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Polling Booth in Diamond Harbour Assembly Constituency

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Diamond Harbour Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Diamond Harbour

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Diamond Harbour Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Nila Aadarsh Junior Basic School595Nila
3Khanjapur Ef.Pi.School790Khanjapur
4Shrifalabediya Ef.Pi.School878Sriphalbaria
5Nurapur Shikshasadan Ef.Pi.School855Nurpur
6Noorpur Thakur Anukul Chandra High School503Nurpur
7Shukadebapur Ef.Pi.School636Sukdebpur
9Bhabanipur Bibekabharati Vidyalaya788Pashchim Bhabanipur
10Mukunda Pur Bhabanipur F.P. School455Pashchim Bhabanipur
11Mukundapur Ef.Pi.School878Mukundapur
12Maheshbara Ef.Pi.School850Mukundapur
13Shahid Aashutosh Kankajol Basic School785Kankjal Pashchim
14Purb Kankajol Ef.Pi. School605Kankjal Purba
15Bhabanipur Ef.Pi.School1137Pashchim Bhabanipur
16Nurapur Hai Madrasa946Nurpur
18Nurapur Purbapada Ef.Pi.School1024Nurpur
20Durgapur F.P.School973Durgapur
21Noorpur F.P School716Durgapur
23Dakshin Shimul Bediya Ef.Pi. School861Dakshin Simulbaria
24Rayachak Prathamik Vidyalaya557Chakloknath
26Kadai Bediya Khanjapur Ef.Pi.School755Karaibaria
28Parajana Ef.Pi.School817Pipulat
29Godagachha Ef.Pi.School665Goragachha
30Dayamandaharabar Janakalyanasangghabalikabidyal(Mathur)493Rekha
31Kushabediya Ef.Pi.School658Kushbaria
32Mathur Je.Em.Haiskul967Mathur
34Manakhand Ef.Pi.School973Mankhanda
36Aashapur Ef.Pi.School575Asapur
37Gandabediya Es.Es.Ke669Gandabaria
38Pipulat Ef.Pi.School1116Pipulat
39Kulatikari EfPiSchool560Kultikri
40Aandharika Ef.Pi. School567Andharia
41Kholakhali Ef.Pi.School967Kholakhali
43Gobindapur Kalicharanauchchamadhyamik Vidyalaya916Kholakhali
45Gobindapur EfPiSchool744Pashchim Gobindapur
46Singalaganj F.P.School640Singhalganja Abad
47Sijabediya Prathamik Vidyalaya902Aoasberia
48Aaoyashabediya Prathamik Vidyalaya1006Aoasberia
49Bibek Shikshayatan (Sheodahati)632Seora Hati
50Bangla Ef.Pi. School577Bangla
51Khodado Prathamik Vidyalaya579Khorda
53Khodado Ramaprasad Prathamik Vidyalaya823Khorda
54Chanda Junior Basic School943Dhukrijhara
55Aashurali Ef.Pi. School577Asurali
57Ashurali Haribasar I.C.D.S. Center820Asurali
58Jiyanch Ramanath Junior Basic School1155Jiancha
59Zaudadi Ef.Pi. School1068Jhaudari
60Khorddanahala Bi.Bi.Es Sadan Junior Haiskul882Khordnahala
62Simala Ef.Pi. School818Dakshin Simla
64Patadah Ef.Pi.School1027Patdaha (CT)
65Patdaha S.S.K785Patdaha (CT)
67Pitambara EfPi School608Pitambara
69Khamarakud F.P.School435Khamarkur
70Hinchabediya Ef.Pi. School1015Hinchabaria
71Bhushana Ef.Pi.School1122Bhushna
73Uttar Kamarpole S.S.K839Kamarpol
74Uttar Kamarapol Ef.Pi.School791Kamarpol
76Vidyasagar M.S.K (Uttar Kamarpole)1068Kamarpol
77SarisharamakrishnamishanJunior Basic School Iu-4801Kamarpol
