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Polling Booth in Alipurduars Assembly Constituency

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Alipurduars Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Alipurduars

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Alipurduars Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, West Bengal (WB). Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1Jaldapara B.F.P School982Jaldapara
2Pradhanpara Sishu Sikha Kendra1016Jaldapara
3Nutanpara B.F.P School692Nutanpara
5Lalturam High School822Nutanpara
7Pradhan Para Adorsho Sishu Sikhha Kendra676Prodhanpara
8Pradhanpara Stateplan Primary School723Prodhanpara
9Alangbar Nagar Junior Basic School1000Munshipara
10Dwipchand Roy Pry. School802Munshipara
12Karjipara B.F.P School802Munshipara
14Purba Sidhabari S.S.K766Sidhabari
15Rupnagar Primary School784Sidhabari
16G M P School690Sidhabari
17Shalkumar Hat High School727Salkumarhat
18Sishu Siksha Kendra (Road Side Of Pay Ground)562Salkumarhat
21Mandalpara Pry. School742Salkumarhat
22Ankur Sishu Siksha Kendra752Salkumarhat
23Shalkumar B.F.P School814Kalaberia
24Chetona Sishu Shiksha Kendra814Kalaberia
27Shalkumar Purba B.F.P School398Sidhabari
29Suripara Primary School1042Suripara
30Shilabari Hat Special Cadre Primary School1059Silbarihat
32Pragatishil Sishu Shiksha Kendra704Silbarihat
33Sahebpota Rabindra Vidyapith884Silbarihat
35Anganwari Centre Shahebpota768Patlakhawa
36Shimlabari Sahebpota Primary School568Patlakhawa
37Patlakhaowa 1No. B.F.P School767Purba Simlabari
38Paschim Shimlabari Pry. School561Paschim Simlabari
39Uttar Shimlabari Primary School1017Uttar Simlabari
40Kumarpara Forest Village Primary School896Kumarpara
41Chakowakheti 1No. B.F.P School708Kumarpara
42Khairbari Junior Basic School626Dakshin Chakoakheti
43Chakwakheti G.P. Office646Dakshin Chakoakheti
44Dakshin Chakowakheti Karjeepara Primary School701Dakshin Chakoakheti
45Baruni Chetana Kendra589Dakshin Chakoakheti
46Dhirij Memorial Primary School870Uttar Kansingram
47Nathuatari Prathamik Vidyalaya1131Naothoartari
48Uttar Kamshing Spl. Cadre Pry. School532Uttar Kansingram
49Uttar Kamsing Primary School654Uttar Kansingram
50Dakshin Kamsing Gram B.F.P School712Dakshin Kansingram
51Purba Kamshinggram Pry. School641Dakshin Kansingram
52Sarkarpara Primary School1001Uttar Sonapur
53Sonapur B.K. High School779Uttar Sonapur
54Dakshin Sonapur Sishu Niketan Pry. School417Uttar Sonapur
55Dakshin Chakwakheti No. 1 S.S.K.693Dakshin Chakoakheti
56Sishutirtha Adarsha Sishu Vidyalaya908Dakshin Chakoakheti
57Uttar Sonapur New Primary School944Uttar Sonapur
58Sonapur 2No. B.F.P School1072Dakshin Sonapur
59Panchkolguri Pramodini High School(Hs)711Uttar Sonapur
61Saradamohan Junior Basic School511Pachkal Guri
63Panchkolguri B.F.P School1065Pachkal Guri
64Munshiline S.S.K.861Mathura Tea Garden
65Mathura T.G. 2No. Junior Basic School907Mathura Tea Garden
66Surendra Prasad Junior Basic School (Unit-I)1110Mathura Tea Garden
67Mathura G.P. Office540Mathura Tea Garden
68Surendra Prasad Junior Basic School (Unit-Ii)606Mathura Tea Garden
69Mathura Tea Garden 1No. Jr. Basic School1021Mathura Tea Garden
71Chilapata Forest Renj High School734Dakshin Barajhar Forest
72Joykanta Smriti Vidyapit676Uttar Paitkapara
73Pataka Pada Junior Basic School652Uttar Paitkapara
74Uttar Patkapara Mouza Primary School822Uttar Paitkapara
75Madhya Patka Para Primary School686Madhya Paitkapara
77Sirubari No. 1 B.Free Primary School854Madhya Paitkapara
