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Polling Booth in Barabani Assembly Constituency

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Barabani Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Barabani

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Barabani Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Deshabandhu Buniyadi Vidyalaya Fatepurchittaranjan732Chittaranjan Loco Works
2Deshabandhu Buniyadi Vidyalaya (Hindi)Simajurieriya-7806Chittaranjan Loco Works
4Deshabandhu Buniyadi Vidyalaya (Bangla)870Chittaranjan Loco Works
6Kasturaba Gandhi Nimn Bunihvidyalaya Fatepur711Chittaranjan Loco Works
8Kamiuniti Hal Es Pi Narth Eriya 2737Chittaranjan Loco Works
10Sarasbati Vidyalayaespinarth Eriya 21039Chittaranjan Loco Works
11Deshabandhubunih Bidyah(Hindi)Purbangsh Espiishtaer805Chittaranjan Loco Works
12Deshabandhubunihbidyah(Bangla)Purbangshaespiishtaerih3658Chittaranjan Loco Works
14Purbasundarapahadi Nimn Bunihbidyah744Chittaranjan Loco Works
15Kaminiuti Hal Eriya No - 8764Chittaranjan Loco Works
17Shrilata Inashtitiut Aamaladahi661Chittaranjan Loco Works
19Mahilasamiti Uchch Mah Balika Bidyahaamaladahi824Chittaranjan Loco Works
20Pancham Palli Vidyalaya Eriya-5773Chittaranjan Loco Works
23Aamaladahi Pashchim Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya(Bangla)787Chittaranjan Loco Works
24Pancham Palli Kamiuniti Hal Eriya 5572Chittaranjan Loco Works
26Deshabandhu Buniyadi Vidyalaya (Hindi)Eriya-6645Chittaranjan Loco Works
28Chhayerapalli Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya(Eriya-6)980Chittaranjan Loco Works
30Deshabandhu Buniyadi Vidyalaya(Bangla)Eriya-6996Chittaranjan Loco Works
32Hindusthan Kebalas Haiskul725Achhra
35Hindusthan Kebalas Junihbesik School(Bangla)543Hindustan Cables Town
37Dhanguri Upper Primary School915Dhanguri
38Domadaha Prathamik Vidyalaya650Damdaha
39Brindabani Free Primary School698Majhladi
40Kalipathar Free Primary School1045Kalipathar
41Aalladi Prathamik School1067Alladi
42Rejjek Nagar Icds Centre815Alladi
43Ramachandrapur Free Primary School787Ramchandrapur
45Kaladabar Free Primary School671Kaladabar
46Barabhuani Aadibasi Kalyan Primary Vidyalaya716Barabai
47Banshaketiya Aadibasi Free Primary School830Sidhabari
48Hadala- Bathanabadi Fri Primary School878Bathanbari
49D.V.C Left Bank F.P School(Maithan)1009Hadla
51Maheshapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1052Maheshpur
52Nakrajoria Free Primary School651Nakrajuria
54Denduya Prathamik Vidyalaya 835Dendua
56Dhundabad Gopalapur Prathamik Vidyalaya807Dhundabad
57Banabiddi Prathamik Vidyalaya 967Banbirdi
58Basudebapur Primary Vidyalaya605Basudebpur
62Jemari Frih Primary School749Jemari
63Sirishberia Ssk439Sinsbera
65Banajemari Colliery D-Type - Cretch1084Jemari
67Ramdi Shishu Shiksha Kendr351Jemari
68Agradut Pathagar597Benagarya
70Rupanarayanapur Frihprahskul382Benagarya
74Pratappur Free Primry School711Pratappur
75Pithaikeyari Ef Pi School1136Pithakiari
77Nandanik Kamiuniti Hall Rupanarayanapur949Benagarya
