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Polling Booth in Bangaon Uttar Assembly Constituency

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Bangaon Uttar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bangaon Uttar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bangaon Uttar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Aadityapur Haiskul1186Panchberia
2Ganganandapur Ef Pi School809Ganganandapur
4Magurakhali Shishu Shiksha Kendr450Ganganandapur
5Kalyanapur Free Primary School713Kalyanpur
6Panchabediya Ef Pi School1035Panchberia
7Kuchiyamoda Ef Pi School740Kuchiamora
8Chatarabagi Free Primary School697Kuchiamora
9Bikramapur Shishu Shiksha Kendr668Kuchiamora
10Gajipur Free Primary School807Gazipur
12Aadityapur Free Primary School780Adityapur
14Ambikapur Aalataf Hosen High School1083Ambikapur Mamudpur
16Sahisapur Shishu Shiksha Kendr1076Saishpur
17Ambarapur Ef Pi School808Ambarpur
19Chitrangapur Ef Pi School581Chitrangapur
20Mahatapur Shishu Shiksha Kendr1045Chitrangapur
21Ambarapur Kaloni Ef Pi School438Ambarpur
22Baliyanapur Free Primary School692Balianpur
23Baliyanapur Ef Pi School640Balianpur
24Panchapota Ef Pi School817Adityapur
26Aashurahat Shishu Shiksha Kendr580Majdob
27Mazadob Ef Pi School533Majdob
28Mollahati Ef. Pi. School940Mollahati
29Bamanadana Shishu Shiksha Kendr645Mollahati
30Khabara Pota Shishu Shiksha Kendr622Mollahati
31Chamata Ef Pi School788Chamta
33Panapada Ef Pi School915Panpara
34Panapara Free Primary School807Panpara
35Garibapur Free Primary School578Garibpur
36Garibapur Ef.Pi.School616Garibpur
37Byasapur High School (Uh Mah)968Byaspur
38Kamdeb Pur Paschim Para S.S.K614Kamdebpur
39Kamadebapur Free Primary School510Kamdebpur
40Huda Panapara (S C) Free Primary School1163Pashchim Huda
41Manoharapur Free Primary School851Pashchim Huda
42Matihara I C D S Sentar853Matihara
43Aaitapada Aai Si Di Es Fiding Sentar1203Matihara
44Chhatani Panchanan Free Primary School674Chhatni
45Dbarabasini Free Primary School1051Dwarbasini
46Kamadebapur Ef. Pi. School827Kamdebpur
47Kamadebpur Free Primary School495Kamdebpur
48Aakaipur Nabagopal High School977Akaipur
49Aakaipur G S P School1052Akaipur
50Santoshpur Free Primary School773Santoshpur
51Santosh Pur Free Primary School471Santoshpur
52Mediya Ef. Pi. School748Shialdanga
53Shiyaladana Lolit Mohan Shishu Shiksha Kendr762Shialdanga
55Santoshpur Jahajmari S.S.K735Santoshpur
56Panchita Free Primary School571Panchita
57Purb Panachita Junior Basic School639Panchita
58Chanda Lalit Mohan High School745Panchita
60Sabhaipur Free Primary School738Sabhaipur
62Chanda Free Primary School977Panchita
63Madhabapur High School1169Madhabpur
65Sabhaipur I C D S Centre705Sabhaipur
66Chak Manigram Free Primary School714Dakshin Kulbaria
68Rayapur R P School667Dharmmapukuria
69Rayapur Aar Pi School620Dharmmapukuria
70Manigram High School855Manigram
71Manigram Haiskul791Manigram
74Dharmapukuriya Free Primary School737Dharmmapukuria
75Shukapukuriya Ef Pi School1092Shukpukuria
76Boyaladah Ef Pi School862Boaldaha
78Chaduigachhi Ef Pi School634Dakshin Charuigachhi
80Edopota Ef Pi School660Boaldaha
82Ramachandrapur Ef Pi School829Purbba Ramchandrapur
83Ghatabaod Anchal Aadarsh Bidyapith1169Angarpukuria
84Ghatabanod Gram Panchayet Afis608Paikpara
85Paik Para M.S.K663Paikpara
86Kalamegha G S Free Primary School680Bhashanpota
87Kalamegha Ji. Es. Ef. Pi. School514Bhashanpota
88Bhira Free Primary School1142Paikpara
89Ghatabaod Free Primary School1101Ghatbaor
90Bhasanapota A. Jamal Free Primary School1073Bhashanpota
91Ghatabaod Gabhah Junior Basic Trening School868Ghatbaor
92Paikapara Free Primary School829Paikpara
93Paikapada Ef .Pi. School699Paikpara
94Faleya Free Primary School1149Shrirampur
95Aalakulipur Natidanga G S Free Primary School838Alakulipur
96Aalakulipur Natidanga Ji. Es. Ef. Pi. School540Sabhaipur Chak
97Natidanga Ef.Pi. School1042Natidanga
98Baliyadanga Free Primary School598Dakshin Baliadanga
99Baliyadanga Ef. Pi .School1143Dakshin Baliadanga
100Gopalanagar Haripad Inastitiushan835Khamarkalla
104Gopalanagar Kiranabala Free Primary School798Khamarkalla
105Gopalanagar Kiranabala Ef. Pi. School706Khamarkalla
106Gopalanagar Giribala Balika Vidyalaya796Khamarkalla
109Gopal Nagar Shashthicharan Aadarsh Free Primary School976Khamarkalla
112Ramachandrapur Free Primary School551Paschim Ramchandrapur
113Ramachandrapur Ef. Pi. School855Paschim Ramchandrapur
