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Polling Booth in Baduria Assembly Constituency

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Baduria Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Baduria

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Baduria Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Ghoshapur Nimatala Pada Ef Pi School867Ghoshpur
2Ghoshapur Ef Pi School867Ghoshpur
3Ghoshapur Netaji Ef Pi School1148Ghoshpur
7Uttar Chatara Aadibasi Pada Shishushiksha Kendra578Uttar Chatra
9Saluya Nutan Palli Ef.Pi. School978Salua
10Saluya Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya552Salua
12Kotal Bediya Ef. Pi. School541Kotalber
13Saluya Jamunapar M.S.K785Salua
14Chatara Netaji Balika Shikshaniketan864Uttar Chatra
15Dakshin Chatara Netaji Shikshaniketan837Dakshin Chatra (CT)
17Dakshin Chatara Basic School1060Dakshin Chatra (CT)
19Dakshin Chatara Uchchamadhyamik Bahumukhi Vidyalaya699Dakshin Chatra (CT)
21Papila Ef. Pi. School830Papila
23Potapada Ef Pi School678Rasui
24Rasui Free Primary School1145Rasui
25Pashchim Chandipur Ef Pi School570Chandipur
27Madhy Chandipur Ef Pi School776Chandipur
29Chandipur Haiskul763Chandipur
31Bidhanabani Shikshaniketan856Chandipur
32Purb Chandipur Ef Pi School861Chandipur
34Dauki Ef. Pi. School373Dauki
35Ghodagachha Ef Pi School573Ghoragachha
37Shibapur Ef Pi School488Uttar Shibpur
38Kasturaba Girls F.P Schol636Chandipur
40Aashutosh Bidyamandir831Chandipur
41Umapatipur Ef Pi School845Umapatipur
43Bena Uttar Ef Pi School1102Bena
45Bena Ef Pi School (Puratan)766Bena
47Benapurb Ef. Pi. School898Bena
48Keotasha High School595Keutsa
50Khajara Ef. Pi. School1065Begampur
51Rayapur Ef Pi School832Roypur
52Begampur Free Primary School878Kirttipur
53Ruyedanga Ef Pi School657Ruey Danga
54Rajapur Ef Pi School754Rajapur
56Kanupur Ef Pi School766Kanupur
57Rajapur Dakshin Pada Ef Pi School652Rajapur
58Kirttipur Ef Pi School493Kirttipur
60Mandra Hajeraaali Smriti Bidyapith458Mandra
61Sayedapur Shukachand Smriti Ef. Pi. School719Saidpur
62Bagajola Ef Pi School859Bagjola
65Hayadarapur Ef.Pi .School872Haidarpur
66Chandapur Ef Pi School1009Chandpur
67Hayadarapur Bagajola Ef Pi School741Haidarpur
69Nishchint Pur Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya504Atghara
70Bagan Aataghara Hemachandr Prathamik Vidyalaya862Atghara
71Aataghara Abaitanik Prathamik Vidyalaya996Atghara
73Sanniya Ef Pi School602Sannya
75Uttar Shimala Ef Pi School747Shimla Durgapur
76Kalinga Ef Pi School871Kalinga
78Pashchim Simala Abaitanik Vidyalaya722Shimla Durgapur
80Shimala Ef Pi School651Shimla Durgapur
82Dakshin Simala Raoshanara Begam Ef Pi School1011Shimla Durgapur
83Yashaikati 3No Ef Pi School655Jashaikati
85Pashchim Yashaikati Ef Pi School1057Jashaikati
86Yashaikati Pal Pada Ef.Pi. School747Jashaikati
88Yashaikati High School635Jashaikati
90Jangalapur Pashchimapada Ef Pi School801Jangalpur
91Uttar Jangalapur Ef Pi School1075Jangalpur
92Noyapada Ef Pi School723Nowapara
94Narayanapur Ef Pi School1027Narayanpur
96Jangalapur High School777Jangalpur
98Narayanpur S.S.K1127Narayanpur
99Mamudapur Ef Pi School598Panji
101Panji Mamudapur Ef Pi School858Mamudpur
103Shriramapur Ef Pi School940Naturia Srirampur
104Pingaleshbar Gaji Pada Ef Pi School631Pingaleswar
105Pingaleshbar Ef Pi School500Pingaleswar
