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Polling Booth in Bangaon Dakshin Assembly Constituency

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Bangaon Dakshin Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bangaon Dakshin

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bangaon Dakshin Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Naoda Free Primary School1023Naoda
3Madrasa Abdul Hai Siddikia Madinatul Ulum1019Kansona
5Manikakol Haiskul815Manikpol
6Kansona Khottapara Free Primary School1095Kansona
7Ganeshapur Ef. Pi. School904Ganeshpur
8Belagadiya Sarat Ghosh Madhyamik Shiksha Kendr1086Belgaria
10Dah Manikakol Ef. Pi. School1112Manikpol
11Kanasona Khottapada Ef .Pi. School622Kansona
13Sanekapur Free Primary School744Sanakpur
14Sanekapur Ef. Pi. School1010Sanakpur
15Bardhanberiya Bih Bhuh Smriti Free Primary School693Barddhan Beria
17Bhabanipur State Plan Ef. Pi. School800Bhowanipur
19Baramapur Haiskul663Bairampur
22Chithliya Ef.Pi.School718Chithalia
23Briddhapalla Ef. Pi .School957Briddhapalla
24Huda Bishnupur I C D S Centre881Shimulia
25Shimuliya Ef.Pi.School689Shimulia
27Mathurapur Free Primary School992Mathurapur
28Uttar Kanakapur Ef. Pi. School666Mathurapur
29Nishchintapur Es. Si. Ef.Pi. School920Nishchintapur
31Chinili 1No Ef.Pi. School580Chinili
33Dighadi Bhashanachandr Haiskul632Dighari
35Purb Dighadi Ji Es Ef Pi School852Dighari
36Dighadi Ji Pi Afis980Dighari
37Satashi G S Free Primary School386Satashi
38Satashi Ji. Es. Ef. Pi. School828Satashi
39Kakhali Ef. Pi. School428Kaikhali
40Palla Ef. Pi. School717Palla
41Shulka Durgapur Ef. Pi .School548Sholka Durgapur
43Palla Haiskul1060Palla
45Palla Free Primary School789Palla
46Harishapur Hajari Saradar Smriti Ef. Pi. School691Harishpur
48Belta Free Primary School1107Belta
49Belata Haiskul779Belta
51Bhandarkhola Apar Primary School1128Bhandarkola
52Bhandarakhola Ef. Pi. School774Bhandarkola
54Bhaberahati Es. Si. Ef. Pi. School437Bhandarkola
55Talakola Ef. Pi. School520Talkola
56Golokpur Belarani Ssk493Rachhulpur
57Rasulapur Ef. Pi. School813Rachhulpur
59Raghunathapur Ef. Pi. School749Raghunathpur
60Ram Shangkarapur Junior High School985Ramshankarpur
61Kalupur Panchapota High School1011Kalupur
6389- Jorasanko I.C.D.S Center679Kalupur
64Hanidana Ef. Pi. School957Hanidanga
65Aanand Sanggh Ef. Pi. School709Kalupur
67Ghosh Para Junier Basic School998Purana Bangaon
68Puratan Banagan High School613Purana Bangaon
70Kalupur Jodasanko Ef. Pi. School632Kalupur
72Kalitala Bishbabandhu Shiksha Niketan1159Purana Bangaon
73Puratan Banagan Ef. Pi. School535Purana Bangaon
75Uttar Kalupur Khader Math Aar. Pi. School859Kalupur
76Dakshin Kalupur Ghoshapada Ef. Pi. School1125Kalupur
77Balyakamunda Shishu Shiksha Kendr576Dharmmapur
78Jiyala Ef. Pi. School661Dharmmapur
80Unai Ef. Pi. School589Unai
82Pratap Nagar Ef. Pi. School542Purana Bangaon
83Jiyala Das Pada Ef. Pi. School1088Dakshin Jiala
84Shibapur Chatapada Ji. Es. Ef. Pi. School742Harishpur Chak
86Ballabhapur Bishbambhar Bidyapith911Ballabhpur
87Khaduya Rajapur High School544Kharua Rajapur
89Mamudapur Kaloni Ef. Pi. School702Mamudpur
91Kanakapur Jiesefpi School1115Kanakpur
92Damadama Ef. Pi .School737Damdama
94Nahata Sarada Sundari Balika Bidyamindar (Uh Mah)699Ichhlampur
96Nahata High School (Uh Mah)862Ichhlampur
97Kulapukuriya Ef. Pi. School610Kulpukuria
98Nahata Free Primary School548Ichhlampur
100Jogendranath Mondal Smriti Mahavidyalaya766Ichhlampur
102Sherapur Ef. Pi. School752Serpur
103Sherpur Adibashi Para S. S. K680Serpur
104Sherapur Free Primary School1116Serpur
105Taranipur Ef. Pi. School927Taranipur
106Pashchim Chauberiya Free Primary School820Chauberia
107Fulabari Ji. Es. Ef. Pi. School1042Sehalapara
108Chowberia Annada Sundari Mitra Balika Vidyalaya898Sehalapara
109Nimatala Math Free Primary School861Sehalapara
110Fulaberiya G S Free Primary School969Sehalapara
111Sehalapara I.C.D.S Centre783Sehalapara
112Chaubediya Dinabandhu Vidyalaya684Chauberia
114Kumuriya Ef. Pi. School654Hingli
115Chowberia Free Primary School808Chauberia
116Beliyaghata Ef.Pi. School884Chauberia