78Patkapara Tea Garden Primary School778Madhya Paitkapara
79Patkapara Tea Garden Office Room689Madhya Paitkapara
81Patka Para I.T.D.P. Primary School1084Dakshin Paitkapara
82Dakshin Patkapara Mouza Primary School959Dakshin Paitkapara
83Shalbari B.F.P School1066Paschim Salbari
84Tapshikhata Bastari Primary School1015Taparikhata
85Tapsikhata 1 No. B.F.P School896Taparikhata
86Ghargharia Hat Primary School691Taparikhata
87Sukanta Primary School1164Pukuritola
88Uttar Pakuritala Jr. Basic School667Pukuritola
89Pakuritala State Plan Pry. School592Pukuritola
90Tapsikhata High School1087Pukuritola
91Tapsikhata Ii No. B.F.P School1012Pararpar
92Pararpar B.F.P School584Pararpar
94Naba Prathamik Vidyalaya743Pararpar
95Birpara State Plan Primary School1098Birpara (CT)
96Rabikant High School708Birpara (CT)
98Netaji Primari School661Birpara (CT)
100Vivekananda College Birpara532Birpara (CT)
101Birpara Jayanti Samabaya State Plan Pry. School694Birpara (CT)
102Birpara Under Pararpar Anchal Primary School (Mateswar)560Birpara (CT)
104Birpara Jayanti Samabaya S.C. Primary School800Birpara (CT)
105Birpara Sishu Siksha Kendra569Birpara (CT)
106Chanpatali No-1 State Plan Primary School583Chapatali
107Chanpatali Madhyapada Primary School517Chapatali
109Chanpatali 2No. State Plan Primary School694Chapatali
110Foskadanga Special Cadre Primary School930Foskadanga
111Foskadnaga Swarna Adibasi High School890Foskadanga
112Banchukamari 2No. B.F.P School1164Satkodali
113Banchukamari 4No. B.F.P School703Banchukamari
114Banchukamari Paschim Sishu Siksha Kendra676Banchukamari
115Banchukamari 3No. B.F.P School563Banchukamari
117Ghagra High School817Ghagra (P)
118Mahakal Bari Pry. School760Ghagra (P)
119Ghagra Junior Basic School863Banchukamari
120No 2 Arabindanagar Colony Pry. Vidyalaya757Ghagra (P)
122Bhubanmohan Bidyamandir1011Banchukamari
123Bairiguri B.F.P School695Banchukamari
125Uttar Bairiguri New Primary School935Banchukamari
126Paschim Jitpur Additional Primary School572Paschim Majherdabri (Damanpur Block)
128Uttar Jitpur B.F.P School1033Paschim Jitpur (CT)
130Madhya Jitpur Ii No. Primary School838Paschim Jitpur (CT)
131Kendriyo Vidyalaya Alipurduar Jn.757Paschim Jitpur (CT)
132Mahamaya Bidyamandir-Primary School1138Paschim Jitpur (CT)
135Jitpur High School(Hs)1106Paschim Jitpur (CT)
136Jitpur B.F.P School673Paschim Jitpur (CT)
138Shahid Badalnagar Vidyapith964Paschim Jitpur (CT)
140C.L.R.C. Office Alipurduar (Paschim Jitpur)955Paschim Jitpur (CT)
142Railway Hindi State Plan Primary School844Chechakhata (CT)
144Chechakhata R.R. Primary School608Chechakhata (CT)
146Junction Colony R.R. Primary School766Bholar Dabri (CT)
148Netaji Vidyapith(H.S)653Bholar Dabri (CT)
149Paschim Bholardabri Sishu Siksha Kendra600Bholar Dabri (CT)
150Paschim Bholarbadbari New Prathamik Vidyalaya861Bholar Dabri (CT)
152Bidhansmriti Additional Primary School754Bholar Dabri (CT)
154Bholardabri South Chechakhata Primary School613Chechakhata (CT)
156Netaji Vidyamandir High School963Chechakhata (CT)
158Bholardabri B.F.P School941Bholar Dabri (CT)
160Damanpur Junior Part Basic School910Bholar Dabri (CT)
162Railway Officers Club874Paschim Jitpur (CT)
166Railway Institute495Chechakhata (CT)
168Railway H.S. School623Chechakhata (CT)
171Shyamaprasad High School511Chechakhata (CT)
172Arabindanagar 1No. Primary School1110Alipurduar (M)
173Arabindanagar Jr. High School705Alipurduar (M)
175Alipurduar Club (Near Sub-Register Office)717Alipurduar (M)
176B.C.W. Office Alipurduar726Alipurduar (M)
