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Polling Booth in Bagda Assembly Constituency

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Bagda Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Bagda

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bagda Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Sadahati Ef Pi School844Sindrani
3Kamalabas Ef Pi School1167Kamlabas
4Chak Zitakipota Ef Pi School582Chak Jhitkipota
5Khayaramari Ef Pi School655Char Mandalbhag
7Pustighata Fakirachand Ef Pi School728Pustighata
8Pustighata Adibashi Free Primary School659Pustighata
9Raghabapur Ef Pi School811Raghabpur
10Aakandatala Ef Pi School1076Sindrani
11Bagula Charamandal Ef Pi School677Char Mandalbhag
13Magurakona Ef Pi School619Magurakona
14Naladugari Paramadan Chandrakant Bidyapith (High School)1155Pathuria
15Charamandal Si Em Pi Pi Bi Ke Fulamohan High School1104Char Mandalbhag
17Sindrani Sabitri Haiskul953Sindrani
19Khader Math Aar Pi School796Sindrani
20Sindrani Aar Pi School774Sindrani
22Charamandal Bhag Ji Es Ef Pi School831Char Mandalbhag
24Pathuriya Ef Pi School882Pathuria
26Naladugari Ef Pi School583Parmadan
27Naldugari I C D S641Parmadan
28Naldugari Free Primary School (Dakshin)968Parmadan
29Paramadan G S Free Primary School (Uttar)1108Parmadan
30Parmadan S S K (Dakshin)960Parmadan
31Ranaghat Ef Pi School958Ranghat
33Rajakol Ef Pi School520Rajkol
34Kuliya Ef Pi School712Kulia
36Kashipur Gramasabha Haiskul680Kashipur
38Jitapur Ef Pi School980Jitpur
39Hariharapur Ef Pi School613Hariharpur
41Zikara Ef Pi School782Jhikra
42Daharapota Ef Pi School538Daharpota
44Chadakatala Ef Pi School1082Kulia
45Aauladanga Ef Pi School715Auldanga
47Kola Ef Pi School833Kola
49Bedabadi Ef Pi School808Berbari
50Manoharapur Ef Pi School787Monoharpur Chak
51Daharapota S K U S Baneshwarpur1031Baneshwarpur
52Puradah Ef Pi School755Purdaha
53Purdaha Ssk515Purdaha
54Uttar Kulabediya Ef Pi School571Uttar Kulbaria
56Bakola Ef Pi School794Baikola
58Khorddakulabediya Ef Pi School1012Khordda Kulbaria
59Kharddakulabediya Aai Si Di Es (Talikhola)981Khordda Kulbaria
60Rabindrapalli Es Es Ke959Helencha
61Mashyamapur Ef Pi School710Mashyampur
63Madhupur-Chandapada Es Es Ke657Madhupur
64Patakelagachha Aai Si Di Es429Mashyampur
65Patakelagachha Ef Pi School792Mashyampur
66Bagadah High School (H.S)935Bagdaha
70Bagadah Ef Pi School806Bagdaha
72Naoda Pada Es Es Ke494Mamabhagina
73Sagarapur Free Primary School713Sagarpur
75Mamabhagina Bapuji Bidyapith1015Mamabhagina
76Dihaladah Ef Pi School1026Dihihaldaha
78Saluyaradadi Es Es Ke645Dihihaldaha
79Mamabhagina Es Es Ke1284Mamabhagina
80Mamabhagina Aar Pi School709Mamabhagina
81Netaji Pally I C D S454Mamabhagina
82Bakasa Kaloni Ef Pi School1055Baksa
83Bakasa High School793Baksa
85Baranasipur Ef Pi School849Baranasipur
86Nrisinghakhola Ef Pi School645Nrisinghakhola
87Chenga Batatala Aai Si Di Es620Nrisinghakhola
88Bayara Ef. Pi. School670Bayra
90Bayara Sammilani Haiskul779Bayra
92Panchabediya Ef Pi School328Purbba Panchbaria
93Kulanandapur J.S.F.P School557Kulanandapur
97Salak Ef Pi School761Salak
99Chaduigachhi Ef Pi School943Uttar Chamigachhi
100Padmapukur Ef Pi School549Padma Pukuria
101Ramanagar Ef.Pi.School858Ramnagar