79D.A.V Public School668Rangameta
81Block Yuva Officesalanapur (Rupanarayanapur)843Rangameta
83Purba Ranamatiya Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya842Rangameta
87Harishadi Fri-Primary Schoolharishadi915Harishadi
89Hindusthan Cabels Jr. Basic (Hindi)1060Jorbari
91Jodabadi Primary School754Jorbari
93Achra Yajneshbar Institute866Achhra
95Ghiyadoba Aadibasi Primary Vidyalaya502Ghiadoba
98Salanapur-Prantapalli Fri Primary School546Kusumkanali
100Uttar Ramapur Refujee Camp Free Primary School775Uttar Rampur
101Rampur Post Literacy Centre766Uttar Rampur
102Jitpur Free Primary School1110Jitpur
103Hihkebalas Garlas High School821Baramuri
106Hihkebalas Junih Beh School (Bangla) Loyarakeshiya637Baramuri
108Namokeshiya Ef.Pi.School645Namokesia (P)
110Siyakulabediya Prathamik Vidyalaya509Dharaspur
112Kallya Shishu Shiksha Kendr855Kallya
113Chayanapur Fri Primary School809Kalisanko
115Dabar Primary School790Dabar
116Manahara Free Primary School603Manahara
117Myanejarer Karyyalay Dabar Koliyari733Dabar
118Lohat F.P School631Lohat
119Samadi Junior Basic School478Lohat
120Pahad Goda Prathamik Vidyalayapahadagoda878Shyamdi
123Shishushiksha Kendr Radhaballabh Pur718Radhaballavpur
124Radhaballavpur I. C. D. S Centre472Radhaballavpur
125Aalakusha Prathamik Vidyalaya902Alkusha
126Fulabediya Fri Primary School689Phulberya
128Patal Icds Centre888Sadhna
129Parbatapur Mohanapur Koliyari Prathamik Vidyalaya819Parbbatpur
130Bolakunda Prathamik Vidyalaya1102Bolkunda
131Ethora F.P. Girls School551Madhaichak
133Aangariya Bauri Pada Prathamik Vidyalaya689Ethora
134Ethoda Shrish Chandr Inashtitiushan990Ethora
137Melekola F.P School837Miliakhola
138Mahishamuda Primary School801Mahishmura
139Khudika Junior Basic School570Khudika
143Salanapur F.P School906Salanpur
145Kalyaneswari High School Kalitala785Salanpur
147Roshana Prathamik Vidyalaya720Roshna
148Parul Beriya Prathamik Vidyalaya752Parulbaria
149Khoyarkanali Metela Free Primary School651Parulbaria
150Hossainpur Prathamik Vidyalaya1026Hosenpur
151Putuliya Prathamik Vidyalaya412Putulia
152Aliganj Prathamik Vidyalaya702Aliganja
153Mirzapur Huchukpara Ssk634Aliganja
154Bansh Pahari Prathamik Vidyalaya671Daskiari
155Daskeyari Prathamik Vidyalaya724Daskiari
157Satta Prathamik Vidyalaya820Chhotkara
159Kashkuli Prathamik Vidyalaya757Kanskuli
160Panuria Sadharan Pathagar841Panuria (CT)
161Panuria Pragati Mancha820Panuria (CT)
162Gaurandi Ramkinkar Saibalini (High School) Instittution796Panuria (CT)
163Panuria Hattala Ssk791Panuria (CT)
165Gourandi Bazar F.P School (Chatadanga)854Panuria (CT)
166Digal Pahari Prathamik Vidyalaya741Panuria (CT)
167Kharabor Prathamik Vidyalaya595Jamgram
169Jamgram North F.P School956Jamgram
170Jamgram Rashbihari Prathamik Vidyalaya1050Jamgram
171Kanta Pahari Prathamik Vidyalaya575Kantapahari
173Jamjuri Prathamik Vidyalaya975Jamgram
174Rasunapur Prathamik Vidyalaya875Rashunpur
175Roshunpur Upper Primary School428Amulia
176Sarishatali Prathamik Vidyalaya555Sarshatali