114Kiranbala I.C.D.S Centre957Khamarkalla
115Ramchandra Pur M.S.K779Paschim Ramchandrapur
117Shrimantapur Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya1100Shrimantapur
118Shripalli Priyanath High School (H.S.)774Barakpur
119Natun Gram Free Primary School910Polta
120Char-Chalaki Free Primary School979Chalki
123Chalaki Free Primary School896Polta
124Chalaki Ef. Pi. School940Polta
125Barakapur Madhyamik Shiksha Kendr693Barakpur
127Chalaki Muslim Para I C D S Center993Chalki
128Chalaki Aai. Si. Di. Es. Sentar765Barakpur
129Barakapur G S F P .School809Dakshin Sundarpur
130Barakapur Ji Es. Ef. Pi .School688Dakshin Sundarpur
131Sundarapur Free Primary School787Dakshin Sundarpur
132Sundarapur Ef. Pi. School1137Dakshin Sundarpur
133Shubharatnapur Free Primary School898Barakpur
134Janipur Free Primary School745Barakpur
135Sataberiya Free Primary School770Satbaria
136Satabediya Ef Pi School765Satbaria
137Haridasapur G S Free Primary School688Haridaspur
138Haridaspur Icds Centre (Centre No. 73)561Haridaspur
139Petrapol Bhabaghure Abash836Jayantipur
140Jayantipur Niu Free Primary School880Jayantipur
141Haridasapur Ji. Es. Ef. Pi. School687Haridaspur
142Naraharipur Primary School578Naraharipur
143Chak Khalitpur Free Primary School595Naraharipur
144Chhayaghariya Thakur Haridas Balika Vidyalaya543Chhaygharia
146Jayantipur Free Primary School1053Petrapol
147Khalitapur Free Primary School799Khalitpur Chak
148Khalitpur Free Primary School681Khalitpur Chak
149280 (Daspara) I.C.D.S Centre541Chhaygharia
150Umesh Chandra Free Primary School922Chhaygharia
151Chhayaghariya Rakhaladas Haiskul806Chhaygharia
152Chhagharia Rakhaldas High School674Chhaygharia
153Pirojapur Free Primary School678Pirozpur
154Pirojapur Ef Pi School723Pirozpur
155Bhabani Pur Free Primary School732Chhaygharia
156Bhabani Pur Ef Pi School453Chhaygharia
157Kheda Para Free Primary School814Chhaygharia
158Kaliyani Paschimpara Free Primary School935Chhaygharia
159Kaliyani Purbapara Free Primary School556Chhaygharia
160Dinabandhu Mahavidyalaya647Bongaon (M)
163New Bongaon Girls High School878Bongaon (M)
164Jibani Kaloni Ji. Es. Ef. Pi. School960Bongaon (M)
166Ramakrishn Bidyapith928Bongaon (M)
169New Bongaon High School655Bongaon (M)
170Niu Banagan Haiskul548Bongaon (M)
172Bongaon Publick Laibreri O Town Hall524Bongaon (M)
177Chanpabediya 1No Jiesefpi School599Bongaon (M)
179Chanpaberiya High School717Bongaon (M)
180Chanpabediya Haiskul638Bongaon (M)
183Thakur Palli Banabihari Primary School863Bongaon (M)
185Dukhiram Praimary School700Bongaon (M)
187Shaktigar High School750Bongaon (M)
188Shaktigad High School486Bongaon (M)
192Kshirodasundari Primary School743Bongaon (M)
194Jiban Smriti Junior High School787Bongaon (M)
197Debagar 2 No Prathomik Vidyalaya734Bongaon (M)
199Debagad Bangarupa Ef. Pi. School750Bongaon (M)
201Bongaon High School788Bongaon (M)
202Banagan High School898Bongaon (M)
204Banagan Ghosh Inastitiushan877Bongaon (M)
207Swami Vivekananda Vidyapith800Bongaon (M)
210Banagan Kabi Keshabalal Bidyapith1000Bongaon (M)
213Naya Gopalganj R.P. School795Bongaon (M)
215Yogendranath Bidyapith1059Bongaon (M)
219Naya Gopalganj R.P School635Bongaon (M)
221Dhakapara G.S.Free Primary School872Bongaon (M)
223Banagan Relaoye Primary School648Bongaon (M)
225Nagendra Nath Vidyapith553Bongaon (M)
227Banagan Purb Relaoye Primary School602Bongaon (M)
229Dhirendranath Bidyapith709Bongaon (M)
231Bibhutibhushan Primary School803Bongaon (M)
232Bhiku Prathamik Vidyalaya791Bongaon (M)
237Kumudini Uchch Balika Vidyalaya1078Bongaon (M)
239Mahendr Datt Primary School963Bongaon (M)
244Hajarilal Prathamik Vidyalaya669Bongaon (M)
246Shibapad Smriti Junior High School766Bongaon (M)
247Shibapad Smriti Junior Haiskul587Bongaon (M)
248Banagan Hah Pir Aabu Bakar Darul Ulum Sih Madrasa724Bongaon (M)
252Kuthibari Aadibasi Primary School705Bongaon (M)
253Kuthibadi Aadibasi Primary School566Bongaon (M)
254Asit Bishbas Shiksha Niketan889Bongaon (M)
255Jayapur Miunisipyal Primary School713Bongaon (M)
257Jayapur G S Free Primary School712Bongaon (M)
258Jayapur Ji Es Ef Pi School1023Bongaon (M)
259Matiganj G.S.Free Primary School838Bongaon (M)
260Kaliyani S.K.U.S Ltd.960Bongaon (M)
261Samsunnessa Primary School1009Bongaon (M)
263Shimulatala R P School789Bongaon (M)
264Shimulatala Aar Pi School748Bongaon (M)

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