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Polling Booth in Deganga Assembly Constituency

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Deganga Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Deganga

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Deganga Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Dogachhiya Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalay813Dogachhia
3Faldi High School1142Faldi
4Panchuriya Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya1133Panchuria
5Gopalpur I.C.D.S School440Gopalpur
6Faldi C.S.F.P Vidyalaya1051Faldi
7Kalianai Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya824Kalianai
9Panashila F. P. School1033Panshila
11Nakasa Free Primary School839Naksa
13Kharki Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya824Kharki
15Nimadadiya Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya684Nimdaria
17Kotra Anchal Adarsha Vidyapith (H.S)653Kotra
19Muktarapur High School700Muktarpur
20Raghubirapur Aabdul Aajij F. P. School629Raghubirpur
22Jafarapur Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya755Jafarpur
24Kilishapur Ef. Pi. School805Kilishpur
26Ula Kalasara Kadariya Hai Madrasa724Ula
28Kanthaliya F. P. School962Kanthalia
31Dakshin Kalasara F. P. School696Kalsara
33Kadambagachhi Eich Ke Em Si Em Haiskul634Koyra (CT)
35Subhashanagar Kaloni F. P. School1015Pirgachha
37Purb Ichhapur F. P. School867Purbba Ichapur
39Saraberiya I. C. D. S Centre854Sarbaria
41Piragachha F.P School830Pirgachha
43Kayara Arabind F. P. School655Koyra (CT)
47Goyakhali Fri Primary School769Kadambagachhi
49Kadambagachhi Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya738Kadambagachhi
51Kuberpur S. S. K773Kuberpur (P)
52Chittabasu Smriti Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya1038Koyra (CT)
55Kajiraaait Nab Yub EfPi School675Kadambagachhi
57Saradar Pada F. P. School672Kadambagachhi
59Mahibati Para F. P. School1089Chak Dwarakpur
60Dasapul Danga F. P. School1086Daspuldanga
61Lakshipul Chandigari F. P. School965Chandigori
63Swetpur F. P. School861Shwetpur
66Anantapara F. P. School811Jadabpur
68Mirjapur High School960Mirzzapur
70Odhanpur F. P. School871Odhanpur
71Odhanpur Junior High School872Odhanpur
72Niyajishpur Mangalnagar F. P. School486Noajispur
73G. P. Head Quarter Sub Centre (H&Fw)571Noajispur
74Bara Bishweshwarpur F. P. School772Bara Bisweswarpur
76Daibagnopol F. P. School799Daibagnapol
77Khapur F. P. School802Khanpur
79Kumarpur F. P. School575Kumarpur
81Mobarakpur F. P. School757Mobarakpur
82Bajitnagar Jahanara Khatun Smriti F.P. School600Bajit Nagar
83Gangati F. P. School995Sohai
84Sohai F. P. School745Sohai
86Fajilpur Nurnagar F. P School700Fazilpur
88Nurnagar F. P School571Nurnagar
90Rampur F. P. School470Fazilpur
92Mohanpur Mostakin Smriti F. P. School728Mohanpur
94Khejurdanga Gambhirgachhi F. P. School741Khejurdanga
98Gambhirgachhi F. P School1003Gambhirgachhi
100Gobindapur S.S.K673Gobindapur
101Gobindapur F. P. School605Gobindapur
102Arijullapur F. P. School688Arjullapur
104Doharia F. P. School848Doharia
105Ramnathpur F. P. School1041Ramnathpur
106Kartickpur F. P. School844Biswanathpur
107Biswanathpur Sardarpara S.S.K363Biswanathpur
109Biswanathpur Rajyeshwar Smriti F. P. School1118Biswanathpur
110Basne Benapur F. P. School894Basna Benapur
112Hadipur Chuprijhara F. P. School671Hadipur Chuprijhara
114Kalinagar Govt. Colony F. P. School702Hadipur Chuprijhara
116Singher Ati F. P. School1344Singherati
117Sinherati S.S.K847Singherati
118Basabati F. P. School753Jhikra
120Pashchim Hadipur F..P.School892Hadipur Chuprijhara
121Solapukur S.S.K485Hadipur Chuprijhara
122Deowan Ati F. P. School1141Hadipur Chuprijhara
123Jhikra Singher Ati F. P. School474Hadipur Chuprijhara
124Jhikra F.P. School1044Jhikra
125Nandi Para F. P. School867Nandipara Kuchemora
126Nandipara Adarsha M.S.K1172Nandipara Kuchemora
127Eazpur Montaz Smriti S.S.K668Eazpur
128Iyajpur Hatkhola F. P. School1079Eazpur