117Hingli Ji. Es. Ef. Pi. School620Hingli
119Chak Chaubediya Ef. Pi. School701Chauberia Chak
121Gopinathapur Free Primary School720Gopinathpur
123Panchapota Gopalachandr Das Ef Pi School864Phulsara
124Panchapota Dhakapada Sukumarasmriti Efapi School1107Phulsara
125Uttar Fulsara Uchha Vidyalaya679Phulsara
126Bhennapada Ef Pi School616Phulsara
127Fulasara Ef Pi School966Phulsara
128Fulasara Ef Pi School (Uttar)1094Phulsara
129Amiy Bala Primari School913Phulsara
130Goparajapur Ef. Pi. School907Rajapur
131Rajapur Dishari Sishu Sikha Kendra435Rajapur
132Bakachara Special Kyadar Ef.Pi.School840Bagchara
134Rajapur Tyangra Ramapur H.S. School715Rajapur
135Rajapur Paschim Para Samabaya Samiti Limited849Rajapur
136Chaugachha Aadarsh Ef.Pi. School803Chaugachha
138Katakhali Aar Pi School882Katakhali
140Bakara Kachadaipada Ef Pi School1092Baikara
141Dakshin Katakhali Aar Pi School981Katakhali
143Dogachhiya Ef Pi School604Dogachhia
146Mandalapada Uchch Vidyalaya738Mondalpara
149Kalitala Prathamik Vidyalaya833Mondalpara
151Debipur Ef Pi School1101Chandpara (CT)
152Gaighata Bi. Di. O. Afis931Chandpara (CT)
155Shimuliyapada Aardash Es.Ke.Iu.Es.Limih930Simuliapara
156Chandapada Es. Es. Ke.856Chandpara (CT)
158Shimuliyapada Free Primary School881Simuliapara
159Shimulia Para Ssk851Simuliapara
160Chandapada Bani Bidyabithi Eich.Es.School712Sonatikiri (CT)
162Purb Sonatikari Girish Chandr Ef. Pi. School722Sonatikiri (CT)
163Chandapada Balika Vidyalaya658Sonatikiri (CT)
164Chandpara Juniuer Basic School615Sonatikiri (CT)
166Dhakuriya Uchch Balika Vidyalaya1024Dhakuria (CT)
168Dhakuriya Palli Bandhab Eriya Laibreri617Dhakuria (CT)
171Dhakuriya Bharati Bidyapith1095Dhakuria (CT)
172Tili Ef Pi School773Tili
174Tsd Monmohanpur High School819Barasehana
175Monamohanapur R.P. School814Barasehana
176Bayasati Free Primary School549Byasati
177Potapada Aar Pi School831Byasati
178Sehana Sanmilani Prathamik Vidyalaya965Barasehana
179Zikara High School(H.S.)734Jhikra
181Chhot Sehana Dakshinapada Ef Pi School913Chhota Sehana
182Dakshin Byasati Sahebadanga Ef Pi School825Duma
183Chhekati Ef Pi School811Chhekati (CT)
184Chhoto Seyana Uttar Para Fp School888Chhekati (CT)
185Dinamanik Ef Pi School949Diangamanik
186Duma Saruipur Ef Pi School630Duma
190Pashchim Deopul Ef. Pi. School748Deopuli
192Saruipur Ef Pi School1123Saruipur
193Dhanakuni Ef Pi School1020Dhankuni
194Deopul Adhar Memoriya Haiskul1031Deopuli
195Digha Junior Basic School685Digha
197Malayapur Es. Es. Ke.690Malayapur
198Kapukuriya Ef. Pi. School540Kaipukharia
200Khedapada Ef Pi School1022Angrail
201Aangrail Bidyamandir (H.S.)517Angrail
202Aangrail Ef Pi School1039Angrail
205Barnabediya Ef Pi School896Barnagaria
206Aangrail Manabata Ef Pi School1100Angrail
209Santosh Smriti Ef. Pi. School961Barnagaria
210Gadadharapur Ef Pi School909Gadadharpur
211Nodadah Ef Pi School723Noradaha
213Zaudanga Sammelani High School654Jhaudanga
216Goyalabathan Ef Pi School543Goal Bathan
218Kahanakiya Ef Pi School695Kahankia
220Banglani Ef Pi School867Banglani
221Pashchim Sonatikari Ef. Pi. School400Sonatikri
222Atul Sarakar Smriti Prathamik Vidyalaya680Rampur
224Purbaramapur Ef Pi School922Rampur
226Sergar Free Primary School1106Sergar
227Tangra Free Primary School574Tengra
229Gajipur Ef Pi School1085Gazipur
230Dakshin Ramapur Ef Pi School1001Rampur
232Ramapur Ef Pi School687Rampur
233Khejur Bagan Ef Pi School869Gazipur
234Ghonja Haiskul783Nera Gazipur
235Bagapada Kalitala Ef Pi School375Ghonja
237Pipali Ef.Pi. School752Pipli
239Chak Zaudanga Ef. Pi. School687Raghunandanpur
240Teantulabediya Ef Pi School641Tentulbaria
242Shashadanga Colony Free Primary School666Shashadanga
244Shashadanga Ef. Pi.School1095Shashadanga
245Gadajala Ef Piskul747Garjala
247Teantulabediya Pi Ji Ti Suniti Bidyapith968Tentulbaria
248Kalanchi Juh Basic School973Kalanchi
249Purandarapur Ef Pi School1019Purandarpur
250Bedi Uttarapada Ef Pi School630Ramnagar
252Subidapur Ef Pi School976Subidpur
253Bedigopalapur Aadarsh Haiskul1023Ramnagar
256Bedi Dakshinapada Ef Pi School650Ramnagar

Last Updated on December 26, 2014