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Polling Booth in Bardhaman Dakshin Assembly Constituency

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Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: BSP announces candidates for 6 Chhattisgarh Seats

The candidates were announced for Bastar, Kanker, Raigarh, Durg, Surguja, and Janjgir Champa. The last of these six seats — an SC reserved seat — is where the BSP is Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 BJP trying to create ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of Lok Sabha Elections: Rahul Gandhi

Congress president Rahul Gandhi has accused the BJP of trying to create a ‘hyper nationalistic environment’ ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections only to distract people from the issues of Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Mamata Releases TMC List for all 42 West Bengal Seats

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday announced a list of TMC candidates for all the 42 Lok Sabha seats of the state, dropping 10 sitting MPs. She also attacked the BJP and the Read More…

Lok Sabha Election 2019 Lok Sabha Election 2019: Priya Dutt, Raj Babbar Feature in Congress 2nd List

The Congress released its second list of 21 candidates for the Lok Sabha elections 2019 on Wednesday. The grand old party fielded its Uttar Pradesh chief Raj Babbar from Moradabad, Read More…

Lok Sabha Elections 2019 Lok Sabha Elections 2019: Congress Releases First List of Candidates

Congress has put out its first list of candidates for the Lok Sabha elections, with party chief Rahul Gandhi contesting his bastion Amethi and UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi contesting from Read More…

upcoming Lok Sabha elections 2019 Samajwadi Party Releases First List of Candidates for Lok Sabha Elections 2019

There is no denying the fact that the road to the treasury bench of the lower house of the Parliament goes through Uttar Pradesh. The BJP-led coalition won 73 seats Read More…

Bardhaman Dakshin Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bardhaman Dakshin