78Sarisharamakrishnamishan Sharadamandir JuniorabesikaskulI-11145Bhushna
79Dakshin Kamarapol Ef.Pi.School709Kamarpol
82Tafa EfPiSchool943Tapha
83Pachanshat Barakatiya Haimadrasa1032Panchsata
84Aamida Ef.Pi.School787Amira
86Zinga Ef.Pi. School1068Jhinga
87Shukadebapur Pra:Vidyalaya820Sukdebpur
88Nahanna Ef.Pi. School934Nahanna
89Cheoda Ef.Pi.School749Jhinga
90Narayanatala Ef. Pi School895Narayantala
91Mohishgot F.P. School772Narayantala
92Nabasan Ef.Pi School620Nabasan
94Kantapukuriya F. P. School406Katapukharia
95Naosha Es.Es Ke650Nasa
96Nowsa F.P. School727Nasa
97Sarisha Ef.Pi.School729Sarisha
99Sarisha S.S.K.784Sarisha
101Sishuram Das Satsangha School736Sarisha
102Surabala Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya492Kalagachhi
104Sarisha Ramkrishna Mission Junior Basic SchoolUnit-4790Kalagachhi
105Pashchim Durgapur Ef.Pi.School904Paschim Durgapur
107Purb Bhabanipur Mirjapur F. P. School1090Purba Bhabanipur
109Madigachhi Ef. Pi. School754Murigachhi
110Jayrampur S.S.K557Murigachhi
111Bagada Ef Pi School1135Bagda
113Chandanagar Mallikapada Ef.Pi.School995Chandnagar
115Chandanagar Ghoshapara Junior Basic School861Chandnagar
116Patal Punja S. S. K.398Mollapukur
117Mollapukuriya Ef.Pi.School670Mollapukur
119Dand Patada Ep Pi School472Patra (P)
121Patada Sahapada Ef.Pi.School744Patra (P)
122Purba Patra F.P. School994Patra (P)
123Patada Ef Pi School1035Patra (P)
125Bhogapunj EfPiSchool1078Bhogpunji
126Raghunathanagar EfPiSchool802Raghunathnagar
128Madhya Masat S.S.K680Masat (CT)
129Mashat Mahashakti Ef. Pi School970Masat (CT)
131Mashat Uchch Vidyalaya726Ramchandrapur
133Ghantu Ef.Pi. School535Ghatu
134Naogan Ef.Pi School666Naogan
136Madhya Mashat S. S. K998Masat (CT)
137Kanaigachhi Ef Pi School482Kanaigachhi
139Matara Ef.Pi. School718Matra
140Bendal S. S. K711Bendal
141Taladanga Ef Pi School551Sangrampur (CT)
143Uttar Kuleshbar Ef Pi School563Kuleshwar
145Uttar Kuleswar Samsul Haque Smriti Bidyapith F P School925Kuleshwar
146Uttar Deoyarak Ef.Pi.School802Uttar Diarak
148Sangrampur F.P.School1034Sangrampur (CT)
150Gothura F.P. School986Sangrampur (CT)
151Dakshin Deyarak Ef.Pi.School1055Dakshin Diarak
152Radhaballabhapur Ef.Pi. School467Dakshin Diarak
153Dakshin Kuleshbar Ef Pi School767Kuleshwar
155Panchagram Singbediya Junior Basic School474Panch Gansingber
157Dakshin Panchagram F.P School776Panch Gansingber
159Uttar Panchagram Sishu Siksha Kendra729Panch Gansingber
160Lakshipur Singbediya Ef.Pi.School1097Panch Gansingber
162Purbb Durgapur Ef.Pi.School649Purba Durgapur
165Lakshipur Shpeshal Kyadar Ef.Pi.School731Lakshmipur
166Jokatabala Ef.Pi.School968Joktabala
168Chanda Ef.Pi.School741Chanda
170Kabira Ef.Pi.School796Patra (P)
172Maruiberia F.P School1137Maruibaria
173Maruibediya Aainul Ulum Siniyar Madrasa1013Maruibaria
174Naoyapada Juh Basic School980Basuldanga