177Kapishta Prathamik Vidyalaya714Kapishtha
179Madanapur Prathamik Vidyalaya666Madanpur
180Madanpur Upper Primary School651Madanpur
182Khosnagar Prathamik Vidyalaya681Khoshnagar
184Kelejora Prathamik Vidyalaya1027Kelejora
186Ramapur Prathamik Vidyalaya874Kelejora
187Nutanadihi Prathamik Vidyalaya610Kelejora
188Sidhabadi Prathamik Vidyalaya806Puchra
189Puanchada Prathamik Vidyalaya1035Puchra
191Panifala Prathamik Vidyalaya610Paniphala
192N-Pada Prathamik Vidyalaya421Napara
193Domahani Prathamik Vidyalaya652Domohani (CT)
194Domohani Village F.P School Icds Centre677Domohani (CT)
196Gopalabaid Prathamik Vidyalaya532Gopalbaid
197Shyamasundarapur Prathamik Vidyalaya934Shyamsundarpur
198Kashidanga Prathamik Vidyalaya1051Charanpur (OG)
199Domahani Chati Prathamik Vidyalaya879Domohani (CT)
200Domohani Vivekananda Granthalaya813Domohani (CT)
201Domahani Kelejoda Uchch Vidyalaya861Domohani (CT)
203Domohani Kelejora Girls High School922Domohani (CT)
205Charanapur Prathamik Vidyalaya1015Charanpur (OG)
207Singhabahini Prathamik Vidyalaya475Charanpur (OG)
208Barabani Prathamik Vidyalaya612Barabani
210Jayaramadanga Prathamik Vidyalaya438Jayramdanga
211Barabani Shteshan Prathamik Vidyalaya1189Barabani
212Bhanoda Prathamik Vidyalaya1119Bhanowara (CT)
214Bhanoda Kaliyari Prathamik Vidyalaya781Bhanowara (CT)
215Bhanoda Kaliyari Kamiuniti Sentar1076Bhanowara (CT)
216Bhanora Colliery Nichu Dhawra Hindi F.P School908Bhanowara (CT)
217Madanamohanapur Primary Vidyalaya1108Bhaskajuri
218Pahadabeda Prathamik Vidyalaya674Majiara (CT)
219Majiyada Prathamik Vidyalaya805Majiara (CT)
221Majiyada Gramy Pathagar1122Majiara (CT)
222Lalaganj Prathamik Vidyalaya851Lalganja (B)
224Aasanabani Prathamik Vidyalaya484Taldanga (B)
225Salanapur Jiemafisbhuradanga (Isiel)556Lalganja (B)
226Chinuchuriya Prathamik Vidyalaya818Chinchuria
228Nuni Prathamik Vidyalaya1053Nuni (B)
230Gada Pathar Ssk511Kanyapur (B)
231Nakati Kanyapur Prathamik Vidyalaya633Kanyapur (B)
232Manoharabahal Prathamik Vidyalaya960Monohar Bahal (B)
233Manoharabahal Koliyari Prathamik Vidyalaya730Monohar Bahal (B)
234Badadang Prathamik Vidyalaya975Baradang
235Nandai Prathamik Vidyalaya843Khaerbad
236Alipur Prathamik Vidyalaya857Alipur
237Puratanachati Prathamik Vidyalaya855Raniganja
238Raniganj F.P School524Raniganja
239Bijari Prathamik Vidyalaya787Bijari
240Bila Prathamik Vidyalaya570Bila
241Aamanala Prathamik Vidyalaya823Amnala
242Itapada Prathamik Vidyalaya1107Itapora
243Aamadiha Prathamik Vidyalaya915Amdiha
244Baliyapur Tarapad Bidyapith667Baliapur
246Panchagachhiya Baramandiya34Pitakoliyari Krechahah611Pangachhiya (CT)
247Adarsa Hindi F.P School670Pangachhiya (CT)
248Panchagachhiya Aadarsh Hindi Haiskul991Pangachhiya (CT)
249Pi Em Kamalabala Balika Uchch Vidyalaya1050Pangachhiya (CT)
250Panchagachhiyamanoharabahal Bibekanand Bidyayatan1154Pangachhiya (CT)
251Jnanoday Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya959Pangachhiya (CT)
252Vivekananda F.P School568Pangachhiya (CT)

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