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Polling Booth in Bardhaman Uttar Assembly Constituency

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Bardhaman Uttar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bardhaman Uttar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bardhaman Uttar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Mahinagar F.P School658Mahinagar
3Jagadabad Shashibhushan High School737Jagadabad
5Pilkhuri F.P School1016Pilkhuri
6Panchkula F.P School777Jagadabad
8Junara F.P School853Jiara
9Kashiyara F.P School764Kashiara
11Gopalapur F.P School922Gopalpur
13Jiyara F.P School1052Jiara
14Aalamapur F.Pschool783Alampur
16Haldi Deypara F.P School617Haldi
19Talit F.Pschool922Talit
23Purba Ghosh Para Icds662Baghar
24Baghar Lakshmimoni Free Primary School616Baghar
25Nabamilan Samity Icds487Baghar
27Simadal Thakamani High School679Simdali
31Nala Kaligram Free Primary School1040Nala
33Kaligram Free Primary School678Nala
34Chandul F.P School872Chandul
36Jhinguti F.P School650Jhinguti
37Matial Free Primary School889Matial
38Chalknala Free Primary School275Matial
40Fagupur Sir Bijayachand F.P School760Isufabad
41Belakash Panchanan Pubalik Institution(High School)865Belkash
43Gartalit F.P School767Isufabad
44Dholna Gram Gariya F.P School849Isufabad
46Nababhat F.P School855Nababhat
47Shibapur Dighirpar F.P School480Goda (P) (CT)
49Baharpur F.P School816Baharpur
50Bardhaman High Madrasa1008Goda (P) (CT)
53Birutikuri F.P School668Birutikri
54Milikapara F.P School632Baharpur
55Idilpur Irrigation Office839Fakirpur
56Udayapally G.S. F.P School1018Kanchannarar (P)
58Tejaganj High School1120Bongpur (P)
60Mamdipara Free Primary School474Amar
61Sije Para Free Primary School663Amar
62Natungram F.P School904Nutangram
63Komalpur F.P School692Amar
64Birpur F.P School954Amar
65Palitpur F.P School495Palitpur
68Saraitikar F.P School724Bidchhala
72Mirjapur Narendranath F.P School841Mirzapur (CT)
74Mirzapur Dakshin Pally Mangal F.P School1025Mirzapur (CT)
77Krishnapur F.P School1115Krishnapur
81Bijayaram Aadibasi Ef.Pi. School932Bahir Sarbamangala (P) (CT)
83Khagragaria F.P School972Bahir Sarbamangala (P) (CT)
85Sadhanpur Vibekananda High School968Bahir Sarbamangala (P) (CT)
88Sadhanpur Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalayaa629Bahir Sarbamangala (P) (CT)
91Bhita M.P Institution623Bhita
94Sonpur F.P School361Shonpur
96Jamar K.C.P High School977Jamar
99Jamalpur Free Primary School333Sapar
100Sanpar F.P School911Sapar
101Chandrahati F.P School1058Chandrahati
102Sona Palashi F.P School715Palasi
104Sonapalashi Sishu Shikha Kendra1056Palasi
105Debagram Ef.Pi. School896Debagram
106Balagana High School965Balgana
109Sadya Uchch Vidyalaya790Sadya
111Singhapada Ef.Pi. School737Karori
112Bhandardihi Panchkari Bala Bidyamandir945Bhandardihi
115Naragohalia F.P School1029Neragohalia
117Naragohalia Natun Palli Ssk337Neragohalia
118Nityanandapur F.P School714Nityanandapur
119Balisa F.P School657Pure Balisa
121Nabagram F.P School718Nabagram
122Mullye Sirajapur Monaichandi F.P School874Sirajpur
123Bandul F.P School675Bandul
125Purnachandrapul Kamarkita F.P School1080Kamarkita
126Faridapur Jatiya Uchcha Vidyalayaa1072Faridpur
127Bakalsa F.P School998Bakalsa
128Jagatpur F.P School714Faridpur
130Karori Ef.Pi. School990Karori
131Kashthakudumba Ef.Pi. School869Kashta Kurumba
133Kadada Eke High School1028Kadra
134Samanti Bayej Ef.Pi. School867Samanti
135Samanti Girls Free Primary School715Samanti
136Samanti High School870Samanti
138Badashuya Ef.Pi. School773Barshua
139Barsua Sishu Siksha Kendra486Barshua
140Shaligram Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya800Saligram
142Chakundi Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya605Chakundi
144Aausha Ef.Pi. School696Ausha
146Hadagramakarttikachandraunnat Ef.Pi. School583Harigram
148Nabastha High School900Nabastha