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bardhaman Dakshin Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1University Engineering College928Barddhaman (M)
2Goda Municipal F.P School774Barddhaman (M)
4Goda F.P School894Barddhaman (M)
7Netaji F.P School736Barddhaman (M)
9Gov. College Of Education (B.Ed.) Kajirhat894Barddhaman (M)
11Keshabganj F.P School487Barddhaman (M)
12Nibedita Kanya Balika Vidyalaya865Barddhaman (M)
14Badshahi Road Hindi Primary School1033Barddhaman (M)
15Samima Khatun F.P School899Barddhaman (M)
18Netaji Hindi Primary School1100Barddhaman (M)
21Bahir Sarbamangala Harijan F.P School1080Barddhaman (M)
23Neheru Bidyamandir628Barddhaman (M)
25Subhashpally Primary Vidhalaya (Bajepratappur)997Barddhaman (M)
26Haribhajan F.P School613Barddhaman (M)
28Dubaraj Dighi Miunicipal F.P School1015Barddhaman (M)
30Railway Primary School A.T.P.738Barddhaman (M)
33Dubaraj Dighi High School618Barddhaman (M)
35Aaludannga Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya1130Barddhaman (M)
39Maharajadhiraj Bijaychand Engineering Inst. Of Tech.1057Barddhaman (M)
40Ramasish Hindi High School664Barddhaman (M)
43Rasikapur F.P School934Barddhaman (M)
44Lakshmipur Hindi Prathamick Vidyalaya874Barddhaman (M)
46Ramakrishna Sarada Pith (Shayamsayar)1056Barddhaman (M)
51Mehedibagan Harijan F.P School944Barddhaman (M)
53Shyamalal Colony F.P School407Barddhaman (M)
55Indraprastha G.S.Free Primary School488Barddhaman (M)
56Bardhaman C.M.S School(Marning)637Barddhaman (M)
58Baburbag G S Free Primary School526Barddhaman (M)
65Railway Bidyapith529Barddhaman (M)
69Rallway Balkia Vidyapith532Barddhaman (M)
71Khalasipara Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya366Barddhaman (M)
73Loko Primary School (Relaoye)1064Barddhaman (M)
75Bahir Sarbamangala F.P School797Barddhaman (M)
77Bardhaman Raj College (Com. Building)614Barddhaman (M)
82Bardhaman Raj College828Barddhaman (M)
85Shri Shri Ramkrishna Saradapith Uccha Vidyalayaa (Borehat)941Barddhaman (M)
90Akhilesh Smriti F.P School330Barddhaman (M)
94Bardhaman Paurosabha Office1017Barddhaman (M)
96Gurunanak Free Primary School717Barddhaman (M)
98Shibakumar Harijan Vidyalaya1078Barddhaman (M)
100Sadhumati Uchha Balika Vidyalaya818Barddhaman (M)
106Burdwan Banipith High School876Barddhaman (M)
109Nazamunnesa G.S.Free Primary School488Barddhaman (M)
111Maharajadhiraj Uday Chand Womens College857Barddhaman (M)
117Lakurdi Bidyamandir967Barddhaman (M)
118Manoharadas Bidyayatan728Barddhaman (M)
123Bharati Balika Vidyalaya650Barddhaman (M)
126Harisabhahindu H.S Balika Vidyalayaa973Barddhaman (M)
130Burdwan Town School724Barddhaman (M)
132Burdwan Miunicipal Girls High School696Barddhaman (M)
136Burdwan Municital Pramary School782Barddhaman (M)
138Bardhaman Miunicipal Boys High School597Barddhaman (M)
142Bardhaman Cms High School989Barddhaman (M)
143Bardhaman Udayachand Jela Granthagar904Barddhaman (M)
148Porua Sasta Kandra565Barddhaman (M)
149Nandalal Mistri M.F.P School847Barddhaman (M)
151Maharani Adhirani Girls High School644Barddhaman (M)
153Indu Gunamani Smriti Primary Vidyalaya500Barddhaman (M)
155Barddhaman Raj Collegite High School798Barddhaman (M)
157Narhu Vidyamandirdhagiepul1009Barddhaman (M)
161Rothtala Monardas Balkia Vidalaya1082Barddhaman (M)
163Rathtala Manohar Das Bidyaniketan1111Barddhaman (M)
167Golahat F.P School697Barddhaman (M)
170Shisu Niketan948Barddhaman (M)
174Bhatachhala G.S.Free Primary School1075Barddhaman (M)
177Bidyarthibhaban Girls High School1006Barddhaman (M)
180Nari Colony G.S.F.P School404Barddhaman (M)
181Bardhaman Bibekanand Prathamik Balika Vidyalaya832Barddhaman (M)
183Banipith Uchha Vidalayakanla Gate690Barddhaman (M)
188Ichhlabad Netaji G.S.F.P School810Barddhaman (M)
189Ichhlabad High School1087Barddhaman (M)
191Burdwan Bidyarthri Bhaban Boys High School613Barddhaman (M)
198Pirbharam Girls Free Primary School786Barddhaman (M)
200Sahachatan Free Primary School441Barddhaman (M)
204Belpukur G.S.Free Primary School869Barddhaman (M)
205Kanchananagar G.S.F.P School (Baroduari)874Barddhaman (M)
211Kanchananagar D.N Das High School765Barddhaman (M)
216Alamganj Harisabha Mu. Maneged Free Primary School1075Barddhaman (M)
218Tejganj High School726Barddhaman (M)
220Angibagan G S Free Primary School547Barddhaman (M)
222Munshi Premachand Prathamik Vidyalayaa619Barddhaman (M)
2243No Shankharipukur F.P School806Barddhaman (M)
226Housing Stast Free Primary School779Barddhaman (M)
2284No Shakharipukur F.P School850Barddhaman (M)
230Bibekanand Mahavidyalaya817Barddhaman (M)
231Vibakanada Free Primary School (College More)842Barddhaman (M)
234Haripada F.P School559Barddhaman (M)
236Nilapur M.F.P School857Barddhaman (M)
237Subhas Bidyamandir (Ambagan)635Barddhaman (M)
240Acharyay Durgaprasanna Bidyamandir825Barddhaman (M)
242Shrishri Ramkrishna Bidyamandir (Bidhanpally)668Barddhaman (M)
246Ishalabad Vibakanda Balikai Vidalaya (Jalkal Math)750Barddhaman (M)
248Ichhlabad Adibasi Primary School955Barddhaman (M)
250Deshbandhu F.P School1069Barddhaman (M)
255State Bichnegam Offich863Barddhaman (M)
257St. Xaviers School905Barddhaman (M)
259Nilpur G S Free Primary School942Barddhaman (M)
261Balidanga G.S.F.P School999Barddhaman (M)
267Khaja Anowar Sahid Berh High School632Barddhaman (M)
268Khaja Anowar Poru Free Primary School553Barddhaman (M)
274Sri Sri Kalimata F.P School (Sadarghat)750Barddhaman (M)
276Purta Bhaban(Gr. Floor) I.C.D.S. Office1030Barddhaman (M)
278Jagatberh Annapurna (Primary)Shikshaniketan705Barddhaman (M)
285Adarsha Vidyalayaa Ambagan Colony917Barddhaman (M)
289Balarani G S Free Primary School560Barddhaman (M)
291Becharahat F.P School769Barddhaman (M)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014