103Meherani Ef Pi School Uttar O Dakshin1121Meherani
105Kuduliya Ef. Pi. School994Kurulia
106Kuduliya High School (Uchha Madhyamik)627Kurulia
107Boyra R.D.B.S F.P School (Kurulia)551Kurulia
108Zaukhali Ef Pi School755Jhaukhali
109Bajitapur Ef Pi School1103Bazitpur
110Malidah High School843Malidah
111Malidaha Free Primary School815Malidah
112Naoyapada Ef.Pi.School699Nawapara
113Mustafapur Ef.Pi.School679Mustafapur
115Aaisaghata Ef Pi School792Ainshghata
116Hudapada Ef Pi School317Kumarkhola
1172 Nohelencha Kaloni Ji Es Ef Pi School424Helencha
1183 Nohelencha Kaloni Ef Pi School538Helencha
119Mandabaghata Ef Pi School798Mandabghata
120Mondabghata 121 No Icds Centre942Mandabghata
121Bachidanga Bangacharan Ray Ef. Pi. School1134Bainchidanga
122Helencha Netaji Shatabarshiki Kamiuniti Hal1031Helencha
123Helencha Garlas Haiskul1158Helencha
124Kumarakhola Aai. Si. Di. Es955Kumarkhola
125Kumar Khola Ji Es Ef Pi School1085Kumarkhola
126Helencha Haiskul847Helencha
127Puraton Helencha Free Primary School897Helencha
128Singngi Ef Pi School1025Singi
129Par Krishnachandrapur Ef Pi School1021Par Krishnachandrapur
130Parakrishnachandrapur Uttarapada Es Es Ke1011Par Krishnachandrapur
131Mathabhanga F.P School1107Mathabhanga
132Mathabhanga Ef Pi School Purb O Pashchim570Mathabhanga
133Choatia Rani Laxmi Bai F.P School737Mathabhanga
134Choyatiya Aai Si Di Es1266Mathabhanga
135Bhabanipur Pallimangal Bidyapith988Purba Bhabanipur
136Chak Beyada Di En Smriti Es Es Ke801Beara Chak
137Takashali Ef Pi School946Tankshali
138Harinathapur Ef Pi School808Harinathpur
140Ghatapatila F.P School832Ghat Patila
141Ghat Patila S S K612Ghat Patila
143Beyada Ef Pi School563Ghat Patila
144Beara High School (H.S)442Beara
146Beyada I.C.D.S877Beara
147Beyada Es Es Ke611Beara
148Teghariya Ef Pi School457Purba Bhabanipur
149Bajitapur High School (H.S)687Paschim Bhabanipur
150Bajitpur F.P School629Paschim Bhabanipur
151Santosha Kaloni Ef Pi School1102Santosha
152Deyara Free Primary School773Diara
153Deara Balirmath Ssk435Diara
154Deyara Free Primary School Uttar & Dakshin1056Diara
155Santosha Es Es Ke826Santosha
156Aandulapota Ef Pi School890Andulpota
157Bhabanipur Adibasi F.P School494Andulpota
158Kapasahati Milanabithi Haiskul722Kapashati
159Paschim Malipota F.P School1109Paschim Malipota
160Malipota Chuadanga Ssk448Paschim Malipota
161Mathura Ramagati Ef Pi School993Mathura
162Natabediya Ef Pi School999Natabaria
163Panchapota Ef Pi School622Uttar Panchpota
165Makada Ef Pi School787Makra
166Thoyada High School1002Thoara
167Thoyada Ef Pi School853Thoara
168Goyalabagi Es. Es. Ke.672Goalbagi
170Goyalabagi Khagendranath Primary Bidyaniketan875Goalbagi
171Kujarabagi Ef Pi School987Kujarbagi
172Kujarabagi Es Es Ke939Kujarbagi
173Gadapukuriya Ef Pi School811Godpukuria
174Gadapukuriya Siddiki Siniyar Madrasa673Godpukuria
176Nimizimi Kaloni Ef Pi School1033Godpukuria
177Huda Ef Pi School940Purbba Hunda
178Balidapukur Ef Pi School592Uttar Baliadanga
179Baliadanga I C D S694Uttar Baliadanga
180Malipota Ji Es Ef Pi School938Karanga
181Karang Ef Pi School531Karanga
183Ranihati High School (H.S)714Ranihati
184Ranihati F.P School589Ranihati
185Dhulani Ef Pi School901Dhalani
187Zupa Ef Pi School791Karanga