129Mirjanagar Kuanchemora F. P. School1112Eazpur
130Beledanga Daspara F.P School937Belpur
131Belpur Beledanga F. P. School434Chyangdana
132Kauke Para F. P. School663Kaukepara
134Kunchemora F. P. School618Nandipara Kuchemora
136Chyangdana Swarupnagar F.P.School1090Chyangdana
138Paschim Changdana S.S.K634Chyangdana
139Purba Chyangdana Kadariya High Madrasa726Chyangdana
140Dakshin Kaukepara Bidhansmriti F.P. School906Kaukepara
141Dakshin Kaukepara S. S. K406Kaukepara
143Chandraketugarh Sahidulla Smriti MahaVidyalaya1437Kaukepara
144Pashchim Chyangdana F. P. School668Chyangdana
146Purba Chyangdana Kapali Para F. P. School554Chyangdana
147Debalay Hatkhola F. P. School814Deulia (CT)
149Uttar Deuliya Azad Smriti F. P. School871Deulia (CT)
150Binapani Balika Vidyalaya1093Deulia (CT)
153Deuliya Nimna Buniyadi School603Deulia (CT)
154Berachampa Deuliya Uchcha Vidyalaya833Deulia (CT)
156Ambikanagar Bastuhara F. P. School563Berachanpa
157Ambikanagar Kundupara S.S.K615Berachanpa
158Acharya Jagadish Chandra Basu Polytechnic958Berachanpa
159Paschim Jadavpur F.P. School607Jadabpur Boalia
160Gilaberiya F. P. School765Jadabpur Boalia
162Uttar Chandpur F. P School886Jadabpur Boalia
163Yadabpur F. P. School862Jadabpur Boalia
164Yadabpur Adarsha Bidyapith892Jadabpur Boalia
165Uttar Matikumra F. P. School876Matikumra
166Nachhimpur F. P. School867Basudebpur
167Basudebpur F. P School (Purba)502Basudebpur
169Basudebpur F. P. School (Pashchim)910Basudebpur
170Molla Para F. P. School834Matikumra
171Matikumra S.S.K579Matikumra
172Dhalipara F. P. School969Alipur
173Chaurashi High School673Chaurashi
175Matikumra F. P. School824Matikumra
177Chingriya F.P. School541Chaurashi
178Kuthipara Jibanpur F. P. School815Simulia
179Simuliya S.S.K593Simulia
180Rajukaber F. P. School1093Chaurashi
181Shimuliya F. P. School1084Simulia
182Dakshin Chaurashi F. P. School984Chaurashi
183Chalk Kalapol F. P. School1345Kalapal
185Uttar Baruni Mojaffar Ahamed Smriti F. P. School894Amulia
187Madhya Baruni F. P School801Baruni
188Munasi Basiruddin Smriti Bidapith654Amulia
189Madhya Amuliya F. P. School1040Amulia
190Jhikuria F. P. School805Kalapal
191Dakshin Amuliya F. P. School997Amulia
192Roypur Niramisha Adarsha Vidyalaya1132Barunipunji
193Niramisha F. P. School641Bashbaruni
195Baragachhiya F. P. School1175Bara Gachhia
197Belgachhiya F. P. School738Belgachhia
199Baor Ati F. P. School525Belgachhia
201Bakasir Ati F. P. School1177Parpatna
202Parpatna F. P. School954Parpatna
203Beliyakhali F. P. School826Parpatna
204Nikarati Rampujan Smriti F.P.School350Parpatna
205Uttar Parpatna F. P. School652Parpatna
206Kurulgachha F. P. School836Kuralgachha
208Roypur Purbapara F. P. School1126Raypur
209Roypur Junior Basic School641Raypur
210Manjilhati F. P. School612Manjilhati
212Harinkhola Darul Ulum Siniyar Madrasa957Subarnapur
213Subarnapur Colony F. P. School598Manjilhati
215Subarnapur High School786Subarnapur
216Patharghata Purbapur S.S.K703Patharghata
217Patharghata F. P. School474Patharghata
218Chakla Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya890Chakla
219Chakla M.S.K817Chakla
220Roykola High School466Raykola
223Ballabhpur F. P. School927Raykola
224Sirajpur F. P. School1114Sirajpur
225Khanrati Subarnapur F. P. School1109Subarnapur
226Dakshin Subarnapur F. P. School448Subarnapur
227Chandal Ati F. P. School1115Uttar Kalsur
228Magara Junior Basic School604Kamdebkati
232Bhabakpara F.P. School1075Uttar Kalsur
233Uttar Kalsur Junior Basic School547Uttar Kalsur
234Kolsur Balika Vidyalaya718Uttar Kalsur
235Kalsur Maltiparpas High School937Uttar Kalsur
236Charulata Nimnabuniyadi Vidyalaya729Uttar Kalsur
238Ranihati F. P. School852Ranihati
240Poltar Ati F. P. School913Uttar Kalsur
241Dakshin Kalsur Junior Basic School696Dakshin Kalsur
243Pirthakur Bar F. P. School499Dakshin Kalsur
245Tarafdar Para F. P. School421Dakshin Kalsur

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