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Polling Booth in Baruipur Paschim Assembly Constituency

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Baruipur Paschim Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Baruipur Paschim

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baruipur Paschim Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Petua Das Para Free Primary School881Petua (CT)
3Patua J.B. School981Petua (CT)
8Aakana Mirjapur Free Primary School394Akna Mirzzapur
10Panchghara F.P School1087Panchghara (CT)
13Faridapur J.Bschool1095Faridpur
17Urdu Friee Primary School (Gonima)886Mallikpur (CT)
20Mallick Pur Abdus Sukkur High School832Mallikpur (CT)
23Mallick Pur J.B. School860Mallikpur (CT)
24Kholapota Free Primary School720Shrirampur
26Purandrapur Free Primary School (New).783Sultanpur
27Balarampur Free Primary School903Beralia
29Hariharpur Free Primary School614Hariharpur (CT)
31Hariharapur Gramapanchayet Office934Hariharpur (CT)
33Hariharpur Beniydanga Free Primary School830Hariharpur (CT)
38Dihi Medan Malla Free Primary School698Dehimedan Malla
40Salepur Free Primary School573Salipur (P) (CT)
44Khas Mallakipur Frendship Unit Free Primary School1076Khasmallik
46Khas Mallick Kaji Para Free Primary School800Khasmallik
47Ankur Club Salepur698Salipur (P) (CT)
50Biral Dhamnagar Free Primary School522Baikunthapur
53Kalinagar Free Primary School864Atghara
54Najirpur J.B.School995Baruipur (P) (CT)
56Tagarabediya Free Primary School880Tagar Baria
57Kantapukur Free Primary School1099Madhubanpur
58Atghara Kalikrishn Bidyapith846Atghara
59Ataghara Free Primary School1064Baruipur (P) (CT)
62Madarat Purba J.B. School879Baruipur (P) (CT)
65Dakshin Madarat F.P.Balika Vidyalaya1019Baruipur (P) (CT)
67Uttar Madarat Dasanagar Free Primary School1187Baruipur (P) (CT)
69Madarat Papular Akademi1103Baruipur (P) (CT)
71Baruipur Jnanada Bidyapith596Baruipur (P) (CT)
73Mazerahat Free Primary School764Baruipur (P) (CT)
75Exaparimantal Workshop Cam Research Institution839Baruipur (P) (CT)
77Padmapukur Iu.Pi.Ef .Pi .School1038Baruipur (M)
79West Bengal Excise Office Baruipur(Aafagari)783Baruipur (M)
81Kamala Klab964Baruipur (M)
82Sauth Center Nursary School1046Baruipur (M)
83Suryasen Nagar G.S.Free Primary School952Baruipur (M)
85Baruipur G.S.Free Primary School645Baruipur (M)
89Rashmoni Balika Vidyalaya914Baruipur (M)
95Sauth 24 Paragana Sportas Association582Baruipur (M)
97Zilaparisad Prashikhhan Kendra977Baruipur (M)
99Ramasadhan Smriti Vidyalaya725Baruipur (M)
101Gol Pukur Mandal Para Free Primary School989Baruipur (M)
103Binapani Pathashala1097Baruipur (M)
106Nanilal Smriti Bidyapith730Baruipur (M)
108Baruipur Rabindrabhaban743Baruipur (M)
110Niu Indiyan Klab911Baruipur (M)
112Shasan Prathamik Bidyamandir763Baruipur (M)
114Sishusiksha Sadan G.S.F.P School665Baruipur (M)
115Baruipur High School958Baruipur (M)
119Sukant G. S. Free Primary School571Baruipur (M)
122Bishalakshmi Bidya Mandir645Baruipur (M)
126Tangtala Free Primary School1073Tangtala
127Dhopa Gachhi Free Primary School921Dhopa Gachhi
130Purandarapur Free Primary School (Old)641Purandarpur
133Madhy Kalyanapur J.B.School773Dhopa Gachhi
135Kalyanapur 3Rd (Five Years) State Plan Free Primary School883Madhya Kalyanpur
137Nihata Free Primary School802Nihata
139Chakarabediya Dhopagachhi Free Primary School730Chakar Bar
140Chakarberia M.S.K621Chakar Bar
141Uttar Khodarabajar Golam Rahaman Free Primary School1016Khodar Bazar (CT)
143Khodar Bajar Nishchintapur J.B.School1044Khodar Bazar (CT)
146Chandipur Nihata J.B.School1019Malayapur
150Maheshapur Hanta Free Primary School645Maheshpur
151Kotalapur Madhusudan J.B.School684Paschim Madhabpur
152Sonagachhi Free Primary School492Sonagachhi
154Kalikapur Free Primary School841Kalikapur
156Kotalapur-Madhusudan High School693Kundarali
160Bagdaha Free Primary School1024Bagdaha
161Dhanbediya Free Primary School663Dhanberia
162Mamudpur Free Primary School635Kundarali
164Durgapur Krishnachandra High School878Durgapur Gazipur
165Chandanapukur Aacharyy Satish Chandr Freeprimary School544Chandanpukur
167Dakshin Indrapala Free Primary School807Indrapala
169Indrapala J.B.School1028Indrapala
170Dakshin Kalyanapur J.B.School1108Sasan (P)
171Ram Gopal Pur G.S.Free Primary School961Sasan (P)
173Tripuranagar Free Primary School807Tripura Nagar
175Shikharbali J.B.School554Sikhar Bali
179Banabediya Free Primary School1009Sikhar Bali
181Dakshin Shasan Free Primary School839Sasan (P)
184Rana Beliyaghataf.P. Vidyalaya779Beliaghata
187Uttar Padmjala Free Primary School678Padmajala
188Kumar Hat Chandokhali J.B.School885Komarhat (CT)
192Dhapadhapi Suryyapur Free Primary School785Surjapur
193Padmajala J.B.School1028Chandkhali
198Dhapadhapi 1 No Gram Panchayet Office728Komarhat (CT)
200Madanapur Nibedita Bidyapith798Ramnagar
202Dhapdhapi High School774Ramnagar
203Dhopdhopi Prathamik Vidyalaya494Ramnagar
206Majalisapukur J.B.School803Ramnagar
208Sherapur J.B.School1006Paschim Mallikpur
210Olabediyafree Pray. School911Bhatpoa
212Bhatapoya Free Primary School1058Bhatpoa
213Alipur Suryapur J.B.School705Alipur
215Surjapur Nachanagachha Free Primary School757Nachangachha
216Kanthalbediya Harihar Free Primary School1083Kanthal Beria
218Khragashwar Free Primary School1167Dadpur
219Shankarapur Free Primary School985Sankarpur
222Khanpurmirpur J.B.School605Balbalia
224Mirapur J.B.School589Mirpur
226Gajir Hat Free Primary School635Gazirhat
227Ratanpur Free Primary School873Ratanpur
229Tenka Free Primary School850Teka
232Keshabapur J.B.School885Keshabpur
234Durga Free Primary School679Nor
235Nore M.S.K664Nor
236Nora J.B.School902Durga
238Balbaliya J.B.School1012Balbalia
242Rajagada Free Pri. School577Rajgara
244Dakshin Gangaduyara Free Primary School670Gangaduara

Last Updated on December 26, 2014