150Begut Jahnabi High School1078Begut
152Palasha Ef.Pi.School1110Palsha
153Kodar Aar Ke High School867Korar
155Shukur Ef.Pi. School743Shukur
156Kusha Karatpur Free Primary School797Kusha
157Hatagobindapur Radharaman Prathamik Vidyalaya1093Hatgobindapur
158Hatagobindapur Managobindachaudhuri Hayarasehskul755Hatgobindapur
161Hatagobindapur Ef.Pi. School965Hatgobindapur
162Basatapur Ramakrishn Bidyapith750Basatpur
163Raipur Kashiyada High School1132Raipur
164Mahipal Free Primary School351Sehara
165Purba Kashiara Free Primary School929Purbba Kashiara
167Ramanagar Ef.Pi.School955Ramnagar
168Aataghar Tajapur Ef.Pi. School1137Ataghar
169Suhari Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya620Shuhari
171Ghatashila Siddikiya Sinayar Madrasa879Ghatshila
172Sonakud Junior Basic School826Sonakur
173Bhotar Par F.P School479Rayan
175Nerodighi F.P School635Rayan
177Shambhucharan Guha Smriti F.P Schoolbijoyram709Rayan
180Malirbagan F.P School700Rayan
182163 No Malir Bagan I.C.D.S811Rayan
183Dangapara F.P School780Rayan
185Rayan Uchcha Vidyalaya1012Rayan
188Rayan Free Primary School915Rayan
190Hatudeoyan F.P School1115Rayan
194Kantiya F.P School717Kantia
195Nari F.P School817Nari (P) (CT)
197Narayandighi S.S.K930Nari (P) (CT)
199Daspara I.C.D.S Centre949Nari (P) (CT)
200Nari Shantunu Ghosh Memorial High School843Nari (P) (CT)
203Kapibagan Ssk933Nari (P) (CT)
205Sukanta Pally F.P School1040Nari (P) (CT)
206Nadara Juh Basic School827Kalyanpur
207Gosaipara Free Primary School1119Nandara
209Aswathagoria Free Primary School453Dangachha
210Koria Free Primary School777Aswatthagaria
211Baliara Madhyamik Shikha Kendra571Syamsundarpur
212Bakunthapur Juh Beh School843Baikunthapur
214Hiragachhi Kulari Ef.Pi. School913Durgabati
216Bamachandaipur Junior Basic School859Bamchandaipur
218Sbasti Palli Ef.Pi. School992Gangpur (CT)
220Gangpur Sbamiji Ef.Pi. School505Gangpur (CT)
222Jotram Nimna Buniadi Free Primary School556Jotram
223Jotaram Sekendari Bidyapith705Jotram
224Nutan Amirpur Free Primary School755Kandarsona
226Kandorasona Ef.Pi. School1124Kandarsona
227Aamada High School817Amra
229Amrah Free Primary School932Amra
230Ramanarayan Shashibhushan Bidyapith928Saktigar
232Saktigarh Uttar Bazar Prathamik Vidyalaya1111Saktigar
233Masajid Pada Abaitanik Primary Vidyalaya740Amra
235Purbb Krishnapur Unnat Prathamik Vidyalaya1134Purbba Krishnapur
236Putunda Nityagopal Nimn Buniyadividyalaya609Putunda
239Palsit Free Primary School (Room No 1)477Palsit
240Palsit F .P. School (Room No 2)829Palsit
241Bhata Haridas Kar High School721Bhaita
243Bhata Radhaprasann Gosbami Unnat Prathamik Vidyalaya789Palsit
245Khandagram Narendr Smriti Junih Basic School753Khargram
247Khargram Jr. High School1030Khargram
248Karanda Chandipur Madhyamik Siksha Kendra (Room 1)747Karanda
249Karanda Chandipur Madhyamik Siksha Kendra489Karanda
250Karanda Aangshik Nimn Buniyadi Basic School892Karanda
251Brahmanapada Prathamik Vidyalaya859Belna
252Belana Prathamik Vidyalaya783Belna
253Shaktigad Prathamik Vidyalaya1052Saktigar
255Tantakhand Prathamik Vidyalaya862Tatkhanda
256Annadapalli Prathamik Vidyalaya729Tatkhanda
258Badashul Junior Basic School1083Barshul
260Badashul Si Dipihigh School1023Barshul
262Shaktigad Je.Bi.Ti. Inashtih Iunit-11128Barshul
263Saktigarh Girls High School (Room 1)552Gopalpur
264Saktigarh Girls High School (Room 2)607Gopalpur
265Totapada Prakhamik Vidyalaya732Totpara
266Manikahati Jafarabad Prathamik Vidyalaya790Manik Hati
267Yadunath Palli Ef.Pi. School459Baje Salepur
269Rayanagar Prathamik Vidyalaya825Ichhlabad (P)
271Gopal Nagar Ef.Pi.School930Gopalnagar (P)
272Womens Industrial Training Institute489Alisha
275Shri Ramapur Junior Basic School780Shrirampur
277Kanthalagachhi Junior Basic School956Kanthalgachhi
278Chatrapur Ef.Pi. School891Chaitpur
279Pyamada Ef.Pi. School1046Pamra
280Nandur Bibekanand Primary Vidyalaya1071Nandur

Last Updated on December 26, 2014