177Mc. William Jr. Basic School848Alipurduar (M)
178Mc. William Junior High School1074Alipurduar (M)
180Netaji Road Colony R.R. Primary School789Alipurduar (M)
182Gobinda High School887Alipurduar (M)
184Durgabari Special Cadre Sishu Pathshala929Alipurduar (M)
185Alipurduar Municipality Office617Alipurduar (M)
186Alipurduar Mahila College651Alipurduar (M)
187New Town Balika Sikshya Mandir(H.S)898Alipurduar (M)
190Arabindanagar Madhyamik Balika Vidyalaya662Alipurduar (M)
192Surjanagar R.R. Primary School891Alipurduar (M)
194Mc. William R.R. Primary School989Alipurduar (M)
195Lebubagan Primary School852Alipurduar (M)
196Bidhanpally Primary School881Alipurduar (M)
198Gobinda High School H.S. New Building955Alipurduar (M)
200Durga Primary School598Alipurduar (M)
201Shantinagar R.R. Primary School1085Alipurduar (M)
202A.D.I. Of School Alipurduar763Alipurduar (M)
204Bachchu Memorial Primary School871Alipurduar (M)
206Newtown Girls High School525Alipurduar (M)
208Deshbandhu Primary School974Alipurduar (M)
209Purba Shanti Nagar R.R. Primary School971Alipurduar (M)
211Alipurduar Hindi H.S School734Alipurduar (M)
213Shobhaganj B.F.P School1059Alipurduar (M)
214Arabinda Smriti Primary School1035Alipurduar (M)
215Vivekananda Primary School911Alipurduar (M)
217Alokdyut English Medium Primary School696Alipurduar (M)
219Shantidham Primary School826Alipurduar (M)
221Alipurduar H.S School842Alipurduar (M)
223Alipurduar Girls H.S School581Alipurduar (M)
225Prasannakumar Primary School552Alipurduar (M)
226Baguri Bari J.S.F Primary School873Alipurduar (M)
228Alipurduar I No. R.R. Primary School619Alipurduar (M)
229Uttarpaa G.S.F Primary School (Pramodnagar)890Alipurduar (M)
231Kayakhata R.R. Primary School1054Kayakhata
232Kayakhata Barman Colony S P Primary School805Kayakhata
233Kayakhata B Free Primary School540Kayakhata
234Dakshin Majid Khana New Primary School537Dakshin Majid Khana
235Tatpara-Ii G.P. Office666Dakshin Majid Khana
236Balatari B.F.P School1013Dakshin Majid Khana
237Bindipara B.F.P School992Bindipara
238Khatopara B.F.P School918Khatpara
239Karjipara B.Free Primary School1001Karjjipara
240Singimari B.F.P School1111Karjjipara
241Saudpara B.F.P School807Saudpara
242Rajchandra Prathamik Vidyalaya764Saudpara
243Chaparerpar Anganwari Centre832Chaprarpar
244Kanuram Balika Vidyalayaa824Chaprarpar
245Salbari Multipurpose Bulding816Chandijhar
246Chandirjhar N.P. School720Chandijhar
247Chengpara B.F.P School941Chengpara
248Chaparerpar 1No. G.P. Office977Chengpara
249Sunity Munda Sishu Siksha Kendra523Chaprarpar
250Padmerpar New Primary School669Chaprarpar
251Shantidebi High School879Sobhaganj (CT)
253Debendra Shishu Shiksha Niketan884Sobhaganj (CT)
255Chandirjhar Rupbar Junior Basic School895Chandijhar
257Chalanir Pak Board School976Chalnipak
258Dakshin Chalanirpak New Primary School1106Chalnipak
259Vidyasagar Madhyamik Siksha1050Paschim Barachouki
260Pashchim Barachauki Bapuji Shishu Shiksha Mandir977Paschim Barachouki
261Purba Badachauki Special Cadre Primary School1076Purba Barachouki
262Purba Bara Chowki New Sc Pry. School591Purba Barachouki
263Satbaki New S.C. Primary School621Purba Barachouki
264Salsalabari Madel High School775Salsalabari
266Salsalabari 1No. B.F.P School657Salsalabari
268Madhy Salsalabari State Plan Primary School1015Salsalabari
269Salsalabari 2No Bi.Ef.Pi School562Salsalabari
271Uttar Bhelukdabari New Primary School976Bhelukdabri
272Bhelukdabri B.F.P School643Bhelukdabri

Last Updated on December 26, 2014