175Uttar Ambalhanra Sishu Siksha Kendra721Ambalhara
176Dagida Taladanga Ef.Pi.School1032Dagira
177Manan Ef.Pi. School412Mainan
179Jobarali Ef.Pi.School448Gangadharpur
181Mazerat Ef.Pi.School690Gangadharpur
182Haridebapur Ef.Pi. School1005Haridebpur
183Basantapur Ef. Pi School683Santoshpur
185Paruliya Ef.Pi.School900Haridebpur
187Jangalapada Ef.Pi.School960Jangalpara
188Uttar Aabdalapur Ep.Pi.School569Khorda Sadasibpur
190Joydevpur F.P. School903Jaydebpur
191Paruliya Es.Aar.Ke.Uchch Vidyalaya1002Jaydebpur
192Dakshin Paruliya Ef.Pi.School628Parulia
194Aabdalapur Ef.Pi.School608Khorda Sadasibpur
197Kalicharanapur Ef.Pi.School1079Jangalpara
198Uttar Mohanapur Ef.Pi.School952Mohanpur (CT)
200Mohanapur Ef Pi School639Mohanpur (CT)
202Ramagobindapur Ef.Pi. School808Ramgobindapur
204Kapat Hat Balika Bidya Niketan728Ramgobindapur
205Mangarajapur Ef Pi School1005Mangrajpur
206Nutanhat High School1009Mangrajpur
207Bahadurapur Ef Pi School960Bahadurpur
208Kalishangkarapur Ef.Pi.School849Diamond Harbour (M)
210Ramaramapur Junior Basic School1008Diamond Harbour (M)
212Harinadanga Ef Pi School660Diamond Harbour (M)
214Bhagabanapur Ef.Pi.School544Diamond Harbour (M)
216Municipality Community HollWard No-51086Diamond Harbour (M)
217Kalinagar F.P.School787Diamond Harbour (M)
219Vidyasagar F.P.School1096Diamond Harbour (M)
221Dhanabediya High School633Diamond Harbour (M)
223Dhanabediya Ef.Pi.School1063Diamond Harbour (M)
224Madhabapur Ef.Pi.School1006Diamond Harbour (M)
227S.D.O. Store Room619Diamond Harbour (M)
228Municipality Community HallWard No-10866Diamond Harbour (M)
229Municipality Red Cross555Diamond Harbour (M)
230Rayanagar Ef.Pi. School807Diamond Harbour (M)
232Dayamandaharabar 1No Blak Afis720Diamond Harbour (M)
234Dayamandaharabar Uchch Madhyamik Balika Vidyalaya821Diamond Harbour (M)
236Diamond Harbour High Madrasah726Diamond Harbour (M)
237Dayamandaharabar Uchch Madhyamik Vidyalaya782Diamond Harbour (M)
239Uttar Hazipur F.P.School1045Diamond Harbour (M)
241Rabindrabhawan466Diamond Harbour (M)
243Fakirachand Kalej699Diamond Harbour (M)
246Badaratala Ef.Pi.School636Durganagar (CT)
247Purbagobind Pur Ef.Pi. School563Purba Gobindapur
249Shatamanisha Ef.Pi. School1002Taldanga
251Bariya Junior Basic School643Baria
253Bolsiddhi Kalinagar G.P. Office686Baria
254Lalabati Ef.Pi.School842Durganagar (CT)
256Bolasiddhi Khasamahal Uchch Vidyalaya562Bolsiddhi
258Bolsiddhi F.P. School954Bolsiddhi
259Aatakrishnaramapur Ef.Pi. School931Atkrishnarampur
261Ratneswarpur F.P. School997Banbahadurpur
262Banabahadur Pur Ef Pi School821Banbahadurpur
263Gauripur Ef.Pi. School413Gauripur
264Hansadahara Ef.Pi. School376Hansdahara
265Narayanapur Mahimchandra High School890Narayanpur
266Baradron Ef.Pi. School783Kanpur
268Kanapur Special Kyadar Ef.Pi.School586Kanpur
270Sulatanapur Ef Pi School593Sultanpur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014