ghol Rajaram Pur Ef. Pi. School761Rajarampur
21Mallikapur Kheyali Sanggh High School917Mallikpur
22Naranabediya Ef. Pi. School709Narayan Bere
23Pakudadigada Ef. Pi. School755Pakur Digra
24Paikan Ef. Pi. School570Paikan
25Uttar Saragadiya Ef. Pi. School719Paikan
26Daluipur Ef. Pi. School826Paik Para
28Uttar Gopalpur F. P. School737Barasat
29Paikan Barasta High School560Krishnapur
31Aasta Special Kedar School1000Asta
33Tripurapur Haiskul944Tripurapur
34Jamira Safidali Ef Pi School484Jamira
36Kalagachhiya Ef. Pi. School530Kalagachhia
38Chaka F. P. School981Chaka
39Purba Gopalpur Anganwari Kendra700Paschhim Gopalpur
40Pashchim Gopalapur Ef. Pi. School869Paschhim Gopalpur
41Badegahara Ef. Pi. School660Badegahara
43Rukhia Msk576Narayan Tala
44Rukhiya Ef. Pi. School410Rukhia
46Bafara Ef.Pi. School1081Dona
47Donabudha Ef. Pi. School715Budhagram
48Dona Budha Junior Haiskul794Dona
49Ponakamara Ef. Pi. School776Ponkamra
50Paschim Ponkamra SSK561Ponkamra
51Nabasanatushtu Charan Haiskul1047Malaya Harishpur
52Nilambarapur Shtetaplyan Ef. Pi. School1088Nilambarpur
53Nilambarapur Sanfui Pada Ef. Pi. School797Nilambarpur
54Makhana Haiskul792Noapukhuria
56Aasina Tantipada State Plan Ef. Pi. School628Kantalfuli
58Sahala Ef. Pi. School1020Kantalfuli
59Satal Icds469Satal
60Naopukuriya Anchal Hai Madrasa690Satal
61Shatalakalasa Haiskul762Kalsa
63Baliya Ef. Pi. School832Sujagalpur
65Goyabediya Ef. Pi. School639Sujagalpur
66Dholatikari Ef. Pi. School889Dholtikari
67Hinchaberia F.P. School373Swet Kalla
68Ramalakha Ef. Pi. School1054Ram Lakha
69Shbetakalla Ef. Pi. School736Swet Kalla
70Bhataheandiya Junior Basic School596Lakhna Gangadharpur
73Aachanda Ef.Pi. School1126Hangarghata Harishpur
75Naskarapur Ef. Pi. School648Naskarpur
76Debipur Ef. Pi. School684Debipur
79Kakhali Haiskul870Baichbere
80Amdali F. P. School900Kaikhali
82Helegachhi Ef. Pi. School593Baldari
84Payarachali Haiskul642Majlisur
86Basudebapur Ef. Pi. School597Basudebpur
88Bhagabanpur Nandalal Junior Basic School587Digra
91Dahgragacha F. P. School730Bhagabanpur
92Jagala Ballabhapur Ef. Pi. School989Jagala Ballabhpur
93Dakshin Jafarapur Ef Pischool987Zafarpur
94Jadabbati Mahakali Pathshala F.P. School554Jadabbati
95Yadababati Ef. Pi. School744Jadabbati
96Kashiram Pur Ef. Pi. School937Kasirampur
97Dakshin Kashiramapur Ef. Pi. School1053Kasirampur
98Uttar Jafarapur Ef. Pi. School1085Zafarpur
100Dakshin Jafarapur Banganagar Af. Pi. School832Zafarpur
101Jafarpur Paramanikpara SSK583Zafarpur
102Ghanashyamapur Ef. Pi. School593Ghanasyampur
104Gobindapur Ef. Pi. School712Gobindapur
105Shirakol Balika Vidyalaya1083Baneshwarpur (CT)
106Hasimanagar High School960Hasimnagar (CT)
108Baneshbarapur Ef. Pi. School974Hasimnagar (CT)
109Sahipur Ef.Pi. School544Banganagar
110Dakshin Hasimanagar Ef. Pi. School651Hasimnagar (CT)
112Baneshbarapur Aadarsh Bidyamandir554Baneshwarpur (CT)
114Banganagar Sarasbati Ef. Pi. School548Banganagar
116Purba Chanditala F. P. School725Banganagar
118Kotaladanga Ef. Pi. School836Kotaldanga
119Aaus Bediya Spesal Kedar School663Ausbaria
121Malipukur Ef. Pi. School1012Gotra
122Benapur Ef. Pi. School1079Benapur
123Narikel Danga Ef. Pi. School690Gotra
124Shibapur High School465Sibpur
125Niyogirat Ef. Pi. School1080Niyogirat
126Durbarat Ef. Pi. School862Durbarat
127Jalagachhi Ef. Pi. School855Durbarat
129Chaluyadi High School680Chaluary
131Chaluyadi Ef.Pi. School1084Chaluary
132Patal Ef Pi School632Chaluary
133Beliya Danga Ef. Pi. School949Kalaria
134Gadakhali Ef. Pi. School964Garkhali
135Shibanipur Ef. Pi. School595Katakhali
137Badabediya Ef. Pi. School1063Barabere
138Gajipur Ef. Pi. School834Gazipur
139Fatepur Shrinath Inashtitiushan485Fatepur (CT)
141Tatini Balika Vidyapith584Fatepur (CT)
142Fatepur Mahamayatala Ef. Pi. School427Fatepur (CT)
144Fatepur Mandal Pada Ef. Pi. School770Fatepur (CT)
145Fatepur Sikadar Pada Ef. Pi. School790Fatepur (CT)
147Purb Durgapur Shtetaplyan Ef. Pi. School915Purba Durgapur