188Kaniyada Yadabachandra High School838Kaniara
190Kaniyada Aai Si Di Es532Kaniara
191Durgapur Ef Pi School Purb O Pashchim1016Durgapur
193Gobindapur Ef Pi School857Gobindapur
195Gobindapur Baod Dhar Ef Pi School532Gobindapur
196Mahanandapada Ef Pi School897Gobindapur
197Chandapur Ef Pi School861Chandpur
199Chanparui Ef Pi School737Chaparai
200Jagadishapur Panchakadi Bidyapith733Jagadishpur
201Kuladharapur Ef Pi School807Kuladharpur
202Nilabash Kuthi F.P School632Kuladharpur
203Chak Kathaliya Aai Si Di Es342Kathalia Chak
204Mayanabala Sarakar Smriti Ef Pi School972Uttar Jiala
205Kadar Danga Ef. Pi. School567Asharu
206Aashadu Ef Pi School1156Asharu
208Kanthaliya Ef Pi School479Kathalia
209Hamakuda Ef Pi School1110Hamkura
210Hamakuda Matasyajibi Pada S S K756Hamkura
211Bibiraghop Es Es Ke655Amdob
212Aamadob High School (H.S)905Amdob
215Purb Malipota Ef Pi School660Purbba Malipota
217Ganguliya Dasapada Es Es Ke918Gangulia
218Ganguliya Ef Pi School606Gangulia
219Gangulia Purbapara Ssk819Gangulia
220Bagi Ef Pi School1011Bagi
221Patakelapota Ef Pi School863Patkelpota
222Banshghata F.P School515Bansghata
223Bashghata Upo-Sasthya Kendra648Bansghata
225Banshghata Icds Centre810Bansghata
226Aaramadanga Free Primary School828Krishnachandrapur
227Bhulot Prathamik Vidyalaya661Bhulat
229Rautara Ef Pi School877Rautara
230Jonka Ef. Pi. School534Joka
231Krishnachandrapur Ji Es Ef Pi School975Krishnachandrapur
233Sbastipada Ef Pi School890Krishnachandrapur
234Patashimuliya Free Primary School1103Patshimulia
235Part Simulia M.S.K852Patshimulia
236Petangi Ef Pi School690Petangi
237Baganagram G S Free Primary School1105Bangangram
238Baganagram Ji Es Ef Pi. School814Bangangram
239Sundarapur Ef Pi School545Uttar Sundarpur
240Pipalipada F.P School711Bangangram
241Pipalipara Fri Primary School732Bangangram
242Banglani Ef Pi School838Banglani
243Banglani Haiskul1045Banglani
244Tyangra Kaloni Es Si Ef Pi School1077Bangangram
245Ganrapota Uchch Vidyalaya (Bahumukhi)494Kundipur
246Gandapota Uchch Vidyalaya (Bahumukhi)644Kundipur
247Kundipur Free Primary School640Kundipur
250Gainapur Shishu Shiksha Kendr611Gainpur
251Bharatapur Kaloni Ef Pi School998Bharatpur
252Fakir Bagan Ef Pi School850Bharatpur
254Bharatapur S.P.F.P School968Bharatpur
255Garapota Free Primary School875Gobrapur
257Gandapota Garlas Haiskul1101Gobrapur
258Gobarapur Ef Pi School915Gobrapur
259Gobrapur Icds Centre Halderpara786Gobrapur
260Gobarapur Free Primary School525Gobrapur
261Gobrapur Icds Centre Nurserypara979Gobrapur
262Kamalapur Free Primary School552Kamalapur
264Keutipada Je.En.Ray Haiskul864Kundipur Jalkar
266Nakapul Mathapada F.P School1101Nakful
267Nakful I.C.D.S. Centre1061Nakful
268Chanda Aai. Si. Di. Es. Sentar897Chanda
269Chanda Binaynagar Colony Icds Centre862Chanda
270Bediyapota Ef Pi School850Bediapota
271Nakaful Juh Basic School481Nakful
273Sitanathapur Ji Es Ef Pi School688Berkrishnapur
274Udayapur Shtet Plan Ef Pi School627Tengra
276Tyangra Kaloni Haiskul1001Tengra
278Purb Aadashingdi Ef Pi School736Arsingri
280Aadashingdi Ef Pi School899Arsingri
282Dinabandhu Mitr Smriti Ef.Pi.School939Dhoramari
283Sutiya Chakala Ef.Pi.School802Shutia

Last Updated on December 26, 2014