107Pingaleshbar Kulabediya Basudeb Pur Ef.Pi.School619Basudebpur
108Yogipukur Ef Pi School (Dari Gobindapur)880Dari Gobindapur
110Serpur Free Primary School517Serpur
112Yadurahati Aadarsh Bidyapith1080Jadurhati
115Khasapur Uttarapada Ef Pi School1055Jadurhati Khaspur
116Serpur Dakshin Para Free Primary School636Serpur
118Serpur Dakshin Para S.S.K672Serpur
119Khasapur Ef Pi School938Jadurhati Khaspur
121Rajabediya Ef Pi School1021Rajbaria
122Uttar Gokana Ef Pi School887Gokna
124Gokana Ef Pi School605Gokna
126Dakshin Rajabediya Ef Pi School1080Rajbaria
127Aagapur Ef Pi School603Agapur
129Sauth Sentral Gokana Ef Pi School996Gokna
130Pashchim Naturiya Ef Pi School673Naturia
132Padmapukur Ef Pi School545Padmapukur
133Purb Naturiya Ef Pi School966Naturia
134Gudadah Ef Pi School663Gurudaha
136Maleyapur Ef Pi School .490Maleapur
138Gudadah Dakshin Pada Ef Pi School832Gurudaha
140Iswarigachha S.S.K966Ishwarigachha
141Eeshbarigachha Ef Pi School567Ishwarigachha
143Raghunath Pur Milan Ef.Pi.School804Maleapur
145Nabajagaran S.S.K608Raghunathpur
147Raghunathapur Ef Pi School632Raghunathpur
149Arashulla Ef Pi School699Arsula
151Badudiya El Em Es High School375Arsula
153Uttar Diyada Ef. Pi. School614Uttar Diara
155Khamarapada Ef.Pi.School539Khamarpara
156Bishnupur Ef. Pi. School467Bishnupur
157Tiladanga Ef Pi School739Tildanga
159Dakshin Diyada Ef Pi School796Dakshindiara
161Shrikati Ef. Pi. School632Shrikati
162Jagannathapur Ef. Pi. School776Jagannathpur
163Maheshapur Sarbbapalli Junior High School897Mahespur
166Uttar Kuliya Ef Pi School1115Kulia
167Madhy Kuliya Ef.Pi. School576Kulia
168Kuliya Ramachandrapur Iuniyan High School1056Kulia
169Nayabastiya Shahid Kshudiram Smuti Ef.Pi. School690Nabastia
171Nayabastiya Nimn Buniyadi Vidyalaya812Nabastia
172Kankadasuti Ef Pi School (Purb Pada )759Kankrasuti
173Kankrasuti Free Primary School (Hatkhola)732Kankrasuti
175Pashchim Kankadasuti Ef Pi School (Teantulatala)456Kankrasuti
177Mediya Pashchim Pada Ef Pi School766Media
178Mediya High School947Media
179Pashchim Jayanagar Jayanti Charan Haiskul1099Paschim Jaynagar
180Pashchim Jayanagar Purb Pada Ef Pi School478Paschim Jaynagar
240Badudiya Kadambini Debi Uchch Balika Vidyalaya647Baduria (M)
242Shukapukuriya Uchch Prathamik Vidyalaya1032Baduria (M)
243Aadabeliya Pashchim Pada Ji.Es.Ef.Pi. School915Baduria (M)
244Bakara Uchcha Prathamik Vidyalaya806Baduria (M)
246Bakara Daksin Para Adarsha Free Primary School1020Baduria (M)
247Aadabeliya Je Bhi Haiskul1028Baduria (M)
248Aadabeliya Bastuhara Ji Es Ef Pi School870Baduria (M)
250Taraguniya Raupy Jayanti Uchch Prathamik Vidyalaya645Baduria (M)
252Taraguniya Iu Pi School1050Baduria (M)
253Ganapur Uchch Prathamik Vidyalaya629Baduria (M)
255Ballabhapur Uchch Prathamik Vidyalaya923Baduria (M)
257Magurati Uchch Prathamik Vidyalaya973Baduria (M)
258Maguruti Purbbapada Uchch Prathamik Vidyalaya692Baduria (M)
259Nagarapur Ef Pi School736Baduria (M)
261Puanda Balika Vidyalaya (Haiskul)875Baduria (M)
262Khodagachhi Rajabangshi Pada Ji.Es. Ef.Pi School734Baduria (M)
263Kumudini Balika Vidyalaya808Baduria (M)
264Puanda Bi Ke Em Pi Inashtitiushan1061Baduria (M)
266Kumudini Balika Vidyalaya(Haiskul)(Khodagachhi)606Baduria (M)
268Chak Khodagachhi Ef Pi School711Baduria (M)

Last Updated on December 26, 2014