148Pikhira Gopalapur Ef. Pi. School593Pikhira
149Purba Gopalpur F. P. School620Pikhira
150Khordd Shasan Tajapur Ef. Pi. School732Tajpur
151Dostipur Haiskul1041Dostapur
152Kapatakhand Ef. Pi. School674Keyat Khanda
154Madhubati Ef. Pi. School580Sasan
155Ranthan Ef. Pi. School1074Rantan
156Ramagadahat High School715Doulatpur
158Ramagadahat Ef. Pi. School731Bayaria
159Mangal Kodaliya Ef. Pi. School618Kodalia
160Ulakuni Mahendr Vidyapith896Aldadpur
161Manasarat High School633Dostapur
162Puratan Ramgarh F. P. School682Dostapur
163Kodaliya Ef. Pi. School745Keyat Khanda
164Narayani Fakirpara SSK803Narayani
165Ritamahal Ef. Pi. School566Narayani
166Sahapur Ef. Pi. School1063Sahapur Kamalpur
167Harinadanga High School1031Harindanga
169Saragadiya Ef. Pi. School767Dakshin Sargaria
170Hogala Teantuliya Ef. Pi. School923Hogla
171Chandapala Haiskul583Chandpala Anantapathpur (CT)
173Chandapala Santoshapur Ramakrishn Bidyamandir651Chandpala Anantapathpur (CT)
174Basbadi F.P. School942Chandpala Anantapathpur (CT)
175Talanda Mulapunj Ef. Pi. School540Mulpunja
177Barakhali Haiskul722Talanda
178Talanda Ef. Pi. School843Talanda
180Banahogala Ef. Pi. School886Nityanandapur
181Nityanandapur Ef. Pi. School807Nityanandapur
182Sonakopa Khanapada Ef. Pi. School646Belsingha
184Belasingha Shikshayatan1047Belsingha
185Belasingha Galas School633Belsingha
187Shriramapur Durgapur Ef. Pi. School978Srirampur
188Srirampur Bidyabithi706Srirampur
190Barahaibatapur Ef. Pi. School657Barhay Batpur
191Anantaramapur Ef. Pi. School1122Chandpala Anantapathpur (CT)
192Mahiramapur High School1063Rasulpur
193Mala Ef. Pi. School979Rasulpur
194Sujapur Ef. Pi. School968Sujapur
196Jagannathapur Ef. Pi. School878Jagannathpur
197Shilamapur Shishu Shiksha Kendr991Ishwaripur
200Got La Rajaramapur Ef. Pi. School792Rajarampur
201Chakakrishnaramapur Barodamayi High School583Chak Dhanumandal Krishnarambasu
202Chakakrishnaramapur Basu Ef.Pi. School830Chak Dhanumandal Krishnarambasu
203Shyamasundarapur Ef. Pi. School939Shyamsundarpur
204Panchaloki Ef. Pi. School688Chak Dhanumandal Krishnarambasu
206Beleshbar Harijan Junior Basic School902Basulat
208Falta Fort Refuzee Gs F.P. School478Falta
209Halapurny(Aatashasan)Ef.Pi. School411Punya
210Punya Ef. Pi. School1113Punya
211Sahara Yogendr High School754Sahara
213Sahara F. P. School469Sahara
214Falata Ef. Pi. School816Basulat
216Falata Ramakrishn Ef. Pi. School698Basulat
217Jalalapur Special Kedar School996Chandideul
218Chandideul Ef. Pi. School1061Chandideul
220Neoda Special Kedar School744Neoda
221Taraganj Ef. Pi. School792Bishra
222Taragunje SSK574Bishra
223Raghunathapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1050Sehalampur
224Kashipur F.P. School371Sehalampur
225Shangkar Paruliya Junior High School843Sankarparulia
226Digeshbar Pra:Vidyalaya881Bhaduria
227Barada Ef. Pi. School771Barada
228Uttar Bhaduda Ef. Pi. School929Bhaduria
229Bishada Ef. Pi. School1036Bishra
230Pana Kangalachand Haiskul815Pana
232Haridasapur Sehalamapur Ef. Pi. School570Gondia Raghunathpur
233Bhaduda Hayarasekendari School1126Bhaduria
234Gondiya Ef. Pi. School913Gondia Raghunathpur
235Mudipur Ef Pi School572Bhaukol
236Sagra F.P. Schoo791Bhaukol
237Balaramapur Prathamik Vidyalaya834Bhaukol
238Parashuramapur Sarboday Shikshasadan Haiskul875Basudebpur
239Gopalpur F.P. School567Gopalpur
240Nanan Mah: Mahasin Prathamik Vidyalaya747Nainan
242Mujafafar Aahammed Nagar Ef. Pi. School966Gopalpur
244Nanan Koreshatulla Junior Basic School718Nainan
246Karaghata Junior Besic School1064Khandalia
247Khandaliya High School643Khandalia
249Kaliya Ef. Pi. School488Kalia
250Holdighi F.P.School627Haldighi
251Sundarika Dr:Haripad Maiti Smriti U:Ba:Bidy959Sundarika
252Birapana Ef. Pi. School672Birpara
253Ramanagar Prathamik Vidyalaya867Ramnagar
256Gazipur Jr. High School777Ramnagar
257Channa Angar Beria F.P.School739Gagankalia

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