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Polling Booth in Varanasi South Assembly Constituency

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Varanasi south Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Varanasi South

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Varanasi south Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.
Polling Station No.Polling StationTotal VotersArea
1B.P.P. Kamalgaraha831Varanasi (M Corp.)
5Madarsa Matatulum Kamalgarha (Salatar House)1293Varanasi (M Corp.)
8B.P.P. Chhohara966Varanasi (M Corp.)
11Madarsa Matulum Jaitpura892Varanasi (M Corp.)
13B.P.P. Gopalbada847Varanasi (M Corp.)
17B.P.P. Ousanganj796Varanasi (M Corp.)
19Kamalakar.Chaubey Adarsh Sewa V.Inter CollegeIshwargangi569Varanasi (M Corp.)
21D.A.V.Inter College Navapura750Varanasi (M Corp.)
29D.A.V.D.C. Navapura?Varanasi (M Corp.)
33Junior High School Kabirchaura660Varanasi (M Corp.)
41Nagar Mahapalika B.P.P. Kabirchaura?Varanasi (M Corp.)
47Vyapar Kar Karyalaya Senpura1226Varanasi (M Corp.)
54Arya Mahila Inter College Chetganj778Varanasi (M Corp.)
60Arya Mahila Degree College Lahurabir1326Varanasi (M Corp.)
63Sri Khedanlal Inter Collage Habibapura Chetganj538Varanasi (M Corp.)
65Sri Khedanlal Rastriya Inter Collage Habibapura Chetganj818Varanasi (M Corp.)
68Chakradhari Vidya Mandir Naipokhari1194Varanasi (M Corp.)
69Ramakant Sewa Snsthan M.K.V. Ramakant Nagar405Varanasi (M Corp.)
72National Girls School Saraygobardhan910Varanasi (M Corp.)
75P.P. And Junior High School Kalimahal Chetganj1327Varanasi (M Corp.)
81Sanatan Dharm Inter College Nai Sadak1128Varanasi (M Corp.)
85Sanatan Dharm Inter CollegeNai Sadak882Varanasi (M Corp.)
86Maharshi Vindeshwari Pradas Gupta School Mishra Pokhara856Varanasi (M Corp.)
89N.M.P. Patthar Gali?Varanasi (M Corp.)
90Rampyari U.M.V.Basfatak1189Varanasi (M Corp.)
99N. N. Jon Karyalaya Beniyabag1122Varanasi (M Corp.)
102Junior High School Piyari Kala Nichalatal974Varanasi (M Corp.)
104Junior High School Piyarikala Nichalatal?Varanasi (M Corp.)
105Roshan Narsari School Chhoti Piyari1200Varanasi (M Corp.)
106Adarsh Vidya Kendra 54/6 Chhoti Piyari776Varanasi (M Corp.)
109New Convent Chhoti Piyari Bhuletan966Varanasi (M Corp.)
111Ansuiya U.M.V. Chhoti Piyari783Varanasi (M Corp.)
113Harishchandra Inter College Badaganesh802Varanasi (M Corp.)
118Harishchandra B. Inter College Maidagin?Varanasi (M Corp.)
121Harishchandra D.C.Maidagin913Varanasi (M Corp.)
127P.M.V.Kotwali Nagar Nigam868Varanasi (M Corp.)
129P.K.V. Pilikothi Nagar Nigam938Varanasi (M Corp.)
131K.P.M.V. Pilikothi Nagar Nigam1217Varanasi (M Corp.)
132Ashthaee Bhawan Azad Park Hanstale1141Varanasi (M Corp.)
134Jamiya Madarsa Majhrul Ulum Katehar957Varanasi (M Corp.)
140Madarsa Jiyaul Ulum Kachchibag920Varanasi (M Corp.)
145Karyalaya N.M.P.Varsiya Jaitpura?Varanasi (M Corp.)
147National Inter College Pilikothi1064Varanasi (M Corp.)
155Baharul Ulum School Chhittanpura433Varanasi (M Corp.)
158Swami Vivekanand Convent School Kajjakpura976Varanasi (M Corp.)
164Karyalaya Adampur Jon M.K.I.D.H. Colony814Varanasi (M Corp.)
171Mateshwari B.Inter College Ganganagar Colony Adampur813Varanasi (M Corp.)
174B.English School Ganganagar Colony Adampur1067Varanasi (M Corp.)
177Jal Sampurti Karyalaya Bhadau Chungi?Varanasi (M Corp.)
180Sarvajanik Nirman Karyalaya Rajghat1415Varanasi (M Corp.)
183P.P Ghasiyari Tola Rajghat1324Varanasi (M Corp.)
187B.P.P. Pathani Tola1279Varanasi (M Corp.)
188B.P.P. Pathani Tola919Varanasi (M Corp.)
189Madar Halima Central School Jergular780Varanasi (M Corp.)
191Falahi Girls School Koyala Bazar726Varanasi (M Corp.)
194Madal Education Hom. Junior High School Jugultola Koyala Bazar821Varanasi (M Corp.)
197Sunrise Convent School Mukimganj685Varanasi (M Corp.)
201N.M.P.U.M.V. Machhodari878Varanasi (M Corp.)
213N.M.P.P. P. Machhodari651Varanasi (M Corp.)
215N.M.P.Atithigrih Machhodari Park830Varanasi (M Corp.)
218Kashi S.V.Mandir Raj Mandir Gayghat973Varanasi (M Corp.)
222Kashi V.M.Gayghat1082Varanasi (M Corp.)
223??Varanasi (M Corp.)
228Parshvanath V. Suttola665Varanasi (M Corp.)
232B.P. Gujarat V.M. Inter College Bhaironath966Varanasi (M Corp.)
234Ballabh V.B. Inter College Bhaironath?Varanasi (M Corp.)
238Ballabh V.B.Inter College Bhaironath1045Varanasi (M Corp.)
239Agrasen K. Inter College Maidageen781Varanasi (M Corp.)
240Agrasen K. Inter College Maidagin625Varanasi (M Corp.)
245Shri Krishna P.V. Bulanala930Varanasi (M Corp.)
247Saraswati Inter College Sudiya?Varanasi (M Corp.)
251Agrasen Mahajani Maha vidhyalaya Thatheri Bazar1038Varanasi (M Corp.)
258Saraswati K. Inter College Neelkanth883Varanasi (M Corp.)
260Tikmani Vidyalayay Shakarkand Gali560Varanasi (M Corp.)
263Vishwanath Sanatan Dharm Inter College Shakarkand Gali Kalika Gali1411Varanasi (M Corp.)
265Sinefoart Acedmy Mandir Dashashwamedh808Varanasi (M Corp.)
268Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar Andha V.E.M. Durgakund412Varanasi (M Corp.)
269Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar Andha V.E.M. B026/12 Durgakund1020Varanasi (M Corp.)
270Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar Andha V.E.M. B026/ 12 Durgakund?Varanasi (M Corp.)
271Sri Hanuman Prasad Poddar Andha V.E.M. B026 /12 Durgakund744Varanasi (M Corp.)
272Gopi Radha U.M.V.K.V.Durgakund905Varanasi (M Corp.)
276P.P. Durgakund1185Varanasi (M Corp.)
282B.P.P. Gurudham Durgakund889Varanasi (M Corp.)

Last Updated on November 15, 2014